[CLOSED] Stirling Bar & Grill

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From the Burpple community

Pan-seared to crispy, served with fork-crushed potato and creamy dill, leek sauce

Slightly caramelised, bitter and burnt on the top of the salmon, which was slightly disappointing. Would prefer if the insides of the salmon was slightly more pink, it was too well-done. But being paired together with the mashed potato in a creamy dill and leek sauce did help elevate the taste slightly more.


Crispy King Salmon ($23) - Wish the salmon were bigger. But that doesn't discount the fact that this was an excellent dish. Good fish & creamy mash. Mmmmmmm..


$23. This dish is very fantastic with the crispiness of the skin. The salmon resting on the mashed potato was simply perfect! While the price is a little too steep, it was worth it. Would have preferred if the salmon was more tender and rare. I think that the combination of salmon together with mashed potato was great and that it goes well. However, this cafe did not exude the coziness expected of a cafe and they require customers to pay for water, which is ridiculous!


The Nomad Travels' Black Cold Brew ($7) is the way to go, if you want to actually taste your coffee. Delicious - I will come back for this again!


Bagel with Smoked Salmon & Herb Cream Cheese ($13.90) - Why so much cheese!?!?? Better than not enough I guess; could scrape off what you don't want. I could barely taste the salmon, but the texture of the whole bagel was good. The bagel was hard (cos toasted what) on the outside, soft on the inside. Salmon & cheese combo contrasted with it being soft & creamy.

What was disappointing, though, was that the menu said "arugula salad", but this...... Clearly isn't arugula. I love arugula. Give me my arugula 😢