[CLOSED] The Beast

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  • Bar and grill vibes with counter seats and brick walls
  • Southern comfort grub and hearty brunches
  • Chicken & Waffles, Pulled Pork Tacos, Shrimp & Grits

17 Jalan Klapa
Singapore 199329

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From the Burpple community

Fries topped with laksa gravy, runny egg, oozy mozzarella, prawns and fried beancurd strips

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Creamery butter sauce coated Southern fried chicken served with crisp buttermilk waffle and topped with golden sand

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Southern fried chicken thigh smothered with house-made sambal topped with a runny egg, sandwiched between deep fried fragrant coconut rice β€œbuns”, served with a side of luncheon meat fries

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Burger was decent, above average. Patty had abit of filler ingredients. Crispy bacon.
Do note: with BB, deal was main + drink.
Juices are $12 - learnt that the hard way!

Outdoor seating was well ventilated.

When I paid and checked the bill, I had only checked the items we ordered. After paying, upon closer examination of the receipt, we realised the drink was $12 and that's a tad pricey for cranberry/orange juice.. Went back in to enquire. The male service crew was very helpful. He asked the female waitress next to him - who had waited on us - if she knew what was up with that. She brusquely replied, 'ya I told them what!!' Prior to that moment, she had been so lovely and courteous. Her brusque reply within earshot of the customer was unnecessary.
Granted, they may have been swamped cuz of their ongoing 1 for 1 chicken and waffles deal (till 10/11/21!). Perhaps yes, you did tell us. Despite so, that eyeroll and telling us off was certainly uncalled for.

Btw - chix and waffles deal was very popular! Most diners took advantage of that. Do arrive early. We were there around 11.45am on a Saturday and tables were filling up steadily.

Boneless chicken thigh marinated in 24 hour brine, fried till golden brown. While the batter of the chicken thigh and half chicken is the same, the batter for this boneless chicken thigh was seemingly thicker than the latter. I think both ways worked out well β€” just a slight difference in texture. The thigh was inevitably meatier, juicier, and also oilier, but it went great with the runny sunny side up egg (loved it) and the waffles. The waffles were not the light and fluffy belgian waffles, but rather, denser, thicker, buttermilk waffles. Not the best waffles I have tasted, but nonetheless, the type of waffle really boils down to preference when enjoying with savoury fried chicken. Together with maple sauce served at the side, the elements of this dish really worked out pretty well. However, do note that the maple sauce is housemade with bourbon, and there is a distinct bourbon-alcohol flabour in it. Personally thought it was refreshing and interesting to pair it with my waffles!

Overall, The Beast had a laidback rustic vibe which really emulated the ambience of a Southern bar.


This was so yummy. The fried half-chicken batter was thin and crisp, and the chicken was so juicy overall. Oiliness in fried chicken is inevitable, but I was quite surprised that the oiliness was nothing too overwhelming. Enjoyed eating the chicken with the country brown sauce at the side, which gave an additional savoury kick to the juicy chicken. The slaw however, was a bit dry and bland.