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at The Social Space (Chinatown)
Toast (Single)
SAVE ~$8
Toast (Double)
SAVE ~$14
Smoothie Bowls
SAVE ~$11
Smoothie Bowls
SAVE ~$11

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From the Burpple community

Thankfully lives up to its name - a refreshing treat in the recent ~heatwave~ and was honestly bigger than expected so it was worth it (especially w burpple beyond!) The tartness of the smoothie was contrasted with the sweetness of the granola and fruits so it was gr8......BUT the consistency was a bit watery so it could’ve been a bit thicker!!

Hot day = smoothie bowls 🍌🍉🍇🍓🥝
The Hulk (~$12) a spinach, matcha, avocado based smoothie bowl 🥗🥑🍵 was a different but interesting mix! Spinach and avocado taste was much more evident and I couldn’t taste the matcha :-(

Overall the smoothie bowl wasn’t as sweet as your typical Acai/berry bowls since there weren’t many berries added to it, which could be good/bad depending on personal preference 😋

Ig @goodfomood

Delicious. I personally didn’t really like the hulk because it had a very strong vegetable taste.. would be better if they made it less ‘veggie-tasting’ - my sister liked it because she said it made her feel very healthy.
Perhaps a very suitable guilt-free dessert.

But the berries one was really good. However they didn’t blend the bananas thoroughly. There were chunks of bananas in my berry bowl, which were not pleasant to find.

Would come again to try the toasts.

Located at Tanjong Pagar, rather than Chinatown as suggested in title. Food was fantastic especially the mushroom toast. Mind-blowing mushroom flavours.

These were really tasty. Small bowls that pack a punch of flavours. Loved the tropicana which came with a sweeter creamier banana base than the berries which was a tad too sourish. These are milkier and so much yummier than the usual icy acai.

I can see how many would enjoy this. Avocado spread was tasty and bread was artisanal sourdough. Sounds pretty healthy doesn't it. Wished that egg were onsen instead of hard boiled though.