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Reviews at Tokyo Joe

Reviews of good food at Tokyo Joe

Fresh cubes of salmon, tuna, yellowtail, scallop and tamago. The rice is a little too sweet but overall it’s worth the price (during the 1-for-1 promotion).

As the portion given was quite big, plenty of meat and rice, my friend and I didn’t manage to finish our dons. Taste wise, the beef was a bit salty as you work through the don.

Tried Tokyo Joe’s Premium Barachirashi as part of Burpple’s 1-for-1 promotion (usual price $24). Rice was hard, seafood wasn’t too fresh and sauce/seasoning wasn’t enough to our liking. But we liked the cubes of tamago in it. Overall, not very impressive and definitely not worth it if it was priced at the usual $24.


Sous Vide Chicken Udon. I think this is a unreleased dish? We were there for a @burpple event and got to try it first! I really like the sous vide chicken because it is so soft and tender! Definitely a #comfortfood with the hot shoyu broth and udon. 🍲🍜

Everything was pretty good but what stood out for me was the sous-vide chicken udon because the soup was comforting, noodles were smooth and the chicken had flavour plus it wasn’t dry at all! 😋

New product so the price TBC

Incredibly tender chicken breast but the consomme taste just like any normal shoyu broth(not that it's not good)

Felt q average but glad that the truffle oil wasn't overpowering

Meanwhile their bincho skewers look smoky and really enticing lol

Only gripe was the tad overcooked udon but other than that, this new hot dish stood out to me the most. Star of the bowl was definitely those slices of sous vide chicken, executed really well and tender while retaining the moistness. The shoyu broth wasn’t mind blowing but was comforting!

First stop of our Savourworld Tour landed us in Tokyo Joe for their Singnature Bara Chirashi, Truffled Gyudon and Sous Vide Chicken Udon! Their chirashi came with a good portion and variety of salmon, tuna, hamachi, scallop, tamago and fish roe. Marination leaned towards a light sweetness but just enough to not mask the natural flavours. Thought the rice was just a tad too sweet and hard for my liking though.

Thank you @savourworldsg for bringing us around on the tour and @burpple for the kind invite! 🙆🏻

This is Tokyo Joe’s newest item on their menu, and it’s so new that they don’t even have a pricing for it yet!

It may be new, but it’s already winner winner chicken dinner. The only real problem was the grossly overcooked udon, which was pretty close to mush. However, the soy sauce based consommé was tasty and quite heartwarming, and didn’t leave me dying for water later on.

The winner was definitely the thick chunks of sous vide chicken breast. Sous vide chicken is a dime a dozen in Singapore right now, but Tokyo Joe’s version is quite easily the best round town. Shockingly smooth, marvelously moist and beautifully bouncy, those mammoth slices of chicken really didn’t feel like chicken at all.

Everyday man’s on the block just for these birds, lemme tell you that right now.

Thanks for inviting me to this event, Burpple!

Tokyo Joe, who is in no way related to Cotton-eyed Joe, serves up one stunningly sumptuous rendition of Truffled Gyudon for $22.

An abundance of shabu shabu beef that has been sliced thicker than Yoshinoya slices their bovine is sautéed with enoki mushrooms and caramelized onions in a delectably savory and slightly sweet sauce along with a liberal amount of truffle oil. The palatable pile of pleasure is then piled atop a bowl of steamy Japanese short grain rice with a perfectly poached onsen egg to hold it all together.

Quite frankly, it’s impossible to go wrong with gyudon, and Tokyo Joe does gyudon oh so right. Tender, savory slices of beef paired with mushrooms, rice, an explosive and runny onsen egg with a strong undertone of truffle all throughout? Yep, this is beefy bliss.

Thanks for the invite to this event, Burpple!

Experienced one of the most interesting udon from @tokyojoesg during an event!
Tried tons of sous vide egg but didn't manage to try a sous vide chicken before! Extremely tender chicken topped above the udon covered with a clear and flavourful broth! Indeed a perfect bowl of udon🍜
Thanks @tokyojoesg for the hosting and @burpple for the invite!

My favourite item from the tasting at Tokyo Joe, slices of sous vide chicken breast with cheewy but soft noodle in very tasty consommé. Simple few quality ingredients with superb cooking technique. This item is currently is not in the menu but will be in their upcoming menu soon.

This premium bara chirashi don ($22) has salmon, yellowtail, tuna, fish roe and egg. It tasted very fresh and pleasant. Even though it doesn’t exactly stand out from the others I’ve tried in terms of taste and price, it’s still a nice item to order here 😋

Slices of tender beef with cameralised onion and nameko mushroom, all the things i like, with light hint of truffle oil. Topped with slices of seaweed and pickled ginger, and an oozing onsen tomago. A pleasant delight for red meat lover like me.


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