Not the most appetising looking photo but this is my idea of a good night out: a heart Attack inducing platter of crispy fried tender chicken and an army stew (not in picture). I promptly lost my voice the next day after this so please eat in moderation people. 🤣

first time trying crab broth based ramen. they came with the option of either clear or thick broth, and i went with the thick broth. the crab taste was pretty strong in the broth, and the portion of their noodle servings were huge. definitely value for money - on top of the free toppings options available on each table.

Though it was rich, it was not overpowering and we never got sick of it. Besides the typical pork belly that was tender, there was yummy chicken slice and a prawn wanton. We felt that the wanton was a bit odd with the rest of the bowl, but the prawn filling was delicious.
📍Ramen Keisuke Lobster King, 3C River Valley Road, #01-07, The Cannary, S179022 (near Clarke Quay mrt)

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A stone's throw away from the G7 Sin Ma Frog Porridge outlet along Cheong Chin Nam Road, this no-frills Teochew porridge stall is where our Tastemakers head to for a homey, comforting meal. Prices are affordable, there's a wide variety of dishes to order from and the food is satisfying — great for supper gatherings with your friends. Our Tastemakers like how extensive the menu is, so they can always try something new every time. Of all the dishes, Tastemaker Wei Zhi Chiang loves the tender, fall-off-the-bone braised Duck Leg ($6), while Tastemaker Justin Teo likes the Black Bean Minced Meat ($2) that has just a hint of spiciness. If available, go for Tastemaker Ni Eats's favourite dish — a whole Steamed Fish that is oh-so-fresh!
Avg Price: $10 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Wei Zhi Chiang

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There's a reason why boon tong kee has been such a Long standing brand name and why the queues to this restaurant are ever forming - especially during dinner time. Sometimes, being so excited about discovering new places to eat , we overlook these old places. Visiting places that we used to go as a family brings back many good and happy memories and boon tong kee is one of them. The chicken is still so well cooked . Succulent , juicy and smooth. I like the added gesture of the waitress adding the soy sauce over the chicken only when the chicken is served. It is just such a feast for the eyes to see the fragrant soy sauce being poured slowly over the chicken. By this time, no one is spared from salivating . ... At Sgd 10, I wouldn't say that it is the cheapest for half a bird but for the quality of food , the great Chicken rice Chilli and the clean air conditioned comfort ,I gladly pay.
The chicken rice was tasty and has a good garlicky flavour but I would have preferred it a little less mushy .
I would opt for the plain porridge ( sgd1.20) anytime. Cooked till smooth , the hk style porridge was subtly sweet from the dried scallops used to flavour the porridge. So comforting , I could eat it on its own .

Been ages since I was last here! Today's lunch was satisfying indeed although standards seem to have taken a tumble here.

This Nasi Ayam Bakar was so nice and affordable! The huge soft grilled-chicken leg was served with sambal on top of it, accompanied with white rice and pineapple and onions on the side. The sambal sauce was quite spicy but not as spicy as it looks. But overall it was a good meal! The portion was so huge that we are full before even finishing it.

On the other side, we ordered a satay beehoon from another stall. It is just a so so. A lot of intestines and peanut satay sauce. But it was not good as what we expected from reading the reviews on Internet.

Having tried them when they first opened, the standards seemed to have slipped a little. Sure, the fried chicken was still crisp with juicy meat, but the Sambal chili seemed to have become a little bit too tame with its heat, though retaining its tangy savouriness. Fries were a little limp, but still well-seasoned while the garlic bread could have been toasted for some crisp. Coleslaw comes served cold, with crunchy greens and pretty refreshing. Not as good as it used to be ...

Housemade soft tofu with rich Umami-bomb Foie-Mirin sauce, Shiitake, bonito flakes and crisp ice lettuce.
Sounds relatively mediocre in writing and typically overlooked upon ordering. Yet each component had its distinctive voice and everything came together for a harmoniously finish; confirmed with approving nods all around the table.

Nadai Fujisoba Ni-Hachi imports their buckwheat soba and dry bonito direct from Japan and unsurprisingly the soba was pretty good.

The Hot Mentai Cream soba ($17, additional $2 for extra noodles) came in a massive bowl that was more than enough for two of us with our additional orders of tempura. Made with fresh cream, dashi, with seasoned cod roe, it was comfortingly creamy but light and not at all gelak. Only wished there were more distinct little crunch from the mentaiko, which was present only when we were slurping it by the bowl.

The tempura here deserves a mention, with light crunchy Tempura batter, covering each ingredient perfectly before being fried till golden without greasiness. The juiciness of the chicken (2pcs for $5) was retained, and I particularly liked the sweet crabstick (3pcs for $3). Prawn (2pcs for $6) was not bad, crunchy, but somehow seemed a tad soggy.
Will definitely be back for the mentai cream soba!!

Torched on the spot, the salmon and toro meshi is superb to go with the rice. So good that i gobbled it down in lightning speed (usually im a 🐢). Gonna go back to try their Toro and Wagyu aburi.
#kuromaguro #aburidon #salmon

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