[CLOSED] Black Tongue Bistro & Bar

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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * A fun and hip spot on Beach Road, Black Tongue Bistro & Bar is all about chilling out with pals, devouring delectable Western-influenced nosh and sipping on one of the most stellar cups of joe the area has to offer. Catering to the palates of the growing community of bistro and cafe goers in Singapore, diners can look forward to a wide range of eats that speak to the soul. While the food is one of the highlights of the place, patrons can also look forward to wide selection of alcoholic beverages. Ranging from German Craft Beers (on tap) to generic bottled beers and a fair range of wines to choose from. Also it helps with it coming with attractive happy hour timings and prices to boot

85 Beach Road
Singapore 189694

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From the Burpple community

Burgers they have there is either charcoal or matcha! Since I never try matcha burger, then I just go with it. The bread are soft and everything comes with egg yolk is superly duperly nice. Haha! When I visited the place, it was 7pm-8pm where people done their meal, sit back and hangout with friends. The place is so confined until they laughed as per normal eventually tune up like there is invisible speaker all around, very noisy place!

One of the ten members in Black Tongue Bistro's new pasta expansion pack, Pull-The-Duck can be likened to duck noodle soup, but that would be selling it woefully short.

A considerable amount of shredded duck meat is added to the mound of al dente capellini pasta that's been submerged in a delightfully excessive amount of hoisin sauce based broth. A heap of crispy popiah skin is then seated upon the delicious pile before wolfberries are added in for extra sweetness.

The shredded duck isn't quite confit tender, but it's sufficiently tender and satisfactorily savory, and the stellar hoisin broth just helps to uplift the meaty flavors of the duck. The hoisin broth is exceptionally addictive, being light yet hearty and savory on its own, but when combined with the other elements, it helped to lift and enhance their individual flavors. The introduction of wolfberries into the pasta is downright brilliant, as the broth hit that beautiful balance of sweet and savory, keeping this dish interesting and absolutely appetizing.

Usually fusion food tends to confuse, but this fusion of east and west went well.


A rather sizeable burger comprising of a hunk of chicken fillet, salted egg sauce (spicy or non-spicy, your choice), some greens, all sandwiched in between two charcoal black brioche buns. If you remember the salted egg burger that Mcdonald's had for a period, forget that one. This is what a salted egg chicken burger should taste like. Give this place tucked along Beach Road a try sometime. There are more interesting items in their menu which I haven't tried. You might just be suprised at the quality of their dishes. (9/10)

Black Tongue's rendition of the classic French duck leg confit has a little Asian twist to it in the form of a trio of mandarin orange wedges. The citrusy juiciness of the fruit complements and contrasts with the heavier, meatier element of the duck well.

As for the duck itself, it's notably tender all throughout, but the meat that's further away from the bone tends to be a little dry thanks to the concerted effort to crisp up the skin. But nothing great was ever achieved without a little digging, as is the case here. The meat on the bone is insanely savory and joyfully juicy thanks to it being cooked with the bone in, imparting even more precious flavor into the duck.

What sets this duck confit above its competitors is definitely the marvelously moreish Asian orange sweet black sauce that's been judiciously ladled onto the duck and its accompanying roast spuds. It's luscious, slightly sweet and strikingly savory and clings to the duck well, adding that very welcome element of smoothness and a sweet yet savory touch to an already decent dish.


Just like yours truly. All jokes aside though, this is a tasty burger (bonus points if you read that in Jules' voice). To build a Crispy Inky Burger, a crispy yet juicy deep fried chicken thigh that has been bathed in squid ink is laid upon fresh lettuce, tomatoes and a soft charcoal bun before a measure of house made sweet tomato sauce is sprinkled upon the jet black piece of fried poultry. This burger is pretty accurately described as Korean fried chicken being dunked in squid ink instead of the usual sauce, and then sandwiched between two buns to get the final (and rather flavorsome) result.

While it might not be a life changing burger, it's a solid burger to maximize your bang for the buck with at $14.90. Don't be afraid to get down and dirty with this black beauty (the black sauce tends to be a little runny) and then wash it all down with an ice cold pint of Schneider Weisse that's on tap. Any place that has a pair of blonde Germans on tap is already a winner in my books, but to be paired with such decent dishes at relatively prudent prices?

Why did it take me forever to give Black Tongue Bistro a go?


It was Korean BBQ sauce but it tasted more like peanut satay sauce to me 😂 Having said that, I love this combination! The ribs were superly soft & tender! Taste best when shared with besties 😋