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From the Burpple community

Scone looks craggly, it’s not super buttery, also not floury but feels a bit plain. The texture is quite crumbly. Definitely needs the condiments. Edit: after 2 days (bought on sat, eating on mon), the scone tastes nicer! More 入味, good on its own. Extra nice when toasted in the oven.

The creme brûlée is so good? I didn’t know I liked creme brûlée bc it usually is quite sweet. This was sweet from the sea salt caramel, but not cloying, tasted quite light, and it was very smooth and had a nice pleasant vanilla fragrance (u can see the speckles of vanilla)! I really enjoyed this.

Blackcurrant compote was nice and curranty with whole currants inside, but the yuzu flavour was not present. It was tangy from the currants and not the yuzu.

Tldr: idm having these scones again, it’s not bad, and if I see the creme brûlée listed as the accompanying “sauce” I will definitely order!!

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I love their avotoasts! It’s refreshing and tasty, and the main draw for me (even tho I like their brownies too). The original avo is nice, but less flavourful than the cashew pesto avo.

Original herbivore was topped with egg salad, juicy cherry tomatoes and furikake and a sprig of dill, light but flavourful. The smoked salmon was okay but didn’t make an impression; the otah was rather flavourful and there were some chunks which gave a nice bite, but I won’t reorder bc it was a tad too spicy for me.

The sourdough toast is probably not baked in-house, in fact it tastes quite similar to cedele’s loaves so maybe they get it from cedele? Anw it’s decent, tho not an impressive sourdough, but it gets the job done as a base for the generous portions of avo/otah on top.

Would rec to go for cashew pesto herbivore (it’s my fav combi so far) if you have a similar palate as me!

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A pretty decent sandwich, but we’ve had better. The mushrooms (shimeiji, shiitake, and I think there were some mini oyster mushrooms?) were browned and was quite tasty and crunchy. I wasn’t keen on their prosciutto when I tried it previously on their French toast (it was too dry and salty) but I thought it worked well here as the rest of the sandwich isn’t salty, and the dryness was covered. Truffle fragrance was there. A sturdier sourdough would have been preferred, this was kinda floppy. And it would be nicer if it were more crunchy and chewy. This tasted like cedele’s walnut sourdough which isn’t very tangy. The melty cheese could afford to be sharper. Overall, this tasted quite healthy for a grilled cheese, which I appreciated as I don’t like super heavy flavours, but if you’re looking for a sinful, 重口味 grilled cheese this ain’t it. At $17.85, I think I will stick with their avo toasts, which are at a similar price point but more satisfying to me.


The truffle cream paired with the soft and crispy 3 kinds or warm scone is so satisfying. Next, The goofey bourbon black forest with little juicy berries ensured u don’t feel jelat but refreshed. Moving on, the sticky sea salt Caramel brownie is very solidly fragrantly. The crunchy hazelnut choc is also not bad. This makes me wanna put my diet on a hold and enjoy this small treat first. Can be slightly pricey but the quality speaks volume (:

Check out the zebra-striped choco chips! Except that the stripes are in light and dark brown haha. Overall, not a super wow-cookie except for the hints of saltiness from the sea-salt. Wouldnt think this is worth the price to be honest... I would rather fork out $1+ for Whiskdom's oozy levain cookies!

Dark brownie with rum raisin
Hms, not fantastic given the price paid. It was just a brownie with some raisins - rum taste was mild (could defo be stronger!). Again, would top up $1+ for an oozy brownie from Whiskdom anytime!