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Used Beyond’s complimentary Bao deal (Buy 3 Get 1 Free)!! So value for $$ 🤑 personal favourite was the sweet potato bao which came soft, warm and fluffy, with creamy sweet potato filling
Come try this for breakfast 👌🏼

used my burpple beyond membership to get a complimentary dim sum! very worth it and yummy :-)

Shiok. We let the boss decide our bkt, and he threw together a big pot for us. It was like an endless pit of goodies. We had ribs, pork belly and pork leg, but we also added pork muscle, which was a life-changing recommendation.

RM9 as of February 2023. Easily one of the best wanton noodles I have ever tasted in my life. I will willingly queue for hours at customs just so that I can come over here to have this again.

Recently, I crossed the causeway for a hearty and affordable Dim Sum meal with my family!

Nestled in @RenaissanceHotelJohorBahru , Wan Li Chinese Restaurant serves up a great selection of Muslim-friendly Cantonese cuisine in a very hearty and warm ambience with friendly and attentive service.

We tried their All-You-Can-Eat Dim Sum Buffet, which is available from 1130am - 3pm daily. At RM 88 nett per pax, it includes the following selections:
Steamed Dim Sum
Fried & Baked Dim Sum
Rice & Noodles
Tie Guan Yin

Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with the wide varieties of dim sum items because each and every one of the item on their dim sum list comes with a picture of it.

If you’re not a fan of buffet, ala carte options are available as well! Don’t miss out on this Cantonese restaurant the next time you’re in JB for a short holiday or doing your CNY shopping!

This time I’m exploring further in JB, visiting the town close to Legoland.

Asking the people of Getang Patah for breakfast places and this would be one of it.

A popular noodle place for the local here, and it is almost full house when I reached here; even they just shifted their location recently.

The big bowl of kuey teow thng came with lots of ingredients. It has my favourite pig blood in it. Their fish cake is one of the highlights, came in super soft texture.

I could see people ordering their fish cake separately as side dish as well.

This place never disappoints simply for its quality.

Get the baked oysters with cheese shown in the picture, ee fu noodles, pekin duck and of course, always end the meal with orh nee (yam paste dessert).

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Brunch at @cantoni_my
Price: RM 126.80 for 5 items and tea.
Review: Not Bad BUT NOT Nice and EXP price range!
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Fish head curry served in a claypot loaded with fleshy fish meat, cabbage, lady finger, long bean, fried tofu skin and tau kee. Their portion comes in 3 sizes with a small portion serving only fish steak while medium and large comes with a choice of fish head or tail. Each serving is freshly prepared upon ordering where they will place the fresh fish steak/head/tail into the claypot, add in the vegs and curry to cook it over the fire before serving it bubbly-hot to our table.

If you are expecting curry with a very thick consistency then you may not appreciate this place. The curry gravy here is not heavily saturated with coconut milk which is less jelly and drinkable. The fish meat absorbs the savoury curry gravy well and goes perfectly with rice. A small portion is just nice for 2-3 pax 》RM40 / Small (Fish Steak)

It's time to consider having curry fish head for breakfast because the waiting time nearer to lunch hour is approximately 1 hour and they are not open for dinner.

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So boozy! So herbal! So chickenlicious! Steamy tender chicken bathed in aromatic heavy Chinese cooking wine with various medicinal herbs wrapped within a large sheet of aluminium foil. The red dates and wolfberry in it added sweetness and ginger give off a slight spiciness. The overall broth was yummy.

Eat already will rich. Rich in your tummy lah, and also rich for the restaurant but will be poor for your wallet. No regrets tho, the fried rice was fragrant and tasty. Nice charred bits and wok hei. Like got some salted fish taste in it too. Savourlicious. Eggs and rice fluffy, overall not too greasy.

Deep-fried to perfection cause the shell can chew together and shallow down. Damn crunchy! The taste quite unique. Not spicy, quite savoury like dried shrimp taste and oceanic sweet too.