White Chrysanthemum Gelato

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The popular floral-flavoured White Chrysanthemum gelato was refreshing as it contained bits of cacao nibs with sweet nodes of the chrysanthemum. The Earl Grey and Lemongrass gelato on the other hand had a stronger flavour profile that was earthy and herbal. The best part for me was the thyme-wafer cone which was freshly baked in store. It was deliciously crunchy and fragrant.

Very fragrant white chrysanthemum gelato with cocoa nibs. I’m not a fan of ice-cream cones but this thyme cone surprised me with its milky taste complemented by faint thyme scent.

Been back twice and am always thinking of when I can go back again. In love with their white chrysanthemum gelato! Brought back childhood memories of drinking packet chrysanthemum tea, though chic-ed up with the addition of cacao nibs to ‘adult’ it up a bit.

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White chrysanthemum gelato ($4.90) from @bopgelato is especially great in this unrelenting heat 🤗 The chrysanthemum flavour is so light and refreshing plus the cocoa nibs add an extra flavour to it. They go so well with the flavourful and crisp thyme cone ($1) they have too! 😋

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Dropped by while exploring the Joo Chiat area with my mum and got ourselves a lychee raspberry cone ($5.70)! A tad expensive but it was really refreshing and unique. The cone was really crispy too, which is always a plus. Got to try a little bit of the white chrysanthemum gelato and it was lovely as well, have never tried something like that before! Really special flavours here, would love to try the other flavours next time 🤓

Also a place with great service and lovely decor, love the botanical fusion vibe.

White Chrysanthemum flavor, with flowery sweet scent. The thyme cone is a must-order whenever you’re here an ice cream!


Whilst most would hold the cone upright, I chose to savor mine "lying down". The thyme cone was aromatic and crispylicious. White chrysanthemum gelato so floral and sweet which made me reminisce my holiday in Japan.
Amidst the stares & a snigger or two, I thought my "thyme" with the cone was truly enjoyable. What can I say? I like to be different.

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The strawberry basil and white chrysanthemum was a perfect combination and it leaves a refreshing taste in your mouth. The boutique was so pretty that it makes one wanting to stay in for some people-watching.

I like this more than G. 😝 Ate their white chrysanthemum gelato ($4.70/scoop) Ate so much these 2 days and I'm down to 40kg. Something is wrong! 🍦🍦🍦 #bopgelato #gelato #icecream #dessertporn #singaporeinsiders #stfoodtrending #stfood #sgeats #sgfoodblogger #sgfood #sgdessert #sgfoodie #sgfoodporn #instafoodsg #sgfoodies #eatoutsg #artisandessert #burpple #chopesg


Besides the floral infusion from the tea florets, there was the surprise of the cacao nibs from each bite, making it a killer combination with that thyme cone. The other flavour that we have gotten was the Strawberry Basil but the White Chrysanthemum still wins it hands down. A double scoop gelato with the thyme cone costs $8.70.

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