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The cook was serving a customer. When it was my turn, the cook ignored me and walked away with her mobile phone. I waited for a while but the cook didn’t come back. So I called out to the kitchen staff from afar but was ignored even though I called a few times. Then the cook came back and stared at me. The last time I spoke to her before and thus I casually asked when is the lady boss coming back. She stared at me and gave me an angry look questioning if I still want to order. Then the kitchen staff came forward and asked the cook to go off and he will cook. The kitchen staff started cooking after taking my orders. Halfway cooking, he went to a corner, removed his mask and using his bare hands, pop biscuits into his mouth. Then he wore back his mask. He did not wash his hands and using his same bare hands continue cooking the ban mian and added vegetables using his hands. After it was cooked, he poured into the containers and packed into a plastic bag. I asked him how much was it. He didn’t reply. Then I asked again, he didn’t reply. Then after a while, he told me the price.
As the food was not prepared in a hygienic manner, I brought home the 3 packets of ban mian and threw it away. Spending money to learn a lesson. Never to patronize this stall.

The paste sucks, really sticky and lacks character. Skin wasn't good also

Oooo... Mmm... The waffle here are fantastic.😋
Waffle with a crunchy outer and soft fluffy inner that will give a pleasantly soothing satisfaction.🤗
The crunchiness of it can be hear upon every bite. The inner texture explode full of dense and heavily Buttermilk flavour making it tastisfying.
Together paired with the icy lemon sherbet and chocolate drizzle, it got me wrapped back in time for an old school feel.
🚩Time Table Cafe 研磨时光咖啡, Jurong West Street 41, 01-726, Block 456, Singapore 640456
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Ordered this cause am curious to find out what it was. Aromatic and Hazelnutty sweet white coffee creamed with sweet whipped cream that is drizzled with sweet honey/caramel. Overall, a very sweet coffee. Lol.😅
🚩Time Table Cafe 研磨时光咖啡, Jurong West Street 41, 01-726, Block 456, Singapore 640456

Transport back in time with @time_table_cafe to enjoy the simplicity in the good old days.🤗⏳⏪
Slow down your pace & make your mind feel at ease. Make yourself comfortable and watch life flow.🧘‍♂️🧘‍♀️
Not forgetting to have some good food while you are at it.🤭
Chicken Cordon Bleu($12.90)🐔🧀
Tender chicken breast stuffed with savoury ham and melty oozing cheese, comes coated with a light & crispy golden brown batter, then drenched with a large dollop of mouthwatering mustard creamy cream sauce. Sides with nostalgic mashed potato and salad with light vinaigrette dressing.
Not a fan of chicken breast but I find it quite alright. Its not as dry as I think it was. It had some moisture retains, probably from the deep-fried moment that trapped the heat within which at the same time melts the cheese in it and release some savouriness & fats from the ham, plus with the help of cream sauce to elevate the dull taste of chicken breast and make it extra cheesy and creamy.🤤
The mashed potato here tasted somewhat like the long lost 7-11 mashed potato. Thick & mashy with a huge dose of savoury brown sauce.
🚩Time Table Cafe 研磨时光咖啡, Jurong West Street 41, 01-726, Block 456, Singapore 640456
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Filling was ok but the pastry was dry and limp, I don't think they made it from scratch

Portion is huge, but service need improvement. Super bad experience.
1).Placed my orders, 2 packs of ban mian yet they only packed one pack. Returned the next day to buy and as well inform they short package to me, they argued they waited for me to return on the spot so they can return me the one pack..😑 but I returned the next day and they just never bother to even refund me.
2).was queuing to buy, waited very long, they don’t bother to ask what’s my order. Glared at me and then argued with me again why didn’t I place my order?
Seriously wtf?


One of the more popular stalls at Taman Jurong for BBQ stingray .

Fresh fish , fast service and pretty good sambal ( can be a little less sweet ) 😆

Stall in Taman Jurong Food Center with perennial long queue. Order Soya Sauce Chicken drum stick noodles plus roast pork and braised egg. $5.60. The chicken was tender with silky chicken skin tasting sweet and savoury. The highlight of the meal has to be the roast pork. The pork skin was still biscuity crispy!

I’ll be back to this stall if ever I crave soya sauce chicken. Forget Liao Fan.

Ordered a big bowl of @58mincedmeatnoodle Minced Meat Noodles ($5.00) that comes with generous topping of minced meat, pork liver, mushroom, pork slices and pork lard. Satisfying breakfast 😋
Location: 58 Minced Meat Noodle Taman Jurong, 3 Yung Sheng Rd, #03-150 Taman Jurong Food Centre, Singapore 618499
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Light and Smooth Chwee Kueh topped with Generous Housemade Chye Poh and Sambal Chilli. Don't forget to drop by to support this 82 year old uncle if you are here.
Location: 水粿, Taman Jurong Market and Food Centre, 3 Yung Sheng Rd, Singapore 618499
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Ordered the Karaka-men but I couldn't taste any flavour or umami other than spicyness. Probably wouldn't come here again