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Had the smoked duck pizza. Originally it's $11.90 but it is discounted to $7++ if you're a "member" which you can easily be if you like their Facebook page. The service was excellent. However I do think the prices are a bit too steep. The pizza was average and quite small. If you're eating here, their pasta looks better and maybe it will be more worth it.

This stingray was cheap AND exceeded my expectations. It was only $10 but the portion size was massive and the sambal was damn good. Queues were very long but understandable. Only wish that it wasn’t so far away.

Enjoyed the Waffles, didn't really like the chocolate ice cream. Cozy and comfortable shop to drink coffee and relax with my family :)

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Tried the Penang Hokkien mee prawn noodle from this stall. It’s $3 for the small bowl, which is very decently priced and so affordable. I like that the bean sprouts don’t taste very very raw. The soup is also very flavourful. They are also very generous with the other ingredients as well. Perfect for a cold weather!

Ordered the double scoop ice cream and waffle set which comes with a free scoop of ice cream. The waffles come in 4 different flavours - buttermilk, chocolate charcoal and red velvet. Really enjoyed it as it's fluffy and yet crispy on the outside. There are more than 20 ice cream flavours to choose from.

Food wise, I have tried cod fish, fried chicken and steak before. It's nothing to rave about. Just have your meals elsewhere and come here for the ice cream and waffles.

Chili had this slight fruitiness, and sambal was nutty. Followed another burpplers advice and damn, mixing it created wonders. There's another layer of umami when u mix the 2 chilis tgt

Sauce was decent, char siew was fatty but not crispy. The burnt exterior was hard. Bite was decent

Siobak pretty good, there's a solid crackling exterior

Duck was decent also, only a tad crispy but got some juice. Overall decent stuff, come if you're around the area.

They open at 930, and queue moves reasonably quickly despite many people dabaoing 4-5 portions. However 1030 no more taupok and duck leg alr, better come early if u want sth specific

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What gives this stall a unique identity is that it’s run entirely by an elderly man, who will probably retire anytime soon, hopefully with someone in sight to take over the hawker heritage. Before that day eventually comes that uncle retires, do drop by his stall and give him the much earned respect and support, and at the same time try out the chwee kueh which has a character and edginess to it. The cai po (preserved radish) is not the usual finely chopped up pieces as his version is slightly chunkier with a crunchy bite and has a saltier taste than sweet.
✨ Chwee Kueh
📍 3 Yung Sheng Road, Taman Jurong Market & Food Centre, Unit 02-67, Singapore 618499
🍴 [Self Funded]

Probably we had too high expectations but this plate of roast meats with rice seem somewhat underwhelming for us. Probably it’s an off day for them which I believe on their good days, this would have been an excellent plate. If I have to pick something I like from this plate, it would have to be the roasted pork and the tangy chilli dip.
✨ Tien Lai Rice Stall
📍 3 Yung Sheng Road, Taman Jurong Market & Food Centre, Unit 02-66, Singapore 618499
🍴 [Self Funded]

The moreish gravy, plus the homemade meatballs and fish flakes are the components that made this dish a must-try. Mix them well, together with the black vinegar and sambal chilli, and it creates a very comforting noodle dish.
✨ Feng Zhen Lor Mee
📍 3 Yung Sheng Road, Taman Jurong Market & Food Centre, Unit 03-146, Singapore 618499
🍴 [Self Funded]

Prices have risen slightly ($2 for 4)! The skin was thick with only a thin layer of filling for the peanut ones, but the coconut version was generous with sweet desiccated coconut.

The Penang hokkien mee ($3) uses the same soup as their prawn noodles, so you’re not missing out on much! The prawns are unquestionably smaller but they were surprisingly sweet and firm.

The noodle is cooked to the right al dente texture while the sauce that is mixed in it has pork lard oil, making it very flavourful and appetising. And you can just look at the generous serving of ingredients such as pork liver, sliced pork and minced meat that comes with it.
✨ 58 Minced Meat Noodle
📍 3 Yung Sheng Road, Taman Jurong Market & Food Centre, Unit 03-150, Singapore 618499
🍴 [Self Funded]

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