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Top 10 in Lakeside

Top 10 places in Lakeside, Singapore.

Latest Reviews in Lakeside

Latest reviews of food and restaurants in Lakeside, Singapore.

queued 45min.
new challenge with extra chilli and chilli padi. need to whack this lor mee gao lat before i move to the town of siao langs.
加料 as usual. alot more meatballs today though. less fish. i think we really do need a piece of chilli padi in every bite for the kick.
#cptljy i think im ready for 313 大辣. lets go.
$5 for this bowl.
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It just tastes so amazingly good, having curry fish head (that’s my mum and dad’s favourite!) served in a bubbling and piping hot claypot on this cold and persistent rainy weather. The meat of the red snapper is fresh and succulent accompanied by assorted vegetables such as ladyfingers, eggplants, tomatoes and pineapples. Its curry gravy is savoury and rich with flavours despite being rather spicy; and is such a hit with us!
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The poached chicken goes well with the porridge and we had a early ‘lo hei’ tossing the abalone and the shredded vegetables #sgmarketfood #sgfoodlover #sgfoodblogger #burpplesg #burpple #sgfooddiary #hungrygowhere #foodporn #foodstagram #foodlover #localfood #streetfood

legit shit. side order of claypot liver is lagi legit legit; thickest slices of liver cooked to such divine almost medium rare pink perfection. good one,!
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It’s my favourite meal of the day ~ Dessert!
What better way to enjoy the weekend than digging in on a variety of yummy ice cream flavours + some bonding time with my loved ones @icmnf
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"The winner here is Durian Ice Kachang🎉🎉!"

The location is quite far from where i live😭.
The nearest bus stop is Blk 463.

I went there in the afternoon, and ordered durian ice kachang, bo bo cha cha, and mango sago.

- Durian Ice Kachang ($2.8)
They shaped the ice like a big ball, and put 4 types of syrup. Suprisingly, in the bottom of the bowl, there are a lot of things, such as red beans, jelly, corn, etc. They also gave a generous amount of durian and put it on top!
So durian lovers, come and try!

- Bo Bo Cha Cha ($2.3)
It's similar as another bo bo cha cha i've ever tried, but this one is less sweet, i like the taste of it. Ordered for the hot one, i think it'll be nice if it is hotter.

- Mango Sago ($3)
They give generous amount of mango. And pink, green jelly. Mango is not too sweet. The taste is quite blur for me.

This place is having people coming in again and again, and most of them take it home. So i think this place is quite famous and delicious. Because the price is supeerrr reasonable!

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- for another place to eat, and a lot of food

- and my personal one


The skin of this curry puff is very crispy. The fillings in the puff simply oozes inside your mouth just after your very first bite. Puffs contains potatoes, chicken, egg etc. Generous fillings! One of the must eat snacks when you are around the west area in singapore.

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My family’s favourite place to go for a bowl of delicious minced meat noodle a.k.a. bak chor mee topped with lots of ingredients such as minced meat, pork slices, braised and button mushrooms in the western part of Singapore.
The 2 star ingredients here ~ pork liver which was cooked to tender perfection and generous amount of deep fried, crispy-fragrant pork lard!
P.S. Oh, this stall also provides bottled vinegar at their counter for customers to help themselves based on their preference. 👍🏻

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I was always very intrigued by american burger joints innovating their dishes with so much flavours such as molten cheese and thick gravies. We have a humble food stall in a singaporean coffee shop working this out. Muslim friends will be glad to know this is halal certified.


the broth had a bit of sweetness and spiciness, clearly attempting to resemble that of chilli crab sauce but the components just didn’t work altogether. not that it was horrible but it didn’t deliver what it promised. 6/10.

but while the tonkotsu was entirely masked by salted egg, the broth surprisingly doesn’t overwhelm and there is a whole soft shell crab in it. will come back to try their chilli crab ramen!

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