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Exact same sauce as the frog legs, the pork belly has a bit of chew and firmness. I was ok w it but my brother didn't like it. Btw as u can tell from the price, this is a really small pot

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The sauce is pretty hearty. It's kinda thin for this style but v good with porridge. Bullfrog was tender and smooth, cooked masterfully. The heat is something though, they add chili padi. Highly recommended

Really smooth, w sesame oil and spring onions. Not a lot of taste, perfect vessel to go w the saucy dishes you're gonna order

Btw ridiculous value for money sia. 1.5nett for this pot, feeds 2 hungry guys. It's good, and you need effort to wash the claypot. Pretty sure they losing money >

$40 fish steamboat (Good for 3-4 pax)
Generous serving size.
- Fish: very fresh
- Broth: refreshing and addictive (5/5) 😋
- Yam, scallop, pig rind included

Be there early ~ if not meiyoule

Sambal sweet potato leaves (4/5) - $8


Idk what it is, it's like tau suan but barley. Not bad, it's v viscous almost like jelly alr haha.

Same standard as their 农家小炒肉, crispy pork that's salty enough. Delicious!! This is the usual standard of saltiness for proper Chinese dishes

It's okay for 6nett, the tofu is abit firmer than what's supposed to be. The sauce also just has a bit of numbness, otherwise it's not rlly redolent of mapo tofu sauce, average.

Like the capsicum sauce that's q full of flavour, and this thing has quite a bit of heat.

But, don't get their chicken dishes. It's chicken coated in sauce, not cooked in the sauce.

The interior is really nice. The food is decent and the price is really friendly. Did not managed to try the ice cream. The only downside is it’s not air-conditioned. Can get pretty warm.

Came across this place in Pandan Gardens while eating at Ah Hua Teo Chew Fishball Noodles. Ordered the Chicken Chop, Arrabiatta Spaghetti, Mushroom Spaghetti and Foie Gras. Added 3.50 to upgrade one of the spaghetti into a set meal that comes with mushroom soup and grilled garlic bread. At $10.90 for spaghetti and $9.00 for the Foie Gras, $8.20 for the chicken chop, I considered the prices to be reasonable. Tastes good.

Coming back to try the beef steak and Foie Gras.

When you're sick of the greasy chicken rice. Try this! Porridge paired with steamed chicken, great for any time of the day.

I have heard many bad experience about their food saying that it is horrible. I have been waiting to try it but wouldn't want to go so far just for it. Finally, there was a 11.11 promotion where it is 10 for $11 item hence decided to finally head down.

Other than the Lor Mai Kai rice is hard, the rest was decent and I like it. I not sure why is there so many negative review about it. Maybe different outlet handle their food differently.