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Rather strong in flavor, suitable for people who love strong taste. The noodles are not chunky, and instead they’re rather Q and smooth.

Would recommend their nuggets, luncheon meat, chicken wings and short beans to go with the noodles

Was craving for fried rice when I walked past this Economic stall and saw their fried rice.

Didn’t have much expectations as it was $4 fried rice with meat as compared to the typical ZhiChar $6-$8 fried rice out there. It’s even good when it’s eaten on its own, without the meat. Regretted not adding fried rice.

To my surprise, it actually tastes better than most of the ZhiChar Fried Rice I’ve had so far and I’m very picky about fried rice as I normally dislike eating rice unless I’m craving for it.

Spicy lovers, challenge yourselves to this Ayam Cili Tenyeh from @jenggoodjommakan which ranges from levels 1-4, and a level 5 that’s coming soon in about 2 weeks time! Inspired by the Indonesian dish, Ayam Geprek, that comprises fried chicken served with Sambal chili, this Ayam Cili Tenyeh (which means mashed chili) is a fusion rendition of smashed fried chicken, mixed with chili and mozzarella cheese. Although there’s no cheese pull, but you can expect a symphony of spiciness from the 🌶, creaminess from 🧀 and sweetness from kecap manis and palm sugar over the juicy chicken meat. If level 1 is already intimidating, the cheese dip is a good option to help mellow down the spiciness.

Interestingly, as each level increases, the sweetness decreases and without any surprise, the heat spiciness increases.

Level 2 - Palm sugar + Cili Tenyeh
Level 3 - Cili Tenyeh
Level 4 - Cili Tenyeh + Trinidad Moruga Scorpion, a chili pepper that’s ranked 2nd spiciest in the world. Pretty nasty especially since it lingers and left my stomach burning for quite a long while even when the amount that I tasted was a dip with my finger tip. 🥵
Level 5 - Coming soon with imported chili from Jakarta


Have you ever thought about how a bak kut teh will turn out to be when it’s substituted by lamb? The first visit to @jenggoodjommakan to try their laksudon previously left me a reason to try their modern twist to other traditional dishes on a return visit today, just like this Lamb Kut Teh. Served in a soy saucy broth that’s cooked with 5 different spices such as star anise, cinnamon, it takes much effort and at least 5 hours of slow cooking to ensure tenderness of the lamb rib. Meat falls off the bone easily, and made flavorful by the heavy herbal depth and a slight sweetness of the broth. Interesting alternative to bak kut teh for our halal friends!


Char siew was much better than expected as it was fatty and some bits were charred. Quite tender too. Loved their soup which was like a boiled soup compared to the normal chicken rice stall soups, and tastes like theres old cucumber

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Chicken was tender and smooth with a nice slippery savoury skin(compared to the sweet kind). Portion was super generous as well(we didnt even request for the Drumstick). Really value for money (Siobak average tho)

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Really watery, kind of like soup. What stands out was the distinctive savoury flavour from the soft chendol and Corn paste, as well as the salty coconut milk. Gula melaka was complex but the red bean paste was average. Durian paste wasnt top quality but tasted really good when mixed in.

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Noodles were pretty nice and ikan bilis was very salty(i like it). But the highlight was the superb Broth. Admittedly i havent had a lot of ban Mian but this was basically perfection of a Broth to me alr. If this is "average" to DFD im really excited to try out the other stalls in his list of top 12 ban Mian in SG. Btw their dry chili is kickass as well, very fragrant and pretty hot. I enjoyed their version of light soy sauce chili too!

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Not sure how this stall is related to the original Hoover Rojak located at Hoover Cinema in Balestier Road, back in the 70s. Regardless of its origins, this stall serves an excellent plate of rojak with generous portion of crushed peanuts and prawn paste that has such savoury thick & gooey consistency. And we ❤️ that the you tiao (fried dough fritters) & tau pok (dried beancurd puffs) remains its crunchiness, even after a good mix with the prawn paste sauce.
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Mango syrup was nice and not overpowering so you get to taste the other syrups as well. Cant really taste the condensed milk for some reason but still really good overall


The syrups were sufficiently sweet and each had a distinct flavour too, however the durian puree overpowers the other flavours. Generous amounts of ingredients below while the durian puree was pungent and smooth. Delicious and a steal at its price