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Opted for seafood soup, fish slices were tender, sotong was fresh and chewy. Paired with the delicious soup and belachan.


Grew up eating this bak chor mee from @58mincedmeatnoodle since they started business at the old Taman Jurong Food Centre. Although it is now run by the second generation, the taste does evoke nostalgia. So does the long queue.

The popular noodle choice was Mee Kia but sadly it was sold out by the time we went. My bowl of Mee Pok was softer than the al dente that I would prefer. The sauce base was light on vinegar, but you can always help yourself to the bottles of vinegar provided. I asked for a mix of chili sauce and ketchup, enjoying both tanginess and spiciness. Each bowl comes with an abundance of minced pork, tender sliced pig liver, sliced pork, meatball and mushrooms, accompanied by a bowl of soup that’s not heavily dosed with MSG.

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Been munching on many of these coconut + tapioca pancakes filled with peanut crumble or coconut shavings or read bean paste.

The dough is stretchy and a bit chewy, not too sweet... and one piece is just 80 cents!
I like to have a piece or two for breakfast, along with my kopi ☕️

Was so pleased to discover Mee Hoon Kway, a noodle soup dish featuring a raw egg, greens, and a choice of chicken or pork mince, topped up with fried shallots and anchovies.

I gleefully watched the cook as she hand-tore squares of freshly made dough and violently threw them one by one in a single-portion pot of boiling soup.

The noodles are fairly thick, with a pleasant chewy consistency. The broth gets thicker as you eat through your bowl, enriched by the noodles’ starch and the raw egg yolk.

This has been one of my favorite hawker foods so far, and looking forward finding this dish around Singapore!

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Little Thai food gem, for S$46 two of us enjoyed belly-fulls of food.

Especially loved their signature yellow seafood curry, made from scratch, and the mango sticky rice with liberal amounts of sweet and savory coconut milk on top. The Thai milk tea is perfect too, not too sweet.

Worth coming to if you’re in the area, or a short trek from neighboring areas.

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It's much more worth it to order the meat by itself rather than with rice.

Char siew was decent as it was sweet and slightly smoky at the charred bits. It's really lean though so there's a slight chew to it.

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Sio bak was 50% fat and tasted too greasy. Not too crispy as well maybe because it's 8pm

Duck was slightly chewy and tough but it was extremely juicy. Again it's possible that it's only not tender because it was late. The plum sauce tasted like ketchup though

Unnaturally flavourful soup but a nice sweet savoury sauce that's drizzled on the rice, alongside a sambal that's got some burn to it

What better way to bond with my colleagues than enjoying great food during lunchtime ~ together. The chop at Bowen’s is of sizable portion with crispy skin and tender meat! I ❤️ it that the sauce is served separately with plenteous serving of side salad + fries at $6.90 only. Good value for money and worth a try if you’re around Jurong West! 👍🏻 #burpple #burpplesg #stfoodtrending #sgfood #sgeats #foodsg #wheretoeatsg #whattoeatsg

A delicious bowl of BCM from 58 Minced Meat Noodle (03-150) stall in Taman Jurong Hawker Centre. Craving for this now!

From prosperity white beehoon 01-183

Extremely flavourful broth, with decently tender pieces of pork. An extremely generous portion that felt me feeling really satisfied. There's a nice amount of wok hei, further amplified by the lard and fried garlic(which are thoughtfully added to the top as they lose their crunch quickly when soaked). Add-on of fish is definitely not recommended, through no fault of their own, since heng heng is right beside and comparisons are inevitable. Definitely a great plate and value for money too.

We fancy those with 古早味, and this popular stall at Taman Jurong is not too bad an option. It comes with fried fish and sliced fish if you opt for the $3.50 bowl. Feng Zhen Lor Mee is at 03-146, a few stalls from 58 Minced Meat Noodles we shared yesterday. And of course, no harm to add more vinegar yourself (吃醋免費). Good morning!