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My family’s favourite place to go for a bowl of delicious minced meat noodle a.k.a. bak chor mee topped with lots of ingredients such as minced meat, pork slices, braised and button mushrooms in the western part of Singapore.
The 2 star ingredients here ~ pork liver which was cooked to tender perfection and generous amount of deep fried, crispy-fragrant pork lard!
P.S. Oh, this stall also provides bottled vinegar at their counter for customers to help themselves based on their preference. 👍🏻

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I was always very intrigued by american burger joints innovating their dishes with so much flavours such as molten cheese and thick gravies. We have a humble food stall in a singaporean coffee shop working this out. Muslim friends will be glad to know this is halal certified.

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the broth had a bit of sweetness and spiciness, clearly attempting to resemble that of chilli crab sauce but the components just didn’t work altogether. not that it was horrible but it didn’t deliver what it promised. 6/10.

but while the tonkotsu was entirely masked by salted egg, the broth surprisingly doesn’t overwhelm and there is a whole soft shell crab in it. will come back to try their chilli crab ramen!

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Ordered the 5 scoops of ice cream for $17.80. The difference between Ice-Cream Man and Friends compared to other ice-cream cafe like Udders is the price is universal for all flavours. They do not differentiate the premium flavours by its prices. Hope that there will be outlet in more centralised area.

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The ButterNut Chicken Pizza. The thin-crust pizza is topped with Greek marinated chicken slices, roasted butternut chunks, and rosemary.

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Decided to give this a shot again, and this time the chicken wings were ready. I must say it looked quite dry but the chicken was quite nicely fried, didn’t taste dry at all. Sambal was still shiok and they were quite generous with it. I like the Sambal goreng, the fermented beans was not easy to chew, unlike many other stalls that have it too hard. I will be back to try the otah!

Tai Seng Fish Soup Porridge

Generous slices of fresh fish slices in a good broth ( with no msg ).

I could sense that the broth was boiled on for hours with fish bones and ikan billis to create that complex taste and umami .

I like how old school this fish soup mee swa was .

One of the best fish soups I have had in a Long time .

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This glass of Oreo Milkshake ($4.30) kills the heat at the height of two straws stuck together. Mmm..