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Very rarely you can get handmade mee hoon kuey outside, and this stall makes a good and honest bowl! $3.50 and comes with plenty of ingredients. Well worth my money! Please try it everybodeh!

A small air-conditioned vegetarian food store, tuck in a corner of blk 479, serving a variety of local delights but in a meatless form. Food served were consistent and delicious. Best part is there is no need to travel to Fortune Centre to find a vegetarian meal.

P.s. the claypot rice doesnt look like this when served.

Added smoked salmon to zhng up the plain-looking swiss shredded fried potatos to something that can relates with the hearts of Asian, especially Singaporeans. Very crispy rosti that was oily. The doop of sour cream tasted quite neutral hence no brownie points added to salvage the dish. But the 2 slices of smoked salmon was definitely one of the saviour. You may want to leave some space for others and come back to this is you have spare cash or more space in stomach after trying others.

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A pretty unique ice cream cafe experience with super cute interior. Loved the combination of warm waffles paired with the ice cream. Lots of interesting flavours that’s be sure to suit each individual’s taste, will definitely be back to try the others!

This is at Suntec City. Big portion for $5. Generous portion of mee pok. Filling and decent. They are opened weekdays 1130-3pm. This place at night is OSGbbar at Suntec. Daytime is shared between a nasi lemak stall and 58 minced meat noodles. It used to be at Taman Jurong but they have branched out to feed the Suntec crowd. Good exposure.

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Be prepared for a queue that goes all the way to the back of the stall if you come during meal times!

A really well-seasoned plate of lor mee. Fragrant, with a good variety of ingredients like home-made meatballs, braised pork belly, shreds of fish and fish cakes. Thoroughly enjoyable.

Full Vlog and how-to-make:

After relocating several times, I finally found @jenggoodjommakan at Jurong West! Intriguing menu you would find that illustrates the modern twist in Malay cuisine; from laksa udon (you can even have a lobster variation), to lamb kut teh and karate fries.

Don’t expect the usual laksa. The laksa broth here is a fish based broth which explains the bits of fish meat that you might find. Still lemak and mouthwatering, especially when the taste of fried shallots could be picked up. Unlike the thick vermicelli that’s easily slurped up, the udon has a thicker texture that get coated by the laksa broth easily. There’s also no fishcake, beansprouts or tau pok, but shredded cucumber and laksa leaves. What I enjoyed most was the crispy chicken cutlet chunks that were somewhat like chicken karaage. Burst with juiciness and were extremely flavorful as they soaked up the laksa broth instead of turning soggy! Stir the sambal chili in for a stronger spicy kick.

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Really smooth and succulent chicken. Comes with a sweet and savoury light sauce. Mix everything (incl the zingy chili) into the white porridge for an extremely comforting meal. One of the best white chicken in my books for sure


Slightly dry on the outside but still not bad. Served piping hot!

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Dish: Tonkotsu Ramen
Price: $7.20 (inclusive of 40cents for takeaway)

The soup base was thick, oily and lacking of flavours- I can taste more burnt bits than the cloyingness from the soup. Efforts for the packaging though.

Quintessential bowl of mee hoon kueh. The mee hoon kueh itself was obviously homemade, with an endearing irregularity, transculent, and soft but a decent chew. The ingredients were generous as well after adding meat, with a piece of minced meat in every mouthful. Props esp to the umami broth ad well as the amaranth that soaks up the broth well

#01-52 handmade mee hoon kway

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