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Highly underrated stall. Great depth of flavour and very very satisfying. Super heavy handed w seasoning, probably better not to add the salted egg if you don't want the dish to be slightly salty(cos as you can tell they're really generous w it). Century egg was incredibly generous as well, I got about 3 pieces per spoonful after adding on. Don't really have to add on the minced pork, it's not as generous as the eggs.

Nonetheless, really good bowl for 5.5nett and highly recommended!!

P.s. temperature it was served was good too, not super hot

It's made from syrup but served warm, it's decent enough. Particularly liked the longan pieces

4th time coming here and this time have brought a friend along.

Been here for the 4th time, I have tried all their 4 sauces available and my final sauce I had is Spicy Arabbiata Sauce and my first time ordering their Salmon. My previous visit was all Chicken Chop.

I had the Baked Salmon Spicy Arabbiata Sauce ($8.90). The Salmon is quite a thick cut with at least 0.5cm thick and not those tiny slice like what Japanese and Korean food stall usually give. The sauce is great and the amount of cheese was generous.

My friend ordered the Baked Chicken Chop Ham Spicy Arabbiata Sauce ($11) but they mistakenly served him Baked Chicken Chop Ham Spicy Alferdo Sauce instead. As my friend is not a cream lover, he didn't really like it and gave it to me after eating a bit. I ate it and it is good too.

I would like to complement the service provided by the boss. After the lady boss brought on the food from the oven, she wanted to provide a tray for me but it was all whipped out. I wanted to just do 2 trips but the boss came out and brought the food and follow me to the table. I would like to thank you for assistance which you didn't have to do so. Kudos for that.

The first time I chanced upon Takagi Ramen on Grabfood, I was excited as it was during CB period and I was craving for Ramen. It was with such excitement coursing through my veins that I proceeded to order a Karakamen set (with Fried Gyoza).

However, upon receiving the Ramen, my excitement quickly dissipated to be swiftly replaced with disappointment.

The noodles were stiff and had a weird aftertaste and the soup had so much of the chilli Oil added that I could only taste the oil and none of the soup which made eating the ramen an unpleasant experience. The ramen egg that came along with it was so bland that I think the Hanjuku Eggs of 7-11 would taste like heaven. All in all, my family members and I came to a conclusion that the best item of this Ramen Set was the fried gyoza.

Fast forward to yesterday, when my friends and I were looking to have dinner after our exercise session, we happen to come across this outlet at Jurong West and immediately, alarm bells start ringing in my head. Although I was very hesitant to have this, seeing how my friends did not try it before and we were very very hungry, I decided to give this another chance.

I ordered the Black Tonkotsu Set (with fried gyoza and nope no egg for fearing of what’s to come). When the noodles arrived, the aromatic smell of the Black Garlic Oil rumbled my stomach juices and I was thinking “wow will eating here make a difference, is it redemption time ?”. However that thought was quickly put to bed upon the first sip of the soup. For all the aromatics of the black garlic oil, the soup was very very lacklustre and it was only until I added almost all of the chilli powder did it have some form of character to it. All in all, my friends and I agreed unanimously that the star of the ramen set was the fried gyoza & the chilli powder.

All in all, I think the $$ we paid for the ramen (avg of $16) is not worth it. Perhaps, to compare this Ramen to other more “famous” Ramen brands in Singapore is very unfair as it would be akin to comparing a Toyota to a Nissan GT-R. A more suitable comparison to this would be Ajisen Ramen but I vividly recall that the broth of Ajisen Ramen was more flavourful....

In short, even though this place opens 24 Hours, if ever I have a late night ramen craving, I would rather take my chances on my instant noodles/ramen at home.

Really generous, can barely mix haha.

My family wasn't convinced, but my bowl had extra chili and it's probably a lot better.(so advice: go heavy on the chili) Very shiok bowl, unique inclusion of mushrooms and their liver is done superbly. There's a bounciness, it's v tender and not undercooked. Best sliced liver I've had

One stellar component, everything else above average, why not?? No wonder the queue is so long

Stumbled across this stall via Food Panda App. Pleasantly surpised by the generous serving of thick Char siews and minced meat. The noodles are decently flavoursome too. The not-so-nice thing about the lunch was the empty fried wanton skins. We ordered the fried hand made minced fish cakes as a side and those were pretty delicious.

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Felt my heart drop a little when I received my bowl of sliced fish soup ($4) - sure, it was a large bowl, but it looked awfully empty. The sparse portion of fish & vegetables was rather disappointing! I did like the clear, clean soup though. And their chilli is a big draw - fiery with a strong roasted garlic flavour!

From One 2 Eat Chicken Rice, #01-26.
Tabao version for this period.
Chosen the $15 combo of Roast Duck, Chicken & Pork belly.
Overall, not bad on the texture, as every piece is consistently tender.
Also it’s packed separately with savoury sauce, chilli sauce and chilled archar.

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Been patronizing this stall for years.
bbq stingray, sotong and petai - must order
There's a lot of loyal customers going back for their bbq seafood. The delivery of food is always quick and met expectations!!!

(It won't burn your pocket)

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