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I might have overrated them previously. The ckn is tender and the light sweet sauce is still nice, but I don't think it's mind-blowing

I have to say their diluted chili does work perfectly w the sweet sauce, hence the best way I think is to debone each piece and have it w the porridge along w some chili

However their ckn is rlly not deboned v well, there's a lot of small bones and it's v annoying to eat

Peanut wasn't v sweet, quite generous

Their pancake is soft and chewy, with some alcohol, very different from the norm and closer to the Chinese steamed cakes actl

Best Lor Mee in the West. $5 portion gets you braised noodles with mackerel fish and fried meat balls plus half a braised egg. Add chilli, garlic purée, celery and extra vinegar for extra flavours.

Please note that the queues can be very long during meal times but be patient. They tend to move quickly due to efficient teamwork at the stall.

The Seafood Thick Soup here is Thick and so flavourful.

The Grouper Fish slices tasted so soft and so fresh, prawns were fresh also.

The minced pork also damn good.

And the chilli provided compliments the seafood so well. It was tangy flavoured.

We also had the fish soup, which was ok, but once u go seafood soup, u just lose interest in the normal fish soup.

Pumpkin rice also good, very fragrant.


58 BCM noodles are springy, their pork liver was cooked to perfection, and the chilli sauce was damn good. Alot of pork lard.

Spring onion self service.

This is a rather popular store here, and expect to queue at least 30mins for this.

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Was having lunch at Taman Jurong Market, and was seated very near this BBQ seafood stall, and the aroma of their sambal, just enticed me to come over to order even though I just finished by lunch.

The sambal was damn delicious, the stingray was fresh and tender, meat slide of the bones so easily.

Must return again for their other seafood dishes.

Only open for lunch on weekends.

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This has got to be my family’s go-to-place for our favourite Teochew-style bak chor mee [a.k.a. minced meat noodles] ‘cause we are here for a meal nearly every week.

The stall is located in an air-conditioned food court within Taman Jurong shopping centre and we spotted the 1st generation owner of 58 Minced Meat Noodle at this stall!

Each bowl comes with slices of liver cooked perfectly, just the way we like it — tender & soft, as well as minced meat, pork slices, sliced mushroom and crowned 👑 with plenty of fragrant & crispy lard.

On the side, the bowl of clear soup broth actually packs a ton of flavour. Finally, for those who prefers bolder & stronger flavour [like me!], there’s a bottle of black vinegar placed at the counter so that I can add as much as I want to. 😍

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Chicken so tender, I thought I was eating fish.

Chicken well marinated also, very tasty and is rather popular with the jurong west crowd. A friend of mine that previously stayed In jurong west will frequent this store often.

This $19 portion maybe not enough for 2, Next time get $25 for 2 pax.

No garlic or chicken rice chilli provided here. Only chilli paid and soya sauce.

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Not many stalls selling this type of Cantonese Chicken Porridge in Singapore. This Bib Gourmand stall is located in Jurong West. They don’t even display the Michelin Bib Gourmand sticker, this stall has very short opening hours and it’s only after my third visit, I finally managed to get to taste it.

Ordered an individual set for $4.50. Portion is generous, a large bowl of porridge and a plate of chicken. The porridge is not your typical Cantonese porridge whereby the rice is boiled to a paste. You can still see individual grains here, slightly softer than Teochew porridge. But it is full of flavour, sesame oil and soya sauce drizzled on top and garnished with chopped spring onions. The chicken is soft and tender and it comes with the fragrance of sesame oil.

Overall a good serving of Cantonese Chicken Porridge but personally I still prefer the one from Dunman Food Center.

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Amongst all the Bib Gourmands, this stall at Taman Jurong Food Center must be having the lowest Google Review stars. Out of curiosity, I decided to check it out.

Arriving at 11am in the morning, there wasn’t anyone in the queue. My heart was sinking fast. Ordered a standard bowl of fish soup at $5.50 and within a minute, I got my soup. Interaction with the two lady stall workers was minimal and nothing unpleasant happened. They also did not get my order wrong. Bit of an anti-climax at this stage.

The soup itself had a lot of umami. So maybe there is some MSG in it. But honestly if you want zero MSG in your food, eat home cooked meals. Fish meat was fresh and tender, sliced not too thinly, about 7 pieces altogether. In the soup was also bok Choy and deep fried eggs or what’s commonly called the egg bomb.

The star of the show was their chilli sauce. It’s been a while since I experienced running nose from spicy chilli so I must describe this particular chilli sauce as pure terror, packed with a lot of heat. Not for those who are weak in this field but together with the fish, it was heavenly.

So if we set aside emotions and the ambience, at this price, with this level of freshness of fish, coupled with their chilli sauce, no wonder they got a Bib Gourmand and may I add its well deserved.

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Featuring my favourite childhood snack - 𝐓𝐮𝐭𝐮 𝐊𝐮𝐞𝐡 from Du Du Cooked Food 嘟嘟熟食! They used to cost $2 for 4 back when I was living near the market, but these bite-sized treats are now still affordable at $3 for 5 pieces (blame shrinkflation for the price hike)!  

The steamed kueh is soft and pillowy, comes with a generous serving of filling and more importantly, retains its texture even when cooled (but best eaten warm for the best flavour experience)! They come in two flavours: the more traditional neon-orange coconut filling or the ground peanut/brown sugar mix, though I prefer the former for its lightly toasted coconut flavour.  
📍 Address: 505 Jurong West Street 52, #01-19, Singapore 640505 

Yong Tau Foo and Chee Cheong Fun are two common dishes that you would usually find in any hawker centre. It is however rare to find a stall which serves both together!

Loong Kee is a popular stall in Jurong West 505 FC. Besides the usual noodles and rice options, you can have your yong tau foo served on top of a bed of chee cheong fun. There is also the choice of sweet sauce or laksa gravy.

I was surprised by the wide variety of yong tau foo items. The deep fried items in particular was as good as (and dare I say better than) my personal favourite stall in Toa Payoh Lorong 1. I really enjoyed the meal here with the fresh and tasty items with the silky smooth chee cheong fun!

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