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The chilli and ginger combo is out of the world. 😱😂👌

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Look man, all I’m saying is that @veronicaphua posts are highly dangerous. Why? Well, her posts about @haikeesg are the reason why I decided to get me half a soya sauce chicken ($16), a hearty serving of char siew ($10) and sio bak (roasted pork belly, also $10).⠀

But what about their food? Well, unfortunately, their soya sauce chicken was average at best. It was a touch overcooked, and was dry at the breasts. It relied a little too much on the accompanying sauce for flavour, and the meat itself wasn’t particularly memorable. The silky skin was a nice touch though.⠀

What you’re really here for is their palate perfect porcine. The char siew was delightfully fatty in all the right places, and was stupendously sapid with just a little touch of sweetness in that caramelised crust. The spice rub & glaze on the char siew was already awesome, but the sio bak was on another plane of existence altogether.⠀

The five spice fragrace was pleasant & perfumed the pork perfectly, and the pork itself was juicy, moist and sumptuously stellar. As for the skin...oh brother. It was crispy as a cracker, and so, so good. Incredibly enjoyable and irresistibly indulgent, I tell you what. Best yet, it was probably the sio bak with the least grease within that I’ve ever had.

As for the rice, it was fabulously fragrant and utterly unctuous. Cooked to perfection and bustling with the aroma of the chicken fat & stock it was cooked in, Hai Kee has elevated plain ol’ white rice into an ascended form of carbohydrate. The chili was subtly sour & savagely spicy, and had enough garlic in it to kill Count Dracula. In short: that’s some good chicken rice chili, fam!

While @haikeesg certainly have a long way to go with their soya sauce chicken, they’re definitely one of the premier pork merchants in Singapore right now.

Was an average pasta dish. There wasn’t a distinct chocolate taste, but that might be a good thing. I liked the sauce and the beef, with hints of the red wine reduction. Had higher expectations for this place given the good reviews I’ve read, and while they serve decent food, it didn’t impress me enough.

The pasta was a little soft for my liking, but I liked the sauce! It wasn’t too heavy as the lemon zest brightened it up, and was flavourful. Duck was soft and not dry, and the crunchy hazelnuts was great for textural variation! Got this with burpple 1-4-1 deals, but I think for this price I can get better pastas elsewhere.

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Was expecting this to be good since it’s one of their signature dish but o dear this tasted so raw I could hear the ducks screaming as I ate 😯😯😯

The soufflé pancake is good, but that’s about it. Tiramisu powder did not add much to elevate the dish, and the ice cream tasted cheap 👎🏻 (it’s a little expensive as well)

Barney died in vain because this is tasteless and an absolute waste of money boooooo 👎🏻

• Pork Noodle Bowl x 2
• Pork Meesua Bowl
• Mushroom Noodle Bowl
• Milk Tea x 3
• Tau Huey + Taro balls
Total $55.10

Free delivery
- very friendly delivery person who delivers on time
- food were packed very neatly and looks very appetizing at first sight

Overall, very satisfying meal. Pork/mushroom portion was very generous and noodles texture was just nice. Very flavourful bowl and the chilli is very aromatic 👍🏻
Love the egg as well! 赞

Here’s a haiku for Hai Kee:

“Char worn like armour
to protect the juiciness
but to no avail.”

For a soya sauce chicken stall, Hai Kee sure does good roasted meats. And although I’m Team “Sio Bak” for life, their “Char Siew” is delicious enough to entice me to cross over temporarily.
Roasted till the edges are charred, the marinated meat is invitingly juicy and tender, and not overly sweet. It is executed so well that with one bite, it made me instantly regret not buying a bigger portion. So be sure to avoid making my mistake when you order takeaway from them.