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Interesting mix of hash brown, duck slices, sliced garlic, runny egg and special sauce. Best enjoyed alongside a brunch meal that includes bread.

Makes for a hearty brunch. Would be even more lovely if paired with another dish, such as Duck Confit Hash.

Finally tried this highly raved cafe but tbh nothing stellar about the food here. Tried the signature duck tagliatelle but was slightly disappointed, taste was a little flat and sauce was too watery for my liking. Crab pasta (red) was decent and truffle fries were not bad though. Pricing is reasonable with the one for one burpple voucher (adds up to about $30+ per person with fries and drinks)

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They have a wide variety of drinks that you can choose for your pasta sets as well and their teas come with cute infusers. I like how you can choose the blend for your own teas by picking out the ingredients in the list. This is a nice place to eat at and it's even more value for money with burpple beyond. It's pet friendly too so you can bring your pets along! 🤗

We had Golden Battered Calamari Rings as well and they were very crispy 😋 The batter was flavourful, complemented by the tar tar sauce as well.

This was creamy without being too cloying and there was the taste of peppers in the cream as well. I like how this pasta came with a lot of other ingredients such as mushrooms, capsicums and cucumbers too.

I liked how this was both creamy without being too cloying and how it has rich flavours along with a generous portion of mushroom and bacon.

I liked the crispy fried mushrooms that were juicy inside but the batter had a rather odd flavour. Also the serving was a lot smaller than expected so it doesn't seem to be worth this price.

The textures were on point with the patty being crispy along with the fresh vegetables giving that crunch. However the flavours were really off for me. I got creamy mushroom but the patty's flavours overpowered the cream and there was barely mushroom. My seaweed fries barely had seaweed as well. I'm not a fan but I guess I would return if the flavours were more accurate and balanced.

Yet another fine addition to the burgeoning cafe scene in East Coast, @thebrewingground is situated in the far corner of The Yards, a sprawling compound in a quiet residential street housing a pottery workshop, gym and dance studios amongst other things. It's a little out of the way but well worth the trip.

Chilled out vibes in both the bright and airy interior and the outdoors seating area, though you'd probably want to sit inside in air-conditioned comfort because it can get pretty hot during the day.

What's also HOT af is their signature scrambled eggs, done in the viral tornado omelette style and swirled to a dreamy creaminess. Heft comes in the form of a mountain of sauteed crab meat and ikura, which add a smoky sweetness and saltiness respectively to what could have been a texturally pleasing but plain affair.

Taste: 4/5

Breakfast Burger $19

Elevated McMuffin wannabes are increasingly making their appearances at cafes. This has to be the best version so far.

A thicc, juicy pork sausage patty, literally buried under silky scrambled eggs and jammy caramelised onions and cheddar, embraced by the warm hug of toasty brioche buns slathered in a creamy ketchup-mayo concoction, was heaven to the eyes as well as the tastebuds.

Taste: 5/5


Vegan Burger (44 Jalan Eunos)

Creamy Shroom Burger ($9.90) (best selling burger) can be add-on for a set meal include seaweed fries (regular) and choice of drink (raspberry lemonade). I felt that their cream sauce (dairy-free) is not that strong for me and i did enjoy their cream cream so much. But their patty for creamy shroom burger was quite hard to chew and didn't enjoy it that well. I also like to eat burger and fries also. It's quite filling burger set meal for me but I didn't finish their seaweed fries at all. Some part of fries didn't seasoned well for seaweed toppings and it's not that salty or oily aftertaste even without seaweed toppings. The drink (raspberry lemonade) was quite complemented well with food and quite got that mixed taste between sour and sweet.

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