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Top 10 in Kembangan

Top 10 places in Kembangan, Singapore.

Latest Reviews in Kembangan

Latest reviews of food and restaurants in Kembangan, Singapore.

Another dish which I personally enjoyed would be their golden mushrooms ($8). It comprises of 5 different types of mushrooms namely enoki, shiitake, shimeiji, abalone and king oyster. I am an avid mushroom lover, and fried mushrooms are definitely a side dish which I will look for whenever I visit any Taiwanese eatery. I like that we can simply enjoy the juicy mushrooms without having to dip it in any sauce.

Today I will be sharing with you guys some of my favourite Taiwanese golden delights (小吃)from .One of my favourites would be their LDJ Crispy Chawanmushi ($8). This is a dish specially innovated by Chef Kayne and there is actually a story behind the origin of this special dish. The crispy chawanmushi is definitely a delight that every chawanmushi lovers must try. I like how the crispy chawanmushi has a crispy outer layer, and yet still remain soft and savory in its inner layers.

I was really excited when Ludingji contacted & invited me to visit their outlet to try their mouthwatering Taiwanese dishes. Personally, Taiwan is my long-standing favourite travel destination and I have always been a huge fan of Taiwanese cuisine. I will be sharing with you guys a few of my favourite mains from Ludingji:
🍽 Braised Chicken Rice Bowl ($8.50)
🍽 Pork Rice Bowl ($9.50)
🍽 Wagyu Noodle Bowl ($18.50)

My personal favourite would be their Braised Chicken Rice Bowl. The tender Boneless Chicken Thigh was braised with Ludingji’s special sauce for many hours overnight. The chicken thigh meat was really succulent and moist. The braised lava egg is another item that has impressed me. After multiple attempts and practice, Chef Kayne has finally managed to perfect his braised lava egg, which goes really well with the rice bowl.

Apart from the presentation and taste of the food, what matters a lot as well is the customer service. The staff were really friendly and welcoming, and the restaurant was filled with homely vibes. Do visit 卤鼎记 for their 香味可口的卤味.

Thank you for the invite and warm hosting! 📍 Ludingji

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Very interesting cafe that adopt the idea of science lab. Drinks can be served in beakers and test tubes. Sweet Potato Latte ($6) and Blue Flower Latte ($5) are both non-caffeinated drinks.

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🙂 I've eaten this #otah at #SengKee maybe around 3 or 4 times in the last few months, and plan to eat it again at least another 3 or 4 times in the next few months, because it is just so damn #delicious! Plump and moist with big chunks of #fish and #prawns and a slightly spicy kick to it, #yummy. 😋😋
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I actually opted for their veggie Rendang Hot Dog. I had a meal and feeling like being healthy opted for their broccoli side rather than fries! All washed down with a Fuji Apple fizz 😻
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And if you haven’t used their promo code ‘PARTY25’ yet, it’s $25 off every $50 order! Ends 31 Dec! Not sponsored just sharing a good deal 😊

The Margherita Pizza from Bruno’s Bistrot is honestly a personal favourite that delivers every single time. There are days when I’m feeling like I could use a pizza that isn’t doughy in its pie crust, something that is much more authentic and true to its culinary origin…I turn to this one! 😍

The pizza is thin, but packs a satisfying bite and a megaton of flavour to it – cheesy, salty, tangy, a hint of astringency among others. The pie itself had that signature crust-cracking sound that Colette from Ratatouille was referring to while identifying and discerning good bread. 🥖🍞 This marked quality is something you’d typically not expect on a pizza flavour that prides itself on a couple of ingredients or more. But alas, you don’t need all the good ingredients in the world to create a good dish – just a few powerhouses to unleash a force of flavour. 🌪

In short, all I’m saying is that this is the real deal! (8.6/10)

As a Cantonese, I really love soup. The herbal mee sua warms me up on this rainy day, we ordered the one with pork cos we both don't take organs, the broth is thick and flavorful.

I've heard a lot abt this place but this is my first time here. It's gd! I like the chao da beehoon, it's eggcellent! Full of egg fragrant and wok hei.