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Unlock an exquisite dining experience at Birdie Num Num Gastro Bar — a cozy haven renowned for its enticing charcoal-grilled delicacies and delectable snacks. Pair your meal with an ice-cold pint and savor 1-for-1 deals on signature dishes like Pan-seared Salmon and Charcoal BBQ Squid!

Been awhile since my last visit but this traditional black chicken soup is still as hearty and nourishing as ever

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Went to VeganBurg last month and had the Mini meal (slider, fries, cranberry juice) and it was $9.90!😇 Overall ratings 8/10! To my surprise, the soy patty was actually quite good, and the fries were crispy😄 It also comes with 2 pieces of broccoli which was very well seasoned! Will definitely be back one day👍🏻

Went to South Union Park about a month ago and used my burpple 1 for 1 mains😁 Ordered the Duck Confit Tagliatelle, Wagyu Cheese Burger, Iced Matcha Latte, Iced Latte, and a Tiramisu! Total bill came out to be about $60 with the 1 for 1😇

Overall ratings 6/10! I think the food was okay but nothing too special. 1 for 1 is pretty worth it but without it, would not head back😅

Creme Brulee with an Asian twist
Topped with diced cemepdak chunks
The diced cempedak chunks added a nice meatiness textue and flavour to the overall creamy creme brulee

Went all out and got into a prata-induced food coma. I've never seen so much prata disappear in one sitting before! The Prata buffet was a steal at $7.90 per pax.😮
We ordered a total of 39 Prata, but somehow the shop sneakily added even more to our stack.☠️
We had a choice of fish curry and chicken curry. The fish curry was thick and bursting with rich flavours. On the other hand, the chicken curry, though a bit watery, packed a punch of flavours.
We only had the eggs & onions prata and the mushroom & cheese prata as they are the most worth it in term of pricing if you know what i mean. Pratas were made on the spot and served hot, with a slight crisp and a doughy goodness.
Oh... Their banana Prata is good too.
🚩Al Jasra Restaurant, 459 Changi Rd, Singapore 419882
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I don't usually leave a review unless something really stands out. The food here was great and delicious. Unfortunately, the customer service stand out more and left an aftertaste.

For an apple crumble that cost $14(w/o icecream, +$4 for icecream), it will have left a more pleasant experience on customers if
(I) restaurant was more truthful of the size of the dish in the menu picture
(Ii) staff having a greater sense of wanting to serve the customers better. It's not that the staff were rude, but it would have been better if they took customer feedback abit more eagerly, after the unexpected surprise from the dish relative to the menu picture and the $18 price tag.

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Quite big portion of fish and chips. I also tried the cake, recommended to check this cafe out!

I was sourcing for good places to go to on the Entertainer, and my friend recommended this. I’m glad I checked this out - tucked away on a quiet inner street somewhere in Kembangan, it would have been easy to miss!

While the food doesn’t look particularly aesthetically appealing (and my photo-taking skills leave much to be desired), it tasted very, very good, esp. for the 1-for-1 half price on the Entertainer! We had the beef ragout pasta and BBQ pork ribs with sweet potato fries. The meat was tender, the sauces great and the fries absolutely divine.

Will definitely pay this place a visit again sometime, and introduce this to friends too! :)

Not a hint of Mentaiko smell / taste...
Rigatoni is a bit hard for our taste bud.

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Big portion, truffle taste and smell is good.
Just the fries not all as crispy.

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