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Price: $18
Rating: 3/5

The eggs benedict were a little different from the usual ones, with crab meat as the protein. However, I found the crab meat’s texture not going well with the dish and the item pales in comparison to the other dishes that we ordered. 😢

I think the other items like cod fish burger, nan lu chicken are more worth ordering! 😝

These came as a little surprise treat for me, considering I have actually came across their social media pages and to know that they are offering these tarts during Phase 2 (Heightened Alert). Quite about time also, considering it has been way too long since I have last dropped by South Union Park for their pastas and mains which I loved so much ever since my first visit — still remembered how I walked in being so impressed with their Butternut Agnolotti (no longer on their menu); and have kinda stuck with them ever since.

Launched during the Phase 2 (Heightened Alert), the “A Tale Of 5 Tarts” consists of tarts in five different flavours (not available separately, and must be ordered in a set of five), namely:

- SUP Signature Lemon;
- Dark Chocolate Caramel;
- Sticky Pecan;
- Strawberry with Lemon Bavarian Cream; and
- Hazelnut Cream Cheese with Biscuit Crumble

Of the lot, the Hazelnut Cream Cheese with Biscuit Crumble and the Strawberry with Lemon Bavarian Cream will be the show-stoppers, while the Sticky Pecan, SUP Signature Lemon and Dark Chocolate Caramel are the “classics” with a simple composition as compared to the other two. The tart base beneath comes pretty sturdy and holds up the elements above well, though does vary in terms of its softness (likely due to the various components that might have caused the tart base to have soaked up some of the moisture during delivery) — the tarts come off cleanly even when had with a fork, without the pastry disintegrating and crumbling into a mess.

The SUP Signature Lemon is a well-made lemon tart especially when it comes down to the lemon curd — it’s smooth, creamy and not in any way gel-like; suitably zingy and carries a tartness that makes it good as a palate cleanser with its tanginess that isn’t overly harsh to the taste buds.

The Dark Chocolate Caramel will work well with chocolate lovers; rich, bittersweet chocolate that also carries an earthy undertone — all paired with a sticky layer of toffee-like caramel for a contrasting sweetness across the two elements. It also comes with a light sprinkling of sea salt that attempts to neutralise the sweetness; pretty indulgent indeed.

Having had a pecan tart just a few weeks prior, the Sticky Pecan tart from South Union Park may seem to be a little stiff considering how it is laced with all that sticky sweetness — a little difficult to slice down, but it proved to be a favourite with how the pecan gives a soft crunch; a good balance of roasty, nutty sweetness that works great for something different from the usual curd-filled tarts.

For those who love their sour-ish desserts, the Strawberry with Lime Bavarian Cream is the one to go for — while the SUP Signature Lemon is the more classic item, the Strawberry with Lime Bavarian Cream is one that would capture the attention for those who prefer dainty desserts. The strawberries come sliced thinly; fresh with its light, natural sweetness — all that paired against a light pastry cream that hints of a zippy note being infused with lime (perhaps key lime?); one that is again light and refreshing, without being the same old combination of elements that one would usually find in the category of sour-ish dessert.

The Hazelnut Cream Cheese with Biscuit Crumble is probably the one that I found most intriguing, considering that most hazelnut desserts often see a pairing with chocolate; cream cheese does seem more like an adventurous move in comparison. That being said, we were especially impressed with how the combination was so well done here; the velvety smooth filling does come with that nutty and slight chocolate-y notes that is inherent with the nut, but I absolutely dig how the cream cheese gives the hazelnut more depth — gave the filling a slightly deep and tangy finish that was pretty alluring.

It has been a long while since my last visit to South Union Park/Eleven Strands (my last visit to Eleven Strands was around end 2019), but I am glad that they are still able to impress with their tart box — a curation of sweet treats that are done with the usual finesse that South Union Park usually prides themselves over their creations that we enjoy during dine-in. Have seen them come so far from the days that they have started; the pandemic certainly hasn’t been kind to many F&B establishments — while the “A Tale of 5 Tarts” box is available as an item to order on their website exclusively, their menu of hot food, desserts and beverages is available to order via Grabfood, with options to do self pick-up and delivery being available.


Wow haha. This is how dabao looks. There's one big sauce for the la mian and one big soup. The ytf items were quite standard except there's no pork. If pork in your ytf means a lot, this is not the place for you.

The Tiger Prawn Pasta sounded simple but was done well and it was tasty too. The pictures aren't great because I was too hungry but the food was really good so we left extremely full and satisfied 😌 Swipe to see a close-up of the pizza 😍

Bruno's Burrata Pizza is one of their new specials on the menu and it was so delicious! Due to the different ingredients on the pizza to go with the creamy burrata, there was a myriad of flavours that went well together along with the crust which was slightly crispy at the edges.

If you don’t eat meat, this is a great place and the Avocado Beetroot Burger is delicious. They do delivery - via Grab. Check it out and pair with fries and a drink.

managed to get hot crispy fresh fries and a cafe trip before the restrictions✨this GIANT BOWL OF MENTAIKO FRIES ($14) from @thebrewingground is really worth, can feed up to 6 ppl. I love the doubly fried fries which makes it extra crispy!💯 one of the best fries I had from a cafe 👍 the mentaiko was generous as well💕 they have a good selection of brunch menu and open to pets outdoor!🐩 just checked that they are having 10% off for pick up and delivery 🚚 if ya around the area do check them out and support FnB during these tough times 💪 stay safe guys! ✨

From Kim San Leng at Changi Road
华记面 laksa $3
Classic tasty bowl of local delights.
Not bad indeed.

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💬: Excuse me, I love carbs but this dish was so fucking good I would die for it


💬: Fried so well that the shell can be eaten too, this 'hassle-free' dish was absolutely wonderful, fragrant and worth every darn calorie

This is one of the dish that seng kee is famous for: their mee sua with pig kidney and liver ($6.80). The soup is definitely a winner here, with its deep, bold herbal flavour. The mee sua is not too soft as well. The pig kidneys and liver are fresh and have little odour! Definitely a dish you can try when you are in the area 😊

The reviews are all not very accurate when describing the food. The reviews said that the food here is not half bad but the food in reality is very bad. The fish tastes similar to cheap quality frozen fish served in army cookhouse, the risotto does not even have rice that’s cooked properly, the mushroom soup taste like toothpaste, the burger patty is super dry. Overall looked like a amateur chef made this for his first time. Would not recommend anyone to come and try