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I love the herbal soup of this mee sua joint! The mee sua is served al dente and not overly soggy so its pretty much delicious.
It is a zhi char place so you can get your typical zhi char fix as well. Would recommend!

Pleasing presentation!

In the simple looking bread roll: crab claw chunks, prawn & scallop, dressed up using thousand island, generous sprouts.

Side served fruit salad and more thousand island dressing.

Brunch 10am - 3pm ($16)

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$5.50 Mixed Intestines Mee Sua Soup (Small)
$1 more to add more mee sua
+ 7% GST (What...?!)

6 minutes on a weekday night past 10PM

Probably not as often as we used to now that they charge GST. Drinks cost $3.60 for one barley and one sour plum juice.

Good value for what it is, the Classic features a loosely packed, flavoursome beef patty sandwiched between pillowy, warm buns stamped with Burg’s signature logo(Add on an egg for saucy satisfaction). Their use of pickled green chilli and fried shallots adds a local flavour to the burger that not only enhances its taste but also makes their burgers stand out from the crowd.

Taste: 3/5


Perfect for tea time with your loved ones (furkids included), this gorgeous floral-themed cafe-cum-flowershop ensures that you and your Instagram feed eats happy. Sweet tooths, you will enjoy the Rose Latte ($7.90) and the Original Soufflé Pancakes ($19.90). These fluffy pancakes that come with the coconut ice cream runs out quickly, so be sure to come early. Alternatively, opt for the seductive Charcoal Waffles (from $9.90) that comes with berries and ice cream.
Photo by Burppler Cassie Ong


Big Breakfast ($19.80)
Weekends be like this @thegardenslug . I should thank my baby @taro.the.dachshund for having diarrhoea 😂 since a trip to the vet also net me such an appetizing breakfast? This platter is just everything i want. Scrambled eggs, bacon, sauteed mushrooms, grilled tomato, 3 sausages, hashbrowns and 2 slices of bread. Also in picture is the tomyum pasta vongole ($19.50) that was so appetizing with its pasta noodles coated with a zesty and tangy sauce and a generous serving of white clams.

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Needed something refreshing so this was it. Not too sweet, but could have toned it down just a littttttle bit. They have soda versions too if you want something with a little more zing.


liked the flavour contrast of the sweet pineapple ring and the crunchy fresh vegetables that melded well tgt. however, i do think i’ve been spoilt by the impossible meat that the soy patty tasted a lil different now oops. nonetheless still a great meal ft seaweed fries too!!


Hands down one of the BEST desserts I’ve ever had. Wasn’t super sweet (which is great), & could really taste the hazelnut instead of just sugar. South union park usually produces AMAZING food, though a little pricey. Didn’t really fancy their apple crumble, and their brownie was a little too sweet (still decadent, however). This hazelnut choux just blew my mind.

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Basically an elevated version of an iced matcha latte. This pretty thing comes with a scoop of strawberry ice cream plopped onto a glass of matcha and served with some warm milk. You pour the milk onto the ice cream and it all melts into a yummy concoction. If anything the only tragedy that occurred was the one brought upon my wallet 💸💸💸

Basically the ‘big breakfast’ option of the menu, choose between smoked salmon or chicken. We got the latter and it was pretty alright. The chicken was moist and tender, yet the skin was flavourful and nicely seasoned. The ingredients were fresh and overall satisfying- although for the price, I wasn’t blown away. Lovely environment though. Lots of dogs!


A yummy, albeit, expensive concoction to give you a refreshing, otherworldly sugar high. Strawberry purée/ syrup (but not the cheap kind) and a varied assortment of berries cut up, mixed into soda water makes for a very pretty prop for photos!

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