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Tucked away in the east, this cafe serves rly good brunch food! I enjoyed my furikake avo toast vvvv much and the beef bolognese was also rly good, tasted v homely :) Plus it’s rly affordable at ~$12!

With herbal taste! Chicken was generous! Chill cafe along the road..

Unique dish. Surprisingly tasty. The beef cubes are tender and flavorful.

Tuck in Kembangan, it might not be as prevalent as some other cafes but to be fair, it’s just about a 5min walk from the train station! This Squid Ink Risotto which at $30 is definitely not the cheapest dish, but with the dedication and passion they put into this dish, it was definitely a worthy experience of gastronomic proportion.☝🏽

We had the furikado ($15) and coq au vin ($19) and iced matcha latte ($5+$1.50 for iced). The furikado was a very interesting dish to me, because where else can you find an avocado toast with ramen egg and seaweed! The avocado was super light in taste, while the ramen egg was slightly salty, so the combination kind of worked out for me! As for the coq au vin, I quite liked the red wine sauce that went with the chicken! We only found the mashed potato slightly weird? It was thicker than usual and abit too flour-y/doughy. Overall we enjoyed the whole visit, as the place was quite empty and quiet on a weekend morning. Perfect for a chill date! Best part..This place has no gst and svc charge, and there is 1 for 1 with burpplebeyond! #burpple #burpplebeyond #food #foodiesg #sgfoodie #whati8today #8dayseat #vscofoodie #iweeklyfood #foodporn #foodstagram #vscofood #foodphotography #sgmakan #sgmakandiary #sgfoodstagram #singaporeeats #exploresingaporeeats #exploresg #whatsgoodhere #sgfoodie

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Hei Kim is kinda in an area where you don’t expect a cafe, somewhere along Kembangan where there isn’t much else. But the food was pleasantly surprising, with this brined chicken dish winning me over! It was ridiculously tender, yielding to just a little bit of pressure from my fork. The buttery mash was awesome as well though it leans towards the thicker side. Only slight point against this was the salty red wine sauce.

Best part? 1-for-1 on #BurppleBeyond! ✌️

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I'm not sure what I was thinking when I chose to order this vegetarian wrap ($18) rather than a more 'typical' main. But this was a quesadilla-esque wrap filled with zucchini, eggplant, mushroom and tomato with cheddar cheese. It was served with an artistic swipe of tomato sauce for that extra zing and a mesclun side salad with fruit. I couldn't help but think of Starbucks' egg white wrap as I was eating it haha. It was really good though, very flavorful with the saltiness and savoriness of the cheese melding well with the tanginess of the ratatoutille-inspired filling. The wrap was just nicely crisped and toasted, not too thick or doughy. Portion sizing was perfect.

Its quite funny because the dish was served on a big metal disc. Interesting presentation. Also they serve a complimentary shot of fruit juice in test tubes and my iced Long Black ($6) is in a beaker. Most unique presentation accompanied by the whimsical, pastel colors of the cafe. I really enjoyed my dining experience here.


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Properly known as JB Fried Bee Hoon on their menu, Seng Kee’s rendition of this pan fried vermicelli, hands down, beats any other Chaota Bee Hoon I’ve ever had BY A MILE.
They give a proper crisp char to the top, and beneath that crown hides a variety of seafood, sprouts and fragrant bits of fried egg. Do it justice and savour it with the sambal chilli & lime served on the side.
Opens all day and till the wee hours (4am), fantastic supper joint without having to queue for such hearty midnight munchies.

10bucks/serve (easily feeds 4 if you order other dishes too)

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Both dishes were amazing and i loved the pairing of onsen eggs with avocado - surprisingly refreshing and was a just nice size for brunch. A really lovely place for brunch, not too crowded even on a sunday, pretty quiet, plenty of light and theres even card games

Aside from its glorious fluffy souffle pancakes, the rest of the cafe is pretty pretty too. The mains though limited are above decent, the beverages interesting and the coffee good. I guess one would say, it is a place worth getting out of bed for on the weekends.

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STRAWBERRY LATTE: Strawberry syrup with milk and milk foam; topped with fresh strawberry slices; taste a little sweet; towards milky taste..
TRUFFLE & CHEESE RAVIOLI: Ravioli loaded with cheese and mild truffle taste; with bacon bits; tossed in carbonara sauce; good for cheese lover..
FLAT WHITE: Equal balance of coffee and milk; not too acidic taste..
GRILLED CHICKEN: 2 pieces of chicken with few pieces of crispy hash brown; chicken is tender and flavorful; garden salad tossed with balsamic vinegar at the side..
ORIGINAL PANCAKES WITH STRAWBERRY ICE CREAM: Star of the day; pancake is very fluffy and soft; with maple syrup at the side; ice cream is very sweet but compatible with the pancakes; a must eat dish..
Overall a decent and filling meal in a quiet neighbourhood; flowery interior design; a very cute flurry "boss" walking around in the cafe; no GST but with service charge..
#cafedenicolesflower #nicolesflowersg #burpple #strawberrylatte #ravioli #coffee #flatwhite #grilledchicken #pancakes #caloriesoverload #jaslynfoodinstagram

The seed was planted when I saw Chef Alan Chan (Instagram: @malaccamakanking) post about this stall on his Instagram Stories. It took root and budded after I learned from @cyrenedelarosa who visited with @kfseetoh that she really enjoyed it too. I finally made my way down to the stall at 37 Changi Road today as my curiosity could no longer be contained. I did come close to missing out on tasting the laksa though because a couple of bulk orders were put in. Fortunately, I had heeded Chef Alan’s advice and called ahead so I managed to “chope” a serving. After digging into my portion, I get why George Katong Laksa has ardent fans.
To me, it tastes like a cross between Janggut Laksa and the Sungei Road one located at Jalan Berseh (my all-time favourite). George’s gravy has an obvious sandiness from finely-minced dried shrimp which gives it more savouriness and an almost meaty taste.
Being a friendly gentleman, he shared with me how he has tried to perfect every aspect of his version too. For eg. the thick “beehoon” (rice noodles) is washed twice and left to soak so they can soften and be able to absorb the laksa gravy better.
To be frank, I prefer this much more than 328 Katong Laksa which is too “lemak” (rich) for my personal taste. A $5 serving which is what I got, comes with a generous amount of noodles, small prawns sliced lengthwise, strips of fishcake, small cockles, a heap of laksa leaves and if you like it spicier, a dollop of George’s homemade sambal.

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