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The Burpple community has tons of good things to say about the food here, and this newish kid on the block in Craig Road is fast becoming one of our favourites for honest to goodness pasta. The fresh pastas are handmade daily and the sauces slow-cooked to bring out all the nuanced flavours; the price to value ratio is a big bonus too! Hearty and saucy, the tomato-based Italian Meatballs ($12.80, with your choice of pasta) is a classic that never fails to satisfy. The Sicilian Anchovy ($10.80 with your choice of pasta) on the other hand is a little less saucy, but so delicious in its simplicity โ€” anchovies, caramelised onions and chilies come together for an umami bomb. Try it with the angel hair pasta, which Burppler Jayne Tan recommends. The gooey Fried Mozzarella ($6.80) makes for a tasty starter to share, and goes well if you're in the mood for a few reasonably-priced drinks with friends. A bottle of their Chianti goes for $38, or get a bucket of five Italian beers for just $30.
Avg Price: $15 per person
Photo by Burppler Jayne Tan

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This is one dish I would highly recommend here. The sauce was delightfully creamy and although not the best rendition I've had of a tomato and cream based sauce, the generous CHUNKS of fresh lobster meat more than made up for it. Squid ink pasta was definitely one of the better ones around; no fishy taste and perfectly firm to the bite. ๐Ÿ‘Œ

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Loved what we have had in pizza fabrics. Please order seafood linguine that you won't regret, as well as the bruschetta that would amaze your mouth. I really enjoyed my dinner here with the live band that is going on every Friday to Sunday. Perfect place for a date. Good Italian food of amazing quality.

Pizza Fabrica proposes very good napolitan pizzas! The dough is thin in the middle and very tasty, the tomato sauce is excellent, and the quality of all the ingredients is very good, including the cheese!
The location is nice, they have a big outdoor terrace. It is quite pricy but from time to time itโ€™s worth it!

Part of the lunch menu at the 1 Michelin โญ Braci. This was a very good dish with the al dente pasta coated in a lip smackingly tasty seafood bisque sauce. The light and fresh prawn tartare was sweet and tender. Delicious ๐Ÿ˜‹
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This here is a nice cosy Italian Restaurant right smack in the middle of East Coast Road. Their oven baked pizza beckons but as it was more than the 2 of us could handle therefore we settled for the pasta instead. The spaghetti al forno is marinara with a local twist which iis delectable with fresh prawn and scallops. Will return again with reinforcements for their popular pizza.

Fettucine with Homemade Sausage, Mix Mushrooms and Fresh Black Truffle.

This sauce is from the small town of Norcia in eastern Umbria, famous for itโ€™s black truffles and pork, particularly sausages and salami. This recipe, created to highlight Umbriaโ€™s delicious sausages can be found all across the region.

The flavor combination is sublime, with the savory crumbled house made pork sausage playing off the earthiness of the truffle. One taste and it makes sense that these two ingredients are born from the same region. It is as if the flavors themselves reflect a sense of place.

The use of fresh black truffle subtly enhances the earthy dimension without throwing off the delicate flavor of this dish. At the same time, the thick cream draws out the essence of the prized truffle, coating the entire dish in pure luxury. I added red pepper flakes to and it definitely kicks up the flavor a notch or two!

Though Iโ€™m more of a tomato cream person, i must say this kind of grows on you as you get through the dish. ๐Ÿ˜›

This is one of their signature variations, simply topped with mozzarella, black truffle and olive oil. It was a little bit oily but the thin crust was perfectly crisp and slightly charred at the bottom yet soft on top. The toppings were also generous and the ratio of cheese was perfect, rich but not too much so that the truffles were still the star. Highly recommended.
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This pasta is one of the most popular items in the menu, and rightfully so.
The sauce was incredibly heavy with all the oil, but the generous amount of truffle brought decadence to a whole new level. The meat too was still packed with flavour and certainly did not let the sauce it came in to overpower it, managing to taste wonderful on its own. Extra credits have to be given to the homemade pasta, which tends to be cooked too soft for my liking, but this was perfectly al dente, and tasted like nothing store-bought pasta can achieve. Yes, when cooked right, such is the beauty of handmade pasta which affirmed my beliefs that this restaurant are run by chefs who know their Italian food.

Service was professional and courteous, food was unpretentiously good (mindblowing when paired with their wine) and ambience amazing. Ristorante Pietrasanta is certainly a fine establishment of its kind.

From Hideout Cafe by The Local Box; a new establishment from the folks behind The Local Box at Icon Village. Must say that the Soup Laksa with Soft Shell Crab is pretty well-balanced; not overly creamy but a good balance of both rempah spices and coconut milk โ€” all accompanied with Mee Tai Mak for easy eating. The short noodles were slurpy yet chewy, whilst accompanied with fresh and plump shrimp and a reasonably fresh, Soft Shell Crab coated in a golden brown batter on the exterior that is crisp. $13.80 for a bowl of Laksa can be a little pricey, but the spot does make for an easy place to settle for some food whilst settling last minute Christmas shopping at Robinsons without exiting the building; not to mention this variant comes with Soft Shell Crab as well.

Dinner at Fook Kin is always an excellent experience.

My personal favourite out of anything there is their char siew. It's the kind of meat you pop into your mouth and bite down on, only to stop to savour the taste as it melts. The delicious charred bits are incredibly addictive.

Overall, it's a chill place with great vibes and reasonable prices in town. I would love to see it open later to be a bar by night, especially with their delicious sliders.

More pictures soon, when I get around to processing them more.

This time we ordered the premium bowl and whilst this is meant for two, with the addition of meat patties, this was plenty for the three of us. So yummy and I am so happy that they enjoyed it too.