This was a childhood favourite in my family - so excited it’s back! It wasn’t too sweet and tasted really close to what we remember. Mr Softee is only available at 10 outlets for now (this was from the one at Ibis Hotel), but heard they’ll be slowly introduced in more outlets.

Served in the traditional charcoal steamboat pot, there are hints of charcoal flavour as well. The fish isn’t the best around but it is fresh and a generous portion. Other recommended dishes here are the #sambalkangkong and #sweetandsourpork.
📍136 Hong Kong Street Fish Head Steamboat, 1 Upper Aljunied Lane

Zi char from Old Place Seafood Taiwan Porridge (now located at 59 Joo Chiat Place) - dishes are super affordable, and each plate is served at lightning speed directly from the kitchen to your table. Pictured is the fried pork, which is definitely one of the must-haves at this place! Super tender, with a good amount of fat that makes each bite super addictive. Other highlights include their chai poh omelette and har cheong gai!

Fried Pig intestines So Yummy!! One Plate Good For Sharing At Only $6. Mixed With Ngiong Hiang For $9

The chili is what makes this bowl of wanton mee so good! It has the right amount of kick & taste to elevate the overall taste of the noodles. That said, the noodles were springy, while char siew & wantons were also not bad.

Not much needs to be said about this establishment. Beautifully braised pork parts and silky kway. Come here to get your offal on! 👅💦💦Messy but oh-so-goooood!

Having worked in various cafes and commercial kitchens, female hawker Gwen Teng gave that all up to be the successor of her father's popular char kway teow stall, which he has run for over 30 years. He's certainly left large shoes to fill, but the verdict so far is that her cooking is of the same high standards as her father's! Tastemaker Xing Wei Chua likes that the Char Kway Teow (from $3) here uses only flat rice noodles (no yellow noodles added), and that the taste is not overwhelmed by copious amounts of sauce. He finds the version here lighter, absorbing the flavours of fresh seafood like cockles and huge prawns, and it has a lovely wok hei to round up the flavours. On top of that, it comes generously loaded with bean sprouts, eggs, fish cake, lup cheong, chives and pork lard.
Avg Price: $5 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Xing Wei Chua

Very good thai style wanton mee found at this stall. Personally found the taste close to the ones in Thailand, give it a try!

The pork belly is tender and the sauce is not too oily and sweet, taste just nice. Tried the side dishes veg and tao pok is good too. Thumb up to the 2nd generation hawker. The signage of the stall is also very unique, you can't miss it! One last point is pricing is reasonable for such a traditional pork belly rice. Hey I travel all the way from boon lay to try this, so this is no joke!

Chanced upon this Thai Eatery and we are delighted to have given this place a try. We ordered the following dishes:
1) Clear Tom Yum Soup
2) Papaya salad
3) Plain Omelette
4) Stir fried Kang Kong
5) Basil Pork
The dishes are all very authentic with fresh and generous ingredients. We enjoyed the Tom Yum soup the most. Any Thai restaurant worth its salt should be first measured by its Tom Yum Soup and Koat Aroy doesn't disappoint. Highly recommended if you enjoy quality authentic Thai food sans the bigger bills normally found at bigger establishments. 👍👍👍

Although the prices have raised by $0.20, this bowl of 卤肉饭 still hits the right spot for something simple yet filling.

Packed with juicy chopped up bits of braised pork, every bite is packed with flavour as the remaining braised pork juices are made into a gravy and poured over the rice.

Best part, it’s only $2!! Where else can you get something at $2?

Homemade Western Style Pork Belly ($7.50)

This huge plate of homemade roasted pork belly @bemyguestcafe is really economically priced and generous. The skin definitely had that vital salty crackling while the meat remained moist, saved for the edges of the pork belly which was served up as well. Some teething issues but otherwise a great sharing plate!