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Wow! Love the addition of the chocolate Christmas tree and ginger bread mam

Part of hi tea set, guests have a selection of 5 flavors

Tasty slightly burnt fudge with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce

RM70 for 2 pax

Set Includes
▪︎ Assorted Mini Cakes
▪︎ Macaroons
▪︎ Tuna Croissant Sandwich
▪︎ Turkey Ham Sandwich
▪︎ Smoked Salmon Open Face Sandwich
▪︎ English Scones
▪︎ Mini Chicken Sliders
▪︎ Lemon Grass Prawn
▪︎ Sizzling Hot Chocolate Fudge with Vanilla Ice Cream and Chocolate Sauce

Pricey but very filling

Truly enjoyed the spice

JJ Wine & Tapas bar is not only a restaurant but a wine and spirits store as well, as such you can expect a wide selection of alcoholic beverages to be available, the prices for bottles vary but expect to spend upwards of RM100 per bottle of wine. Burppler Klay Eats enjoyed their cheese baked rice (RM25), and warned anyone who was "lactose intolerant" to "definitely stay away from", it as a testament to the rich cheese used in the dish.
📸 & ✍🏻 by Burppler Klay Eats

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This place serves drinks by the bottle, and some pretty good food.
This here is their baked rice (RM25) which those who are lactose intolerant should definitely stay away from.

The wine was great, but sadly the fish and chips was the most blandest thing I've ever tasted.

What's worst is that the batter was soggy. Picture this, bland fish encased in batter, deep fried and somehow soggy?

This place used to be good, I have no idea what happened to it now.