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From the Burpple community

We found their French toast too soggy for our liking even though it came with generous toppings of caramelized bananas strawberries and walnuts. The French toast is already quite sweet by itself hence the maple syrup was not really needed. We thought whipped cream would have been a better choice instead!

Every table had this so we had to get it as well and it didn’t disappoint!!! The pancakes were abit dry but the flavour was really good (yknow how some pancakes just taste like flour) The blueberry compote was sweet and tangy to the right extent so it really whets your appetite. Paired it with the warm maple butter and it was so good…. The serving is really huge! So I’ll recommend 2-3 girls to share it. Or even 4 girls if you guys ordered many other dishes to try. 10/10!!!

This was so good!!!! The fried chicken was so well seasoned and juicy. Paired it with their maple syrup (which wasn’t overly sweet and artificial) and this was chef’s kiss!!! 10/10

We decided to order the buttermilk biscuit sandwich after hearing that this is one of the signature items at Clinton Street! The biscuit resembles the sides served at Popeye's even as they resemble bread on the outside. However, they are a lot less dry at Clinton which makes it a lot easier to eat!

One of the biscuits is served with tomato jam, although the jam was rather light and the taste of tomato wasn't too strong! The other biscuit is served with scrambled egg and melted cheese and we really loved this as it was a lot more flavourful! The melted cheese and fried egg really helped to make the biscuit a lot less bland. 😋😋😋

The dish comes with bacon strips and hash browns as the sides and these are pretty standard items that cannot go wrong. Really decent dish for $18++ and the biscuits are more than enough to fill your tummy! Clinton Street is pretty crowded even when we went on a weekday morning and it would be best to make a reservation beforehand!

We got this dish as the appetiser! The fries were lightly salted and the sweet potato taste was pretty evident! :) Only downside was that the fries appeared to be slightly on the soggy side. Nonetheless, it is a decent appetiser to start off our meal at Clinton Street!

Amongst countless cafes in Singapore, it is definitely difficult to find one that still manages to impress you and Clinton Street Baking Co. is one of them!

Apparently originating from New York, the cafe is known for the air-flown addictive maple butter that unquestionably needs to be drenched on every item that they have.

The Chicken & Waffles is probably their most acclaimed item on the menu, next to their Pancakes. The chicken is flavoured with a honey-Tobasco sauce that makes it slightly sweetly, savory and tasty enough to be eaten on its own. However, paired with the soft and fluffy waffles, the crispy texture of the chicken and the soft texture of the waffles blend together in harmony. It might seem questionable, but do add the maple butter to the entire dish as the sweetness adds another layer of flavour.

Do note that the chicken & waffles is a sweet-savoury item!