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Fried Dumpling w/ Leek & Shrimp

$7.80 · 11 Reviews

Thin and beautifully crisp, the Fried Dumplings with Leek, Pork and Shrimp ($7.80) were a tad greasy in my opinion yet oh-so-good! The minced meat filling being both savoury and fragrant. Love that you get the satisfying crackle from the lattice and the silky smooth skin of the dumplings. The hint of sweetness from the plump chunks of shrimps as you bit into the juicy packages were icing on the cake. Do note to eat it while it’s hot.

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The skin was not too thick and the base achieved the golden ratio of airiness and crispiness.
The fillings (pork, leek and shrimp) were fresh and not overly oily like much of traditional Chinese food, and came together for a juicy serving of umami. They were also not stingy with the fillings.
Would definitely go back for more of these babies.

Some hit some misses.
Try the crab meat egg white with broccoli, pan fried dumpling, steam xiao Long bao and 水煮鱼。
Forget about trying the 土豆丝 and 干锅鸡。
Will return again to try more dishes!

We went there on a Tuesday evening and was shocked to see that the restaurant was packed and big groups were told that they might not be able to get a table at all. Luckily for us, as it’s just the two of us, we were ushered to an outdoor table. Thanks to the recommendation by @veronicaphua, I immediately pointed to the Fried Dumplings ($7.80) even before flipping through the entire menu. As everything is handmade and made-to-order, the dumplings took quite sometime to arrive but it was wiped clean within minutes. The dumpling skin was pan fried till crispy while the stuffing of leek, pork and fresh shrimp provided a burst of flavours (juices were literally bursting out). Perhaps to keep the dumplings in place, the Chef creates a crispy layer of batter at the bottom which further adds to the texture from each bite.
Hand in Hand Beijing Restaurant
Address: 143, Jalan Besar, Singapore 208859
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I found out about this place because Chef Alan (Instagram: @malaccamakanking) had raved about their Mapo Tofu.
Although I didn’t order it when I took my parents there (dad had a sore throat and couldn’t eat spicy food), the other items we ordered turned out to be really satisfying.
In general, I would say the dishes are fresh tasting and not as salty or oily in comparison to other eateries serving the same type of cuisine. The other thing I noticed on our visit is the customers present were all Chinese nationals. Now that is a clear sign of authenticity of cuisine.
Shown above is the Fried Dumplings with Leek, Pork and Shrimp. The elongated dumplings are thin of skin and have a lightly-seasoned filling. They’re finished with a layer of batter poured into the pan just before serving to bind them in a shatteringly crisp, delicate sheet of “lace”. I thought the dumplings tasted good eaten on their own, smeared with the chili paste or dipped in black vinegar.
We will definitely be back to try more of Hand In Hand Beijing Restaurant’s rather extensive menu.

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Featuring their sliced pork belly in garlic chilli oil. This is really tasty as a cold dish! We also ordered their signature fried dumplings (锅贴), egg fried rice (蛋炒饭)and minced meat noodles in bean sauce (炸酱面). Fried rice was a little disappointing (not as good as DTF definitely) but the rest were good. Would visit again to try the other dishes on their menu!
Rating: 4/5
P.S. it’s on burpple beyond!

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Hand in Hand Beijing specializes in a wide array of dumplings; everything from guo tie, xiao long baos to hong you chao shou. This is one of their specialities, certainly eye-catching with that crisp skirt. Though a little bit burnt, it was still a tasty plate of dumplings with little chunks of prawn; great dipped into a saucer of vinegar and ginger.


Whipped out Burpple the other day while roaming Jalan Besar the other day and found this gem of a place selling all kinds of dumplings! Interestingly, this Chinese-run stall was packed with tables of Japanese people. 🇯🇵

One of their signatures, these pan-fried dumplings were so comforting! Hidden under that crispy sheet, they were filled to exploding with greens and chunks of prawns. "So juicy!" I muttered as one of the more excited dumplings burst and dribbled down my cheek. 🤤


I don't know why but I always get super excited when my pan fried dumplings are served and there is that layer of crispiness still holding them together. These guotie were filled with meat, leeks and a shrimp (yup, just one) and were so juicy and so flavourful. Made even more perfect with the accompaniment of vinegar and ginger. 🤤