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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * HOTPOT 火锅 (huǒ guō) has been a mealtime tradition passed down through generations since Ancient China. Family and friends gather around a scrumptious hotpot meal to share a laugh, reminisce on life stories & catch up with one another. Since the dawn of civilization, HEROES 英雄 (yīng xióng) have lived amongst us. They appear in every society exemplifying the fierce human spirit. Today, countless roles and responsibilities define us as we move forward in life. At HOTPOT HEROES, we celebrate the everyday heroes within us. Join us and reward yourself with a heart-warming hotpot experience!


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Round up the fam for a comforting meal of hot pot at this Tanjong Katong Road joint. Pick from the list of soup bases – from the addictively fiery Spicy Sichuan ($14) to the earthy Wild Mushrooms ($16). On meats, the US Black Angus Short Ribs ($22) comes recommended by the Burpple community, while the melt-in-your-mouth Sliced Pork Belly ($9) is another failproof choice.
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The beef short ribs are nice but serving is small. I was taken aback when waitress tried to serve me a plate of stale beef short ribs (the beef had turned brown) when I used the 1 for 1 deal on the beef. She did replace it after I rejected it. And the liver that we ordered is not fresh as well. Colour looks off. Taste wrong too. Shelf life of liver is very short btw 1-2days. Don't like the fact this shop continue to serve food that is way past its shelf life.
The 1 for 1 deal vouchers can only be used on limited dishes and the shop only allowed us to use 2 vouchers for 4 pax (2A & 2C). vouchers are not applicable on platters and buffet which makes the use of vouchers totally not worth it. The above photo showed everything ( + a can of green tea & a pot of chrysanthemum tea) we had ordered and the total bill is $104. Soup base costs $18. Regretted visiting and will not visit again.
There are better hot pot restaurants that costs lesser.

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This is now our regular hotpot haunt in the East due to it's authenticity and plentiful nearby parking. We always order the sichuan base which we find spicier than the chongqing beef pot. There's also the popular collagen soup base for non 🌶️ eaters. Recommend dishes are the beef Short Ribs (normal price $22++ for the portion pictured), beef skewers, beef stomach, dumpling platter, half shell scallops, fried bean curd rolls and fried pork (酥肉). The red grouper isn't fresh so skip that.
💡: 20% or higher eatigo will make it a better deal than beyond (sorry burrple! Gotta be realistic here).


About 3 months old, this newly opened hotpot is just off the main stretch of Tanjong Katong eateries (where there are also 2-3 wannabe hotpot places).

Similar presentation, quality and service to the ever-popular Beauty in a Pot, without the queues (and all the weird bowing). Price range is also similar (about $50/pax) but it offers generous eatigo discounts if you are willing to eat at odd hours. Great for groups as there are comfy booth seats for 4-6 pax as well as larger round tables.

As you should know, any legit sichuan hotpot always has 酥肉 (pictured) and this one is superbly well fried and tender- you can eat it as is, or dip it in the soup base. The chilli covered beef skewers are another authentic thing I seldom see in Singapore wannbe-sichuan hotpot restos (only 同心如意 has them). Plus points for another great addition to the East.
🚗 : convenient and plentiful ERP (unsheltered) parking on the opposide side of the overhead bridge (in front of Canadian international school)


They serve 5 different types of broth : .
💕Chongqing Mala Beef.
💕Spicy Sichuan.
💕Wild Mushrooms ( my fav ).
💕Beauty Collagen.
And with interesting name for most of the dishes.

Quote 'shootandspoon ' from today until end of Oct for a 10% discount! Not valid with any other promotions!
Thank you @eatwithroy for jio ing me. 📍SG HotPot Heroes
306 Tanjong Katong Road

Once I knew #BurppleBeyond was available at “Hotpot Heroes”, a new place in my neighborhood, I decided to have my next family dinner there.
The four-broths combo pot was what we went for and this is the combination we had: medium level Sichuan Mala (spicy, oily but tasty), Wild Mushroom (we liked its strong earthy fragrance), Beauty Collagen (neutral tasting but could be more “collageny” I felt) and Beauty Tomato (pleasantly sweet and easy to drink).
Because there were 6 of us, we could redeem a maximum of 3 X Burpple Beyond 1-for-1 deals. Our picks were the Meat Dish (U.S. Angus beef short rib + sliced pork belly), Seafood Dish (a whole golden pomfret + a bowl of asari short-neck clams) and Handmade Dish (prawn paste with ebiko + mixed balls platter). Of course we couldn’t resist piling on other items that are mainstays in any respectable hotpot meal like luncheon meat, fried beancurd skin rolls, assorted mushrooms and vegetables.
I felt the overall quality of the food here was really decent - attractively presented and fresh in taste.
The mix-your-own-dipping-sauce section had an acceptable number of condiments to play around with but could have been topped up more promptly.
Service was earnest and sincere but as this place is very new, things weren’t so smooth-running yet and the staff were slightly slow to respond at times. However, I am sure things will improve very soon since they all seem to have a positive and good attitude.
I must admit I felt a bit thirsty when I got home and when I woke up this morning. Not sure if that is due to MSG in the soups or my overzealous attack on the luncheon meat 😂