To Admire

To Admire

Expensive for a girl on a Budget, unattainable and hence in this list, for me to admire when I get bored
Mabelle Tham
Mabelle Tham

Another microwave-and-ooze matcha bread and this time it's pure matcha lava without chocolate etc. This is one GAO filling that is umami packed and you can really taste that it's made of premium matcha powder 🥺💗 slightly on the pricier side compared to DONQ but if you want just matcha without chocolate then you can give this a try! :")

Look at the peanut oozing out!! The amount of peanut varies from worker to worker so do check their pancakes on display first. But nonetheless, still good!!!

The Bravery is one of those names that should not be a stranger to most who have been cafe-hopping since the uprising of the third-wave coffee movement — the Muslim-friendly establishment at Horne Road had since moved out of its former premises, and found new digs at Amoy Street recently, and is currently in its soft launch phase serving up a menu that differs between breakfast, lunch and dinner hours.

Being an item off the lunch menu that is being served only between 11am to 3pm, the Seafood Alfredo features elements such as tiger prawns, white clams, crab meat, cream sauce, garlic, shallots, crustacean oil and Ikura. While some pasta purists may lament on the use of cream sauce for their rendition of an Alfredo which usually only involves butter and parmesan, the Seafood Alfredo is an item that would please the average cafe-goer who are less into traditionalist approaches to cafe fare, and are more accustomed to the creamy pasta that is pretty much a crowd pleaser otherwise. The pasta here is seems to be done slightly past al-dente; slightly softer with lesser of a bite, but not particularly bothersome. Otherwise, the noodles are tossed in a mix of rich cream sauce and crustacean oil; the latter added to give a slight umami note that cuts across the creaminess for some balance — a nice touch to have in my opinion. Coming with a good variety of seafood, the clams were fairly decent, while the crab does give the pasta a slight crustacean sweetness that enhances the flavours of the crustacean oil used; the prawns could however be slightly fresher, though should still be pretty decent for those who are less picky overall. Not a fan of the microgreens (i.e. Alfafa sprouts) that they have included as a garnish; perhaps a slight sprinkle of herbs such as rosemary or thyme would have done a better job given the stringy texture and the slightly “green” flavour that we were not too much of a fan of, and did not seem to gel well with the seafood elements of this dish.

Hadn’t been back to The Bravery for quite a while; my visit to The Bravery previously was when the concept was still being run by the same folks behind The Plain and RONIN (both of which had since closed, and are succeeded by PUNCH and Gather). Times have changed pretty much for The Bravery; while we are unable to comment if they had pretty much stayed the same or have been consistent at Amoy Street when compared to their time at Horne Road after those times, The Bravery does seem like a spot that would work well for the folks who prefer safe and conventional cafe fare without being particularly over-the-top — a spot that would work decently for those who are just looking for something comforting that will not go wrong.

With team led by Sous Chef Melvin Lam and award-winning Head Barista Maryvn Tan, diners can expect an elevated menu comprising new dishes and their signatures dishes, freshly-baked treats and quality brews.

Feature their breakfast menu :
💕Nova Cheese Toast
In-house sourdough toast with a chewy texture and crisp, crackly crust, served with Smoked salmon sitting on dill & lemon cream cheese spread, topped with ikura and microgreens.

💕Steak & Eggs
In-house sourdough toast with chewy texture and crisp, crackly crust, served with 200g grass-fed striploin and sunny-side up eggs.

Breakfast available from :
Tuesday - Thursday 8am - 6pm
Friday - Sunday 8am - 2.30pm

50 Amoy Street
#mediatasting is a new concept by @glyphsupplyco which focus on comfort bakes and hearty food, but you’ll be sure to get a good coffee here.

Be greeted by the “bakery” section, whereby you can pick up bakes such as Babka ($9), Smoked Duck Focaccia ($6), and Passionfruit Black Tea Cake ($8), to go with that speciality coffee after you’ve been allocated a seat. Or check out the main menu for something more substantial.

I always love Genki n my friend was telling me this sashimi (I think might b swordfish but not too sure) is v good it’s like a v fatty fish n the mouthfeel rly good af. N it rly is!! Have been ordering it ever since haha. Also love the other food on the menu like salmon sashimi n other sushis yeah nth much to fault abt Genki tbh

Did I think this CB&J (Cashew Butter and Jam y’all what were you thinking) would be good? Yes I did; if y’all followed my #occupyboredom escapades, I made a roasted grapes and sausage dish. Did I think this CB&J would be THIS CRAZILY good though? Nuh-ope. Let me break it down for you. You’re looking at plump and juicy grapes, roasted down beautifully till all those natural sugars turn concentrated and syrupy and oh-so-good. Have those precious gems piled up above a bed of creamy homemade cashew butter, over a thick slice of toasted brioche, then go around the plate with some honey, thyme, and coarse sea salt. That, my friends, is the lowdown on this CB&J. I like that the cashew butter’s not completely creamy so there’s still a little texture there, and it’s also unsalted so that coarse sea salt really adds a fabulous pop in every bite.

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I’m Soh greedy 🤪

Juicy beef patty, made with A4 wagyu. On the menu, it was either double cheese burger or foie gras cheese burger. But I went ahead and asked if I can add additional patty to my foie gras cheese burger.

They have some tasty onion rings as well, dipping it into sour cream, that’s perfection.

Pretty sinful and that’s the kind of feeling I’m looking for.

Foie Gras Double Cheese Burger $27++
+ Onion Ring(Set 4) $6++

Went there for a birthday dinner, paid about over a hundred for 2, quite reasonable pricing.
In love with the creamed kale, my bf who normally don’t eat vegetables love it too!

We all knew how textured and tasteless Thai durians can be, but with a touch of local and regional produces, the MSW Durian Sticky Rice (S$13.00) was a lot tastier, thanks to the richness and creaminess of the durian puree.

The sticky rice was probably cooked with natural butterfly pea flower dye to give the yellow flesh a contrast in colour, but the drizzle of coconut milk and the sesame seeds also gave the texture and taste a little uplift. As always, one would always ask why the cup was so small when the dessert was such a hit.

The beef cheek was really tender and the mashed potato was tasty too.

Burrata pizza! Marinated cherry tomatoes on tomato passata with loads of basil pesto! Da yum! The pizza that keeps me coming back again and again ❤️

Feeling peckish - Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are my favourite times of day.

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