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I enjoy this place. I find the food tasty and masala chai tea is good.

Recommended if you are looking for full vegetarian option.

We liked the food here but unfortunately we have hit our tolerance for the inconsistency and exorbitant pricing of the dishes here.

I chose fried cauliflower and raita without chapati or rice, just 2 vegetarian dishes and the bill came up to MYR18. This is not the first time it had happened, and we tried to give this place another chance.

However, this is really disappointing. When asked how they charge the dishes, they are unable to provide a price structure.

There has been occasion where one colleague of mine, had 2vege and 1meat dishes, but being charged less than the colleague who had 3vege dishes without meat.

Please be careful during payment and do check the list of dishes you are being charged.

Thinking of this as an Indian risotto. The rice is is soft yet chewy and is cooked in a delicious spicy tomato sauce, filled with lentils and vegetables. Use the mini papadom to scoop up the rice for the best way to eat it. Perfect for rainy nights.

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Could this be the best thosai in town? Possibly! Amazing how they nail the crispy-on-the-outside and soft-on-the-inside texture all the time. It’s already delicious on its own but when you fold the potatoes (stuffed in the thosai) with it, it’s heaven.

The one restaurant I wanted to eat in was booked solid, a cheesecake I was looking forward too was over-rated, and everything just didn’t excite.
So I had no expectations when I went to Money’s Corner (LOVE THAT NAME) for Peter’s Pork Noodles.
It’s a pork broth noodles with sliced pork, minced pork, liver and an egg (RM$9 for everything). It’s robust, flavourful and just right. Swipe for a close up of the bowl. Probably one of the best things I ate this trip.
Ok tbh I have a fuzzy tongue now, which I suspect came from me downing all of the soup. But who cares?
PS: the kopi c kosong here CMI.
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Pictured is the chicken tikka masala, butter chicken, gobi manchurian and plain chapati. Everything was tasty!

Nyonya laksa
Price: RM 8.80
Rating: 4/5 ⭐️

The briyani is aromatic and flavourful. The chicken was soft and tasty too.

The level of spiciness is just right, which is great. Recommend to try if you’re in the neighbourhood.

This is RM19.

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This is a thali set. Lots of dishes given. You can choose whether to have thosai/poori/chapathi/akki roti to go with it.

It consists if kosambari salad, palya, vegetable sagu, bidi belt bhath, plain rice, curd rice, sambar, rasam, papad, pickles, payasam and ghulab jamun.

This is RM18.

It’s a thick thosai (like uthappam) with chutney powder and a scoop of spicy potatoes. Served with chutney and dhal sambar. The chutney powder is slightly spicy.

A different sort of thosai for sure.

This is RM15.