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This pita fill free sandwich is so good! The falafel was fried upon ordering and was very crispy. The sandwich was quite huge. I initially didn’t want to finish the bread. But as I took my first mouth, I already knew I’m gonna finish the entire sandwich, including the bread! ⁣⁣
I think there was 5-6 falafels in the sandwich and it comes with the veggies and their sauces. We also ordered an additional side of hummus at $4 which was very fresh and yummy.⁣⁣
It’s my first time eating a pita sandwich, I’m definitely sold and can’t wait to be back for more already. Pita Bakery is also vegan!⁣⁣

Handmade Dumpling With Dry Ramen - The soft and springy noodles are drenched in a savoury dark sauce.

Read more: https://www.misstamchiak.com/vege-pot/

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I’ve always wanted to try pita bakery but in the past they didn’t have a seat down area. Now it has around 10 seats? Fill free sandwich has vegetables and falafel w a spicy sauce and a yoghurt sauce. Would be great if there was some hummus but I guess I will have to go down and get their tasting set to try their hummus!


We are now on vegetarian mode for at least a week. No stranger to this bento set: brown rice + 1 main, 2 sides but this time we go for Kung Pao Mushroom (+$1). Kung Pao Mushroom will suit someone who is fond of spicy food 🌶 although we are not hitting the roof on Monday yet! 😆

Udon was great, nothing could go wrong with the tofu. The gyoza is filled with mushroom. The tuna made with konjac apparently. I didn't taste that. Overall OK but not cheap. Paid $300 plus for 9 pax.

I really love this. And I very seldom love vegetarian food.

I was really surprised by this dish, I never thought it would taste so good.

Especially since I was dreading having vegetarian tgt with the wife.

It was crispy and it was so flavorful


Penang curry noodle is super delicious, the curry gravy is thick and not watered down, the ginger mee sua is good and satisfied my craving for ginger!

i don’t think i will ever get sick of this vegetarian mushroom udon soup!!! i loveeee it so much, the mushroom soup tastes heavenly and serving is generous for $6 (i can’t rmb if it’s $6 or $7 but it’s worth every buck). TRY IT.

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Yakitori (~$6): a really gREAT attempt at yakirori!!! Ok this tasted like those yakitori meat sticks you get from toriq 😋😋 It was slightly too salty for my liking but I would eat this over normal meat any day 🤯

Ig @goodfomood

‘Crabmeat’ maki (~$18): not that impressive and didn’t wow me as much as the unagi 🦀 Crabmeat lacked texture, and the inside was filled with capsicum (which I didn’t rly like). BUT it was nicely fried and crispy on the edges which added a lot of texture to the otherwise moist dish!

Ig @goodfomood

‘Pork’ Katsu Rice Set (~$18): again MINDBLOWING at how closely it mimicked real Pork katsu. In the words of my Brother “I could replace real meat with this”, and I couldn’t agree more. Consistency of the ‘Pork’ was solid and it lacked the oiliness and fattiness of real Pork 👍🏻

Ig @goodfomood

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