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Sunday Folks
Holland village
Part 3/4
Has been wanting to try this cafe for, in fact, the longest time already but for some reason just never got the opportunity to. Anyways, Sunday Folks. It has always been the go to place for teens and cafe goers alike looking for a hipster cafe. Specializing in cakes and soft serve ice cream, this cafes served up amazing waffles with their ice cream. Piping hot waffles, toasted to perfection topped with a generous portion of ice cream. I loved how they mixed different textures into their waffles. From the crunchy waffles to some fruits such as strawberries to some nut crunch. All that together makes for a well balanced dish that is not too 1 dimensional. I also really enjoyed the creative flavors of ice cream that they offer. From earl grey lavender to roasted pistachio to dark chocolate. Available on weekdays from tue to fri from 5-7pm they do have a 1 for 1 waffle and cake promotion so do head on down!! .
Overall: 9/10
Taste: 9/10
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First time eating at Tai cheong! usually just get takeaway

scrambled eggs- were really light and fluffy! the perfect texture. They had a milky taste that made it really delicious 10/10

spam fries- has a weird chewiness and aftertaste... 5/10

Charsiew bolo bun- one of my favourite items! perfect if you heat it up again at home and it is extra crispy 9/10

Chicken pie- love the cookie crust of it! always melts in my mouth. Don’t like the filling as much though.. too creamy for me 8/10

Pandan egg tart- Has a nice aroma and fragrance that in my opinion gives it an edge above the normal one! the crust is very crumbly and melts in your mouth 10/10

Quick service for dine in and nice ambience

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After four days of a rather detrimental hiatus peppered with malignity, doubts in self-preservation and the textbook stubbornness to procrastinate, @thintbites is back. On a side note, the weather has been unbearably hot for the past few days and it is literally searing me to a medium-rare doneness as we speak. On a more appealing note, there is no shortage of bustling ice cream cafés and air-conditioned waffle joints to beat the heat in while enjoying a cool and creamy soft-serve. One of these places is one that never fails to satisfy this sweet tooth. The Daily Scoop is a fun and whimsically charming ice cream café that is certainly known for their wide pool of imaginative flavours that are always refreshed daily. From a refreshingly zesty spoonful of Lychee Martini ice cream to a more indulgent treat of a Salted Mr Brown (the perennial favourite flavour), one can expect to be spoilt for choice in selecting a favourite ice cream flavour from their ever-expanding roster of creamy goodness. I would always find myself going for a delightful Single Scoop ($3.80, +$0.40 for cronchy cone), whether be it a mid-day treat or a sweet ending after a meal at the village itself. A godsend water dispenser lies in the quaint decor of the restaurant, providing a crisp and clear beverage to cleanse your palate after having indulged in some of The Daily Scoop’s homemade creamy delights. Would definitely prescribe a scoop or two to anyone to escape the oppressing heat of the 35°C weather at the moment.

The ice cream was soooo good and I absolutely love the toppings. It’s on the expensive side so I wouldn’t go too often but it’s a must-try!


Tucked away in the corner of holland village is 2am dessert bar, by famed pastry chef Janice Wong. A contemporary setting to enjoy these fancy desserts and wine. I enjoyed this with its sour and sweet elderflower and plum hues, accompanied by choya jelly. ($24)

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Revisit for more than 10 times. My favourite flavor is pistachio and chocolate. Please try their waffles! The chocolate cake is pretty good too.

Salted caramel banana pancakes (~$11.90) was pretty affordable, but unfortunately pretty disappointing. Pancakes were very flat and not fluffy at all, tasting airy and too moist for my liking:( salted caramel didn’t mix well with the chocolate Nor pancakes either.

But the chocolate ice cream was thick and good. Probably would try something else next time


Was excited to see a whole section dedicated to Mac n cheese so decided to get the beef and meatball mac and cheese (~$15) to try. 🤪 presentation was lovely and Mac and cheese was adequately cheesy!!! Pasta to beef ratio was pretty good and the cheese tasted much more chewy than other macncheese places!!


Smoked salmon, edamame, feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, onsen egg and shirataki noodles (drenched with miso sesame sauce). A very refreshing combination and leaves you feeling good (not too full or bloated)! All the ingredients were really fresh. Only wished that the noodles were less wet, made it a little too soggy but it was not a big issue.

Truly simplicity at its best! The homemade bittersweet dark chocolate brownie was moist dense and decadent with every bite, complemented well with a scoop of vanilla ice cream 🤤🤤 Would have been even nicer if a better quality vanilla bean ice cream was used, but the brownie surrounded by a moat of chocolate sauce more than sufficiently made up for it! Plus eatigo 50%?? YES PLS!! 😍😍