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Simply love the chill ambience at ORTO and such a pity to know that this place will be soon gone for development. Saw many families celebrating birthdays on a Friday night at the restaurant. We ordered the speciality fire chicken, which was a spectacle to behold when it was lit up. All the other dishes we ordered were fresh and tasty too. Would probably do a return to this place soon before it is gone for good.

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Decided to go BKK Bistro as my friend was around Yishun.

Generally, I would say standard is passable with things like their $0.80 boat noodle and Tom Yam Soup Hotpot ($29.90). However, I wouldn't say it is something I would come all the way here for.

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Charcoal grilled prawns at the same spot in orto after a prawning session. The meat was really fresh and succulent, although it was not easy to catch these prawns. Not going to rate this as this trip was more for the experience, as opposed to the grilled prawns.


Feature :
💕Live Lobster Porridge.
The broth taste lighter compare to the last time I visit, served with live Lobster (photo is using Live Southern Australian Lobster - $288)
💰Start from $72 (depend on lobster).
💕Salt Baked Yellow Crab roe.
The crab baked with salt and house blend spice.
💰$120 for 2 pcs.
💕Seasoned Fried Baby Squid with sweet and spicy thai sauce.
The baby squid deep fried and served with sweet spicy sauce, red onions and cucumber strips.
💕Signature Steven chicken.
The chicken kept on the bone, deep fried and coated with homemade marmite and honey sauce and sesame seeds.
💰$16 for 8 pcs.
💕Garlic Steamed Bamboo Clams.
Steamed bamboo clams with soya sauce and vermicelli.
💰$16.8/ pcs.
💕Lobster Salad.
Chunk of lobster, served with honeydew, cantaloupe and celery with house made mayonnaise sauce, and topped with uni.
💰$158 for 4-6 pax sharing ( price on the highside for this item).
📍Orchid Live Seafood Restaurant.
2 Yishun Walk, #03-01.
HometeamNS Khatib

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Feeds 2 perfectly. It's weird how I end up eating more ckn now when prices have risen alr

This was godly. The kampung chicken is done to perfection. It's isn't overly steamed so it's a lot more chewy in a pleasant way, which is the right way to do these chicken. The flavour is incredible as well.

Pair that with a salty sauce which is equally flavourful but doesn't have much character to distract from the chicken, and the grassy mild ginger sauce for MAX PLEASURE

Must visit

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The beehoon has a good bite despite being braised. I prefer it softer but there's nothing wrong w this. The pumpkin soup takes 48hours to boil allegedly, and is pretty thick. I quite liked it but it's salty and the main taste is a sourness from veggies apparently

The seafood was fine but the extremely tiny pieces of concentrated pork lard was the highlight. Incredibly smoky and full of umami, plus it's crispy too.

The dude doesn't know what he's talking about tho. He said it's dried shrimp when it's clearly not, and he said there's crab when there wasn't.

Their chili is absolutely delicious, you can taste the freshness of the chili flesh and it's so simple yet stunning

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affordable noodles, great place to catch up with friends !!

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Affordable and tastisfying authentic Hainanese chicken rice that will fill your tummy with great satisfaction.
From succulent steamed meat with smooth, glistening jello skin and that roasted, juicy & slightly old meat to of that heavily chicken flavour, fragrant, fluffy & tasty rice; every spoonful of it was so heavenly. I like that thick soya sesame oil fragrance that was being drizzled onto the chicken, giving it an umami profile.
As some of the meat were slightly old in texture but the taste of it, doesn't compromised.
Soup was warm and comforting.
Another great place with solid ginger sauce, savoury and gingery spicy. Just look at how much I spammed.🤣 Wanted more tho.
Chilli sauce was in between creamy and watery, spicy level moderate, a bit bitter I feel but nonetheless still tasty.
🚩Jiang Ji Traditional Hainanese Chicken Rice, 780 Yishun Ring Rd, Singapore 760780
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Other than the 80cents boat noodles (herbal>tomyum😤) that everyone orders to fill up their table, this huge plate is a great side to share among 3-4pax!

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A popular side, but I don’t remember it being this little & expensive 😢

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Boat noodles is very affordable. Nice ambience too at night. There is a bbt right beside too

We got some boat noodles in herbs and Tom yam soup. Got their fried tofu and fish cake. It's better to taste the side dishes with their chilli. And for their boat noodles, it's the Tom yam one is better. Of course it's my personal preference too.