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wanted to give 8 but minus 0.1 cuz of how warm it wasssss and the stAFf only switched on d fan when req by another customerrr buT overallz was a gOod first experience !!! wide selection of food & rly liked d chicken & seaFooOd,, pork broTh was p good too though it’s q disgustin when u realize that the oil from d poultry is drippiN into d soup HAHAHAH

ah hui:


solid BbQ and gOod miX between having to fry d stuffs n having it cooked in souP!!!! rly love minus the fact that can visibly see d jUs frM d meat entering d soup but was still delish KEK wide spread meat choices also Kek and q worth for 1-1 :~) the meat slicEs were pretYy thicc like srs!!!! buT WAH let me just say if u not coming by car, plS come by kathiB mrt (it’s a 7minwalk) rather than tHe l0nG n relatively shAdeZ walk we took frm the bus stop opp Seletar airbase 😩 (only went by there because Google recommended :/( )

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Went here for the first time to have dinner, their food was alright but let me tell u all something disgusting.

THEIR DRINKS MACHINE IS INFESTED WITH ANTS. Some of u may have not noticed it, but when u look closely u will see black ants crawling their way in the machine.

I’m not joking, and I’m definitely telling all of u that their cleanliness at this place is -100/10 just by looking at how the drinks machine attracts so much ants (especially the Sprite). Tho one may not die from swallowing live ants, just pls be careful.

Usual price for 1 for the mookata is 27.90++ but when we used the burpple beyond’s 1 for 1 deal, they say cos we use the voucher, the price is 39.90++ instead. Thus for 4 people, we no longer enjoy 1 for 1 deals but instead paid the price of 3 for 4 people. I was very disappointed in this, it is misrepresentation.

The broth was robust (almost creamy) and brimming with sweetness from the lobsters, yet layered in flavour, with strands of fried ginger adding another dimension to the proceedings. The lobster meat itself was fresh and succulent, none of that rubbery, overcooked nonsense going on here. At $110 for a 4-person portion, it’s not something you would eat everyday, but you should still sometimes. @orchidliveseafood
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Must Go👍🏼

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Affordable thai boat noodles to satisfy your late night cravings! Besides the tomyum/original boat noodles, they serve a wide variety of sides like thai chicken balls, thai crispy pork and vietnamese rolls. Cheap and good!!

Interesting concept! Tiny bowls which you get to choose the soup (Tomyum/Herbal) and topping (beef slice/pork liver/meatball etc).

The tomyum isn’t very spicy for a non-spicy eater. The herbal was too herbal-ish for our liking. For 80 cents++ a bowl, the topping is just one meatball cut into half, or just one prawn. 😂 Oh, do add on the crispy pork skin! It was so good.

Open air sitting, great ambience to chill on a cooling night.



It was a reasonable amount for a single portion and has a relatively laidback ambience next to the prawning area where you could spend quality time with family and friends with some light drinks:)

A good meal to end of our first prawninf experience. #burpple #foreverhungry

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Hands-down the best fried chicken we’ve had in Singapore, all the way around. Firstly, incredible effort is put into preparing the chicken, as it is frenched, making it easy and convenient for diners to chomp on. It is then deep fried to perfection, with the meat cooked through, but the skin remaining extremely crisp. A delectable sauce is then applied to it, with a brilliant mix of sweetness, savouriness, and just a little bit of acidity. Trust us and order 2 plates right away; that’s what we do every single time😋


and also ah ping and family for the troll bday song by your kids thru the video call.

i think the word "shock" will be more appropriate though due to the pungent troll of fruits. elite really is different now. all use money to destroy me.

the wings you guys ordered actually quite nice sia. big wings and super crispy. only gripe about the place is mosquitoes. but peasants cant be choosers and im moving to yishun the siao lang town soon. karma is real sia.

14 years and counting. please dont forget peasant me when you guys huat even more in the future.

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