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Pork belly is probably the most famous and popular cut of pork. The pork collar cut is a lesser known cut that has grown popular in recent years. This cut is a little leaner and less tender than pork belly but it is more economical and robust in its flavours.

Wano Niku serves both cuts of pork at about the same price (20 cents cheaper for the pork collar). I love both cuts of pork but find that pork belly gets a little too greasy and rich on the palate after sometime. In contrast, the pork collar is a little lighter on the palate which means that you get to enjoy much more of it without feeling gelat (or sick of it).

Try both and let me know which you prefer!

We were back at Wano Niku to check out their donburi.

Wano Niku's donburis are perfect for those who prefer to leave the grilling to the professionals and have a fuss-free (and ahem odour-free) meal. For $9.50, you get a bowl of Niigata rice topped with 100g of Japanese A4 wagyu karubi / loin mix and some kimchi. You can (of course!) up size your donburi with an additional 50g of meats for $4.

This is an excellent deal considering that each 100g serving of their signature yakiniku costs $8, and you gotta top up $3 for a bowl of rice, kimchi and miso soup! In short, you get to save $1.50 for being lazy 🤣 and taking the easy way out!

And for those who are worried about over cooking or under cooking your meats, Wano Niku's donburis will solve all your problems!

Interesting to find a Japanese restaurant @flo_bistro located by the street in High Street Plaza.

Check out the Mains All In One Lover (S$60.90++) which is great for 4 paxs to share and came with Kurobuta Loin Katsu, Karaage, Nanban, 4 Black Tiger Ebi Fry, 4 Kaki Oyster Fry, Crab Cream Croquette with Homamade Tartar and Tonkatsu Sauce.

From the YAKITORI 烧鸟 menu, we tried Tebasaki (Chicken Wing) (S$2.90++/ stick), Momo (Chicken) (S$1.90++/ stick), Japanese Shiitake Mushroom (S$1.80++/ stick), Butabara (Pork) (S$2.50++/ stick), , Quail Eggs (S$1.90++/ per stick of 3pcs), Cherry Tomato (S$0.90++/ stick of 3 pieces) and Japanese Broccoli (S$1.40++/ stick)

We also had Unagi Kabayaki which was quite tender.

Accompanied the meal with Ayu Masamune Tokubetsu Honjozo Namachozo (S$39++/ 300ml) where we get to select the drinking cup.

Currently the restaurant is having Beer Tower Promotion. If you are a beer lover, you should check out this place.

FLO Bistro
Address 🛖 : 77 High Street, # 01-04 High Street Plaza, Singapore 🇸🇬 179 433
Open 🕰️ : Mon - Sat : 11am - 12am

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They were all overcooked but it's still not bad at all as the meat quality is decent. The way it's served makes it seem like your normal Japanese stall stir fry but the quality is what sets it apart, including the sauce and the rice. The seaweed soup was good too

Normally it's 10nett if you eat there, basically mookata style. Their concept is really weird cos they serve 100g wagyu at 30bucks but it's at a hawker centre, idk if they're gonna last long man. I mean the vibes at this hawker is better after they reno'ed it but I still can't imagine forking out 30bucks at a hawker

However their kimchi is terrible, it's probably made in house because the fermentation tastes like beer, it's so weird

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Waa Cow! should not be an unfamiliar name to most whom have been following the hipster Japanese dining scene for quite a while; with its first outlet being situated in Stephen Riady Centre within NUS U Town (it is often been mistaken that their first outlet is within the Raffles Xchange at Raffles Place MRT Station), Waa Cow! has become quite a staple within the Central Business District. One can now easily find Waa Cow!’s presence within Marina One West Tower, as well as in the recently renamed CIMB Plaza (formerly known as Change Alley). Waa Cow! has always been a brand associated with their Signature Wagyu Beef Bowls — that being said, their latest concept situated within myVillage @ Serangoon Gardens hops on the Yakiniku bandwagon. Adopting a similar approach to other individual / personal Yakiniku concepts such as that of Yakiniku Like, Yakiniku Go etc., Waa Cow! Yakiniku serves up a variety of different cuts of meat, chicken and pork for the patrons to grill to their heart’s desire. Patrons can either opt for the meats in ala-carte or in the form of a set, whilst there is an extensive menu of sides (in both to-be-grilled, or ready-to-eat form) for patrons to go for as well.

For those whom are looking to try the various different meats that Waa Cow! Yakiniku has to offer, the Karubi, Pork Collar & Chicken platter would be the one to go for. Opting for the set, the set sees the meat platter being served with a bowl of Japanese Rice, as well as a standard side of Spicy Miso & Leek Relish and a canned drink of the patron’s choice. For those looking to switch up the the items offered in the set by going for options such as the Truffle Rice, or to add on sides such as the various different types of Chawanmushi and Sashimi available on the menu, there would be additional charges on top of the standard price of each set. For our order, we had opted for the Truffle Rice, as well as to add on the Wasabi Mayo, Truffle Sauce and Mentaiko Sauce as well; each table also comes with bottles of the Ponzu Negi and Garlic Butter Teriyaki, as well as black pepper for patrons to use for the meat as well. Whilst the flavours and textures of the grilled meat are pretty much up to how one grills them, we note that the cuts of the meat were pretty much on point; the Karubi and Pork Collar were both more towards the lean side but still were pretty tender for the most part. The highlight to us apart from the Karubi and the Pork Collar though were the Truffle Rice and the various sauces we opted for. It is no doubt that Waa Cow! is not the first establishment to have came up with truffle-infused rice, but their variant was just amazingly subtle and light without being overwhelming — didn’t disrupt that delicate texture and flavour of Japanese short-grain rice. We went a little crazy with the sauces here considering how the additional sauces weren’t that necessary — the reason so is because we just could not settle with the thought of going for either the Truffle Sauce or the Mentaiko Sauccw; it has indeed been a long time since the last time we had made a visit to Waa Cow! anyway. The Mentaiko Sauce and Truffle Sauce were as good as we remembered them to be — sufficiently rich and creamy whilst being umami or carrying a good hint of truffle aroma, but the Wasabi Mayo sauce carries that slight earthiness of wasabi without launching itself into an overwhelmingly numbing affair. The Ponzu Negi and Garlic Butter Teriyaki were also good; the former being that lightly savoury sauce with a hint of Yuzu for a refreshing kick that resets the tastebuds, while the latter is a immensely thick and rich teriyaki sauce that is sufficiently garlicky for a slight twist.

Waa Cow! has been through quite a fair bit over the years; the establishment having also survived through the nation’s Circuit Breaker period where eateries in the Central Business District felt a great impact on their sales due to the lack of office crowds returning to office. From being a totally new brand name, and then establishing themselves as one of the go-to places for fancy Wagyu Beef Bowls in the Central Business District, Waa Cow! seemed to have proved themselves as a pretty trusted brand over the years — their outlets in Marina One and CIMB Plaza being hit destinations for office workers to hang out for an after-work wind down. It is needless to say that the folks around Serangoon Gardens are a pretty lucky bunch to have them around their neighbourhood — a Yakiniku concept with a focus on personal Yakiniku grills that is reasonably priced; the lowest-priced sets being listed at $14.90 before prevailing charges. With meats of a decent quality at its price as well as great sauces and a delicious specialty of Truffle Rice to boast, Waa Cow! Yakiniku is definitely one of the spots that is worth making the trek to for those who are especially into barbecue meats and the personal Yakiniku grill experience; a destination that is likely to be an attraction for those living outside the area to make a visit into this unique neighbourhood in the island.

Excited to know they have opened this other outlet and I'm even more impressed with the food here! We had a variety of food to share including pastas, mains and some sides.

We got the Pesto Chicken Pizza ($20) and the Spanish Chorizo & Jamon Iberico Ham Pizza ($25) and I loved how the crust were not so thick, but really absolutely delicious. The outside is crispy and the inside is chewy. The Pesto Chicken had a generous amount of fresh Pesto sauce, giving this pizza a good earthy flavour. The Jamon Iberico Ham on the other really gave the pizza earthy smoky yet rich flavours and I'm really in love with this one!

Although the Honey Glazed Pork Ribs ($29) weren't the most tender, but they still fell off the bone pretty easily and full of savoury smoky flavours! Glad that they were meaty as well and had enough to go around. The wedges were legendary, as they were so crispy on the outside and so creamy on the inside.

The Atlantic Salmon ($25) came with some beautiful creamy mash, that is flavourful as well. Salmon itself is quite a huge piece, very fresh and definitely cooked just right. I love how they managed to make the skin really crispy!

The 2 sides we ordered, Shoestring Fries ($6) and Tater Tots ($6) came in generous portions, and they were very well fried and so addictive! Definitely good sharing portions.

So glad the dishes except the sides were 1 for 1 with #burpplebeyond and definitely will be back!

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Big portion of good cuts! Muslim owned and very worth it! Please come over!

We had dinner at Guriru, a Japanese Hamayaki inspired concept by Chef Teppei Yamashita and Anagram Food Lab last week. We tried a number of food items like charcoal-grilled seafood & meats, pizzas and more!

~Black Tiger Prawn
~Hyogo Oysters (both grilled & raw)
~Guriru Oyster Rice
~Kurobuta Pork Belly
~Meltique Beef
~Whole Squid
~Smoked Duck Pizza
~Fugu Mirin Boshi & Burnt Round Cabbage
~Chocolate & Black Sesame Mochi (will be in menu soon)

We were pretty impressed with the food, with more hits than misses overall. Some of the hits include Black Tiger Prawn (nicely grilled, with the garlic butter adding a good flavour to the prawns!), Raw Oysters (so fresh and succulent, with the ponzu sauce pairing so well with the oysters!), Kurobuta Pork Belly (this was so good, with a lovely melt-in-mouth texture!), Fugu Mirin Boshi (very addictive!) & Smoked Duck Pizza (love the texture of the crust!)! They have some off-menu items here too, like Grilled Yellowtail Fish (which we tried but not pictured) and more, that can be ordered but subject to availability on that day. We also had a preview of their new upcoming mochi dessert, and we liked how smooth and soft the texture was!

Although the location here is a little out of the way, I would recommend a visit here (especially if you drive) for their food, chill poolside dining vibes and great service (shoutout to Cris for her awesome hospitality!).

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牛排烤的稍微有点老了(medium well),对我来说可以算个well done了,不知道consistency怎么样,下次再去一次看看~


Oyster Braised Mee Suan (S$3.80)
Available at @afamosa_sataycelup Which took over the space formerly occupied by Old World Tampines

Using Josper grilling technology, First Grill Signature & The Chill Club promises to satisfy any carnivorous cravings! Their expert grilling techniques bring out the smoky goodness in all their cuts including the grilled boneless chicken leg in the Grilled Chicken Supreme Burger ($16). Sandwiched in between two brioche buns are fresh tomatoes, lettuce, onions, American cheese, mayonnaise, BBQ sauce and honey mustard. This comes with a side of crispy fries as well. Hungry yet?

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