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Top 10 in Simei

Top 10 places in Simei, Singapore.

Latest Reviews in Simei

Latest reviews of food and restaurants in Simei, Singapore.

The Zinger burger swaps the usual sesame buns for deep fried Mac’N Cheese patties. The Mac’N Cheese patty is made of compressed macaroni pasta in creamy cheese (but not as cheesy as their cheese fries, a tad of disappointment). The burger comes with turkey bacon which is very salty and a slather of their cheese sauce and a little bit of lettuce. Overall it is not bad but gets quite surfeited for me after a few mouthfuls.

(S$8.95, comes with whipped potato & Pepsi)


Liho is now serving up their special strawberry bubble tea series! Loved how the drink did not taste of artificial flavouring as it was made from strawberries air flown from Korea. The berries were fresh and plump, which made the drink feel healthier than it is. Do recommend trying this yummy milky drink!


Both pieces are showered with loads of grated parmesan cheese. The fragrance and flavor of the truffle seasoning was strong. Never expects the truffles flavor to be on par with those hipster cafes. Couldn’t taste the cheese as the truffles was overwhelming.

(S$8.95 - 2 pieces set meal, comes with a drink and mashed potato)

Sooo yummy!! With real Korean strawberries and made with only 4 ingredients! (I’m guessing strawberries, green tea, lime and mint) Limited time only until March. Grab some while you can!!

Chicken nanban was good! Granted the size of the chicken was a little small, but it was juicy and the nanban was chock full of eggs which I love! Also got the tofu which is DELISH and probably the favorite part of my meal.

There are many chain coffee shops in Singapore (Ya Kun, Toastbox, etc.), but I still prefer the coffee from Heavenly Wang. However, I feel that it is the most expensive in terms of volume of coffee given. Have you seen the size of those cups?

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The pie did smell like peaches - but not the fresh fruit kind, it was the smell of flavored peach drink. The crust used is the same as standard apple pie, but the fillings has a strong artificial peach taste. The peach bits texture is similar to softer version of nata de coco, and is much sweeter. (S$1.40).

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Wanton mee fans rejoice, engs has finally opened at outlet that is easily accessible at eastpoint! The noodles were deliciously springy and did not disappoint at all. Will definitely come back for more!

This has a belly score of 5/5!


• Creamy Tomato Basil (S$5.20, medium)
A creamy blend of crushed tomatoes infused with sweet basil for a rich and zesty flavored tomato soup.

• Hearty Corn Chowder (S$5.20, medium)
A full-flavored bite of corn chowder, made of puréed sweet corn mixed with sweet herbs and cooked white quinoa.

• Sesame Chicken (S$4.50)
Roasted chicken, cherry tomatoes, mixed lettuce, red onion, shredded cucumber, crispy bits and creamy white sesame sauce.

• Sweet Thai Chicken (S$4.80)
Roasted chicken, fresh mango, cherry tomatoes, cilantro, mixed lettuce, red onion, shredded cucumber, crispy bits, sweet Thai chili mayonnaise.

(S$9.80 Souper Combo: medium soup + modern popiah + genmaicha/black tea)


Whether is the green bowl, or the white bowl or even the red bowl, I’m sure everyone has their favorites so there will be no comparison by me! Im just glad im in the Far East of Sg to enjoy these shiok Noodles!👍🏽

once a while some unhealthy stuff!

🥔: Mashed Potato & Chicken Nugget - S$5
📍: KFC, Singapore

Bought this when it was piping hot and oh my, they were the best scones I've ever had. They tasted buttery, crumbly on the outside and soft and moist on the inside. Would have them everyday if I could!

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