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Interesting & refreshing taste.
Pink colour, light smoothie.


Expensive for noodles without much ingredients. Also a lot of black burnt flecks in the food. Ie the wok not cleaned from previous use.

This Might not be the best, but even the most normal of orh luak is satisfying! Over here at Malaysia Boleh, this orh luak is prepared the Malaysian style which is moist, juicy and eggy!😋

Tasty sweet plum powder sprinkled on deep fried sweet potato fries. It tasted savoury and sweet which really tasted so addictive.

Got the large plate to share. A decent option at this Malaysian food court. Probably enjoyed this the most out of all the dishes we ordered.

Price: $6 (large; shown here), or $4.50 (small)

#halfeatenblog #charkwayteow #malaysiaboleh #burpple

Yummy portion of Hawaiian Pizza.
Oven baked melted cheese covering ham and pineapple.
Not bad!


Also one of my favourite dishes here. There is just one problem, the spoon isn’t big enough and my noodles keep slipping off!

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what i got: cendol
price: $2

I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS this traditional dessert is so refreshing after a meal, my family would buy SO MANY to share!

only downside is they’re pretty inconsistent with the amount they give 😢


Super cheesy overall, the crust was stuffed with cheese and there were cream cheese on the pizza. There was ham and BBQ sauce which was sweet!

Molten dark chocolate mingling with a mashed banana fillings in a crispy pastry shell. The mashed banana tastes exactly like goreng pisang and the gooey chocolate was more of “gel” state and is mildly sweet. Overall, one of their best pies launched so far!