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The braised duck has no gaminess. Ordered pork belly and duck gizzard for the additional side dishes. Their pork belly are braised thoroughly, soft and tender. Their braised sauce is not too salty and goes well with rice.

($28 - Serves 3 to 4 pax, includes any 2 braised side dishes)

 Sukiyaki Teishoku (sliced beef and assorted vegetables in sweet, savoury soy-sauce base) - you get a pan filled with a myriad of ingredients – sliced beef, udon, vermicelli, mushrooms, tofu, cabbage and carrot shreds. An onsen egg is served on the side, for you to dip the beef into.

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Good and cheap. ChilIi could be nicer though :)

• Tori Katsu Burger (S$5.90 - ala carte via KFC Delivery)
The chicken thigh fillet breaded with crispy breadcrumbs, then topped with shredded white cabbage, tangy katsu sauce and mayonnaise, all slotted into sesame seed bun.

• Bonito Fries (S$5 - ala carte via KFC Delivery)
Drizzled with tangy katsu sauce and mayonnaise, then showered with a little of briny bonito flakes. Not sure if is due to delivery, the sauce & bonito flakes given were so little that it’s disappointing.

The chicken thigh fillet breaded with crispy breadcrumbs, then topped with shredded white cabbage, tangy katsu sauce and mayonnaise, all slotted into a sesame seed bun. (S$5.90 - ala carte via KFC delivery)

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There’re crushed peanut bits in the chocolatey drink. It doesn’t taste like milk but more of chocolate powder drink.

Promotional price - S$2

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As much as I despise fast food, I must give credit where credit was due. Very well marinated, the generous whole chicken leg was tender and juicy, and carries a palpable heat. With its crispy edges and affordable price, it's one hell of a grilled chicken

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We ordered the Heart Attack Fried Rice with New York Beef Strips / spring chicken and baked rice. The HA fried rice is cooked well, bursting with flavor. with each grain coated in flavour. The chilli sauce is a potent and spicy mix with garlic and chilli padi. The beef strips are grilled till tender and juicy. The spring chicken was crispy and nice. A popular place students as they have students promo going on.
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New menu item! Really juicy chicken with generous amounts of salted egg sauce drizzled on top. Basically a souped up, super moist Zinger. Twice the price but more than twice as good. Comes with wedges and also their special house made Chili sauce.

Honestly worth a try especially if you’re craving a good burger!

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Cheese Chicken & Sausage: Chicken was tender, covered with melted cheese. The pork sausage was really good, salty and juicy. (S$8.90)

Sautéed Spinach with Bacon: Was disappointed that it was actually quite tasteless. Not sure if the chef has forgotten to add in salt or seasoning. This totally tastes like blanch spinach despite bacons added. (S$2.90)

Plain Aglio Olio: The pasta was al dente, pretty good and decent plate of spaghetti. (S$3.90)


Always my preferred choice because of their al dente spaghetti. It may be too plain-tasting for some, however I always add Tabasco sauce to make it flavorful. I would be preferred if more chili padi are added. (S$5.90).


I like how I could taste both the Taro and Soy Milk in this drink, but it would be even better if the hint of Taro could be stronger. (S$2.80).