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($1.90 each)
A soft sweet bun with milk tea and pearl fillings

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From Ah Khoo
Always got time for this.
Soft boiled eggs, hot brewed coffee and kaya butter toast.


Traditional chendol with authentic taste. Small bowl but a satisfying after meal dessert that melts in your mouth! Not too sweet at first but does get sweeter over time. But I loved how it’s not icy but rather soft and melty, blending in with the pandan, red bean and gula Melaka well!

This char kway teow had a super flavourful and good wok hei taste that is a huge must for this dish!! The dish is pretty small but it’ll become filling over time. However you don’t have the option to add chilli and they don’t have chilli on the side which really doesn’t feel right for me!! Would prefer it to be spicier but it was still pretty good for the price.

😍 Hai Lam Pork Chop (S$6.50) for dinner at Malaysia Boleh Eastpoint Mall. Pork chop covered with sauce (taste like tomato sauce), baked beans, coleslaw, fries and toasted bread. They sell burgers as well, next time shall try it. Overall a nice meal, will eat again 👍.

Malaysia Boleh
Hai Lam Western Stall
Eastpoint Mall
Simei Street 6
Singapore 528833

This bread has been trending recently so I decided to give it a try. The garlic smell was so strong and fragrant which is what I love!! The cheese was pretty generous, given its price of $1.60 only. Overall, the taste was not too bad but the bread is leaning towards a baguette type so if you are not a fan of hard bread, this probably won’t be your thing.

From Yoshinoya
Always consistent tasty bowl of Signature sliced beef over fluffy Japanese rice.
Itoen hot tea in cup.
Highly recommended!

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The soup really helped to warm our bodies as the day was very cold. The soup was herbal and nice, and so were the other dishes!👍👍👍👍🥘🥘🥘🥘🥘

Citrusy refreshing! Mixture of Yuzu syrup with sprite.

It’s citrusy and creamy. Surprisingly, the pie is not very sweet. The cream cheese is light and doesn’t have a strong cheese taste. The yuzu fillings is quite light and has a artificial taste. Overall, is a good match and I like it!


Bak kut teh soup was very tasty with some pieces of pork. It tasted quite herbal. Claypot chicken rice was freshly cooked and sizzling when served. Super delicious especially with the different textures of the rice as some will be more charred.

The pizza dough was super soft! Chicken pieces given were generous and tender as well. There was additional nacho cheese on top of the already cheesy pizza which made it even more delicious!! The crust was also topped with cheese and there was no part of this pizza that was plain without any toppings.