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Chilled pack of thirst quenching drink.
酸梅汤 : smoked plum juice.


Creamy salmon Doria, loved it! Generous portion of cheese that made it sooooo sinful and good!

Cheap, affordable and satisfying western food. Can never go wrong with Saizeriya.

Crispy salmon skin, topped with delicious cream sauce. I’ve chose baked potato and hot veggies for my side dishes.


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Fried upon order. Irresistible bites.
Soft inside, long strips of fried fish cake, tasted quite savoury.
Dusted with signature spice powder, enhanced tastiness indeed!
Just poke and bite!


Fried upon order. Irresistible bites.
Soft inside & crunchy outside.
Dusted with plum powder, enhanced tastiness indeed!
Just poke and bite!


W coffee at 4$. Happy junky msg breakfast which made me happy though :)

Generously filled with braised turnip (bangkuang), and various typical ingredients like lettuce, bean sprouts, bean curd and a scatter of peanut powder.

Penang-styled chendol (2sgd). Small bowl of coconuty goodness with substantial ingredients. Personally would prefer more shaved ice to mute the gula sweetness.