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The Ha Cheong Gai (HCG) burger was really good. Although the HCG taste was light, the chicken was actually tender and juicy, with crispy outer skin. It comes with 2 slices of crunchy cucumber and lettuces.

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The feast set comes with the burger, drumlets, criss cut fries and a drink.
The Ha Cheong Gai (HCG) burger was really good. Although the HCG taste was light, the chicken was actually tender and juicy, with crispy outer skin.
The HCG drumlets have strong HCG taste as compared to the burger. The drumlets has a crispy outer skin but the one I got was a little too dark in color (not sure if every drumlet was that dark in color).
The criss cut fries was seasoned well, eat it while is out before it turns soggy.


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The bo luo 脆脆的 and generous spread of butter! Love it!

Finally here after much craving! Had the sweet Thai chicken popiah + tomato basil soup $8.40 (top up $0.50 for cold brew iced tea with sliced peach, for the Century Square branch)

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It was a surprisingly found in this neighbourhood, Simei. Located just beside the MRT station, this place attracted the locals for their chicken rice for ONLY $2.50! It definitely worth to try if you are in Simei.

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The one single item that you definitely cannot miss out is the Signature Teochew Braised Duck (obviously) and when you’re there, opt for the platter which also comes with additional sides that you can choose between beancurd, pork skin and several more. Zooming in to the signature item, the braised duck has no gaminess to it and the braising liquid absolutely creates an umami flavour in the overall dish. Best eaten with yam rice or hor fun.
LOR Duck
Address: 3, Simei Street 6, Eastpoint Mall, Unit 01-33, Singapore 528833


Since my previous post on the pandan peanut swiss roll, I receive dms from really "old school" foodies. So this is for you!!
I passed by the same shop and actually wanted just to carry on walking and not look back. So yeah... sigh... the spirit is willing but the tastebuds are weak.
The very old fashioned chocolate roll. Soft chocolate sponge embraced by buttercream and chocolate rice. Trust me... this was soft like chiffon. The choco rice was just heavenly. Pair it with a spot of tea or a cup of aromatic coffee. Ahhhh...... so shiok!!
"Old school" days are simple days with simple snacks. If only we could turn back the clock and go back to the good old days. Follow me as I scout for more "old school" (when I have the time) delicacies. Till then, may the old school charm be with you!

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I like the yam rice, soft and fragrant was just nice. The lor duck with pork slices as side dishes was ok. I was hoping for more herbal kinda taste on the duck meat itself but nope, u only taste it in the sauce. The rest of the dish is just normal. Well, might not go back again

I’m not sure what part of this was supposed to taste like cheesecake, because I didn’t detect any of that in this. It’s basically a vanilla frappucino, with a disinclined tinge of tartness, complete with a shot of sweetened green tea syrup. The drink’s pointless familiarity left me confused as a result, even though it wasn’t something that I…really minded?

To dynamise it though, I shoved my straw all the way to the bottom of the cup and sipped on it while I gradually moved it towards the top. It’s a convenient way to get my gush of sweetness, which, by the way, did put me off a little at first. But not long after, I decided to give in to my sugar cravings which had been tame for quite some time. Ah well. I’d like to think of doing that as getting a little bit of everything, though I’m not quite sure if I am able to define everything? 😂

It really wasn’t bad, to be honest. I think it just felt like almost every other Starbucks drink – very ordinary, unable to fully satisfy, and lacking of an import. (7.1/10)


Is nice but it tastes exactly like McD melted strawberry sundae.

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Kept eating till my jeans felt tight.
For half portion duck & 2 chosen sides, it was really generous. Love the braised soy sauce, very addictive yet not cloying. We were served different cuts of duck for the portion 3-4 pax. The meat from bony parts were tender, but duck breast was a bit dry. The taukwa(beancurd) was really silky smooth & soaked up the braising sauce. It didn’t taste like the usual factory-made kind. The Fu Rong omelette’s texture tasted similar to Korean’s kimchi pancake, interesting and a bit cakey.

On a side note, the tableware was beautiful.