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what i got: cendol
price: $2

I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS this traditional dessert is so refreshing after a meal, my family would buy SO MANY to share!

only downside is they’re pretty inconsistent with the amount they give 😢

Super cheesy overall, the crust was stuffed with cheese and there were cream cheese on the pizza. There was ham and BBQ sauce which was sweet!

Molten dark chocolate mingling with a mashed banana fillings in a crispy pastry shell. The mashed banana tastes exactly like goreng pisang and the gooey chocolate was more of “gel” state and is mildly sweet. Overall, one of their best pies launched so far!


A wee bit salty for me. Noodles were rly QQ though and the chilli is what makes this good!

Achieving 65% of Malaysia standard is no mean feat. This hokkien mee has the requisite glistening pork lard oil, but could do with more wok hei. I would recommend queuing for this over the other popular stall here (penang ckt) which is very average.

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Simple fare, great comfort. Always a good mix of meepok and pork pieces done well (not overcooked or rubbery!)

Fried potato comes in six shapes (emoji) selected at a random. Tastes exactly like fried potato balls.

(S$2 ala carte)

The sandwich comprises a juicy grilled chicken patty, white cheddar cheese and chicken bacon, with chargrill sauce (bbq sauce) sandwiched between a fluffy semolina bun.

(S$6.20 ala carte)

A good and thick bowl of mee siam and mee rebus!

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Walked past this place so many times and finally got to try their food. Went for the 180g sirloin with some juicy grilled prawns ($16.90) and the sides were the hot steamed veggie and baked potato (no butter, cause health).

Wow their steak is super bomb; it was so perfectly cooked. I had it medium and it was delightfully tender with a lovely pink center despite it being a rather small piece of meat. And so juicy too; juices were flowing out when I cut into it. So satisfying to take a huge bite and feel the juices spurt onto my tongue. The veggies were delicious and garlicky. :) I almost wish I ordered double sides of the veggies because they were so good.

The prawns were pretty meh. Well grilled but slightly overcooked and a bit small. And only two prawns. But I guess thats normal for such a place.

Still, that steak is so good that its more than enough to cover up for all the other flaws. And the service was excellent, with the friendly manager taking and serving our orders really efficiently.


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The shaved ice was a lovely coconut flavoured, slight sweet and light sorbet of sorts. The chendol was on the salty side so you need to mix it in together with the coconut ice, and the gula Melaka. When all mixed together the salty and sweet made it a match in heaven.

I definitely will have it again but after I ran like 5KM before I think I am allowed to eat it again...sigh it’s what the doctor would advise against but you crave for it....