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From the Burpple community

Takagi Ramen has a new Japanese Curry Matsuri Series! Indulge in the rich aroma and exquisite taste of authentic Japanese curry, available in both udon and rice variations.

🔥Curry udon with Ebi Fry ($12.90 nett)
🔥Curry Rice with Chicken katsu ($12.90 nett)
🥤Kuromai Yogurt Milk ($5.90 nett)
🥤Otomiru Yogurt Milk ($5.90 nett)

New delicious breakfast set that is available 5am-11am daily! $10 for 2 breakfast set that consists of the following items:
-4 Assorted Onigiris (choose from tuna mayo, egg mayo, chicken karaage, chicken floss, salmon or kombu tsukudani)
-6 pcs of fried gyozas
-2 drinks (choose between Kopi O Kosong or Teh O Kosong)

Soup broth was light but flavorful. Added eggs ($1.50 ea)

Before any one complains about my title, this is what’s written on Takagi’s signboard.

They are cheap. The basic ramen (Takagi Ramen) is $6.90. It comes with ramen, two slices of Cha Siew, spring onion and basically nothing else. Come on for $6.90 in a dine in fast food restaurant, to me that’s a lot. I added a tamago and abalone slices for $1 and $2 respectively and made it into a set for another $3.90. You get a side and a drink. You actually don’t have to as the portion of ramen is quite decent.

Flavour wise, although they claim never to give you soggy noodles, it was a bit soft for me because I prefer my ramen more al dente. Also, it was a tad salty but I have been told before my preference is for very bland food. Special mention for the pickled vegetables that you can choose to add. It is spicy and salty. Would have been nicer if the soup was more bland. Or just add chilli oil.

This place runs 24 hours a day, so if ever you feel peckish and want to get a bowl of ramen, there’s Takagi all over Singapore.

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We bought 2 ramen, and add on dumpling and drink, and a rice bowl. Here, the only meat that they offer is pork (no chicken and beef). The spicy one is reallly spicy. They offer free noodles but I think the original quantity is sufficient. If you think you'll need more, get it at the start and add it to your soup straight away or else it gets hard and difficult to eat. It has quite a comfortable seating area and is not expensive ($8 range) but did not really like the flavours so wouldn't visit again!

Ideal for hunger pangs at ungodly hours, Takagi Ramen has been my family’s go-to for quite some time - an option whenever we are seeking a quick and decent ramen fix. At $8.90, my order of Butashoga Ramen was a competent bowl of Tonkotsu Noodle soup. Apart from the full-flavoured base, the affordable and hearty pick comes with a small heap of ginger-braised pulled pork, braised bamboo shoots, and spring onions. The sweet meaty flavour from the pork enhancing the creamy, already-rich, and lip-smacking broth. The thin noodles were a little on the softer side in my opinion but still slurp-able and the cherry on top was adding a seasoned ramen egg for an extra dollar.