Fast Food, Mexican, Bars Buscando Buena Comida, Ese? It's only recently that Mexican food has started to have a notable presence in Singapore, but it's not quite mainstream yet. Here's where to get your spicy Latin urges satisfied.
Western, Cafes & Coffee, Breakfast & Brunch Brunch Munch There's no meal more important than breakfast (or brunch if your bed's gravitational pull is too strong), so it's vitally important that you do it right. And these places definitely hit the nail on the head.
Bars, Dinner with Drinks Pub Grub Pub grub has evolved. It has gone from being a suspicious looking pile on your plate that you'd down with a pint and pray to God that you wouldn't die afterwards, to becoming tasty fare that wouldn't be out of place in a decent restaurant. Here's a list of the pubs with grub so good it convinced me to put my pint down and take a picture.
Steak, Western A High Steaks Game For divine bovine that raises the steaks-uh, stakes, of the beef game.
Popular, Dim Sum, Chinese Chinese Charmers Even though the other countries of the world have so many tasty offerings, nothing hits the spot quite like sublime Chinese cuisine for this boy.
Korean, Korean BBQ, Korean Fried Chicken Daebak! Thanks to the K-wave and the deluge of K dramas, Korean eateries have been sprouting up all over Singapore like Korean roses. And of course, here are the joints that will make you go daebak!
Pasta, European, Italian Mamma Mia! These Italian eateries are sure to satisfy even the most demanding mafia dons for authentic, appetizing Italian fare. And it will definitely satisfy you.
Chinese, Zi Char, Hawker Food Zi Char Zingers Zi char eateries are quite literally operating in every corner in sunny Singapore, so it is quite the task to weed out the stellar stalls from the subpar ones. Here are a few of the superb standouts.