Popular, Healthy, Salads Salad Bowls healthy salad bowls do not mean bland or boring!! Here's my guide to filling and healthy green bowls 🌱
High Tea, Desserts, Bread Bite-sized Treats 'fun-sized' tiny baby treats that may be small but full of character and flavour!! (just like short little me 🙋🏻)
High Tea, Desserts, Cakes Cakes just because it isn't your birthday - doesn't me you can't have a cake and eat it too
Local Delights, Hidden Gem, Desserts Traditional Pastries give me all your kueh, egg tarts and tau sar piah!!
Popular, Local Delights, Cheap & Good Quintessential Singaporean hawkers or traditional food that's always cheap and good
Fast Food, Cheap & Good, Sandwiches Fast Food for my fast fingers and itchy mouth (food is my priority even without time you see)
Popular, Good For Groups, Fine Dining Restaurants places where you have to pay GST and service charge