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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * Step into the world of our Victorian Steampunk airship, Monniker, and join us in our cabin where crew, locals, adventurers and travellers sit together over nourishing grub and restorative drinks to share stories (we love hearing them!) and plan the next adventure. The team recreates an alternate universe with steampunk elements tastefully reflected in the furniture, the lights, the décor and the literature and an unpretentious, warm and cosy ambience, designed to forge your sense of adventure and to set you on a journey of imagination. Passion and love for coffee, food, people and aesthetics are the 4 key cornerstones of Monniker. We think coffee is a curious mix of science and old school magic and baristas, definitely magicians. The process starts at deciding ‘the cup’ of coffee to serve, which is often time reflective of the personalities creating them, and then comes the endless rigour, research and fine tuning daily to replicate that cup across different conditions and different baristas. Monniker’s ‘every day’ cuppa is gentle, warm, familiar, soothing, personable, a true personification of the Captain. Rinse and repeat with all our beverages, including our Valrohna chocolate drinks, our gourmet teas selection (try the ice shaken version!), and our selection of beverages, beers and ciders. We serve as our core menu, comforting western styled bistro food with our chefs’ signature touch - ‘Breakfast fit for a Captain’ with our favourite mangalican pork sausages and crunchy-creamy pommes noisettes; transforming the brown on brown savoury sweet American fried chicken and waffle into a deliciously naughty, visually exciting ‘Chicken Waffle Stack’ complete with melted cheddar, mushroom sauce and an egg, sunny side up; lifting the humble sweet potatoes fries subtly with a dusting of plum powder and serving them with a house made kaffir lime infused sweet chili aioli dip. In addition to that, we feature weekly (or truly whenever the kitchen alchemists are inspired) new items on the menu in the form of ‘Chef’s Specials’ - inspirations from all over the world as the airship journeys through space and time, which may include our re-imagination of a local favourite where we dock, newly procured or discovered ingredient or a persistent ask from crew and fellow travellers. We look forward to having you with us!

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3 course lunch (S$40+) Popup at @AirShipMonniker on 28 & 29 July 2018
Taking over the space formerly occupied by Bistro Du Vin.
By Jordan Lim Zhuodan, Ching Ian Tan, Tay Jin Rong, Edison Low
@SeaFarmersUbin Oysters
raw & poached (lemongrass, lime leaf)
Somen in fish and chicken broth, topped with scallion and kombu oil
@Kuhlbarra Barramundi
local greens, turmeric, curry leaf
Toh Thye San French Poulet
local greens, panggang demi-glace .
@HayDairies Goat 🐐 Milk
pandan, cream cheese, corn 🌽, ginger flower
Interestingly the goat 🐐 milk wasn’t as overwhelming as I thought. Slightly gamey but balanced by the pandan flavour and strong flavoured ginger flower.
Location : 56 Zion Road, Singapore 🇸🇬 247 781
opposite Great World City, besides Zion Riverside Food Centre
Beside Pepperoni, look out for red door with glass panels

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Nothing too fanciful about this dessert to end off the 4-course meal. In fact, the simplicity of the Neapolitan ice cream brings back childhood memories. A good variety of flavours, from the sweet caramel popcorn to slightly sour assorted berries and bitter chocolate ganache and chocolate tuiles. The chocolate brownies weren't too sweet and dense.

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A dish that looks simple, but so flavourful. Indulge in risotto cooked using a rich stock, extracting sweetness from the crustacean by the boiling of scampi shells and splash of white wine. Tomato cream contributed a taste of citrus tanginess. Scampi was seasoned and flambé just right, retaining its original freshness. Not forgetting the seasoning, garnishing and fragrant shallots that completed the dish with a well rounded flavour.

Thank you Damn Worth It for the giveaway!
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Monniker prides itself as a restaurant that serves dishes of different dining concepts on each weekend, helmed by rotating chefs. On the weekend when I went, the 4-course menu was designed by chefs from The Windmill Cafe & Bar that will be opening in Feb 2018.

For the starter, there was a choice of either Mozzarella & Tomato salad or the Alaskan King Crab Bisque. For a green option, the mesclun salad had a good variety of beetroots, tomatoes, mozzarella and basil oil. I preferred the Alaskan King Crab Bisque for its tangy creamy base as tomatoes were used, which blended well with the white wine and brandy. The tanginess was pretty refreshing. But the highlight was definitely the sizable piece of crab meat that sat right in the middle. Fresh and sweet.
Thank you Damn Worth It for the giveaway!

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last weekend at monniker, jordan @chubsthebelly and his team brought it to the next level and made it into a risotto. tasty risotto, boiled and fried batang fish slices, and a whole lot of other ingredients that I don't eat like cabbage, tomatoes and yam, but I polished off everything. not sure if jordan and team will ever be back at monniker or will be involved in food events where people can try the dish.. but y'all just know your common fish soup can level up and something so good can actually exist ok :')
@airshipmonniker features a different professional or home chef every weekend and each meal takes about 1.5 hours. reservations are very necessary, drop them a DM to make one.
thank you @airshipmonniker and @chubsthebelly for having us. I can't say this enough: food was AMAZING.


Palate:Nostalgia | Got a try at 'Weekends at Monniker' last Sunday, with a menu inspired by local flavours and childhood memories that's specially curated by young chefs, Jordan and Jing Ting. The meal started off with Sourdough Bread before moving on to Lala that came with a robust crab broth, XO lupcheong bits and leeks. Mains were between Pork Chop 'Satay' and Batang Risotto (inspired by fish soup), then it ended off with Fried Ice Cream, a delightful scoop of coconut ice cream encased in a crisp bread exterior with gula melaka sauce! Got to say we were so impressed by the quality of dishes coming out from the kitchen by these home cooks. It's all the familiar flavours being elevated!

Monniker adopts a unique concept of inviting different chefs (home cooks, bakers and more) to take over the kitchen every weekend = You get to try something new all the time! It was a more than pleasant experience being able to taste the dishes on the menu and speak to the chefs behind it. Frequent updates and reservation deets are up on their FB page and if you’re interested to be in the kitchen, they are more than happy to speak to you!

A huge thank you to @airshipmonniker for having us and @gnohznaij for the kind invite! 🙆🏻