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Duck rice , fragnance rice and nice duck rice . Tender meat 😋😋🤗

love their malay rice for $4 , lots of ingredient. Eat until so shiok

Vegetarian rice for $2.50 , 3 ingredient dam worth it and cheap , extra ingredient for $0.50

big portion with potato, tofu and veggie and lots of rice for $4 only and drizzle with their curry is the best

First time eat salmon fried rice , taste great with lots of salmon fish inside the fried rice. Fragnance and worth it for $5

Nice and fragnance curry , pair well with the rice and crispy salmon fish, have lots of ingredient for the curry. $5 only dam worth it

Good and cheap vegetarian mixed rice at $2.50 for 3 ingredient.I love their curry chicken and veggie

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Olive fried rice for $3.50 , yummy and delicious very fragnance ans big portion

Char Siew Rice , yummy and delicious char siew rice for $3.50 with boiled egg🤭🤭😋

Fish soup is so good that can be eaten with rice , their soup don't have the fishy smell at all. Nice to eat

Roasted chicken horfun just $3 per plate the sauce is nice with their silky smooth horfun noodle and tender chicken , best combo for lunch

Yummy jajangmyeon, chinese style noodle with chilli oil and cucumber and chicken. A bowl of noodle for $3