Cafe, Breakfast & Brunch, Interesting Tasty Tastemaker Tour (28th May 2016) Retrace the places we visited and a few of the dishes we have had for the Burpple Tasty Tastemaker Tour held for Burpple's Cafe Month if you had missed the tour by referring to this list!
Burger, Western Burgs 'n' Rolls Lobster Rolls, Hotdog buns, Burgers of all sorts. You name it, I have it!
Italian, Pasta Spaghett-ular The list where you find me having a rare plate of pasta.
Mexican The Lower East Side Everything about Tacos, Quesadilla and anything that's Tex-Mex!
Interesting Durian Delights because D.D. has alternative meanings and I love durian more than alcohol.
Fine Dining Atas Good Times When you just splurge it all ...
Indonesian Interesting Indo A list for interesting Indonesian delights that I have tried!