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Super sweet and crispy on the exterior and melt in your mouth fatty and meaty goodness. The roasted pork was lean and flavorful but the skin wasn’t that crispy. The hakka noodles with generous servings of lard is so springy and a tad oily! Loved it so much, paired with the warm bowl of soup and roasted chicken that was so tender and succulent!


was disappointed by their Nasi Kerabu here.. they don't have the blue rice... 😟 Probably I should try their Nasi Dagang next time..

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⁣📷 In frame: ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣
Prawn + Char Siew + Egg Fried Rice [RM9.50] ⁣⁣⁣
✨: Portions were pretty generous, with each bite bound to contain a piece of meat. I particularly enjoyed the combination of the crispy fried egg, soy sauce, and the fragrant rice.⁣

💬:⁣⁣ However, the price tag is pretty hefty for a hawker meal. Also have to add that the char siew pieces tasted quite old and unfresh (not sure if it's a one-off thing). ⁣
In short, a sinful and satisfying meal but certainly not the best fried rice I've had. ⁣

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Noodle series: flying wan tan mee
Walking distance from Nasi Lemak Bumbung and seapark burgerlab.
This old-school noodles with your noodles toss up in the air.
We ordered small sized, it costs rm7 per plate

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Everytime when I carving for Thai food, I will visit my favourite Thai restaurant in PJ. Today I have ordered Pork Leg with Rice (RM12) and Banana Smoothie (RM5). Their Pork Leg with Rice come with an egg, some salted vege and some "gailan", it taste really good. Banana Smoothie taste real good. Highly recommended if you want to have original thai food .


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It’s my weekend affair!
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Favourite version of nasi lemak is definitely the humble breakfast packet that sees just the mainstay coconut rice with sambal, egg, ikan bilis and peanuts. This one’s really delicious! Rice is redolent of fragrant santan, topped with that sweet and spicy sambal for a good morning kick.

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This is how the original stall looks like! There’s a restaurant that is round the corner of this, however I heard from local that this is the first stall! 😊