More Reviews at Chey Sua Carrot Cake (Toa Payoh West Market)

More Reviews of good food at Chey Sua Carrot Cake (Toa Payoh West Market)

Curds were soft but thats not very noticeable unless you're really paying attention to it, chili was nice and the flavours come tgt well

But not crispy. That's very noob, they're inconsistent. I even went to ask other tables, just to make sure it's not me. Apparently they're just off today, it's "normally better". Well "normally" I aint at frigging nowhere in the middle of braddell, toa payoh, and caldecott.

Plus, for this level of food, they've got way too much attitude. I asked something about the food and they were very dismissive, being annoyed for no reason. The Aunty just seems to always be in a bad mood wtf

Not to mention the wait. Today, at 10am on a weekday, it was 15mins which was acceptable.

There's really no reason to travel to this ulu place and bear w the attitude when the food is inconsistent. Trust the 3.7 rating on google, it's that for a damn good reason

Specialist of the white version, this stall has been serving for over 70 years ever since husband-wife team Tay Hoe Seng and Ng Sock Cheng started making their own carrot cake.
Their daughters and 2nd generation owners still handmake the carrot cake, their painstaking efforts recognised with consecutive Michelin Bib Gourmand awards.
Reowned for their flat but super crisp rendition, the (open) secret here is their special chili, which really makes the dish stand out.
Beautifully fried, albeit more oily than elsewhere, you get lovely smoky savoury sweet spicy flavours in each bite.
Carrot Cake / Chye Tow Kueh
Chey Sua Carrot Cake
@ Toa Payoh West Market & Food Centre, 127 Toa Payoh Lorong 1 #02-30
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Another stall with long queues and minimum 40 minutes waiting time. This stall sells carrot cake made by themselves. How can you tell? You will see bit of orangish carrots inside the fried carrot cake. Which factory made carrot cake still gives you real carrots instead of radish? Egg wise, normal. Not too generous but it’s there.

Word of advise - for those who do not like salty food, this is not for you. They use salty preserved turnip bits (Chye Poh) and because they are more generous with their Chye Poh, the dish is more salty than what I am used to. And do add the chilli because the plate with no chilli that I tried is inferior to the plate with chilli. Somehow the heat of the chilli sauce balances the saltiness of the Chye Poh. Also, do dine in there at the hawker center. The crispiness will be gone if you packet this for home consumption.

But I really wonder why the hype other than the fact the carrot cake contains real carrots. It’s good but not fantastic. Maybe I’ll come back and try it one more time just to be sure. Before I send it off to overhyped category.

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One of the crispest Carrot cake I ever had!!! Queued for approx.40-50 mins along side with the hokkien mee and I would say, it is worth it. Probably should order >1 packets and the biggest portion to sin at one go 🥺

Rather unique carrot cake that tastes more like egg pancake because it is so crispy. I quite like it though it can be a little oily. Waiting time is long but you can order 1st ans come back later.

From Chey Sua Carrot Cake
Pan fried carrot cake.
Crispy sides, fluffy inside, fragrant eggs.
Highly recommended!

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At around 9 am, this place has a snake queue and we waited for 30 mins to get our hand on this famous white carrot cake. Unwrap and taste the warm carrot cake. Taste good as usual but we wouldn’t order this takeaway size anymore as it is too jialat for 1 person to finish them all. The portion is good for 2 persons 🤓


Renowned for their carrot cake, Chey Sua has won multiple food awards and commendations over the years, and it’s not hard to see why.

Expect waiting time of up to an hour during peak hours. Available from $2.50 onwards, the carrot cake is fried with preserved turnips to a thin crisp and savory sweet chilli is spread thinly at the top. The chilli gives the carrot cake a different dimension and elevates it to the next level.

Price: $2.50/$3/$4


It’s thin, flat crispy carrot cake.
I can taste the spicy chili in the carrot cake coz the Aunty cooked it together with the carrot cake.
Prepare to queue for it 😆.
📍Chey Sua Carrot Cake.
Block 127, Toa Payoh Lorong 1, #02-30.

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Chey Sua Carrot Cake has been selling their handmade carrot cake for years before they were listed in Michelin Bib Gourmand in 2018.
Please read my review at


Minimum 45-minute wait but worth it. Crispy outside, pillowy inside. I didn't know the humble carrot cake could be created this way. If there's carrot cake perfection, this might be it.

The best ever carrot cake. On my first bite, It tasted like oyster omelette minus the oysters. It is oily but you need the oil to make it very crispy! Deserving of its top notch rating.

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While I saw many raving reviews about this carrot cake, this didn’t win my vote.

The eggs were not fluffy and the carrot cake ( although made with fresh orange carrots ) was greasy.

I didn’t appreciate that the chilli was just slapped on top of the carrot cake instead of being incorporated into the dish .

I understand that this carrot cake belongs to the genre of the crispy type pan fried carrot cakes but these were not crispy and neither were they fragrant.


I cannot begin to describe how good, how delightfully toothsome this carrot cake was. The white radish cubes were mantled by a thin, fried egg exterior, which was smoky and crispy right down to its edges. It’s rare that any carrot cake achieves such an even texture – the fried egg usually comes in scattered chunks. I quickly discovered that this was achieved by tossing the white radish in the egg mixture before spreading it over a wok and frying over high heat. What a decidedly simple but clever tack, and no less effective.

Without intending to carp, I might have been a little put off by the 45 minutes wait and the surly owners. But all it took was one mouthful to tell me this dish was worth the wait.

🏅 10/10 A+ first class honours

It's seemingly difficult to find these prices for this taste already... but yas! Nestled in cosy Toa Payoh is a famous carrot cake stall with their sambal chilli slathered over the pieces of carrot cake. Not too salty even with the caipor pieces within and the ratio was just nice👌🏽. Yumz do drop by for a taste of home!

Ordered the $4 portion on a Saturday morning and waited close to an hour. Carrot cake was crispy and tasty, and the chilli sauce smeared on top was slightly sweet. However, I regretted eating it at 10am as the oily taste was slightly overwhelming for a breakfast meal. Definitely one of the best carrot cakes around though!


Of cos the latter would still come earlier though both are as popular.
Other than more eating, the market below is another good way to kill some time, or to walk around catch some Pokémon before coming back to enjoy these yummy dishes.

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We waited 45mins for our carrot cake. We were happy that there isn’t any queue but little did we know that they have a ‘invisible’ queue where the owner takes order on a note book. The people here made their own carrot (radish) cake. The carrot cake are pan-fried together with chilli paste till it’s crispy on the surface (like pancake) 》$4 / Large


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They truly deserved the awards. One of the best carrot cake I have tasted. They made their own carrot cake, cut into cubes and fried with eggs. Reasonable price at $2, $3 and $4.

Every time we ate the carrot cake, it was cooked to the same taste and texture. Crispy on top and soft below, it tastes especially good fried with its chilli.
Good that the stall has maintained its price range of $2-4 despite high popularity. But beside maintaining its quality, the long wait for it has also been consistent. Expect 30 mins on a weekday off-peak and over an hour outside of it.