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As a professional chocolate addict I must admit that @nastycookiee Choco Bueno ($4.90) is mucho bueno. While the glut of glucose may force some to say “no bueno” to this chewy cookie, it got me saying muy bueno.⠀

A module of Kinder Bueno, which is where the cookie borrows its name from, is implanted in the middle of the thick cookie. This conceals the thin layer of marshmallow concealed below the chocolate treat. That’s right, it’s a modified s’more, and I do want some more. The dark chocolate cookie dough does provide a bit of bitterness to offset the sugar rush of the cookie, and just like when a plan comes together, I love it.

Nasty Cookies new store is decked out with their brand’s tiffany blue that engulfs from the walls and furnishings down to the receipt! It was beautiful and an experience in and of itself.

Their cookies were pretty delicious I’ll say - thicc, chunky. They also make it obvious as to which flavour is which, from the facade alone. If I were to never reveal the flavours I got here, it’d still be easy to guess them.

That said, these were the flavours I got:
• S’Mores
• Chocolate
• Matcha

I think the one feedback I could make, and have heard among other friends actually – is that the cookies were missing an oomph factor. 😲 I do think it boils down to how robust the flavours are, as I don’t recall getting that. Still, they’re not bad or anything!

Also took the chance to ask about it; they do use halal-certified ingredients in their cookies, which means you and your Muslim friends can enjoy this together. And food enjoyed in a group always feels nicer, right? ☺️


From Tian Wai Tian
Famed for fish head steamboat.
Four of us ordered these instead.
Signature deep fried egg with oyster, prawns with chilli crab sauce, coffee spare rib & stir fry chinese spinach.
Really yummy!


Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

One of The BEST Basil Pork Rice and it’s so affordable at $4.50. Don’t forget to SPAM the Chilli. So shiok 🤤

From the Taiwan Food stall at Koufu Enterprise One, which is a short walk away from Ubi MRT Station. Having opened for two months, the stall is run by a couple; the husband being in the F&B industry for 31 years, coming from Kaoshiung, Taiwan, having his experience working in various kitchens of multiple restaurants before opening his own stall here. Whilst offering quite a variety of bento options alongside a good selection of sides that are all freshly-prepared upon order (yes, sweet potato fries being fried only when one orders them).

The Braised Pork Rice is the most affordable item here at $3.50, and is one that I absolutely enjoyed being one of the better (if not the best) that I have ever come across. Claimed to be one of their best sellers, the portions are generous here; quite a fair bit of rice for the price, considering how Braised Pork Rice often come in smaller portions at the same price elsewhere. Coming with minced meat that comes with the braised sauce, the flavours are savoury, yet comes with a distinct note of spices such as cinnamon and a lingering hint of slight sweetness — very subtle, yet comforting without being too faint to detect, which works great with short grain rice that it comes with. The minced meat was delicious; a good balance of lean and fatty bits that created a meaty bite, yet carried some chewy bits that melts in the mouth. Simple as it sounds, but this is a bowl of finesse for a dish that many places tend to mess up. Really impressed with how the stall also keeps a secret menu, where regulars can quote them the names of various Taiwanese dishes and they may be able to whip up those items if the ingredients are available (the Sakura Ebi Fried Rice is actually pretty delicious too). A place I am likely to return to for more delicious Braised Pork Rice, and also to try more Taiwanese delicacies that may be a rare find elsewhere!


This chain restaurant specialises in chicken and mutton curry baked completely inside a fluffy bread loaf.
Speciality menu includes;
Curry chicken Bun -$14.80
Ginseng salted chicken -$28.80
Golden salted prawns -$30.00

Delivery can be made on the same day or order in advance with a minimum order of $18.00 + $3.50 delivery charges.

Food delivery was punctual, delivered hot and everything packed nicely. Although the food is not as delectable as we would like it to be, it is still a good choice for office lunches and smaller group events.

Food 5/10
Ease of ordering 8/10
Price 5/10
Overall 6/10


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Happy Chinese New Year! 🎉
祝大家 #豬年行大運

By far one of the cheapest places for lunch I’ve found in Ubi. The fluffy rice was studded with juicy chunks of pineapple, served alongside freshly fried crispy breaded fish fillets that were piping hot and flaky within. It even comes with an oozy Thai-style fried egg, which makes it crazy value for money.

Thai Luang Canteen, Koufu
1 Kaki Bukit Road, 01-18 Enterprise One, Singapore 415934

Taste: 3/5