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Beef Noodle Soup - the chilli oil didn’t overpower the flavourful and sweet broth.

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Spicy Hotpot bowl came filled with chicken, golden mushroom, instant noodle, black fungus, kang kong (water morning glory), lotus root and pigs intestine! 

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Happy Chinese New Year! 🎉
祝大家 #豬年行大運

By far one of the cheapest places for lunch I’ve found in Ubi. The fluffy rice was studded with juicy chunks of pineapple, served alongside freshly fried crispy breaded fish fillets that were piping hot and flaky within. It even comes with an oozy Thai-style fried egg, which makes it crazy value for money.

Thai Luang Canteen, Koufu
1 Kaki Bukit Road, 01-18 Enterprise One, Singapore 415934

Taste: 3/5

Wasn’t planning on getting anything other than a drink at this neighbourhood coffee shop, but the yong tau foo stall was so popular that I succumbed. It’s not difficult to understand why once you step closer though - they’ve a good range of fresh ingredients and just look at the amount of filling in the lady finger of the left! The broth tasted like a light fish soup, which nicely tied it all together for a comforting meal. Each piece was $0.60 with a minimum order of 5 pieces. Service was very friendly too!

📍Yong Tau Foo (forgot to catch the name!)
Food Point Coffeeshop
Blk 324 Ubi Avenue 1
Singapore 400324


Fresh red and grey grouper, tasty and MSG free broth. They use cabbage, seaweed, yam and fried fish bones to sweeten the soup. Other myst try dishes are bean curd prawns, prawn roll, fried rice, salted egg pork. great for a comforting evening meal with family!

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Finally got a chance to visit on a Saturday afternoon. A quiet location for you to get your work done or you just wanna find a place to chill. The coffee is fine - a bit too acidic for me though. They dont serve food after 3pm so pick the american cheese cake from the fridge which satisfy my craving.


The best food in this entire Coffeeshop. Have been eating this for ages!

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$8 a plate. Delicious deep fried dried shrimp over green french beans. Will go back for this.
Happy food.