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This place deserves a shoutout! Always love finding new food places and was very happy to have found this place! Really enjoyed the spread of Russian dishes here and the quirky decor! My friend and I shared a Combo Platter (the meat dumplings and paneer cheese ones were my personal faves).

The Honey Cake was👌 so sad that I had to share it :( The place is quite crowded though, good to make reservations before heading down!

First time having Russian food and didn’t expect it to be in Singapore! Apparently it’s the only authentic Russian food place here! Prices were rather affordable for an exotic experience:

- Combo platter $12 (Dumpling 12pcs)
- Salmon Cheese Crepes ($12.90)
- Ukrainian Borscht Soup ($9.50)
- Kefir ($4.90)
- Russian Flag Shooter ($12)

Dumplings were unexpectedly filling especially with the sour cream condiment! Particularly liked the Salmon Cheese Crepes and Borscht Soup as it left me feeling hearty and warm.

Our drinks were a little adventure for the taste buds and were rather interesting to taste! The Kefir is a cultured and fermented milk drink (not for the light hearted/lactose intolerant) and the Russia flag shooter is a pretty drink in the colors of the flag containing vodka that can really do you some damage without precaution!

I am a huge dumplings fan and I'm very sure all my friends know it lmao. So when my friend asked me if I wna try Russian dumplings I was like of course???? Did not disappoint!! Got the platter and I loved having the variety. My faves were the vegeterian ones. The borscht was lighter than expected and tasted p homely. Also shout out to the honey cake which reminded me of a floofy lotus biscuit. P unique place, would recc!! (psa pls book esp if Fri night/wknd cos the seating not a lot)

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Colorful Russian style dumplings - we picked the combo so we could try different flavours! They were all very interesting and fun to try, I liked that there was a guide at the table explaining how to identify each dumpling based on its colour and design. However, we were quite disappointed because we didn’t get all the dumpling flavours - some were repeated.

It was really crowded on a Sunday afternoon - do make reservations before you go.

Cheese pancakes were chewy, similar to a mochi texture - they reminded me of our fried nian gao or tapioca! The saltiness of the cheese really went well with the sweetness of the condensed milk on the side, which you dip the pancakes in. We liked this unique dessert, I was happy we tried it.

We visited on a Sunday afternoon and it was really packed! Fortunately we made a reservation - and you should too, to avoid waiting. Ambience of the place was super cozy, with Russian posters everywhere. Overall a pleasant dining experience!

This was my first time trying Russian cuisine and it was a really interesting experience! I especially liked the combo platter and I had a lot of fun trying to guess which flavour was which. The honey cake just sweet enough for my liking. Overall a unique experience, and I would recommend giving Dumplings-RU a try for those interested in Russian cuisine!

First time trying Russian food and it was a pleasant experience! The dumpling combo platter was delicious and had a great assortment and the medovik (honey cake) was sweet yet not overwhelming! I love the unique vintage ambience too and the posters and decor were a nice touch. The service was also friendly and quick too!

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Enjoyed guessing the flavour of each dumpling on the 12 Combo Platter with my friends! This was my first time trying Russian dumplings and it's worth making the trip to Maxwell Chambers at least once in your lifetime. Appreciate the friendly service staff there as well!

Had a good time trying out various Russian dishes, but the star of the night definitely had tk be the Medovik!

Tried their 12 dumplings combo platter, crepe and cheese chebureki. Definitely my first time trying something so unique and i must say i am delighted. The service was good too and they were patient in explaining and recommending the various food options

Enjoyed the music and the ambience of the space.
Dumplings are good, really loved the side dish chebureki! Recommend to come down here to try. Dessert is good but it’s too sweet for my liking, will be perfect for those who really love sweet stuff

Zharkoe is a traditional Russian stew filled with meat, potatoes, and fresh vegetables.

This version consisted of pieces of pork, alongside tender potatoes and a variety of vegetables including carrots, zucchini, and mushrooms. The stew itself was flavourful, and you could taste the generous amount of dill and bayleaves used. The chopped spring onions added some freshness to the broth too.

The stew was served with a slice of bread, for a hearty meal.