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First of all the atmosphere is really nice. Even down to the russian music that was playing. For food i had the Zharkoe which was a stew of potatoes, veggies and pork, as well as a kompot - a traditional russian homemade fruit punch. The kompot was really delicious in its own way and wasnt sweet, i was delighted to try it. The stew was tasty and complex in flavours because of the mix of ingredients used, overall it worked well as a tasty stew that i finished every drop of.

The dulce de leche crepes taste exactly like how they look -- caramelised condensed milk crepes all wrapped up.

The cake wasn't too sweet but was quite flaky. This was actually finishable!

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I wanted to try this because it somehow reminded me of Life of Boris videos. Turned out to be a giant fried dumpling with a bit of mediocre minced pork in it. The outside was crispy, though.

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The dumpling skins here are strangely thick. Some of the insides of the dumplings are full of potato, which is a little tasteless. Get the more flavourful ones like the salmon and cheese if you don't want a mouthful of starchiness.

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Dined at Dumplings-Ru for the first time today, and was pleasantly greeted with prompt service and high-quality food:) I ordered the Kotlety; chicken patties were juicy & flavourful and the mashed potatoes were buttery & smooth. Food was rather affordable as well, and I would definitely recommend it!

Got 2 lamb by accident instead. Favourites were anything containing potato and lamb. The dumpling skin was a bit too thick for my liking.

A quaint, Russian cafe situated at Maxwell Chambers, stepping into Dumplings-Ru will transport you to Russia immediately. Loved the service there, their Russian dishes were so good! Their signature Dumpling Combo Platter ($19.90) allows for the sampling of various flavours. Really interesting, although the dumpling skin was a tad tough to chew. Would still recommend a visit to Dumplings-Ru for the vibes though!

Borscht soup was really good! Slightly creamy and a hint of sourness that is super tasty and good to drink on a cold day. Kompot wa super refreshing too it’s like unsweetened ribena.

Authentic Russian cuisine with affordable prices and a great atmosphere. I highly recommend the dumplings, borscht and cheese crepe. Each dish brought its own unique flavour to the table and I am really glad to have found this place.

The dumpling platter is a must try - it's a unique experience with each dumpling colour coded to signify different fillings!

The salmon crepe was extraordinarily flavourful and the borscht soup was so delectable that it got me wanting another bowl! Also, if you have a sweet tooth you will love their medovik dessert that quite literally embodies the definition of the perfect dessert. Overall, i highly recommend dumplings.ru; great food, charming environment and amazing service!

Really Authentic Russian Food. Havent tried any form of Russian food before but i was pleasantly surprise by the taste and texture of each dish. I would highly recommend the dumplings - they might look unassuming but they are sooo different from chinese dumplings. My faves were the potato ones, chicken and beef + pork! I also really enjoyed the borsh soup; super fresh and filled with vegetables. If you’re feeling adventurous, try the chicken jelly. It was soooooo unique and it’s definitely a taste and texture that i’ve never tried before. The mustard made it a lot more acceptable for me so it was still a good experience. Something to take note is they put dill on everything, if you dont like dill, please let them know as it might be overkill for some (but i liked it!). 🀍

I have never been to Russia nor tried Russian cuisine so this is a whole new experience for me! Dumplings are really nice, I especially love the potato ones. Crepes are delish as well. I must say tho, there's this very unique chicken jelly dish which is not something I would usually go for. Taste is unfamiliar but interesting. Would recommend people to go for their 12 piece dumpling platter to try a bit of everything and crepes!