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The queue at chicha was really crazy when I walk past the outlet in JEM and I was really curious: is it that good? When I saw that they are opening a branch at boon lay mrt, I was thinking - that's great no need to go over to JEM and I will try to get a drink during off peak. So I seized the moment when the outlet was just a few days old and not many people know that they are open in jurong west to get my hands on one of their signature---the oolong milk tea. The oolong was fragrant and smoky. You can tell that its truly premium grade. I love their pretty vintage paper carrier packaging. But for the crazy queue, don't think it was worth spending that amount of time to buy a cuppa.

Yummy☺. I got extra chicken curry gravy for $0.50

Taste like curry flavour potato chips with a hint of sour cream at the end.

😋 Crispy Masala Thosai (S$5) and Teh Tarik (S$1.90). Very filling because of the potato in the thosai.

☕ McCafe's Chicken Mayo Sandwich with Cappuccino (S$6.50). Very tasty chicken mayo with melted cheese and the bread was well toasted, good for a light dinner ☺.

Cheesy chicken casserole (original price $8.90++) was very tasty!
The tomyum curry salmon $12.90++ has dropped in standard 😕
We ordered 2 side dishes with in-house promo price of $8.90++ for 2 side dishes (normal price per side dish is $4.90++) which were excluded from Eatigo 50%-Off.
The other item excluded from the Eatigo 50%-Off was their signature drink: chachakopi $4.20++, which was too sweet to my liking (I already had it without condensed milk!)
The lemongrass cod fish $14.90++ was spicy, the cod fish was not very fresh.
Their chef seems like to put black pepper in their dishes, even in the salad with prawns $8.90++. Unfortunately I'm not a fan of black pepper 😑

Flavourful soup sweetened with handful of cabbage, clams, dried shrimps and dried scallops. Braised bean curd has an interesting spongy texture. Great.

Genius mixture of meesua, noodles and beehoon in a flavorful broth that worked well. Generous mix of ingredients such as large intestines, seafood and vegetables.

Home-styled fried rice with large pieces of cabbage, meat slices and scallions. Rice grains were distinct and grainy - perfect type of fried rice.

Pork pieces were coated with a tad too much batter imo, but were moist and tender. Lychees weren't prominent and most of the sweetness came from the ketchup based sauce.

Very hearty concoction of over 10 healthy ingredients such as scallops, diced vegetables, mushrooms, clear vermicelli and eggs, served in a claypot. Delicious.

Tender chicken pieces with thin crisp skin. Couldn't really sense the garlic, and it was rather salty.