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After our dinner, we were really craving for something sweet and refreshing. Knowing that there's a new boba store around the corner, we decided to give it a try - good choice! However, it can be a little pricey (since it boasts a 3-star Michelin star equivalent award).

We ordered the 25% sugar Mango Osmanthus Oolong tea with coconut jelly ($5.20) and the Fresh M with Brown Sugar Bubble ($5). the mango osmanthus tea was rich, refreshing and blends well with the mango flavour. The freshly brewed tea was strong and fragrant, with a pleasant aftertaste lingering around refreshingly.

The brown sugar milk tea was sweet and creamy but might have been too sweet for my personal liking. However the pearls were chewy and the tea had a caramelized taste (if you have a sweet tooth, you'd like this)!

Overall, the ambience of the store was really good but a pity since due to the COVID19 we weren't able to wait in store and witness the making of our teas. The glass windows were a little too dusty and was immediately noticeable but their signature teapresso did impressively catch our eyes though!

Overall, we felt that it was a little overpriced. Although our drinks tasted great, the price wouldn't be something we'd go back for soon! Maybe occasionally, but definitely not a routine.
We'd give it a rating of 8/10 for taste but 6/10 for VFM.

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The mochi was gooey and it wasn't v sweet. Not bad and I think sesame lovers would really dig this

Kudos to the authentic Hong Kong Cha Chan Ting vibes! Little imaginary travel out of SG in this spacious restaurant.

Roasted duck was pretty decent, would say that it’s reminiscent of the ones I had in London (aka Goldmine). Juicy tender duck meat, heavily marinated with spices. The taste of the five spice powder was pretty pronounced. But I have to admit, it was too salty towards the end for me personally.

Noodles were accompanied with minimal dark sauce (not visible on the photo itself). Initially I thought it would be tasteless but I was wrong because the sauce was pretty salty! However, the noodles were pretty dry and I had to douse them with the soup. Again, the noodles became too salty for me towards the end.

Overall, a pretty average plate of Duck Noodles. Nothing spectacular, but it was pretty satisfying still. Not the price though, I remembered that it was pretty pricey, but got to say the serving was pretty huge so it kinda made up for the price?

Friendly cashier. Rum and raisin not to my liking but the mint chocolate and FOF is good. However, feel that the staff should only allow customers to go in and find a table after they ordered instead of customers going in to hold a table while the other individual are still in queue to order.

Look at this warm beautiful sweet ptt baby... I love the lattice design of this bread, the fluffiness of the bread (warm it up as usual guys!!!), the moist-ness of the sweet ptt filling and the pretty sweet ptt powder on top 😻🥺

Swipe all the way to hear the moist-ness of the sweet ptt 🍠(lack of other adjectives to describe cos it’s defo not wet or soggy either haha).
Only small issue I have would be that some parts of the bread have less filling (as seen in 2nd pic) so maybe you can spread some sweet ptt over those areas on your own to better enjoy!

This simple bread from @muyoosg gets a 9/10 for hitting all the right spots when I ate it on a cold rainy afternoon. Really reco y’all to try this out, along with Just Dough’s sweet ptt bun (purple sweet ptt) as these are my 2 favs thus far.

SWIPE all the way till the end for ASMR!!!!!! ‼️‼️ LOOK at the mochi trying to escape in the first pic HEHE but guess where it ended up?? (answer: in my tummy ofc)

Vid 1: I warmed the bread up and nearly burned my fingers (PLEASE always warm your breads guys; I promise they will taste 3 times more awesome!!)

Vid 2: a squish test and bread pull test!!! But the bread was still hot HAHAHA 😂

Vid 3: the ASMR vid you’ve been waiting for!!!!!!! SOUND ON for the mochi and bread tearing 🤩🤪

OKAY I know I said I would wait and devour the breads slowly but I promise I’ve only touched this sesame mochi bread (as of now 😅). This bread is one of the BEST I’ve ever tasted in SG and I’m so thankful to @thebreadangel for being so nice to talk to and so accommodating 😭❤️. I honestly have a very fussy tastebud but yet I couldn’t really find a fault in this bread, apart from the fact that the mochi isn’t superrrrrr well distributed throughout the entire bread (but I’m just nitpicking here!). Hence, I hereby give this bread a 10/10 (trust me I’m the Bread Devil 🤣🤤)

The bread to sesame paste to mochi ratio was DIVINE and you can see how smooth the mochi is. I LOVED how the sesame paste was grainy (but not coarse okay there’s a difference!!!), the bread was squishy and fluffy, while the mochi was soft and not too chewy. If I could describe the taste of this bread to those who haven’t tried it, I would say that it is legit a melty sesame tang yuan encased within a bread 🍞

I highly highly highly recommend y’all to try this bread from @muyoosg OR hold your horses and wait for me to finish reviewing the other breads too 👀🙊

Updating this with the sweet breads that I would get in future: Taro Moon, Sweet Ptt, Black SSM mochi, PB mochi‼️

Finally time to unveil the yam salted egg moonbread!!! Okie first things first, I wasn’t expecting the top layer to be THIS bright red hahaha and it was actl very difficult to cut into the bread 😅

However, I really like the bread to yam to salted egg ratio in this as it wasn’t overly jelat and all elements complemented one another well. I toasted the bread for about 5mins and I’m glad that I did that as I quite like the slightly toasted top and bottom of the bread. 🤩👅

The yam and salted egg filling was quite smooth, and the sweetness of the yam was balanced by the savoury-ness of the salted egg. However, one gripe would again be that, some parts of the bread didn’t have much filling as the filling wasn’t very well-distributed. This is an amazing alternative to traditional mooncakes, though the location of @muyoosg might be a lil inaccessible for many people 😭🥺. Hence, I’d give this bread an overall rating of 8/10

What other Muyoo breads should I try?? I’m okie with both savoury and sweet breads 👌

A bread a day keeps the doctor away!!!! Okie don’t quote me please 🤪... a warm fluffy bread can really make your day right though

Have been restricting myself to only 1 bread a day and I’m doing well! The idea of this mango cheese bread from @muyoosg really piqued my interest so I knew I had to get it to try. Warmed my bread up (as usual ☺️🤟) and it was light and fluffy like a cloud ☁️.

The mango fragrance and taste was a lil artificial for me as it is reminiscent of those mango drinks you get at drink stalls (yknow like mogu mogu??? Haha #childhoodmemories), but the cheese went well with the bread 👌. I feel like cream cheese really goes with bread very very well and this is an interesting flavour to try at least once in your life so I’ll give this an overall rating of 7/10 ✨

PS: on sound for ASMR 🤩🍞

🌋 Chashu Garlic Fried Rice (S$5.30) at Sushi-Go. You order the food through your own phone and it will be served using the "train" plate delivery system. Also ordered the Takoyaki (S$2.80) which was quite nice, served hot. Will order that again next time 😍.

First time trying out this and definitely in love with the crispy garlic cream cheese bun! Only $2.50 each! 😍😍😍 Super generous cream cheese filling inside!

Can you tell I love their salmon series?

GO-Tsunami Sushi is my favourite, salmon sushi topped with crab stick & ikura, love the burst of flavour.

Other than GO-Tsunami Sushi, I would always order spicy salmon, mentai salmon & salmon sushi again as well, loving the spicy sauce used.

Delivery: GrabFood, FoodPanda, Deliveroo

GO-Tsunami Sushi $5.50++
Spicy Salmon Sushi $2.30++
Mentai Salmon Sushi $2.30++
Salmon Sushi $1.80++

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