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Weekend treat!

These highly addictive Taiwanese popcorn chicken is fried upon order and served crispy-salty on the outside and tender, juicy on the inside. 🫶🏻

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Arrived at 12 noon sharp and there was no one in the queue. Tables at the food center was limited but can get one if you waited a while.

Ordered roast duck drumstick rice with roasted pork. Duck was flavourful and skin still quite crispy. Roast pork was a tad salty and very normal. The rice is not the plain white rice but chicken rice type, although it did not have as strong a chicken flavour as your normal chicken rice stall.

The tangy chilli sauce did help accentuate the flavours of the duck and the roast pork. This was a huge plus. Total damage came up to $7.00 which is reasonable considering the level of inflation in Singapore.

If you are in the Boon Lay area and wondering what to eat, why not try Hiang Lee?

First time trying their dumplings here, they are really generous with their fillings and I will definitely try out more flavours next time! I had the nonya dumpling and it was really fragrant and delicious!

We ordered a few different flavours to share with my family and we all enjoyed it! The fillings were tasty and the rice had a good texture and flavour, would recommend! 👍🏻

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I tried 5 different flavours of the rice dumplings and they were good!! I shared them with my family members and they also enjoyed the unique flavours 👍🏻

My favourite was the Hakka Pork Belly, and the meat was tender and tasty.

Definitely recommend if you’re looking for interesting flavours to spice up the traditional rice dumplings 🤩

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Finally found a place that specialises with hamburg steak.

They follows the golden ratio of US beef, pork and Miyazaki Wagyu beef cuts; with the ingredients air-flown from Japan.

Their Tsukimi Hamburg Don is the most simplest yet the signature item here. Comes with rice, raw egg, and soy sauce.

I really enjoy the texture of the hamburg, soft and juicy. Remember to pour in the sauce that combines of bonita and kombu.

The egg yolk on the top signifies their name, which mean “viewing the moon”. Break it and let it flood around the hamburg.

Lastly, the meal also accompanied with a bowl of tamago soup as well.

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Ordered the signature Tsukimi Hamburg Don slightly before dinner time, took 20 mins for food to arrive with half the eatery packed.

Decent flavours, affordable price. The patty topped with grated radish and a spray bottle of ponzu kombu sauce which added another dimension to the dish. Egg yolk added gloss and richness to the dish.

Would like to try the Foie Gras one next time.

Went to Hot Tomato and ordered their student lunch special of Chicken Chop & Tempura Fish with an iced tea ($12.90 nett)!😇 Chicken was good but fish was average😅 Overall ratings 7/10, value for money but food quality is pretty average

3 drinks for $24. We were there on a Friday, at 10.45am and there was just another group of 3s.
We were able to have the entire zen space for 2 hours. How relaxing.
Matcha latte and matcha was good. We liked it. The filtered coffee very ordinary, according to my hubs.

Really love the rice dumplings from Joo Chiat Kim Choo, don’t have to worry about which flavour to choose as all are really yummy and good :) personal favourite here!!!

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Very delicious and well seasoned! Hands down one of the best dumplings in SG and will definitely come back for more!!

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Tried all five of their rice dumpling variations, each with it's own kick and delicious flavor profile to it. My favorite would definitely be the Hakka Pork Belly with Preserved Vegetables; sweet glutinous rice paired with the most tender and fatty pieces of pork belly.