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The Memory Trove Gift Set came in a beautiful box with a small card to let you know how to identify their dumplings. My favourite was the nyonya dumpling as it was the perfect sweetness and had a good amount of meat inside. I tried the Hokkien with salted egg too and i was not disappointed. It was slightly salty for me but with the perfect mix of meat, chestnut and salted egg, it tasted fine! The kueh salat was awesome too. It was not too sweet and both the saltiness and sweetness blended well with each other! I loved the soft and chewy texture! Definitely recommend for others to try!

Nyonya Rice Dumpling: These were just a pleasant surprise! I remember trying these from a random stall ages ago, and found the taste to be so weird. But the Nyonya dumplings from ___ were just so good! There was a good ratio of minced meat to rice and the rice were cooked to perfection

Hokkien Rice Dumpling wiht Salted Egg: Once I tried these, I was so shocked at how similar they were to my Grandmother's Homemade Dumplings. The taste of the dumpling and the marinade of the meat were just spot on to my taste! I have never had a dumpling apart from my grandmother's that I loved, and these will just tasted so much like hers!

Kuey Salat: Once again, these tasted so much like my mom's homemade Kuey Salat! The rice layer was chewy and the top layer was silky, flavourful and sweet enough for my sweet tooth!

Overall packaging was nothing short of impressive, and the taste of the food tasted so much like home

tried their memory trove gift set which comes with their nyonya and hokkien rice dumplings and kueh salat cake. it came in a beautiful box so it’ll def make a good gift for your loved ones. really enjoyed eating the hokkien rice dumplings as the rice was really flavourful and it had a generous portion of ingredients.

Didn't expect bak zhang can taste so good and something different from the usual flavors i usually eat ! 🙂 Totally would eat this again ^.^

Time for an afternoon tea 🫖 treat! [Part II]

Fluffy, soft bolo bun with a crumbly, buttery-sugary crust served with two slabs of cold butter & a drink with a salty note, [LOVE ♥️ it!] served with a mixture of salty preserved lemon, fresh lemon 🍋 in carbonated soda. 😋

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($2.70) I bought original pricing as I didn't wanted to wait until the deal start. :") so I felt that the drink less milk but more coffee taste contain.

($1) (up : $2.70) I didn't expected that they releases canned version for drink but I didn't have no time to go their cafe at jurong area. But the drink was slightly milky and less coffee taste (not that strong). I wish that I got time to head to suzuki cafe 🫡

Got it delivered to my office! Me and my colleagues all love it! U can see it in the photo that the fillings of the rice dumpling is alot! One of my colleague is not really a rice dumpling fan but she loved this alot! I will recommend you to steam it or microwave it before eating, it will taste so much btr! We got the hokkien rice dumpling with salted egg yolk and hakka pork belly rice dumpling! I will for sure recommend this two! Both taste very good!

A perfect breakfast complement! Service was quick, coffee was thick and creamy, toast was super crispy and the butter was generously given in the toast!

Ordered a teishoku meal, which came with the signature beef hamburg patty on a hot plate, topped with raclette cheese, a bowl of rice, tamago soup, pickles and salad, and paid an additional $7 for an extra beef patty. Firstly, the japanese rice was warm, fragrant and plump! The soup was egg drop soup containing some egg and sesame seeds, which was salty and a good complement. The pickles and salad were alright, definitely just a complement to the star of the show, that was the hamburg! The hamburg was super soft, juicy and flavourful, and thanks to the hot plate, the crust was charred, giving it additional flavour and crispiness. The raclette cheese was a perfect top up for the hamburg as the creamy and savory cheese was a perfect complement with the hamburg.

Simple & traditional thick, chewy min jiang kueh [a.k.a. pancakes] that comes with abundant coarsely ground peanuts and creamy peanut butter combi. It may be best to heat up the pancake before consumption since it’s pre-made beforehand.

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Hokkien Rice Dumpling with Salted Yolk
The glutinous rice is cooked just right, chewy yet not mushy. The fillings is generous with whole mushroom, whole chestnut, whole egg yolk and lean, chunky pieces of pork belly. A little oily but nevertheless a savoury delight!

Nonya Rice Dumpling
The rice is unmistakably fragrant from the infusion of pandan leaves. The whiff of pandan aroma with every mouthful is a wonderful combination. The sweet fillings (from the added winter melon strips) comprised mainly of minced pork flavourfully marinated.