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One of the best fried chicken i have eaten till date! (Apart from the korean chimaek) Was give breast meat but the meat was so so tender 😍😍 It may seems to be quite oily but it does not give us a jelak feel even after eating 2 pieces of it!

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One of the best Phat Thai I had in some time. The quantity is just fine but some may fine it to be a little less. Hot off the wok, the fried noodle was absolutely delicious, fresh, with the perfect balance of flavors. It was a tad spicy, savory, sweet and sour. I was instantly hooked.

Thai Express makes sure their marinated chicken is cooked slowly to seal in the flavours and to keep it moist. The curry sauce has enough spice to give it plenty of bite, but it's not overpoweringly hot. Its complex spice palate makes it fragrant and fruity while the coconut milk adds a depth of rich flavour. For an extra special finish, try a crispy roti. These little flatbreads are perfect for chasing the last of that amazing sauce out of the corners of your bowl.

Coconut tarts $5.80
I prefer SL II

Baked BBQ pork puff $5

菠萝流沙包 $6
Bo luo bao with salted yolk lava!! This is so good! 🤤


A slightly healthier version of stir-fried noodle since Konnyaku is much lesser in calories! Just as tasty!!


This is my favourite of all dishes! A very unique twist to the usual chee cheong fun by adding the crispy shrimp rolls!


A must order in HK cafe, nice balance of coffee and milk tea

Potato Mentaiko Mayonnaise

There’s potato salad with mentaiko sauce, so tasty! Bread is soft too. 😋

Love the generous amount of shredded coconut but a bit too sweet

A complete delight for pork lovers. The flavour is exactly spot on. Weaved of tender, lean pork ribs stewed with special sweet & smoky sauce. A dish originated from Samsui of Canton.