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One of the better egg tart in SG with good custard egg to pie base ratio. Soft and eggy fillings that give a really nice texture when bite into it!


The tart size is quite big with generous apple fillings. Love that their filling is not that sweet that complements the hot crusty pie base


One of my go to comfort meals if I want to lunch out of school. The rice here is so fragrant that you can eat it on its own! The chicken is also very tender and smooth. The set also comes with half an egg, bean sprouts, oyster vegetables and tau kwa but special mention must go to the achar here! I find their achar really unique as they use Sichuan vegetable instead and the sweet marinate of achar mixed with the salty and sour Sichuan vegetable goes together really, really well 🤤 I also want to give a special shoutout to the black sauce here, it’s not too salty but also has a distinctive charred taste that is really fragrant when drizzled on the rice. A hidden gem indeed!

Tried their lunch set menu (with a choice of drink or soup of the day) and it was so good! Salmon was pan seared and topped with Thai Basil. Loved the lil spice and tangy flavour of the sauce as well.

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having a more meat taste than the local version. Gravy was not starchy which is good.

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It’s time to slurp them up to beat the heat. 😎

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Hearty rice bowl. Hitting all the right spots. Char Siew bowl is $9 and the grilled chicken bowl is $11.90.


do not belittle this bowl of mee hoon kuay!
at first glance, it looks super plain and uninteresting but you have to dig deeper for a surprise!
at the bottom of the bowl lies braised mushrooms and more spinach leaves. this bowl came with meatballs instead of minced meat as it was sold out.
the flavour of the soup gets better the more your drink it, probably because the bulk of the goodness are at the bottom, so remember to mix it well!
the texture of the mee hoon kuay is chewy and starchy but I really like it.

For some reason, your typical knock-off Cina variants at those economic beehoon stalls tak cukup baik - they always lack that additional lemak authencity, they never offer the good 'ol ikan kuning and oh, don't get me started on that travesty they call chilli. Rule of thumb: When you can afford LV, don't buy from taobao.

At our first outing to Boon Lay Food Centre, we were reminded of the wonders of this authentic Malay cuisine - although it was less "powerful" than expected. The moist rice was wonderfully fragrant as it was 800-calorific (thanks to P and her fitness app), while the sambal chilli had that lovely spicy, briny, spiced edge to it - maybe the ikan bilis oil or belacan used? Not entirely sure whether that's an ikan kuning given its size, but it was really well-executed, especially how the skin was crispy in some parts. But major no-nos were how the rice wasn't warm enough, and that pathetic amount of ikan bilis - which were actually quite good.

In sum, pretty decent, but probably not worth the travel unless you're in the area. Any recommendations for solid Malay nasi lemak?
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🐵 The chilli is unforgivingly potent! And the Ayam Goreng is very well-marinated with Malay spices and crispy, quite unlike the other types found in other Nasi lemak stalls. The coconut rice itself was lemak and fragrant. $6

I get a bit confused by all the different combinations of their desserts, but I think you can't go wrong ordering what they advertise or recommend 😁 Really love the grass jelly + wintermelon ice + pearls + sweet potato balls!! The boba milk tea was also pretty darn good, and I would say it's one of the more affordable milk teas around for the quality!

Price: $6.50 for signature dessert, $2.60 for boba milk tea

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