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Must try!
- Durian with pomelo sago: this is my all time favourite. The durian seems like Mao Shan Wang. It’s v fragrant and the portion is quite generous. It goes well with the ice cream also! Must try if you are here!
- Matcha Snow Ice: The Ice is soft and fluffy. Good overall😋

Take-away only:
11.30am~12.30noon and 5.30pm~6.30pm

My all-time favourites:
Fried Hing Wa bee hon $7.90nett 👍
Shredded pork with 4 fried buns $15.60nett 👍👍

Purchased 2 $20 Fave vouchers with $14 each. Max 2 vouchers are allowed to be used per table per bill. With Fave $2.24 cash rebate, total spending was $36.25 for 3 pax -- value for money.
Fried beef kuey teow $9.50++ and cuttlefish ball noodle $7++ were both delish and satisfying.

While we were spoiled with choice and I loved most of the noodles there as they all had a great texture, I would say that these flat noodles really won me over with their silky-smooth texture and firm chewy bite. They weren't overly thick or starchy too! Would definitely recommend if you're indecisive 😊

Thank you @burpple for the Eatup invite and @tonguetipbeefnoodles for having us!😋

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Saw that these were on the menu for their seasonal specials and I'm glad that there were still some left on the shelf for me to grab even while they were closing.

The matcha paste filling is qute generous and I just have a soft spot for anything mochi and matcha💕😅 The paste wasn't uji-matcha grade of course, leaning more towards the sweet side, but definitely at an appropriate sweetness level. With soft fluffy bread topped with fragrant sesame seeds, my breakfast is complete 😊✨

Available for a limited time only till end of April!

For comforting and tasty noodles that won't break the bank, I would say that Tongue Tip Lanzhou Beef Noodles is a place worth checking out, with accessible outlets located at Jurong Point, Chinatown Point and Tiong Bahru Plaza.

They have a set meal where you can top up just $4 for a braised egg, one side dish and a canned drink. Wasn't expecting it but they do have quite a variety of side dishes to choose from, ranging from braised peanuts to tau kee and pickled vegetables, though none particularly outstanding that I would insist on ordering, but they do make good accompaniments to your meal. The braised egg was rather flavourful though.

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Despite their name, they actually have a chicken option for those who can't take beef, or simply don't feel like eating beef. In fact, I actually preferred the chicken here to the beef! If I'm not wrong, the grilled chicken definitely agreed with me; I liked how sufficiently browned and well-flavoured they were.

These dry noodles were quite delicious though, i'd definitely recommend trying it, and the plus point would be that you'd also receive a bowl of their signature beef broth with these so you kind of get the best of both world in a sense 😛

When in doubt of what to order, you can hardly go wrong with their signature!

I really liked the taste of the beef broth here, which had a slight herbal fragrance and didn't feel like it was salt-laden. The warm, comforting broth is definitely something that I wouldn't mind going back for and is definitely ideal when you're craving something light and soupy for your meal!

To be honest, I wasn't really looking forward to the beef here because they looked awfully dry at first. However, I was quite surprised because they weren't as tough and dry as I had imagined they would be, and I felt the thickness of the slices were just nice.

I like how theres so many variety of noodles to choose from here (8 types!!) but i guess that would mean a tough time choosing for the indecisive. However, I would really recommend trying these flat noodles, which was easily my favourite with a smooth texture and a satisfactory QQ (chewy) bite. Makes me miss the knife-shaved noodles I had so often when I was in china 😋

To cater to customers who had dietary restrictions against beef, go for their Chicken Dry Noodles (S$8.90 for Small) with Normal noodles. This choice of noodles was perfect to balance with the garnishing of the noodles, which for some reason reminded me of the Malaysian “kecap” taste.

Along with the noodles were a significant portion of grilled chicken which was sufficiently juicy. And if you could take beef, the staff would provide a small bowl of their beef broth for additional warmth and comfort.

And, as of what I last understood, Tongue Tip Lanzhou Beef Noodles was Halal-certified at their Tiong Bahru Plaza outlet, so I believe with this outlet also getting the stamp of approval soon, our Muslim community would also get to experience the taste of Lanzhou.


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With the Mala hype not seeming to die down quite just yet, I would think this option would appeal to many, especially for Singaporeans who love their spice!

The spice level for this was actually quite manageable, especially for the initial part of the meal. (And no, I'm really not someone with a high spice tolerance) The spice only begins to kick in slowly as you progress, and even then, should prove no difficulty for those with an acceptable tolerance for spice, and even less of a feat for those who eat Mala on a regular basis. I think this would be good for those who like to eat Mala, but can only go for 小辣 (lowest spice level) Don't know if this is a good thing or not though, haha. The broth was also on the oilier side, so i don't think its really suitable for slurping it up

We had thin noodles for this dish and I think its essentially your typical mee sua, which I'm not entirely a fan of because I felt that it kind of lacked the bite I'm looking for

Along the row of shops in Mongkok, Tongue Tip Lanzhou Beef Noodles claimed their space to serve some good stuff to their customers.

I said this not because I was invited to a Burpple Eatup here, but because it actually took me a while to discover flavours close to what I missed from Taipei (I can share more about this Taipei place separately... I digressed). The restaurant served six main dishes including this Signature Beef Noodles (S$8.90 for Small), and each item would also be available in 8 forms of noodles; the one in the photo was the Flat noodles.

What I really liked about this dish was that the beef broth was quite light but very tasty indeed. The tender beef slices came in thick sizes so it made the presentation more impressive. Most importantly, I had a great time savouring the flat noodles which had a thick, chewy texture which I would always fall for.

With a S$4.00 top-up, they would throw in a braised egg, side dish and a canned drink that were self-service, perfect for those who liked some variety above the carb-heavy meal. However, my opinion was that the top-up was entirely optional because the noodles would already account for the satisfaction.

After this Eatup, I shall look out for their other outlets at Tiong Bahru Plaza or Chinatown Point to try the same dish, this time with Small Flat noodles instead.


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