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Quite average, the Parm crisp was also not crispy at all at 8pm, probably it's much better when you have it fresh out of the oven

Filling could be more generous but otherwise it's a good piece. The mochi was almost liquid, made for excellent texture. Teh tarik was almost non existent though

They dare put crispy in the name, and they lived up to it. Go swee Heng!

Unfortunately the cream cheese was too sweet and it gets a bit jelat because of that. Tweak that and this is gonna be a stunner

The last item we got here. Yeah that was 1 meal for 2 pax, we got no self control haha. This lacked sweetness but otherwise it's fine

We also tried the nasi lemak stall lol, the otah was ok only

Everything is buried underneath and the ingredients are quite generous. Otherwise it satisfies cravings

This place's vibes is really off the charts, it's a no brainer why they're packed since we can't travel now. Even to the details, like how they only accept cash lmao. Love it, though not every stall is a gem. Read the reviews and you're gonna have a blast, at literal hawker prices

Think it's around 3.5nett without add on?

This has a quiet queue but it's ridiculously good. Noodles had a pleasant chew and was soft. Savoury minced meat, sambal was the chili jam kind. Supremely satisfying, ask for extra sambal. Even the soup was super unique and I can't quite figure out what's in it


either my friend is stupid or they messed up the labelling big time cos according to him there's literally only one dish they sold and it's this.

Average prawn mee

Same stall as claypot bkt, but different queue. The claypot rice stall is much shorter, so read the signs carefully

Delicious, every component was pretty on point save for them running out of spring onions at 730. There's smokiness and the socorrat was decent, but eat it quickly because it loses its crisp fast in the claypot. Best to get it to share because I was damn fast alr and still more than half the socorrat lost its crisp

A classic combination with blue cheese, caramelised onions and truffle mayo. The key flavour here is blue cheese which if you love, you loooove. Served with a side of fries, this burger is super delicious though a bit heavy if you have a smaller appetite.

Lavender Hokkaido Milk Ice Cream 🍦 The first mouth was pretty weird cause the lavender taste is so strong it feels like I'm eating the flower 🀣 but slowly I grew to enjoy and like the ice cream a lot - it's really refreshing and I must say this flavour is very unique (don't think I have seen it elsewhere). Also the scoop is huge! Although it might look tiny in real life but it feels like a bottomless pit hahaha. Definitely a #myheartapprove for sure and I can't wait to try other flavours they have.
πŸ€‘: SGD 10 for 3
πŸ‘…: 4/5

From Foodcourt
Wallet friendly prices of mixed rice.
Chosen lady fingers, savoury cabbages and braised pork skin.

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πŸ’Έ: -

πŸ’¬: This was gooey, even when unheated.... that in itself surprised me, but boy did the taste shock me because it's been long since i've had a cheese tart and 😘😘😘 I'm buying more for sure

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