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Better than most so called Japanese ramen restaurants out there. Generous portion priced at $6.90, you can’t beat that price!

Ajiya is a cozy little restaurant that allows you to DIY Okonomiyaki!! Priced at $15-$16 per Okonomiyaki, with a wide range of sides and other staples such as Yaki Soba. Staff are friendly, the DIY Okonomiyaki is fresh and they are generous with ingredients too! Highly recommend this place :) only downside is that the place is small, with mostly counter seats + only a couple of booth seats thus may not be the best place for huge groups! I also strongly recommend the Iced Wildberries Hojicha drink ($4.50) to go along with the Okonomiyaki

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Ordered two California rolls at $8.80+ only! These lovely maki rolls came wrapped with crab stick, egg, cucumber and mayonnaise piled with flying fish roe.
Each order came with eight pieces and best of all there’s no service charge. Yippee! 🥳
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Dropped by this Japanese restaurant on L4 of beauty world shopping centre for dinner. The price and food was okay but service was terrible. The service staff were not familiar with the new menu and the food took a very long while to be served. Many other tables were also complaining about the wait. I will probably not be back.

Was a little surprised when this came because somehow I imagined it would have torched aburi salmon on top. But I was still very happy cuz the pieces of unagi are so generous! Each maki consists of a cube of salmon sashimi encased in rice and topped with grilled unagi & a dollop of mentaiko sauce.

Everything was fresh and of good quality. However, I think it would be even better with something crunchy inside like cucumber, for a nice bite! 👌

Price: $14.80 for 8 pieces (we got 1-for-1 with #burpplebeyond !) #halfeatenblog #peace #japanese #sushi #unagi #salmon #mentaiko #burpple

The salmon was fresh and served in thick slices. 😍 The service staff were polite and helpful. There was a very cute elderly gentleman who was more than happy to explain all the promotions to everyone.
Note that everyone is charged 50cents for a cup of refillable hot green tea, so you should just drink it 😄

Price: $11.80 for 5 pieces (but with 1-for-1 we got 10 pieces)

P.S. They're currently having a promotion, where you can get 1-for-1 sashimi and various discounts on their chirashi don/dinner set items. So although they're on burpple beyond, they also have their own in-house promotions!

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Sashimi is fresh and thick cutted. Plus 1 for 1 is on! Ordered Hamachi and Hotate Sashimi.
The price approximate $10+ and had ordered a chirashi $20.80. Definite be going back again.


Ramen by Buta Kin*: The ajitama ramen egg and the broth special tonkotsu ramen totally rock! It is really hard to find good ramen egg and it is hard to resist not to add another egg like me to your bowl 😂. Broth wise is concentrated yet not gelat!

Burger by Hambaobao: The owner questioned me if I have ever tasted buah keluak before when I ordered. I can totally understand because the dish has an acquired taste which many wouldnt like. I actually like the nut, but somehow the pairing was off. I will try thr crispy pork belly burger the next time!

Fun fact: Raw Buah Keluak is POISONOUS but after boiling n fermenting it, it tastes great!

Ramen: ❤❤❤❤

Two satisfying bowls of tempura udon/soba at $12.80 only! ❤️ the thick udon noodles which has a pleasantly firm and chewy texture served in clear dashi broth with a subtle flavour.
P.S. The food and service was great. I’ve got to come back soon to try other dishes! 👍🏻
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We couldn’t wait for all the food to come to snap a pic, so there’s only 1 slice of sashimi left 😂 Have been wanting to try this place for awhile and it really did live up to our expectations!! Probably the Japanese restaurant with the best value for money - fresh sashimi with 1-for-1 on some weekdays. Unfortunately they ran out of many options, so we only tried the salmon sashimi. Will definitely come back again :-)