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Top 10 for Japanese in Beauty World

Top 10 places in Beauty World, Singapore.

Latest Reviews for Japanese in Beauty World

Latest reviews of food and restaurants in Beauty World, Singapore.

The garlic oil was flavourful though slightly oily but overall the dish was well executed. The pork was great with one side charred and the other side soft and fatty. The pork broth was one of the best I had ever tasted, very flavourful and rich.

Absolutely great value, for $7 this bowl of ramen comes with 3 fat slabs of nicely charred pork slabs (slabs not slices wuhu), which have great fat to lean meat ratio 🤤🤤 Ramen is like normal Chinese, but I ain’t complaining when they do their onsen eggs decently well and the broth is pretty close to the real deal (except more watered down but nearly there!) Also, comes with a random slice of seaweed not pictured, but service is fast and environment might be a bit bleh with the heat and the attacking birds.

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Food is still consistent with all the time I have eaten in here. Tender meat and clear soup with runny egg yolk to enhance the udon.

Brought my friends along and they were introducing me to Takagi Ramen and Keisuke (which have free flow egg and bean sprouts). Waiting for them to invite me.

2nd time trying from this stall & this time, brought along my friend to introduce him the udon which I was enthusiastic about and it sure didn't disappoint him too.

I ordered their specialty Special Tonkotsu Udon whereas my friend ordered the spicy version which is Tonkotsu Red Ramen. The taste is still as good as I had previously which the meat is juicy and tender. I like how they keep the food consistent. I tried my friend's Tonkotsu Red soup and the spiciness really give you a kick and flavourful.

A place where you can DIY your own Okonomiyaki🍳
Not too expensive, 1 Okonomiyaki can share among 2-3pax

For $5, this is a really well-prepared dish. The broth is thick and loaded with just the right amount of oil/fats. The ramen noodles are well-cooked. The char siew was definitely awesome!

Though not the best ramen in Singapore, but its definitely awesome for its price. I'm truly amazed at what local hawkers can achieve, for what can be considered a tedious and complex dish to prepare. 💪🏻

Rating: 3.5/5

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Added roasted pork slices and it was really good 😍 soup and noodles were average but altogether, it did satisfy my craving for ramen that night

Do you know that we also have that in Singapore? .
Housed in the Bukit Timah area, Ajiya is a humble japanese restaurant opened by a Singaporean but serving homely japanese cuisine. I was impressed by their century egg kani tofu ($6) which has the best of every world. Their teppanyaki kurobuta pork is grilled to perfection, where you can customise it according to your tolerance for salt and oil. Enhance your meal experience further with the hands-on opportunities. Thanks for bringing me back to Osaka, Ajiya Okonomiyaki! They’d be celebrating their 2nd year anniversary this coming September so do look out for their upcoming promotions! .
Can you make a guess what I drew?
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For $6.90, the taste of the udon was exquisite. In my opinion, it is better the some of the Ramen Chain I know like Ajisen. The broth is clear and not salty. The 3 pieces of pork slices is fried perfectly. It was so flavourful and packs a punch. The egg yolk from the onsen egg blends well with the broth.

I highly recommend everyone to try this stall if anyone is around Bukit Timah and finding a place to enjoy a meal


You can make it yourself or get the friendly staff to make it for you swiftly. Adorable mini hourglasses used to time em.
Friendly kind of setup where you sit around the teppenyaki stove. Swipe to see how it looks like before cooking and for the ambience of the place :) #okonomiyaki #japanesefood #japanese #ajiya #beautyworld #bukittimah #japan
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We stumbled upon Ajiya after our Bukit Timah hike and were in for a pleasant surprise!
You get to customise your own okonomiyaki and even cook it yourself ! Especially if you're sitting at the teppenyaki grill! (You can also get the staff to cook for you of course!) Staff were friendly and we saw another couple attempt self cooking under the staff's patient instruction.
More about the food in upcoming entries 😄

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