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The main star of the dish is the mouth-watering braised pork! Tasty and tender, you can truly feel the umami taste from the pork juice. Served with white rice, Japanese egg, cucumber and mushrooms.

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had a dinner date here for the first time, used Burpple Beyond for 1-for-1 main + dessert. we ordered a parma ham pizza & sausage risotto, oreo brownie cheesecake & dark chocolate gelato. *wanna put a disclaimer first that we were spoiled by the pleasantries by Jim, who served us most of our visit haha.

in general, we were very impressed by the richness of flavours for every dish, that paired so well with homecooked healthy quality that made it unexpectedly not-gelak, even the gelato! Jim explained that the chefs use zero MSG (yas). I'm a fan of parma ham so the pizza was an obvious choice, photo above! I'm not a big eater but I finished 5/6 of this, don't be fooled by the big sized pizza. I recommend getting this as 1 of your mains! risotto was deemed 'clean' tasting by the boyfriend, likely cuz of the absence of MSG & the dish's nature is porridge-like. the gelato was interestingly chunky & just the right amount of sweet. cheesecake was a wildcard cuz it's my favourite dessert- I'd place this above Starbucks & below Bakerzin/Cat & the Fiddle. for your own tastebuds' discretion 😅

beyond their food itself, I commend this place for their portion sizes & cosyness despite it being in the usually bustling UTown. perhaps we have Covid to thank for this.

if you see this, thanks again Jim for being such a gentle gastronomical (& photography) guide for us in the short time we were here.

We are in craving for 𝗪𝗮𝗮 𝗖𝗼𝘄! wagyu beef don as our feed seems to be flooded with it. Wow wow, we totally forget how good it is until we took a bite again! Indeed, all the goodness in a bowl! This bowl is truly made for Truffle and Beef lovers out there, it’s super mind-blowing, heavenly shiok and you have to try it for yourself! ⠀

Signature wagyu beef strips were so soft, juicy, tender and torched beautifully. Homemade Truffle sauce were poured generously all over each strips of beef and Japanese white rice, soaking them in fragrant truffle flavours! Comes with onsen egg on the side topped with Tobiko. Brilliant us, we made the right choice by topping up $6 for the Foie Gras as it brought us to a next whole level! It simply melt in your mouth, and goes perfectly well with the don! 😋 TOOO GOOOD! ⠀

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A medley of seasonal sashimi-grade seafood torched and tossed in aged soy sauce. Topped off with tobiko and ikura, garnished with spring onion and ground wasabi.

Dark clouds looming and heavy rainfall calls for a bowl of warm and satisfying bee hoon soup with fresh fish chunks in milky fish broth and a hint of brandy to warm me up & (hopefully) help my wound to heal more effectively. 🤞🏻
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The wagyu slices is so tender and truffle sauce is rich and not jelak, and definitely heavenly. The rice is fluffy and moist enough too. Good price for this quality.
Plus points:
1. As I am not a fan of overly-liquid eggs, the sous-vide egg consistency is best. It didn't flow that all my rice is soaked and wet yet it is still liquid enough for me to scoop and lather over the rice and beef slices.
2. Arrived within 30 mins from when I ordered.
In frame:
• Truffle wagyu don [$24.9 by GrabFood]

I honestly forgot how good @WaaCowSG’s beef and salmon donburis were.

Sous-vide for 24 hours and torched to perfection, the Original Wagyu Beef Don ($19.90) was plenty juicy and tender. Well-marinated and a tad fatty, the meat was nicely flavoured with their house-made soy-based beef sauce - savoury and not too rich. The bowl also comes with pickles and my favourite oozy 62 °C egg.

For something more indulgent, the Truffle Wagyu Beef Don ($22.90) goes one step further from their signature flame torched beef with the accompaniment of their house-made truffle sauce. Served with ground black truffle and champignons, the bowl’s earthy flavours also matched superbly well with their soy-based beef sauce. Great for truffle fans as the taste was infused wonderfully into the strips of meat.

*Free islandwide delivery for orders above $65!

Topped with a good amount of Mentaiko sauce and a thin glaze of Nikiri sauce, the medium-rare Mentaiko Salmon Don ($18.90) simply melts in the mouth. Sashimi-grade, the fresh-tasting slab was also boosted by a flaky exterior and moist center. The tobiko providing briny bursts of sweetness while the furikake garnished over the bed of sushi rice gave the bowl a very pleasant hit of umami and crunch.

*Free islandwide delivery for orders above $65!

Waa cow is delivering island-wide for free if you order above $65!

I've previously reviewed their marina one outlet and their delivered bowls are just as good because rice bowls hold up pretty well in packaged boxes.

This time, I tried their truffle and mentaiko donburis and have to say that the truffle one is really mind-blowing! Each piece of meat was packing so much flavour, I had to close my eyes to savour each piece. Not only are the tender beef strips flamed to give you an appropriate amount of a bittersweet aftertaste, they also perfectly infused with hints of truffle.
When I add truffle oil to my dishes at home, it's somehow either too little or too much! Here, they managed to make the truffle just right -- not 'jelat' but oh-so-satisfying. And if it's not enough for the truffle-lovers out there, there is even a small dollop of truffle tartufata on top to really drive that truffle taste home.

I'm all for mentaiko and adding it to mayo and pasta, but the mentaiko naturally does not pack as big a punch as the truffle. I also feel like truffle blends better with meat as compared to mentaiko. However, if you're not a fan of truffle, you should definitely go for this instead -- the charred beef strips in the mentaiko donburi were as good as what I described for the truffle dish, and the mentaiko sauce was full of umami. | ®️:9/10 -- call me greedy but I just didn't get enough of that tender meat! 😅

If you have been to NUS UTown, it’s hard to miss Hwang’s Korean restaurant. Popular choice for dining in the university for homely Korean food at affordable prices.

There are 10 different mix and match combinations of marinated barbecued beef, pork, chicken and mackerel on the menu. Stealing a bite off the sister’s bento set, I must say that the Dak Bulgogi or spicy marinated chicken, was really tender! The sweet and savory notes encompasses a hint of nuttiness, but could do with more grill. I had the Soondubu Jigae, or spicy tofu soup with egg. Simple ingredients included tofu, egg, minced pork and some spring onion. Spicy level was way lower than the average Soondubu Jigae. All sets include egg roll, kimchi and vegetable of the day. They also serve Kimbab, Dokpokki, Samgye Tang and Japchae Bokkeum. Weekly promotion of a rotating free side dish - spicy radish kimchi this week.

Delivery available for West and Central areas. Ours was delivered by the boss himself! Check out their facebook page at hwangskoreanrestaurant for more details and menu.

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One of our favourite zi char takeaways during this circuit breaker period — H.V. XO Fish Head Bee Hoon.
Their prawn paste chicken [a.k.a. har cheong gai] has a distinctive & strong pungent aroma from the fermented shrimp paste despite the slightly soggy chicken skin (after leaving it out for more than 45mins). This can easily be rectify by popping it in the toaster oven for about 5 minutes and voila! — The perfect bubbling, crispy-crackling skin again! Popped the prawn roll [a.k.a. hae cho] in the oven as well, to achieve the same crispy-crumbly effect.
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Well torched beef which was perfect leaving it tender and juicy. The fluffy rice balances well with the melt-in-your-mouth fats from the beef which releases all of its flavours every mouthful.