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Calling out to all our NUS friends! Looking to quench your thirst? Order up a refreshing drink from @ nanoparteasg and sip on their popular Coconut Shake Shake ($4.30), Tea Jelly Fresh Coconut Shake ($4.90), Ice Cream Coconut Shake ($5.50), Peach Yoghurt ($4.90), or the Mango Yoghurt ($5.90)!

Pasta was pretty decent, portion sizing is large.
The set burpple deal is a very decent price point.
(If you are not a NUS student)
Service was good.

The tiramisu is nice too. Coffee is to the acidic side.

I love Waa Cow! HAHAH always go for their 1 for 1 deals and this 11:11 deal happened to be their wagyu steak don which original price was $23.90🤪 Really worth it and food is good too!! Ratings 9/10 should try especially when theres 1 for 1😍

Really really like the milk foam. The cup isn't exactly designed for foam drinks but it taste really really good! Just have to drink it in layers using the straw

The pie crust was very buttery and crispy when warmed, and the fillings had very strong black pepper cream taste, but not so much cheese. I liked the chicken pieces and the breadcrumbs on the top. The chocolate praline cake was super good, with a crunchy hazelnut base, chocolate and hazelnut mousse, and chocolate coating. Mousse was soft and creamy and went well with the base. The toffee nut latte was also good, not too sweet and had the crunch on the whipping cream which was a good complement to the drink.

No idea what's the original price but probably around 12+?

Total bill came up to 40 after gst

This was pretty decent, abit sweet tho. The molten core didn't flow v well but still ok

Overall it's abit pricey even w burpple, considering the quality. Passable but not impressive

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There's a top up of 3++ for the seafood ones

Take note that when you use burpple, even tho the second one is free, you still have to pay for the top-up for each if u choose seafood

But at least u can choose any main, except the meats or sth

This was much less impressive. Abit bland and lacking tomato taste. Pasta wasn't done well either,very soft

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The seafood and tomato flavours were there, seafood as not bad. The rice grains has a chew in the middle tho it's abit unusual. Overall it's fine

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It’s been a while since I last ate at Waa Cow. Absolutely ❤️ their tender and smoky flavour wagyu beef slices with an onsen egg, tobiko and add-on foie gras.
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This is oolong milk tea with their special syrup and pearls. Quite like the taste of the tea and the pearls!

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This has been one of our favourite haunts for XO Fish soup bee hoon, the humble Holland Village XO Fish head bee hoon stall tucked away at a coffee shop between Buona Vista and Dover MRT! Since we made the trip here, we decided to get the 3 pax portion even though there were only two of us and it was more than enough to fill our tummies!

The soup was milky with a tinge (maybe more than a tinge) of alcohol and it came with a generous serving of 粗米粉! The fish slices were also lightly fried and they were really thick, although we think they were cooked a little too well as some of the pieces were a little tough. Although this was a great dish overall, we felt that the soup was a little too milky today for our liking and we would have personally preferred the alcohol taste to be stronger.

We heard that this stall was where XO sliced fish soup bee hoon was invented and we would be happy to come back here again for more! 😋 Do give it a try if you are in the area as well although it can be a challenge to get a seat here on weekends!

Was decently priced on promotion so decided to give it a try. Fatty chashu pork slices, mushrooms, cucumber and egg was served on rice and was decent but not super impressive. Pork slices were soft and tasty. Would go for the beef here instead.