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Top 10 in Dover

Top 10 places in Dover, Singapore.

Latest Reviews in Dover

Latest reviews of food and restaurants in Dover, Singapore.

Had my flea @ NUS the other day and dabaoed dinner back home 🤓 Decided to go w beef this time round instead of my usual salmon and omg it’s surprisingly ALOT better? Next time don’t order salmon liao HAHA🙃
• Signature Aburi Wagyu Beef Donburi ($19.90)

The plain waffles($5) are actually really aromatic, and I feel that it’s one of the fluffiest waffles I’ve ever tasted!!! There’s a perfect balance of dense-ness and airi-ness(you get what I mean😂😂) that really complimented the crispy edges. Drizzle it with sticky-sweet syrup and powdered sugar... Sighzz it’s gonna be a craving now not gonna lie oh nos... anyways the ice cream(+$3) was abit too sweet for me even though it’s mint choc chip but the portion was quite generous although the cup it came in looked abit small. It was the one thing we didn’t finish off the plate but otherwise it was a really good midday treat!! Thanks @photomemories_of_faith for the study date😘😘 P.s.: the place has charging ports and huge tables😉😉 #waffles #icecream #mintchocolatechip #afternoons #vday #friendshipday #newcravings #rustic #goodstudyspot #nusfood #dessert #sweettooth #sgfood #sgfoodie #burpple #burpplesg

Waa Cow sure didn’t call the mentaiko wagyu ‘die die must try’ for no good reason!! The amalgamation of favours from the already well seasoned beef itself with the mentaiko sauce plus the whole texture of the beef, tender and fatty at the right parts, just made me fall in love 😍

The bara chirashi don was also good - the sashimi was fresh and the rice beneath was my kind of vinegary sour plus some sweetness. But if I had to choose to eat only one, it’ll be the mentaiko wagyu don beyond a word of doubt.


Yong Tau Foo (S$3.50)
6 items + noodles
Available at the Yong Tau Foo stall in Flavours @ UTown in Stephen Riady Centre in @nus_singapore
Unique made in house items such as stuffed lotus root, long bean wrapped with bean curd skin.

Absolute favourite! Find myself always craving for Waa Cow. Their beef is super tasty and best of all, it’s affordable.

I finally tried the rave Brown sugar boba drink.
I’m actually not a fan of milk so I ordered the normal milk tea and brown sugar boba for toppings!
But what I realized when I was drinking was that they gave me milk than milk tea. 🤦‍♀️ I wanted to change but it was a long queue plus I waiting for 15++ min because they were cooking the brown sugar boba.
I’m not sure if I’m into this trend, but I personally feel if you like milk you will definitely love this drink but for me. It’s like a meh~

Yaki Udon (S$5)
S$0.50 discount using @nets_sg pay during Wednesday and Friday.
Available at Japanese stall in Flavours @ UTown food court in @nus_singapore

Two pieces of fluffy yet crispy roti prata kosong - this one rates very high on the list of roti pratas that I've tried! I really like it that it's crispy but not too oily. Even now that I've graduated, I still find myself missing it every now and then!

I wished there was more stout in this. If there was more, it would have been perfect!

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