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Can't travel to Taiwan or hongkong and was kind of missing such a delicacy. A very filling and satisfying Tu Dou Bing brings about maximum comfort in the middle of the day. (Also try to go before 12 because it will be real piping hot and crispy!!!)

Apologies for the photo

Otherwise it's just like a normal Korean hawker standard

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Portion was fine, comes with glass noodles inside. Beef was tough but acceptable for this price

Love it and v worth it with the burrple beyond deals!
The creamy pastas were not too jelak and the pizzas had a good crust and were meaty

All time favorite here. Love the flavour of the chilli oil and the texture of the handmade noodles. Dumplings itself may feel a bit tasteless but when mixed well with the chilli oil it’s perfect!! I could eat this everyday for the whole week haha.

Was around Dover w a friend and visited here after many years. Used to come here pretty often and it’s been a while so was looking forward. Sadly , the fish soup we came for was disappointing. Maybe we set out standards too high. Tasted bland and definitely not the same as what we remembered. While it filled our tummy and still a meal, it was def not worth it with a signature dish of such quality. The heizhou was acceptable. Waiting time was pretty fast.

Use the waacow Tele or sth, idk I didn't redeem this lol, creds to the boxing team for pulling off this incredible deal

Beef was up to par, and as someone who dislikes truffle the sauce was actually quite bearable. Which should be the case when u have excellent beef

Mushrooms were cooked well too, and the sauce(definitely not sukiyaki) was pretty suitable for the beef

Overall it's an absolute steal for 10nett

Soft and tender beef slices with mentaiko sauce on a bowl of sweet japanese rice and onsen egg. Would appreciate more mentaiko sauce but the whole bowl was full of flavours! Worth a try during the promotion week.

The mushroom cream sauce in this one was thick but not too overwhelming. It went great with the chewy homemade tagiatelle. Sadly, the chicken breast was really dry and tough.

Molten Lava chocolate cake ($9.95) 🍰 7/10
The cake was small but crispy at its crust and molten inside. The vanilla gelato was also thick and enjoyable.

Tiramisu ($5.50) 🍰 4/10
I found that there was way too much biscuit here and not enough marscapone cream. The biscuit was quite dry and stale too...

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This was my favourite pizza of the bunch! It combined what I love most about quattro formaggi (the gorgonzola) with salty pepperonis and onions! The blue cheese went surprisingly well with the sharp onions but I just wish there were more pepperonis.

For all the pizzas, the crust is made with a special italian flour that renders the crust fantastically light and crispy. It kind of reminded me of a very thin and fresh naan! There was no issue biting through the crust ends even after it cooled.

Rucola prosciutto ($19.90) πŸ• 7/10
I like how the prosciutto slices were much thicker than how other Italian restaurants usually slice them, so it gave the pizza a meatier feel. Sadly, the meagre pieces of rocket was placed under the prosciutto which made the leaves a little soggy.

Quattro Formaggi ($17.90) πŸ• 7/10
You can't really go wrong when you throw cheese on a pizza, and this was no exception. I liked how the interestingly light crust combined with the rich and heavy cheese on top.

10/10 the best wagyu donburi 😻πŸ₯©I’ve ever tried. beef is so skilfully sliced and succulent that I felt i was in heaven when it melted in my mouthπŸ€€πŸ’“πŸ’“. really well paired with the onsen egg and sauce they used. πŸ˜‹ kinda wished I’m a NUS student so I could get discounts and eat this everyday 😒πŸ₯Ί but oh wells