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This spot in Dover Rise Coffee Shop is great for hearty family dinners. Not only is there killer fish soup, you can (let's make that a 'must' instead) also enjoy what is arguably one of the best Har Cheong Gai ($9) around. Order the XO Fish Bee Hoon ($6/pax) that comes with both sliced and fried fish, thick bee hoon and a peppery, milky broth spiked with XO brandy. Pro-tip: also order their excellent San Lou Hor Fun ($6) to share.
Photo by Burppler The Hungry Geek

Such tender and nicely torched wagyu beef don topped with pickles, onsen egg, tobiko, and Wagyu beef bone sauce. Beef melts in the mouth with a nice torched taste to it. Portion of rice is just right. Wasn’t expecting much initially but I was surprised and this is super satisfying. Worth the splurge!

Generous portion of salmon pieces on the don. Brace yourself by breaking the yolk and do a nice mix and you’ll end up with a super delicious don! Rice ratio was also just nice. Worth the splurge once in awhile!

The aroma of the truffle fully coats almost every piece of fries! Love the generous portion of parmesan cheese but would have preferred if it was layered in between the fries than on top (wasted some as they dropped on the table :( ). Overall this is really good!

Had this from the Chinese food stall in Fine Food. The pancake was very crispy. Used to be soft with crispy edges which I preferred. But this crispiness, when dipped in soup for a quick while,actually taste pretty good!

Haven’t tried this one but my friend tried it. The portion is great and he said it tastes alright. Their signature seems to be beef burger. If it’s time to be back at NUS, we might come back to try again. 🤗

Back to school time! (Long time since last visit 😜) 📝 Order this vegetarian dish in their burger & sandwich section to try. Starting off with corn chips with a refreshing salsa (not spicy at all but still enjoy this). Underneath the thin layer of tortilla, we found capsicum, mushroom and cheese. A decent plate that visually looks appetizing and tastes alright.

Love their chicken breast as it’s not dry and tough. Probably one of the healthier fast food depending on which sub you choose. 7.0/10

We ordered a Fish head beehoon for 4 pax and 2 irresistible add-ons.
Thick beehoon, flavourful (damn solid) soup and fresh, generous cuts of fish head (fried), it worth every bit of travelling. If you prefer a less-fuss meal, you can choose fish meat instead of fish head 🤭 The portion is huge btw, we barely made it (too good to waste any last drop of soup)
Prawn paste mid-wings (Har Jeong Gai), totally love its crispy-ness. Prawn paste flavour is totally on point, must order! 🤩 Homemade prawn balls (Hei Zor), fresh ingredients makes the prawn balls fluffy, nicely fried and sweet plum dip helps with the grease. 😋
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Fishing good fish soup . Generous and tastes awesome because of the XO. Prawn rolls were great and had an amazing mouth feel.

I do think it is good but not mind blowing so.....


Decent Foie Gras with abundant amount of ikura. It is decently priced at 9.90.

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