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Rojak - $4

The rojak consist of pineapples, cucumber, turnip, tau pok, you tiao & bean sprouts. Drizzled with generous amount of rojak sauce and crispy peanut bits. The tau pok and you tiao are toasted before tossing, giving the crunch that I love. But the dish was slight too wet and has nothing too special that will standout from other rojak stall elsewhere

Jumbo Coffee Hub
Toko Baba Fruits Rojak

Spices and wine are my kind of things, and today I had this craving for a taste from early adulthood days. I recalled this restaurant from Holland Drive area and it appeared that they had moved to their current location.

But I was still very impressed with their XO Fish Meat Bee Hoon (S$12.00 for 2 pax). The milky fish soup was cooked with ground black and white pepper, and XO was added with the already existent yellow rice wine (鑺遍洉閰), so you bet the soup is filled with that layers of goodness. I was so tempted to pick up the large bowl to drink the remaining soup, but I guess I should watch my table manners.

The cabbage, just like the thick Bee Hoon, where cut into bite size, so scooping it with the ladle instead of using chopsticks is actually possible. But what I really loved was that they were cooked until softened, making them very easy to chew and swallow.

The fish were chunky and firm, and fried beforehand. Just be informed that some of these chunks might still have hidden fish bones, so consume with caution.

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not exactly spectacular to me. broth was leaning towards the salty side for me. fish slices were thick with a good bite though. 7 per bowl. #fishsoup #burpple #sgfood

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Little packets of juicy meat and little bits of chopped up chives, the perfect snack for any peckish eater. 馃構

It was really satisfying, freshly fried on the spot, thin crispy skin, moist flavourful meat fillings. And to make the perfect dipping sauce, self-served shredded ginger and black vinegar.

Would not hesitate to recommend this dish and stall to any student (local or international) craving a snack anytime of the day. 馃憤馃徏

[Pro-tip]: Pay using the QR code to get $0.50 off, that鈥檚 almost 15% discount

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I personally love the matcha ice cream, but I prefer a good old Oreo McFlurry than the matcha one. Would probably eat a matcha cone or matcha twist cone instead but yasss i鈥檒l be back for more!!
馃搷: McDonald鈥檚

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Ayam Panggang is always a good idea. One of my favourite things to eat in school!

Love the curry, and the chicken is so juicy and well-marinated!!! I also really like the cherry tomatoes that come with it because I think they balance the spicy and sweet flavours of the curry and chicken. The chili is really spicy though so please add with care HAHA.


As dinner time approaches, this Chinese stall beside Aston's works non-stop as groups and groups of students, especially the mainland Chinese, walks away with 2-3 dishes for sharing. Similar to a tzichar stall, this stall actually has an extensive menu comprising at least 30 varieties of meat, vege and soups with varied cooking styles/flavours to suit your tastebuds.

Not really knowing what some of the names mean, and because I didn't want the typical sweet & sour flavours, I just went with the unknown and got a big shock of my life when my fish fillet came in a bowl of fiery red soup LOL I was initially afraid of the spice, but I was immediately calmed down when I smelled the intense and pungent aroma of the peppercorn 馃槏 The taste of the soup came as a surprise too as it wasn't as salty as I'd expected, and the fish fillets resemble closely to a silken tofu - super, super soft and tender.

This dish costs $9 but the amount is definitely generous. Paired with a bowl of rice, it's something you'll need on a cold, rainy day.


University town's branch is definitely more affordable than the raffles place outlet because of Student price. The salmon steak is well cooked on the outside and still sashimi raw in the core. Fill with delish toppings on top.

Love the Marmite Chicken Bowl. It's a work of goodness, bursting with flavours. And just look at that egg! The chicken is also very tender. Very worth it and worth the exercise after as well.

Tried the salted egg and beef horfun too. Both are so good. Also it's just a stone throw away from Utown

Marmite is just so amazing ($~4)

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Waa Cow is one of the best places to eat in NUS (and probably also the most expensive place 馃槀)

I've been here twice and the food is really really gooooood. I got the Mentaiko Wagyu Beef Don and it was perfect 馃挴 I'm usually not a fan of beef tbh but this is really melt-in-your-mouth kind of goodness!!! And MENTAIKO, say no more. Anything with mentaiko is my weakness 馃槶

Mixed everything together and every mouthful was an explosion of both flavours and texture 馃槏

It is really quite expensive though, and for the price the portion is a little small I would say. But definitely worth a try!

Generous serving of sashimi and well seasoned rice. 馃憤馃徏