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ORH NEE WAFFLES?? As Orh Nee lovers, we had to try @creme_sg 's rendition. Overall, we gave the waffles a thumbs up, and the gelato flavours are just alright.

The Orh Nee Waffles were crispy on the outside, and really fluffy within. We love how there was a substantial amount of orh nee cream, and that it was rich and quite full of orh nee and coconut flavour! This was very fragrant and addictive and can be eaten on its own.

The gelato flavours were good, but just nothing to shout out about. The Sugarless Chocolate was indeed very dark and rich, with some brownie bits within. The Raspberry Blueberry Oatmilk was very fruity and tangy, but the texture was a little strange as it was especially sticky. Felt like both gelato flavours were abit too sweet.

Total price was about $16. Honestly, I would definitely go back for their waffles and stick to their chrysanthemum goji gelato flavour! That one was good 😍

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Benedict (poached egg with creamy cheese) on in-house crab cake (texture a little like hash brown but more seafood creamy taste) on sour dough. Sided with some salad veg. $20. Good creamy egg as breakfast.

Prawn squid ink risotto @ $27++

Back here again as we really enjoy their food. Staple order is truffle kombu fries + 2 other mains. We tried the squid ink pasta before and it was really good, decided to try the risotto version this time. It's great as well but there's a bit too much tomatoes which made the dish slightly sour than it needs to be. But still great, and we used burpple 1 for 1 deal, so it's really worth it!

Will be back again.

Beef short rib pasta @ $28++
Change to handmade tagliatelle @ $3++

Back here again as we really enjoy their food. Staple order is truffle kombu fries + 2 other mains. Went for beef short rib pasta this time, can't rmb if we tried it before, but it's really great anyway! Comes with generous amount of beef, so it's really worth it and great. And not to mention, we used burpple 1 for 1 deal too.

Will be back again.

@pickysnoutsg has always been the place I pass by whenever I’m making my way downtown to the gym (ironic, I know). I’ve always been intrigued by them pairing meats marinated with Vietnamese flavours with the Swiss staple of rösti, which seems like a mismatch at first glance.⠀

However, I was proven wrong by their Rösti Saigon Pork, priced rather reasonably at eleven dollars & ninety cents for a rösti & two thin but ponderous pork chops. The rösti was a little soft, with decently crisp edges and it was pretty decent overall. As with any other fried potato dish, it absorbs a fair bit of oil as potatoes hoover up oil like nothing else, but Picky Snout’s rösti is acceptable and not offensively oily.⠀

The pork chops, as expected, carried the entire team. They were a little thin, but they were tender and still fairly juicy. The powerful piquancy of the lemongrass is the predominant aroma in this dish, and its citrusy, grassy scent kept the natural musk of the pork under control. The pork was sufficiently savoury with a charming char, but I personally reckon that Picky Snout could be a lot bolder with the use of fish sauce in their pork marinade.⠀

The one thing about Picky Snout that I was distinctly unimpressed by was their sour cream. They charge fifty cents for a saucer of sour cream, and their sour cream has a runny, thin consistency like milk. I don’t know if the usual consistency of the sour cream was altered due to the hellish heat in the coffeeshop, or if Picky Snout watered it down, but I definitely remember sour cream being a lot less runny.⠀

Sour cream aside, the tasty pork chops paired surprisingly well with the rösti mainly due to the rösti being simply flavoured with salt. Even if you’re picky about your porcine, @pickysnoutsg will satisfy your porky desires.

Moona Thai's honey chicken was quite enjoyable. The portion was generous and you cannot go really wrong with honey sauce. Some of the fried chicken chunks could be a little tough but I'm not complaining at this price point!

If you find the queue at Nakhon Kitchen a little daunting, do check out Moona Thai which is just a 5 to 10 minutes walk away!

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Decent rice, many umami components like mushroom, peanuts, sausage and sth else.

Overall decent ver

Quite a decent version. The filling is light but aromatic from celery stalks.

This place is really more for old people in the area. All old people I saw, plus the food is very lightly flavoured.

So not really worth a trip to this ulu place

Kueh skin lousy, it's too soft, almost mushy with no chew

The filling is very clean and very mild, not the super umami kind

We are regulars of Nakhon Kitchen in the Kovan / Hougang area and only recently discovered that the area is actually cluttered with several neighbourhood Thai eateries.

Moona Thai is one of these neighbourhood Thai eateries which is lesser known to non-residents. Although it is some distance away from the town centre and harder to get to, the main drawing factor for me is that they offer the same dishes at a lower price and without a long queue.

For $6, you get a good sized and decent plate of pad thai. Flavours-wise, it is a little on the mild side and could use a little more of the tamarind sauce!

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For those whom have been looking at what we had been posting in recent times, it is likely that one would have seen our post some time back about a new Always Be Batter that has since been operating for a couple of months at Kovan. For those whom are unaware, Always Be Batter is a new establishment that had taken over the former premise of the now-defunct Two Cranes at Blk 211 Hougang Street 21 — a known hipster neighbourhood that is also home to some other notable establishments such as Tachinomiya, Claypot Valley, #3, an outlet of Nakhon Kitchen and the iconic Tam Chiak Kopitiam. Not delving much into the details of Always Be Batter since we had done so extensively in our previous post, but Always Be Batter has always centred their offerings around their waffles and croffles. It is in recent times that it seems like the folks at Always Be Batter had strayed into offerings of savoury food that is outside of their typical emphasis on waffles — this includes items that are listed on their “Hambagudon” and “The asian delights” sections on their menu.

It was actually from a post that is posted by Always Abe Better on their social media that we got to know about their offering of the Nasi Lemak — the Nasi Lemak is an item that can be found on their “The asian delights” section of the menu, and is being described on the menu to consist of elements such as homemade breaded cutlet, sunny side up egg, coconut rice, house-made Nasi Lemak chilli, ikan bilis and cucumbers. One obvious thing where one can feel the amount of effort placed in the creation of the dish was in the way that it is being plated; banana leaves being folded into a shape of a bowl to contain the Nasi Lemak within. What really caught our attention enough to have us revisit Always Be Batter for the Nasi Lemak however was the execution of their coconut rice; staying true to their waffle-centric roots, the coconut-rice does look like they have went through the waffle press, coming four pieces with a shape that closely resembles that of Liege waffles. The coconut rice does exude a light pandan-esque fragrance like what one would expect out of a proper Nasi Lemak dish; that being said the texture of the rice is being further enhanced with crisp and slightly chewy mouthfeel considering how it has been pressed in the waffle machine before being served. The breaded chicken cutlet was also rather tasty; brined for sufficient flavour whilst being tender and juicy, the breaded chicken cutlet also did not feel in any way greasy, with its deep-fried, golden brown batter being pretty crisp as well.

The sunny side-up comes void of any undesirable stench of overused oil; also comes with a molten, runny yolk that would be a crowd pleaser, while the Ikan Bilis were sufficiently crisp. Where it came to the house-made Nasi Lemak chili, this also came with a predominantly sweet that ended with a deep and earthier finishing note; something which we do expect from the typical Nasi Lemak chili out there. Truth to be told, the Nasi Lemak at Always Be Batter might sound like a rather basic offering on paper; that being said, we do enjoy the slight twist that they had given to their rendition of the Nasi Lemak — the use of the waffle machine in the preparation process of the dish being something we had not quite seen in other variants of the Nasi Lemak before. Aside from that, one could tell that Always Be Batter has placed quite a fair bit of emphasis in serving their food that is made from scratch; elements like the breaded chicken cutlet and the Nasi Lemak chili being items that could have came from supplied sources but are being painstakingly made with love to ensure patrons do get the very best that they have to offer — something that is also known from the waffle creations that Always Be Batter serves up. At $8.50, the Nasi Lemak at Always Be Batter is quite good value for money considering the effort and thought placed into the dish; one that is worth the go for those curious about their execution of the coconut rice especially!

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