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The safest brunch choice as I was feeling much adventurous today. Norwegian Smoke Salmon with Emmental Cheese topped with perfectly cooked scrambled egg served with buttery croissant and garden salad. Everything you would have request for a perfect brunch! Yums!

Lola's tarts are definitely worth a try when you are there. IIRC, these regular-size ones are going for $5.50/tart.

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One of my favourite go-to places for lemon meringue tarts. Fell in love since 2014, and am still in love.

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Coconut Bavarian Creme, passion fruit cremeux, coconut joconde, coconut white chocolate crisp. This cake is nothing but coconut, for those who love coconut and a damn sweet tooth. This would be your order!

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I don’t get it. Why is everything so damn good here?! Not just the wings, but even the burgers too 😭❤️

This is like taking your BMW and zhng into ah beng car. Insult to their wonderful fries. Does KFC have tasters or dietitians? Few mouthfuls in and I could hear my kidneys screaming.

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I suspect it's just my patty, but mine's slightly off. Overall, just eat Mos Burger lah.


I don’t usually write reviews on the same food, but when I do, it must be true love. 😍😍😍 And I am pretty sure now that the 生煎包s I found at 鼎特乐 are the closest in taste to those in Shanghai that you can ever get in Singapore. •
Thin bun skin with a really brown and crispy biscuity base, which I always leave to the last for that crackling shiok-ness. Additionally fragrant with the sprinkling of sesame seeds and scallions! I’d be honest; it was so hard trying to take a proper photo to show how much soup there was, because once I took a bite off the skin, the pork broth came flowing out so quickly, almost spilling out of my spoon. That’s almost half of the bun worth of soup! The sweet, umami broth was rich in flavour. Perfect with the tender pork wrapped inside. •
Quick tip: Dip those buns into some fragrant chili oil! The spiciness and slight acidity packed a stronger punch. •
I am impressed. Though as usual, the size could be bigger. At least I know where to get my craving fixed the next time! Even the shanghainese friends commented: “看着都像”。Service was welcoming too.

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Because it's in my neighbourhood, I rate it higher. It's not extraordinary and that name just raises expectations. Try the one with every ingredient instead.