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I really enjoyed the earl grey lavender cake. The sweetness was just right with strong fragrance of lavender and moist sponge with cream cheese frosting.

The Carrot cake was kinda disappointing with nuts and carrot bits in the sponge that was too tough to chew and overall I found it too sweet.

The kuaychap is very different from the Chinese version, it’s rolled up - giving a unique texture. However the soup was not flavorful, might go back again for the side dishes. The pork belly was crispy and fragrant!

📍Located along the street to Punggol Nasi Lemak

Enjoying this BRAISEd Duck Kway Teow ($3.50) 🍜 while my parents had the Specialty Duck Rice ($4) 🦆 & Char Siew & Roasted Pork Rice ($4) 🐖, all from @yukeeduck! 😍😍😍

The best pistachio ice cream I’ve tasted! The roasted taste was so fragrant, and it was just the right amount of creaminess (some places make it too creamy that you can’t taste the nutty flavour). Also love that the portion given was generous for $4!

The char siew is very fatty but its melts in your mouth... It does not even feel oily when you chew it. It just bite through between your teeth... Confirm highly recommended

The meat is very tender and not dry... With the light sauce on it, it brings out the fragrance of the roasted meat...

This is one of the mala which near my place.. If you like spicy, order 大辣 and request for super dry.. You will get the spice smell and spiciness in this bowl of goodies.. Its very affordable too

I have never been a huge fan of carrot cake. I had expected this dish to be unimpressively starchy and bland (as usual), but this rendition definitely proved me wrong with its rich flavour profile!!! The pudding-like carrot cake was soft yet bouncy, and contained generous pieces of Chinese cured meat (lap cheong) and fresh radish which gave the dish a very unique texture. The refreshing savoury sauce they doused all over the steamed carrot cake also was a huge flavour boost. I thought it tasted like a stronger version of the chee cheong fun sauce - which I have always been a HUGE fan of! 😂

Taste: 9/10

Price: 10/10 (This huge serving only set us back by $4. I would say most dishes at this humble dim sum eatery are extremely value for money)

Ambience: 7/10

You will be absolutely bombarded with the assortment of kuehs and traditional treats in this family owned store. I'm not kidding about the variety - nonya kuehs, baos, huat kuehs, baked pastries, dumplings, tartlets and a whole lot of others! Prices are really affordable; nonya kuehs were 5 for $2/$3 depending on the types, a box of ondeh ondeh was $1.80.

My favourites from the bunch I brought home were the peanut ang kukueh, kueh dadar (its the drier kind without much gula melaka in the centre fyi) and yi ba (hainanese coconut kueh). 10/10 would revisit to try the salty tau sar piah, chives dumpling and the baos!

Chewy green tea soba noodles and colorful vegetables that add a pack of crunchiness to the bowl are tossed together with a flavorful sesame garlic and lime dressing.
Healthy and hearty, the bowl is filled with colorful hues of corn, edamame, crabstick, seaweed, onsen egg, tobiko, spring onion, on a bed of refreshing green tea soba that is cooked to perfect al-dente texture.
Get creative to DIY your own protein bowls with four types of protein, including unagi, beef, chicken, and salmon. Drizzled with four types of exciting sauces such as mala, Japanese sesame, yuzu and kimchi. Fueling your muscles have never sounded so tasty!
Last chance to enjoy 2nd bowl of the Rainbow Soba Protein Bowl for 50% off at Yuba Hut Outlet (Hillion Mall, Whitesands, Northpoint, Heartland Mall, and Poiz Centre) till 23rd Nov 2019!
Thanks to @brandcellar for the invite and @yubahut for hosting us.

Thai Kway Chup ($5)
Super late to the party @yaowaratthaikwaychap but really enjoyed my meal here. Although the taste still falls short of my favourite roadside stall in BKK, this is a good version no less. Think peppery soup, sweet thai sausages, crispy pork belly and a generous dose of sliced pork cooked to perfection served with rolled kway. Add a dash of the chilli flakes to give a bigger kick! Also worth ordering are the fried intestines ($8) and the stirfried cabbage($5).

💵: $6

📈: 7.5/10

🤔: They serve a pretty decent cup of coffee which surprised me because how can a cafe have both great mains and drinks?! Coffee wasn't sour and had a light roasted flavour, yumz!