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Item ordered: prawn noodles soup ($5)

Food: 4/5 - very generous with the ingredients, soup base is ok!
Ambiance: 3/5 (hawker centre)
Service: 4/5
Overall experience: 3.5/5 - this was sold in a western food stall, so don’t be shocked to find it there :)

$2 a piece.
Handmade fluffy macaron, chocolate & sea-salt caramel.
Not bad.


It’s a little noisy and packed on a Sunday night. They serve coffee and some finger food such as truffle fries. Generous portion and perhaps the cone is too small for 2 scoops of ice cream. So better eat fast or else you will end up in a mess. Maybe opt for cup or waffles will be a much better choice.

The Upper Serangoon Road stretch has so much variety of food that I needed to try and this was one of them! Queue can get really long during meal timings.

What’s intriguing is the shape of the kway, which comes rolled up. I actually quite enjoyed it this way, as with each scoop, more broth comes together in each roll. Easily slurped them up and finished in no time. The broth was very peppery, akin to a peppery bak kut teh broth. Other ingredients in the soup included pig’s maw, lean meat, roasted pork (skin was still crackling crispy even when thrown into soup!) and a savoury fish sausage which was similar to the Chinese sausage. Was it only me who thinks that the portion was a little small? Anyway, perfect choice on a rainy day!


和老朋友們一起享用午後甜點,聊彼此的近況。只要心中有對方,不需要密集聯繫去證明友谊的存在。相見了就約見面,忙於工作時也心照不宣。Quality > Quantity 這大約就是成年人維繫友情的方式吧~ 雖然一直笑她們終於體會到我之前的無奈,但心底還是很開心能夠見證彼此的成長❤️ 感恩🌸

Fish is thick and filling overall food is okay... price is still affordable with burpple 1 for 1

This is easily BEST MEAL OF THE WEEK for me!!! And it's (quite) healthy too🤩🤩🤩
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From Happy Vegetarian.
Green colour nasi lemak $3.80, added vegan intestine.
Crunchy smoky peanuts, fried fragrant vegan fish fillets slightly coconut flavour, savoury long beans, fried egg & tasty chilli sauce.
Hint of lemongrass tasted in the fluffy rice.

Kopi O $1.10

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Affordable Peranakan food.

Lots of affordable food varieties.

Will definitely return to try other food.

Ayam Kleo is so so. Need more sauce.

Needed some good food to fuel Tuesday with 4 hours of tuition and multiple tasks to complete. Midweek craze is gonna hit again with back to back lessons from 9.30 - 5.30 (inclusive of a graded in-class assignment on contemporary singapore and a presentation on a literature novel called Fortress Besieged) and cca wing meeting from 7pm onwards.

We were there for the purple sweet potato but was told that was from the old menu. Thus we chose 2 toasties from the new menu, cheesy and nice to meat u, both turned out delicious! I'll definitely return for their waffles!

This is the kind of laksa that i love; the thick and lemak coconut gravy kind. Add that with fresh cockles, your usual fish cake, tau pok & bean sprouts atop the noodles and you get a perfect bowl of laksa that never fails to satisfy.

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