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This wasn't on my wishlist, but there's usually a queue. It turned out it shouldn't be on my wishlist. It's one of the blandest Hokkien mees I've encountered.

One of the better soon kueh I have tried.

Not too salty.

Can eat as snack when lunch or dinner is inadequate.

Decent food, quite generous portions. worth it with burpple 1 for 1

Liked that the dish wasn’t too salty, salmon slice was also a good size.

Very good, but pricier than competitors. If there are coconut connoisseurs, I must be one. I've been a fan before the current fad and I drink it every day in Thailand. At 30% sugar, CocoBoss was still stronger than most other brands with more sugar. Either their coconut is better or they're lying lol. But be prepared to pay $1 to $2 more for an already overpriced drink.

A very basic dish from an old-school eatery that's a little too dirty for me.

A basic cafe with a basic menu. Korean fusion. That's cheap samyang ramyeon. Very spicy. The chicken was good but a bit too thick to be fried well. Yolk was unfortunately fully cooked.

Hokkien Mee
Dry & large version
Available at @SimonRoadHKM
Crispy lards packed separately
Came with 3 peeled prawns
Note 📝 : dry version was packed in paper while wet version in plastic container

This definitely isn’t a breakfast with Tiffany affair - the prices are much too pocket friendly, for one. Being set in a humble coffeeshop at Upper Serangoon, they manage to pull off breakfast sets under $10 and that’s a definite draw.

The rösti and sausages I had were decent, though I’ve definitely had better rostis - it felt as though the heat of their pan was too high and though it produced a nice char, the insides were not fully cooked. The sausage was great, no complaints there.

If you’re not picky about ambience and live close enough that this isn’t a huge trek for you, I’d recommend a visit here.

8/10 food wasn’t bad enough to deter me from coming back to give the others a try!

Ok this is surprisingly yummy!! I thought the hazelnut will be too sweet but it turned out to be such a nice and refreshing drink! I got 35% and it’s just nice for me, when I usually drink 50% sugar level for my drinks. If you aren’t a sweet tooth, order 0% it will be just nice :)