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Galaxy Dome- Crunchy hazelnut choc w dark choc mousse n sponge
Elderflower Cheesecake- w lemon creme
Surprisingly both are very rich and filling. Taste are good. Great for sharing as well.

BYOB Acai Bowl ($7.50)

really interesting to see more new acai shop comeback after a couple of year back. I remembered that the acai affair really opened it out towards the market a couple of year back to 2015? After that some of the food trend take over the acai, the acai goes down again. But time proved that acai just comeback with new concept and marketing, I doubt that they will be going down that soon since more people prefer to stay health lifestyle after covid. But I wanted to get their best selling flavour (Choc "treat yo-self") as I decided to save for next time. I got original acai, granola and three fruits (green apples, strawberry and orange) for BYOB Acai Bowl. Acai don't have "icy" texture and just nice texture.

yayyy finally tried the dry ban mian ($5.80) and i loved it!! lots of fried shallots & garlic were given which i felt made the dish v 香. minced pork was juicy and not dry too! the chilli is rlly spicy tho damn shiok but my friend who couldn’t really take spice died HAHAHA also highly rec the teh peng ($2) too! the soup is q peppery reminds me of bak kut teh

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Opted for tomato base with linguine. Pasta was al dente. Quite a lot of crab meat as well. There are few pieces big enough to chew. But i find it abit fishy. A lot of garlic in the dish.

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Comes with roasted cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, apples and mashed potato. The pork chop was not tough. The carrots were abit on the crunchier side. Mashed potato was very smooth. I find that the meat was gamy on its own. It was ok when eaten with mashed potato. Prefer their pastas over the main.

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With a history stretching back to 1988, and a consistent quality that led to backing by the BreadTalk Group, this stall is beloved for its fresh range of fish, including unique ones like pomfret.
Their fresh boneless red garoupa fish slices are thick and bouncy, meaty with clean sweet savoury flavour.
Garnishes of lettuce, garland chrysanthemum, ginger, and preserved mustard greens, lend a crisp crunch, with robust vegetal earthy bitter spice salty sweet flavour.
The soup tends towards the salty savoury side, so most folks add on the tender minced pork, to balance with its meaty sweet savoury notes. Nicely paired with white rice.
However, price point is premium, among the more expensive renditions.
Fish Soup
First Street Teochew Fish Soup
@ 1014 Upper Serangoon Road
More details:

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Quite disappointing. A good jjamppong can be so satisfying. Although Hansik is quite decent, this dish was quite amateur, like hawker level.

Rosti from a hawker? Yes please!

We had the Creamy Mushroom Chicken Rosti ($10.90) and the Signature Saigon Pork Rosti ($11.90). The rosti itself has a good crispy crust with a soft texture within. Love how the potato taste is really strong! But I do wish that the crust can be thicker. Perfect with the sour cream provided! The chicken is well marinated and quite tender. The sauce reminds me of the old school mushroom sauce from the neighbourhood western stalls. Pretty satisfying with the chicken!

The Saigon Pork cutlet was tender and well seasoned with some kind of Vietnamese marinade. Wish there was so sauce to pair it though! The pickled vegetables was an interesting twist to pair with the rosti!

An option to consider when you're around the area definitely!

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Branded food can tell the difference. I didn't realise this is Guan Chee until I started eating.

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Looking for a caffeine fix? Swing by Tanamera Coffee for their coffee selection! We’d opt for either the Flat White ($6), Cappuccino ($6) or Cafe Latte ($6) to start the day with.

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really come back for their crispy roti prata after almost 1 year. really so good with plain and egg flavour even though it's not that thick dough and so just nice.

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Finally tried the famous coffee shop rosti! For only $8.90 you get a wholly filling meal. I enjoyed this so much more than Marche’s because it’s half the price and gets you comfortably full instead of obscenely full. They presently only take cash or Nets. Most of the other stalls are also cash only.

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