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Smooth yogurt with 4 toppings of your choice! ☺️Selected the Bandung flavour instead of the original, a little disappointing that there was not much of any Bandung taste... $8.60 for 2 cups of parfait

Added extra portion of duck. Hence the hefty price tag. Totally worth it - duck meat was tender and juicy. Noodles was springy and don’t have the typical ‘yellow noodle’ aftertaste. Would be better if they go easy on the black sauce as it mask the taste of both noodles and duck.

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A tad on the sweeter side especially towards the end because all the brown sugar syrup is concentrated there and after a few mouths i could feel the richness getting to me already so i'd reckon this would be better for sharing.

If you're a brown sugar fresh milk fan and can take the sweetness you'd definitely like this though. Tastes really like the drink itself but in ice cream form.

My favourite out of all their softserve. Fragrant tea flavoured ice cream that wasn't too sweet and was accompanied by some brown sugar boba that had a nice and soft chewy texture. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Tasted very much like your oreo mcflurry, though i'd much rather opt for this because of how generous they are with the portion. Great for choco/oreo lovers, but I would personally go for the boba-related options

Soft, moist and fluffy. The pandan was fragrant and I can easily wolf down half of this on my own.

Worth the Burpple beyond deals! Donuts are nice, my nieces loved it!

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Yummy yogurt to choose from! i love it , a lot of topping to choose from !

Love the vibrant colour of the drink! It’s a little sweeter than my usual drinks but good for an occasional treat.
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Dim sum was so-so but other dishes were very flavorful! Buckwheat tea has very soothing and refreshing 👍