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Tar Pau Meal
Seafood Koka Noodle 海鲜可口面
This one got the most liao with prawns, sliced fish, cuttlefish and vegetables but also turned out to be the most salty among the 3 dishes.

Pork Mee Sua 猪肉面线
Packed with minced pork, sliced pork, sliced pig’s liver and vegetables.

Century Egg Porridge 皮蛋粥
Add-on egg for all 3 dishes.

Total S$14.60

Hai Xian Zhu Zhou 海鲜煮粥
Address 🏡 : Blk 233 Yishun Street 21, # 01-472 Singapore 🇸🇬 760 233
Open ⏰ : Thu - Tue : 6am - 3pm
MRT 🚇 : Yishun (NS13)

The rojak is pretty good, with crisp youtiao and a savoury sweet rojak sauce topped with lots of chopped peanuts. My family enjoys the popiah as well, as it’s very light but still delivers on flavour. The stewed turnips are done nicely and there’s a crunch from something in the filling.

We ordered a ‘kosong’ popiah (without sauce), but the default that the auntie makes includes the brown sauce!

This is probably my first time getting out from Woodlands since the circuit breaker started. I was here at Bukit Panjang Plaza to get something and decided to tabao my food from this ramen restaurant.

I have to agree that ramen must eat while it is still hot. But with the current situation definitely we have no choice.

All their ramen comes with a complimentary egg.

After trying their delicious and affordable Crispy Fish with Rice, I have come down to get their Crispy Chicken With Rice ($4.20).

Look at the amount of chicken they give and each is a big piece. It is so delicious, filling and affordable.

Having the best of both worlds at @boberteasg ! Finally tried their Brown Sugar Boba ($3.30) and Milk Cha Boba ($3.50) ice cream.🍦 My favourite has got to be the latter as the ice cream is infused with tea flavours! 🥰The brown sugar boba ice cream really tasted exactly like their brown sugar milk when the ice cream melted. Even tho topped with ice cream, the boba remained soft and chewy! Craving for it right now again! 🤤
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Ever since leaving secondary school, I have not tried their stall anymore as I live in Choa Chu Kang and they closed after lunch time.

Only today when I was nearby, I decided to try after nearly 9 years. I had to takeaway instead of eating there due to the circuit breaker restriction. Good thing is they offered to separate the noodle and soup so that the noodle wouldn't be soggy.

Taste wise, it is like what I had in the past but as I had it at home instead of the coffeeshop itself. It is not as pipping hot which I had in the past.

It was $3 in the past but now $4 due to inflation. Do note that the cheapest price of each dish does not include egg as shown in the signboard. Hence, my noodle (without egg) would be $3.50 + $0.20 for container.

I think LiHo usually does their pearls quite well. The right amount of chewiness, yet not overly hard. However, this time, I felt there wasn't enough of the brown sugar syrup and I was left drinking plain fresh milk after a while.

Price: $4.90 (large cup)

#halfeatenblog #liho #bubbletea #boba #burpple

Have been patronising this stall for years and have always ordered the kekoumian, but I decided to try the mee hoon kueh that day instead. It looked hand torn, and it wasn’t doughy! Served in the same broth as the kekoumian - not too salty, light, but flavourful. The broth is the star of the bowl. Comes with veg (there is a lot in my bowl because my friend gave me all of her veg), minced meat and an add-on egg. A perfect lunch option for me :)

💵: $4.50

🤔: This bowl was EVEN BETTER than when I had it the first time, but my is my egg yolk always overcooked?!?!!!!

Hokkaido Chizu Matcha
Fragrant Taro Latte
Hokkaido Chizu Mango
Hokkaido Chizu Oolong
Dong Ding Oolong Milk Tea
I always have issue picking the bubble tea I want from the array of choices. But that’s fine, just need to visit them often to try them all! Such a sweet sweet love
Bober Tea

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Somehow remembered suki-ya to be a lot more affordable and value for money than what it is currently... Their only saving grace is probably that the meat slices are actually still pretty nice - especially the fatty beef > normal beef > pork! 😋😋 The variety of sides was honestly painfully limited, but still do appreciate their cheesy meatballs that I actually like! (Though some may not as it’s filled to the brim with super cheesy nacho cheese!) Decent place to satisfy your hotpot cravings, but definitely catch their 1-for-1 or eatigo deals instead cause not totally worth the usual price 😥😥

The charsiew sauce is sweet and the chicken is pretty tender. Quite an interesting dish. However, the other dishes available are slightly pricey. One good thing about this is that it is halal certified!