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The char siew is soft and tender.

Taste very good.

Wouldn't mind coming back again just for the char siew.


Not worth the money. Taste like any other hk milk tea I had elsewhere.

And a few big sips and the bottle is empty. Have to ration whilst eating

Kumamoto Ramen
Adapted from http://www.japan-tour.jp/en/kumamoto-ramen/kyushu/kumamoto/ramen/8025 and tasteatlas.com/kumamoto-ramen respectively,
1) Kumamoto ramen is a dish that consists of thick, strong noodles served inside a rich soup made with pork bones. Garlic is a key feature, with garlic chips, as well as garlic oil used in the recipe.
2) The broth is not as oily as the one found in Hakata ramen, making it suitable to those who aren't used to strong-tasting broths. This ramen is also known for the inclusion of fried garlic chips and sesame oil.

As usual, I tried the broth first and surprisingly, this broth had barely any flavour compared to the ramen I had at Volcano Kazan. It was less rich with no garlic chips and I am sure, no garlic oil present in the ramen. If there was any garlic used in making this dish I truly could not identify it. The noodles were similarly firm and slightly more springy which I prefer while the egg was slightly more runny and custard-like. However, it was similarly flavourless. My next surprise came when I was trying their char shu (2 slices). It was even tougher than the previous ramen hence I'm quite thankful that it was cut into bite-sized portions. The best item here would be their kakuni (braised pork belly) which had a good ratio of meat to fat, was tender and had a strong, robust flavour. Unfortunately, as the broth was utterly disappointing, I found this to be even less satisfying than the previous ramen.
Taste: 5/10

Chijimi (6pcs)
'Korean-style scallion pancakes'
All I can say is I think I've had enough surprises from here...It had absolutely no flavour. Felt as though I was eating starch mixed with oil and the occasional hint of vegetable. Strongly do not recommend, you'll probably need all their vinegar to finish this.
Taste: 2/10

More pictures at: https://www.instagram.com/p/B4y8MjrHgOm/?igshid=1qnis5mgz0mwk

Karamiso (Spicy miso) Ramen
When my bowl arrived, I was really excited as the dish, together with the rest of the restaurant looked very authentic. It even came with the special ramen soup spoon like my previous experience in Ramen Nagi Singapore. Unfortunately, the broth was was not the richest, though relative to the next restaurant I tried was much more flavourful and creamy. The noodles were firm and al dente but would have preferred it to be more springy. I would have preferred my ramen gg (Ajitsuke Tamago) just a tad bit more creamy. Flavourwise, both restaurants I tried failed to deliver as there was hardly any taste in the egg. The sliced char shu here was very lean, but slightly tough. While it was definitely more flavourful than the egg with a hint of sweetness, its flavour was somehow masked by the broth it was in. Also, I felt that more slices could have been given though the single slice (and a half) I had was thicker than usual. My favourite element here would have to be the reddish ball of spicy miso minced meat right at the centre of the bowl. After thoroughly mixing it into the broth though, the spice and meat was diluted to the point that the dish was no longer spicy and lacking in much flavour. Overall, I've tried much better ramen than this and I doubt 'll be coming back for this.
Taste: 5.5/10

Cha Shu Salad
Their salad came with sliced cabbage, 1 slice of cucumber, bits of corn and of course sliced char shu resting on top 1 cabbage leaf before being topped off with a generous drizzle of goma/roasted sesame dressing. It's kind of like an elevated version of the unlimited helpings of salad offered at a Tonkatsu restaurant. Simple but satisfying, especially if you are a fan of the goma dressing.
Taste: 7/10

More pictures at: https://www.instagram.com/p/B4y61glnIqm/?igshid=1ij4jzxbf1k84

This wasn't bad in anyway just that it tasted as though you could find it as one of the microwaveable options in 7-eleven; strong flavours and loaded with sodium to make you crave for more. Typical indian-style curry topped with melted cheese and 3 pieces of lean breaded chicken. Definitely value-for-money though so overall it's an affordable casual restaurant to chill for dinner but I won't come back for the food.

Taste: 5.5/10
Price: 8.5/10
Overall: 6/10

On hot days out, look to this bubble tea joint in Bukit Panjang Plaza for a much-needed respite! Fans of brown sugar, order the creamy and milky Brown Sugar Boba Creme Brûlée Milk (from $4.30), or the bittersweet and well-balanced Brown Sugar Boba Matcha Latte (from $5.50). For something refreshing, the Passion Fruit Green Tea ($3.90) might be up your alley.
Photo Miss Ha ~


Another returned flavor, quite good with a rich milk tea taste, but typical of Thai milk tea, can be too sweet for some (Also available for McFlurry at S$3.20) #sgigfoodies #sgigfood #sgfood #sgfoodies #sgfoodie #dessertssg #desserts #Mcdonalds #burpple #burpplesg #IceCream #Softserve #Mcflurry #Sundae #milktea #thaimilktea

Their renowned broth is remarkably flavourful, with a hefty umami that is tinged with a porcine sweetness.
Personally, I feel the magic is in the components, especially the springiness of the instant noodles and its absorbability being a key factor; the generous amount of liao (tender pork slices and pork liver) also allows for maximum indulgence.
However, possible consistency issues due to crowds — occasionally I've had anemic tasting broths, and the dish as a whole falls apart without the robust flavour.
📍233 Yishun Street 21, #01-472, Singapore 760233
⏱️ (Thurs-Tues) 6am- 3:30pm, closed Wed

Food is affordable and delicious!
Ordered curry fish head, spicy French beans, garlic naibai, 排骨王, prawn paste chicken, tofu and vege, and cost about $130 for 9 pax! A very wholesome and affordable meal with decent portions!

Absolutely delicious!!! A family favorite!
Fish is fresh and comes with lots of deep fried beancurd skin! Portion is huge too.
Highly recommended!

So I got these 4 medium sized drinks for the price of 2 drinks. 🌝🌝🌚🌚😝⁣

After tasting their drinks, I would def come back to get their passionfruit green tea and roasted oolong milk tea. 😍😍Passion fruit green tea was v refreshing and their roasted oolong tea was pretty fragrant. 😌 I felt that their White jelly toppings were better than their pearls. ⁣

✨Bober Tea has outlets at ✨⁣
🍽Bukit Panjang Plaza (11.00am-10.00pm)⁣

🍽Bishan MRT Exit C (11.00am-10.00pm)⁣

🍽Boon Keng 27 Bendemeer Rd #01-665⁣

#burpple #burpplebeyond #boberteasg #bobertea