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Ordered Rib Eye Steak with Vigneron butter $43, extra $6 for blue cheese sauce. Visited this place after seeing good reviews. But it came under expectation.

First, the steak was medium rare but I could see there is raw meat layer in the middle. Seems the grill timing is not precise. The steak also overtenderised, it has lost its firm texture. The staff told me I can expect a blend of fat in the meat, but turned out didn’t. The taste of the steak is quite bland and their complimentary 4 side sauces didn’t compliment the steak well.

Secondly, the free flow fries wasn’t a good quality. I specially ordered blue cheese sauce for fries dipping, but it also didn’t match well. I would expect the fries is hot, crispy and flavourful but it’s not. Seems they fried in bulk way before the order came, it was a bit soggy when served to my table. I even not finished their first serving, because it was not worth the calories.

Thirdly, the bread served is cold & hard to chew. Since it has been adapted to room temperature. Some places they make efforts to toast the bread so it served warm on the customer table.

Least to say it’s a good place for a date night out and service is quite attentive and pleasant. I personally hope they can relook to their food quality, to justify their price.

Total bill for 2 persons without fancy drink $100+

Me being me, seeing images of this itty bitty taco floating around my feed I was feeling a tad apprehensive about it. How good can an index-sized taco be to warrant the price tag of $7++? Only way to go: down it all in a single bite...then drown in sheer bliss. Ooooh this may be tiny, but it packs a fabulous punch. Super fresh, firm yet tender cubes of cured catfish, flavoured with tangy and sweet umeboshi, held in by a beautifully blistered and crisp taco shell. Oddly this really reminded me of our annual cny yusheng, but a more modern, contemporary sorta way. It’s fun, exciting, and really really tasty. I’d pay the whole $7 for this any time bruhs.


📍 @persea.sg ✨
🆕 Rosemary basque cheesecake ( net carb: 6.3g)🧀
💰 ~ $16
@persea.sg is one of the latest addition to Ann Siang hill! 🏔 recently opened on new year day focusing on Low carb (Suitable for keto-dining)💖 will share more bout their food in another post but first shining light on this crazy dessert - Rosemary burnt cheesecake made from cream cheese, Camembert and BLUE CHEESE 😯 paired with fresh berry compote and pure almond biscuit🌟 it’s definitely not the cheesecake you imagine, it’s more savory than sweet like a cheese platter in the shape of a cheesecake 😂 definitely something for peeps who love cheese and rich flavors - they definitely did not skimp on that blue cheese oof✨ do check @persea.sg out! Truly a boutique hidden gem 💎
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Comes with rosemary, thyme, garlic, and refreshing cous cous salad. Great combination of flavors and spices. I enjoyed the meal. This is the most expensive dish on their menu but unfortunately wasn't the best lamb steak I've had. But, burrple 1-1 definitely makes it worth giving a try.


If you visited burn in 2020, they have a refreshed menu. I missed the tiger Prawns but this dish is going to be my new go-to.

Great dish, medium done steak made exceptionally tender and yummy. Served with fresh avo chimmichurri & charred asparagus & potato salad. The coldness of the potatoes balanced the heat very nicely.

Burrple 1-1 makes it absolute steal!


François never disappoints and the quality of his food is always excellent and consistent!! The burrata is locally made and all ingredients are fresh and incredibly tasty. Super worth visiting.

We ordered the steak & the lamb and had a fairly good time. Steak was served at a perfect medium rare and the lamb was delicious. With the dinner set burpple premium promo we paid a total of around $60 for the two mains and a drink each.

Food and ambience was solid and the chefs cooking away at the fire added a little pizzaz.

Only complaint was that the portion for the steak was a little too small, an extra strip or two would’ve helped!

Final verdict: “you’ll see us again.”

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This is a must-try for blue cheese lovers. The blue cheese funk that we all know and love is very prominent in this cheesecake. The rosemary also makes it very aromatic and the blueberry compote helps cut through the richness. There were also almond biscuits that we had like crackers on a cheeseboard. I'd spread some of the cheesecake on it and it was divine. The perfect way to end a meal.

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I love brussels sprouts and couldn't resist ordering it. It was covered with sausage crumbs that I didn't even know what the dish was till I looked closely. But the sprouts were nutty and sweet, and went so well with the chorizo sabayon sauce. That sauce though.. you HAVE TO try that sauce. It's savoury and almost cheesy. I finished every bit of it!

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Went there for lunch, not much crowd. Great for people who wants a less crowded place for lunch. the steak was awsome! The doneness was quite on point. Generous servings of salad and fries! Definitely recommend to order the blue cheese as well!

The former needs no introduction I believe — I’ve written about it several times — but their take on the dirty chai has been one of my favourites for a long time coming. Fragrant but not overwhelming spices, well-balanced with a solid shot of espresso, and just enough frothed milk to smoothen it all out 👌🏻🥰

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I can’t ever resist fried chicken, especially not when it looks as massive, golden, and beautifully crunchy like this. And trust me, the chook in this Yuzu Karaage Burger was every bit as delicious as it looks here. The batter’s thin, well-seasoned, and boasts a fabulous crunch; chicken’s juicy and super tender. I really enjoyed their fluffy and sweet buns as well. In fact everything in this burger was on point for me, save for the sauce 🤔 I’m not sure what went in there, but it had that pungent kick reminiscent of wasabi. Now I’m not too big a fan of wasabi myself so this wasn’t quite up my alley, but if that’s your thing then I’m sure you’d enjoy this plenty. I’d also have liked the yuzu element to come across more discernibly here — that’d really take this burger up a notch.