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U don't get what you don't ask for, I asked and they so kindly obliged ><

Charentais melon balls were super sweet from the marination, but the texture was thus diff from fresh melons too. Served w peach gum and melon juice(which wasn't too strong)

By the side there's milk ice cream made by creamier specially for them, according to their recipe and oh god it was special. Somehow very smooth, and milkier than normal. This comes w pumpkin seed oil which was quite intense

Overall pretty good, but idk if I would pay this normal price for it either

It's funny how they don't call themselves basque when they're literally using idiazabal cheese.

It's pretty decent, I don't like the slightly smoky edge from idiazabal cos I feel it doesn't mesh particularly well but maybe it's just me if this is meant to be authentic. Anyway it's not particularly strong so not a big deal. However it's a little bit dry at the side

But way too ex tho, this is abit ridiculously prized

Went to Maxi Coffee Bar and ordered an Iced Cereal Milk Latte ($7.50) and a Black Cold Brew ($5.80)!😇 Overall ratings 8/10! Really liked the Cereal Latte but the Cold Brew has quite a sour note🥹 Would head back again for the Cereal Latte😁

Served w pineapple compote. Honestly it's basically blitzed pineapple but it works well

The scarmoza was rlly lovely. It's very meaty almost, esp when served beside the pineapple compote. There's crisp on the surface, it's got the most pleasant soft chew and sufficient bite, and smoky too.

The only problem is the price. Otherwise I have no reservations about branding it a must try. Still tho, I'm really glad I didn't have to share this, this was very satisfying to chew on 3 massive chunks of scarmoza

Koji marinated iberico secreto, the funk wasn't too strong and the umami is present. Quite tender too, esp because of the thin cut. I would prefer a thicker cut tho, and it wasn't crisped up enough

The braised cabbage is tough to cut, it spreads out cos the knife isn't sharp enough. Your classic sour cabbage

The black vinegar sauce was rlly good. There's umami from ckn jus, so the sourness played second fiddle

Overall pretty good, but very overpriced

The sourdough was lovely. Crispy, light, with nice bite.

I'm sure people have heard about their kombu butter. To be honest you don't taste exactly kombu but it's more of just umami. This will be a theme throughout the meal.

It was very good tho, this is a must try if you're here

gelato ($5) - quality gelato, yes not ice cream 😂 it’s more like creamy/icy mix of sorbet with definitely fresh strawberries used 🍓💯

Chitarra Cacio e Pepe ($17) is missing the black pepper for me but surprisingly over a few bites, the chewyness of the pasta really distinguish itself from normal pasta linguine despite its look and goes well with the cream✨

💯 Double Crunch Salmon Affumicato ($12) for the price - it’s a 10/10 pizza sandwich with favorite ingredients: burrata and salmon😍

💯 gramigna al ragù di salsiccia ($18) where you get to try a unique alternative green pasta similar to macaroni paired with ragu bits 👍

💕Beef tongue and Gribiche sandwich.
Still one of my fav from @lebonfunk , the crisp toast wrapped the generous of tender with bites of beef tongue slices
💕Paradise Jelly and foie gras toast
Also another fav item from , the foie gras literary melt in mouth served with milk bread toast.
💕Whole heritage chicken
Really good main, the chicken juicy, tender and flavourful.
💕Oxtail nuggets with guindillas
New discovery that will add to fav item, it’s really good. Outside crisp with inside soft and chewy inside.
💰$19/4 pcs
💕Parmesan and Tapioca fritters
Crispy tapioca fritters outside with cheese inside.
💰$8/2 pcs
💕Confit Artic Char
The fish was ok, soft and have rich flavour

📍Le Bon funk.
29 club street