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Well cooked Lobster with nicely poached egg. Great price with the Burpple Beyond deal~
Don't forget to try their brew beer.

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This was part of the weekday lunch set which comes with a starter (either salad or soup). The fish was pretty substantial and the batter crisp and well fried. Towards the end it got a bit too jelak somehow.

An interesting cocktail but seems to be a little low on the alcohol.

Gin based cocktail with kyoho grape.

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Small Coffee bar as the shop is really just a coffee stand/bar with espresso machine and a cashier. 4 small seats at the counter.

Coffee is smooth and strong. Ice latte without sugar a little too bitter for my liking.

Nasi lemak rice is so fragrant and sambal souce really packs a punch! I brought my foreign friend from the States to here and he loves it! Besides, don't forgot to order iced lemongrass!

Walked into this hole-in-the-wall coffee space on a sweltering Saturday afternoon, and we were treated to one of the best and most unique coffee concoctions we’ve ever had, and we are pretty avid coffee drinkers. We had the weekend specials - the coffee shake and the coffee & tonic with Burpple Beyond’s 1 for 1 (+$1.50 if you redeem the weekend specials). Both coffees we had were superb! The coffee shake was unlike any other shake, there were 3 types of coffee within and it really packed a strong punch, and the coffee & tonic was modelled after a gin & tonic, with their seasonal cold brew infused with florals. The owners/staff were so warm and welcoming as well, we felt really at home. We will definitely be back for more!

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The feather blade refers to a cut from the shoulder, at $21++ for a 200g cut, definitely great value. Tender and flavorful, add a little more salt and pepper for the taste to truly shine. There’s room for improvement of course as there’s no char on the steak.

Waitress was nice enough to talk about a few of their specials whilst describing it but i’ll probably only do that on a return trip as we wanted to try their signature. The rest of the staff barely had a smile on their faces. Bear in mind this is relatively early in the evening with half the restaurant empty.

$2 for a small saucer of sauce and $16++ for a 100ml sake. Everything was carefully measured, even their wine which was poured into a cup and then poured into your glass, there is no flair and it feels that the restaurant is being nit picky and very careful managing their costs.

Might not be top in some official rankings, but OD is a bar that truly has me enamoured. I have never once been disappointed by new concoctions in their ever-changing menu.
This Harajuku Highball ($25) is really easy to drink. With smoked pear and quince tea kombucha as ingredients, it was pleasantly sweet whilst still carrying an enchanting complexity. The candied walnut is also a charming finish touch.

Always follow your heart but take your coffee with you.

Be sure to try their weekend special - The Maxi Shake ☺️.

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Went down to the restaurant on a Thursday evening, and was pleasantly surprised that there was a minimal waiting time. Even then, waitress serving our table told us that usual waiting times on fridays and weekends could go up to an hour and a half, so go on weekdays guys!

Staff was friendly and helpful in recommendations, and price point ($21+ for 200g) was really affordable. Whilst the side dishes (sautéed mushrooms and roasted sweet potato) were a tad small of a serving for the price, they were good accompaniments to the main star. The steak was juicy (medium rare!) and excellent. Would definitely go again:)

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This spacious watering hole along Club Street is perfect for freshly brewed craft beers with the gang, complete with buzzy vibes and comfy lighting. Sip on thier signature Little Creatures IPA ($14 for 280ml) while hitting the mains, like the simple yet tasty Original Margarita ($20) pizza. If burgers are on your mind, go for the Little Creature ($28) – think juicy beef patty, caramelised onions, bacon, cheddar, pickles and smoked paprika mayo.
Photo by Burppler Hwans Lim


Ordered this and spicy nachos. The breakfast comprised of eggs done in your choice, sausages, baked beans, mushrooms, hash brown and toast. Generous portion and not bad! The star was definitely the spicy nachos for us though. Delicious spicy ground beef topping, generous amount of guacamole and chips!
The beers are worth and try and coffee is decent too. Overall would recommend going to this place as it also has a nice interior and seems nice for a chill night out with friends.
Burpple 1 for 1 is valid for all dishes $25 and below.

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