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I usually keep a wide berth from milky coffees, but Maxi’s cereal milk latte ($7.50) is an indulgence that I keep coming back for. So much so that I haven’t tried any of their other options! Coffee is smooth, albeit mild, with the rich flavour of milk infused with cereal.

As The Feather Blade moved to another location, this space has been replaced by another restaurant that also focusing on their steaks.

The Picanhas Don comes with the 100gm of steak and blue pea rice; topped with fried garlic bits, pickled cabbage, caramelised onion and onsen egg.

Those ingredients given a strong taste to the overall meal, while the steak remain its texture that I love.

This dish was astronomically-priced at $27++! However, it was indeed served with around 4 prawns and some crab meat, as well as quail eggs and pesto + chilli paste! The soup was lighter, yet fragrant, so it was definitely drinkable if you wished to. Definitely different from the laksa we are all used to!

Serving was extremely generous and you can smell the truffle even before the dish is placed on your table 😋 Definitely one of the must-trys at PS.Cafe

I have an immense weakness for canelés. Dark, thick, caramelised crusts, hiding pale, soft and tender centres, these dainty cylindrical pastries are, to me, the perfect lil afternoon nibble. So knowing that Le Matin’s ones are available at Maxi Coffeehar, I wasn’t about to give up scoring myself one. The custardy centre this canelé definitely nailed: just the right level of sweetness, and beautifully perfumed with vanilla with visible specks from vanilla beans 🥰 Unfortunately I did find the shell a little of a letdown. It was a tad too tough and limp, lacking that stiff crunch I was expecting, and tasted a wee too burnt — not in the nice caramel-y sorta way, but overly bitter for my taste. Still that could be a result of heating it up for dine-ins; I’m pretty sure a freshly baked one would taste tons better.

We got a side of potato to share. I can never say no to duck fat potato anything. Always loved it since I had them at Madison's in shanghai. Can hardly find them here in singapore though.

Overall for 2 pax we spent about $150 for 1 side, 2 mains and a small custard pudding to share

This is probably my favourite dish of the night. The tongue is done just nice - tender and flavourful. If only there is more!

1-for-1 allows you to choose the first dish from 'Bigger' section and the second dish has to be (hangover stew/fried chicken/white clams/papaya salad)

Tiger Prawn Ramen was our first dish and it came with three huge prawns and has a bit of alkaline noodle taste. We chose the Hangover Stew as the second dish and it was flavourful with the right amount of salty and sour mix. Would recommend.

Restaurant gives good quality serviettes.

Pretty darn solid. That’s what I’ve got to say. I remember not enjoying TFB’s steaks, cause as well executed as they were I felt like they were too buttery and tender (if that makes any sense), lacking any bite at all. Now Picanhas’ Queen of Steaks (S$21), though visually similar, was definitely more up my alley. It was lean, juicy, tender, and flavourful, but still held a nice bite so I could actually tell I was chewing meat lolol. Picanhas’ uses the picanha cut, which comes from the rump cap muscle — ie a firm cut with a beautiful fat cap (read: flavour). I liked how well-seasoned the steak was, so I didn’t necessarily have to dunk it in their sauces. Not that they weren’t fab. I’m a huge fan of chimichurri and theirs were done very well; I was really more surprised to find myself enjoying their wasabi cream sauce. As cloying as the white sauce looks, it’s actually really light on the palate. Creamy and sweet, with just a mild pungency from the wasabi (nothing too in-your-face), this was easy to eat and very very enjoyable.

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The idea of an assorted platter of desserts to end a lovely evening could have been a sweet finish if the desserts were better. The platter included vanilla ice-cream, panna cotta, chocolate cake, tiramisu and chocolate fudge/brownie. I give it tops for the beautiful presentation, but sadly it fell short in terms of taste and texture. Only the ice cream and tiramisu were worth the calories.

The fettuccine was done al dente and each strand was drenched with the savoury, tangy, and slightly spicy sauce that made this pasta simply delicious and not jelak. Slurrppp~

Food is average. A more a place for drinks