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Amazing portions, lovely couple, soft silky hor fun, and really bang for buck meal - what’s there not to love!

My $4 plate of noodle came with a generous portion of char siew and five boiled wantons.
The exterior of their char siew is caramelized in a thick layer of dark marinade while the texture is moist and tender.
The well-seasoned wantons are plump and there are bits of fats in the pork so there is some oil richness in the wanton.
Very delicious indeed!
Read more: https://thedeadcockroach.blogspot.com/2019/05/ah-wing-wanton-mee-empress-road-market.html

I order this every time I’m here - yuuuummmy n healthy

Not bad but I prob will not order again, they have so much other better dishes

Anchovies for SGD15. As per photo, it was tin can anchovies with 4 little pieces of pepper. Also ordered prawn- taste like Chinese fry prawn soaked in oil, and pork, which was dry. This used to be one of my favourite restaurants...dunno what happened sigh

Totally love the chewy texture and bitter sweet matcha. Pair it with dark chocolate yogurt to make it even more irresistible. It doesn’t taste like yogurt at all. 🍦🍦🍦💚💚💚
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Really value for money as the wantons and meat dumplings are filled fully and tasty. Noodles are QQ not sticking together even till the end. $3 for the wanton mee and 70 cents for each meaty dumpling. Overall yummy.

I love crown bakery for everything they do.

There’s just so much pride - from the plating to the execution to the freshness of the ingredients .

A well baked croissant , perfect scrambled eggs and a side of fresh crips greens 🥬 and of course a good cup of latte is quintessentially the perfect brunch for me .

I don’t need the the fancy eggs Benedict or poached eggs or bacon or salmon or fancy French toast or worst still the big breakfast (which sounds more like lunch than breakfast )😂

Just keep it simple .

This is the breakfast that I dream of having everyday .

At 8.90 , I am quite certain this is most value for money breakfast considering the quality of food.

Admittedly, I went over to Meatmen for some fantastic Father’s Day steaks, but some odd compulsion drove me to Bakery Brera to have a gander at what the hype was all about. I truly lucked out on that day, as there was an abundance all varieties of their famous cruffins still for sale at 6 pm. I was told that they’d anticipated an insane demand for these cruffins due to it being Father’s Day, but said demand never materialized.

Well, everyone else’s loss is my gain, and after heating up this Nutty Salted Caramel Cruffin, I can start to see why there’s a hot fuss over these flaky boys. Croissant pastry is moulded into the form of a muffin before getting impregnated with a healthy amount of caramel.

The end product is fabulously flaky while still retaining that luxurious, buttery softness inside. Once you chomp your way to the centre, the caramel hidden deep inside is there to lavish your tongue with sweet, sweet sugary love. The soft dough was absolutely addictive, and when fused with the sweetness of the caramel and the sugar studding the flaky pastry exterior, these cruffins were certainly charming.

However, it’s not all hunky dory. I was wondering where the nuts in the ‘nutty’ were, as aside from the small smattering of crushed nuts on the outside, the nuts were missing. They should’ve put some chunky nuts into the centre with the caramel to put the nut back into nutty, and so that when people ask about deez nuts, they can confidently say that they gottem.

At $4.50, it’s not that worth it, but if you’re a sucker for competently crafted croissants moulded into muffins and stuffed with various spiffy sweets, then Bakery Brera will be taking all your money straight outta your wallet.

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1 for 1, 7-course meal at $78++.
Boyfriend really really enjoyed the Wagyu Marble score 7-8 Tri tip and the Char Siew (beef ribs)! It was tender, juicy and flavorful.
We were served a small serving of passionfruit sorbet to clear our palette which really helped before the REAL DEAL - Wagyu beef steak.
Creme brulee foie gras tasted interesting.
Loved the choc lava cake too, though would prefer if there's no raspberry within.
Pretty small place hence reservation is highly recommended. Ambience can be nicer but it does get cozier at night.