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Nice cute cafe with friendly staff.

Egg bagel was nice to taste and had amazing presentation.

Too expensive though. I will stick to the affogato coffee next time

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Very tasty, lovely to look at.

Cute little cafe with very friendly staff.

Too expensive for the place though, thats the only negative.

Try their affogato, it's delicious

Nice and cute place with a very friendly staff.

Affogato coffee is authentic italian and deserves 5 stars.

Everything else is very expensive, so stic to your coffee

Went there on a Sunday noon with the breakfast set. Breakfast set was a huge portion. Love the eggs too. Hot chocolate sweetness tastes just right.

Atmosphere: chill and windy afternoon, with breeze. (Sitting outdoors)

Great time of chilling and relaxing with friends on a Sunday noon. And oh, not to mention it’s just opposite Botanic Gardens too. 🌿☘️🌸🍃

Back with my Mee Siam adventure! 🥢

I wonder if the shop name came after shortlisting the shop? As the name suggests, the shop does exist in a cozy corner with little seats. Not that I have to wait long for a seat, as many are takeaway orders.

A satisfying Mee Siam! Gravy was thick, chilli does pack a punch. Though I personally prefer a more sour base, will request for more lime the next time.

Can’t wait to have my next Mee Siam!

Creamy eggs, buttery bread, tasty sausages and bacon... Every ingredient was really tasty, would definitely have it again!

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Not yet Chinese New Year but my recent purchase of Pineapple Tart (S$28.80)) from @bakerybrera is almost finished

This is wonderful!!

I get to taste the purity of flavour in every ingredient that is bonded nicely with the truffle aroma.
The chive is lightly sweet,
I taste the savouriness in the fluffy crisp potatoes.
The cheese is nutty and salty.

And every bite just shouts TRUFFLE.
Def have it with pepper ☺️

Ate this before with a friend and this is my third time. Never fails to disappoint.
Love how the pork belly melts in your mouth, there is crunch from the Mamee noodle and the onsen egg gives its creaminess.

Portion size is a little small for $16 but burpple makes it worth!


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This dish was honestly average, the only thing that stood out was the HONEY MASCARPONE. Sooooo good, I finished every bit of it. Not really a fan of the anchovy butter (maybe it’s an acquired taste!), but even the egg was vvv average, not too much taste to it.

I absolutely love the matcha latte though!!!! It’s soooooo creamy, but for those who like the strong matcha taste, this is definitely not for you! It’s just v subtle, v creamy, and it’s really surprising how the matcha blends so well. I don’t see any powder hanging around! It’s slightly on the sweet side, so I let the ice melt for a bit, and afterwards it’s heavenly 💕

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Known for having very good eggs ben/royale, Choupinette is a cozy French restaurant tucked away in Bukit Timah. Enjoy an intimate 3-Course Dinner Set Menu ($70) with your loved ones, which comes with a starter of Onion Soup or Escargot. Choose from 4 choices of their signature mains.— Pork Medallion, Chicken Fricassee, Roasted Duck Breast with Raspberry Framboise Sauce or Whole Roasted Quail with Grape Sauce. End off the sweet night with Creme Brulee or Chocolate Mousse.

Especially in the pretty Kara Cafe. Third time back here and it's one of my favourites.

Matcha crepe was just the right level of bittersweet, with consistent layers of creaminess. Feels light and hence not too sinful. Caved in completely to this dessert heaven

Ft. reeses brownie cheesecake at the back.

About $13 for two of us, as we had sparkling water too