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Top 10 in Farrer Road

Top 10 places in Farrer Road, Singapore.

Latest Reviews in Farrer Road

Latest reviews of food and restaurants in Farrer Road, Singapore.

Wasn’t very sure what it is before ordering so decided to give it a try. Felt its more like a normal croissant but a non-crispy one - wasn’t pretty impress by the texture.

#TGIF with some Hainanese Chicken ramen at Happy World Roast !


This grilled cheese sandwich with brie, cheddar and mozzarella was scrumptuously rich. For heathens that do not appreciate the glorious cheese overload, it is served with an addictively zesty tomato dip that can cut through the heartiness.

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These waffles come with a default flavour of dark chocolate froyo for the softserve, but you can easily opt for any other flavours available at no extra charge! Was debating between salted speculoos and maple lavender and eventually settled for the former. While the speculoos had a nice caramel-y sweetness, I felt that the salted element of the ice cream could definitely have been stronger.

The highlight though, would definitely be those glorious matcha waffles. Unlike your usual waffles, these are much more dense and chewy (like a mochi!) and I loved how prominent the matcha fragrance actually was! Would have been perfect if the exterior of the waffles could have been made more crisp, but was still damn good nonetheless.

Doused in sweet matcha sauce, it was so good I was really tempted to order more; or try the other flavours available😋😝


While the salmon wasn't too overly cooked, it was a tad fishy! Loved the crispy fried wanton skins that garnished the dish, but perhaps I made a mistake of mixing them in together because that made it lose the crunch 😅

Another thing would be that they were kind of heavy handed with the gochujang sauce, so the flavour was kind of overwhelming. This is especially given that there wasn't much rice so the ratio is rather off.
Would have preferred for the sauce to be served at the side; which is pretty much what was done for previous bibimbaps i've tried, so that i can control the amount of sauce that goes in my dish!

One thing i realised i that portion sizes run pretty small, especially given the steep prices, but i guess that just means you'll have room for desserts; which seem to fair better than their mains;imo.

Seems like Mala's all the rage nowadays, and has even made it to KARA's menu in the form of these Mala noodles.

The noodles are the super thin kind, which are definitely not my preferred type of noodles, but what was disappointing was the texture of the noodles, which were rather limp. Would have been great if there was more bite to them, as the noodles were actually rather flavourful and fragrant, albeit not as spicy as I expected them to be. Perhaps they could take it a step further and let customers choose from their levels of spiciness; (不/小/中/大 辣? 😹)

As for the other components of the dish, my favourite would be the fragrant and crunchy peanuts! The cucumbers and pickles also lent the dish a nice refreshing crunch.

The chicken was rather underwhelming though, being a tad dry and it seemed as though they did not manage to absorb the fragrance of the chilli oil enough.

Be sure to bag some cruffins home as the croissant-muffin hybrid at Bakery Brera is undoubtedly one of their best sellers. Calling in advance to reserve all four available flavours (Peanut Butter, Caramel, Lemon Curd & Kaya), I was warned that they usually flew off the shelves before noon.

At $4.50 a whirl, the buttery and flaky outer shell was my favourite part, only next to the generous smooth fillings. Torn between the lusciously rich peanut butter and tangy-sweet lemon curd, I was glad to find that there were just enough of both piped into the airy centre as I dug excitedly into each pastry. The baked dough was surprisingly light and dusted with just the right amount of sugar that it didn’t create too much of a mess. Not my first cruffin, this golden rendition from Bakery Brera, nestled in the quaint estate of Empress Mall, will be something I constantly dream about.

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Highlight of the meal. Simply worth it for tge burpple 1 for 1.

Good balance of fats to meat with an unbelievable smoky char taste

Delicious, tender, served with sweet sauce. Definitely a dish to remember in the Alternative 7-Course Set Meal, $78++ with #BurppleBeyond

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