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Amazing place for an amazing weekend breakfast experience. Had their Breakfast Works coupled with their Lemon Mint Tea. The tea complemented the hearty breakfast well and it felt simply amazing.

Fair warning; you need a hearty appetite to stomach their generous portions.

Midweek brunch cravings calls for some
scrambled eggs! Truffle Eggs Prosciutto (~$22) was a pile of scrambled eggs and salty shaved prosciutto on thick brioche toast! ☺️
Toast was chunk and really crispy on the crust, yet suuuuper soft in the middle! It got really soggy real quick and was quite plain and dry🤷🏻‍♀️ Scrambled eggs were quite anticlimactic since it wasn’t seasoned much and it could’ve been more volumous :-( However I liked how crispy and crunchy the kale was, very much like kale chips 😛
Was a nice brunch but honestly quite average and not worth the price imo

Ig @goodfomood

I had the Carbonara with Onsen Egg ($18) and Mocha ($5.50). Really enjoyed the carbonara , it was creamy but not overwhelming. They were really generous with their portions and the service staff was really friendly.
Will definitely come back again!

The ham had a nice texture, and was very flavourful. The egg was also very well done, not too watery or hard. They were generous with the toast, it’s quite thick! It was a good order!

Perfect place for a lazy, cosy Sunday breakfast :') we had the breakfast works (large generous portions with the most flavourful sausage) and the Brulee French toast topped with the juciest and freshest fruits.

I could tell that Elixir had top notch ingredients and took pride in what they were making. Even to the finest details like the fruits, they were so sweet and lovely I really appreciated that.

Already eyeing the blue pea beef rendang for lunch the next time I come here!

I decided to try the Denver Steak (medium rare) and I was pretty impressed—it was juicy, marinated-well and had a really, really nice smoky flavour. The Charred Broccolini provided some crunch and was a good balance to the tender steak. For dessert, I had the creamy Basque Burnt Cheesecake which wasn’t too sweet and was a pleasant end to a great meal.

Cosy and convenient, the restaurant is also only a few minutes away from the MRT.

It was overall a satisfying experience—definitely check this place out!


got d 1for1 grainbowl w drink !!

ordered pork miso & the mentaiko salmon hehe pork miso was rly gooOd and d dried maggi fragmentS were cri$P & gives the whole meal an xTra crunch !!! mentaiko salmon was a lil gelaT mayo>salmon mm “texture of fish is like tuna” LOL but d cafe is rly qUaint & qwoot !! wld totally go back hehe xd ~~

It's charred, just probably a little too sweet for me.
Thanks to burpple app, got the tasting menu which all comes in really small portions but at least the main wagyu beef helps to fill us up. Was confused by their new server who gave me wrong info twice and actually dampen the atmosphere alittle.

This is nice! The cheese given I think was generous and perfect, the incorporation of sauerkraut definitely made this sandwich more unique. If u’re no big fan of sauerkraut maybe can simply request to remove it, will still result in a good grilled cheese!
Also served with some tomato jam that I feel makes this sandwich more special!

Went to elixir for brunch and had the truffle eggs prosciutto, the eggs were very soft and tasty with the truffle flavour not being too overpowering, and the portion size was just right for brunch.

Truffles Eggs Prosciutto $22
The Breakfast Works $24

The texture of the scrambled eggs was smooth and tasty (without/with truffles). The taste of the truffles was not too overwhelming.
Warm brioche was served and they were well toasty with cripsy sides!

Take note: The Breakfast works portion is really huge!! would recommend to share with a friend.

Thanks to 1 for 1 deal, the total bill was about $28+ inclusive of gst and service charges