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This is a teaser to promote their upcoming ‘Matsuri’ Sake Pairing Dinner ($88 per pax) on 25 and 26 July and ‘8th Anniversary’ Wine Pairing Dinner ($78 per pax) on 7 and 8 Aug 2018. Swipe right to find out more! 🙃
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Refreshing, the black tea was light and you can taste the fragrance of lychee with every mouth (S$4).

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Grilled chicken is tender and juicy. It comes with 2 side dishes, and I chose mushroom rice and thicked cut fries. The mushroom rice tastes like those old school glutinous rice flavor with some caramelized onions and mushroom slices. The thicked cut fries was bad, because it is hard especially at the corners.


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A combination of diff ingredients and most impt to add the pork belly. It’s nicely glazed and roasted. Rating: 8/10

Very tasty and authentic Thai Pork Noodles. If you like spicy add some chili powder for extra kick
Rating: 8/10

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Clams in white wine sauce. Generous amount of fresh clams and the white wine sauce is intense with every mouth. (S$5.70).


The carrot cake here was really comforting and homey on a cold day! The chili was spicy and the black sauce was both sweet and savory. Yumz!

The burger consists of chicken thigh with the prawn paste mayo, which I thought was rather underwhelming - tasty but no prawn paste flavor leh, BUT I love love love the ha cheong gai drumlets at just $2.20 for 2, v nice leh!

Go order now and tell me what you think!

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Didn't expect it to be nearly quite good. The durian puree is actually quite strong and there's some bite from the durian flesh. As good as u can reasonably expect from chain restaurants