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Been to a lot of outlets for Siam Square Mookata but I really love the one opened at Yishun Wisteria mall🤣 Food tastes good, price is decent and its rlly good for groups!! Not sure why that specifi. outlet has better marinated meat taste but maybe its just me🤭 Would definitely go again so ratings are a 9/10 from me!!😍

Chef recommended item on their menu. Meat is tender but personally I find it abit too spicy. But overall up to expectation, considering the price (affordable) and the portion size.

From Black Pot
Set 1 Beef stew set with rice
Combo with black pot holding mildly savoury soup, inside silken tofu cubes, half hard boiled egg & cabbages.

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The scoop size is huge and generous. Total value for money even without the Burpple deal. The ice cream is creamy and not too sweet. Highly recommended. The owner seems very kind and nice too.

Looking to satisfy your sweet tooth? Pop by this dessert spot for some flavorful ice cream! With an assortment of flavours to choose from, ranging from Mao Shan Wang, Ferrero Rocher, and Blue Vanilla, your tummy is bound to be satisfied. You can also order up their lava cake set ($8), which comes with a lava cake and a classic single scoop for extra tastiness!

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On the other hand, i quite enjoyed the grilled catfish ($6.50) which came with crusty exterior and the creamy dill sauce was good but not enough for the whole portion of fish. The fries that we got for this dish was just very fried and overly salty though.


Have been wanting to try out the food at Wild Olives (Pasir Ris Central Hawker Centre) for more than 2 years! Finally tried it recently, but having set my expectations too high, I think i will only eat it once and that's it, especially when we had to wait in line for 1 hour!

Wanted to try the mushroom soup and mashed potato but it was already sold out by the time we ordered on a sat evening. Tried the most popular grilled chicken chop with mushroom rice and grilled herb potatoes ($5.90), but uh it tasted pretty normal to me, not mindblowing. The chicken chop was tender, but it did not have much marination. The mushroom rice which I was very keen on trying turned out to taste something like dry glutinuous rice (luo mi fan) to me, with a very heavy shallot oil taste. The grilled herb potatoes was more like the korean ja jiang mian kind/ dark soya sauce, and I found it toooo salty! There was no herby taste at all? haha

On the other hand, i quite enjoyed the grilled catfish ($6.50) which came with crusty exterior and the creamy dill sauce was good but not enough for the whole portion of fish. The fries that we got for this dish was just very fried and overly salty though.

one word that summarise this visit = salty. haha it left us soo thirsty that we had to buy a bottle of water from the drinks stall haha. Plus, I always dont get stores which make customers stand in line to wait. Why not take the orders and have a queue calling system to call customers when food is ready? To me, it is just making the stall seem very popular so that more ppl will be curious and join in the queue. As a customer, it is not a nice experience to stand in line to wait for 1 hour?

But ok la the food was affordable. If no queue can eat.

Small humble ice cream shop within Elias Mall. Limited flavours but would say that flavours are relatively special and with local flavours too (e.g. apple cinnamon, earl grey lavender, kopi peng, yuzu, MSW etc). $3.80 for classic and $4.80 for premium flavours. Taste wise it's on the milder side, and the more you eat the more the taste becomes less pronounced.

perfect if you just want some mini hot pot. portions for everything is great except for the mentai potato but overall taste was great

Cheap and good. Love it. Only down side was the long queue.

We definitely recommend their soups as well. Their mushroom soup is really thick and there's not much cream added so it's great for mushroom lovers. The best part? It costs just $1 as an add on to a meal!

This is perhaps the most value for money western food place that you can find in SG. The servings are huge and the quality is great and consistent. We've been fans since their days at Changi airport staff canteen!

We ordered the grilled catfish with sambal sauce, along with the mushroom rice and herb potato as sides, plus a sunny side up. And it's only $7.30 for this hearty meal!

Though carb heavy, we will definitely recommend the herb potato and mushroom rice, and especially so if you're an onion lover. We can probably eat them as separate dishes cos they're so fragrant.

The only downside is probably the queuing, which is a minimum of 30mins during mealtimes. Do also rmb to check their Facebook page for closures.