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Here is something for those who miss Ramly Burger or pasar malam (Night Market) food.

I only found out recently that there is a permanent shop that sells Ramly-styled Burger. You can opt for double or even quadruple patties! Talk about sinful burger 😉

Single Patty $4.50

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@prawnaholic flirts with the norms, and they pull off their modern take on prawn noodles exceedingly well. You can smell the smoky goodness wafting from as far as 2 stalls down because every order of noodles has pork belly slices freshly aburi-ed a la minute. These fatty, melt-in-your-mouth hunks of heaven top al-dente noodles that are married with an exquisitely addictive and unctuous spicy sauce made from dried shrimp and other aromatics. Each element is in perfect sync, from the crunchy, freshly fried lardons and crisp shallots, to the homemade prawn balls and the fresh and sweet whole prawns. Adding on an onsen egg($1) to break and mix into the saucy noodles enhances the enjoyment even further.

Last but not least, their prawn soup is one of the best I've tried, infused with a potent crustacean-y flavour that's richly flavourful and completely MSG-free. This is right up there with Da Dong.

Taste: 3.5/5


If you don't mind waiting at least 45 minutes for your food, Wild Olives delivers quality hawker western cuisine for its price point. The Grilled Chicken comes with a choice of either teriyaki or mushroom sauces and two sides. For mine, I picked the mushroom sauce, homemade coleslaw and grilled herb potatoes.

The chicken itself is excellent - tender, succulent and devoid of the freezer burn that so commonly plagues proteins from western hawker stalls. Its skin is fatty and slightly charred from being on the grill, smothered in a rather uncommon herbal mushroom sauce. The slaw is tasty enough but unremarkable, however props must be given to the moreish potatoes glazed in a sticky reduction with garlic and onion. Unbeatable value for the huge portions and taste, if you can stomach the snaking queue.

Taste: 3/5


Came across this new stall named 新仔肠粉少爷 that had recently opened its doors at Pasir Ris Central Hawker Centre situated just a couple of stalls away from Wild Olives (i.e. the famous Western stall in the same food centre that originated from Changi Airport Terminal 2’s staff canteen previously) — the stall seems to specialise in serving up Vermicelli Rolls (aka Chee Cheong Fun), as well as serving up quite a couple of rice and porridge dishes with Hong Kong Street Food such as HK Curry Fish Ball, Marinated Pork Trotters etc.

I am pretty much a huge sucker for freshly-made Chee Cheong Fun that are made to order, which is pretty much the reason why I had found myself making the trek all the way to Pasir Ris Central Hawker Centre just for this. With so many variants available ranging from Chicken & Mushroom to classics like Char Siu, we found ourselves opting for the Prawn Vermicelli Roll which we always go for on our first try of a stall. Whilst the option to add vegetable and eggs to our Vermicelli Roll was available, it was something we chose to skip — the end product probably being something close to what YinJi 银记肠粉店 at Far East Square would offer. Felt that the Vermicelli Roll here is decent; coming in 3 rolls for a single portion at $4.80, the Chee Cheong Fun comes reasonably smooth and well-flavoured from the light soya sauce that carries quite a punch and deep soy note which I found to be pretty alluring — all of that encasing sizeable prawns which were also reasonably fresh.

To be honest, I found it pretty difficult to justify coming all the way down to Pasir Ris for this — after all, it’s really located at an extreme corner of the island where it does take a bit of effort to head to for those who are coming down from other areas. That being said, it does its job and satisfy cravings for a decent Hong Kong-style Chee Cheong Fun — and that’s probably sufficient as a decent option to consider for the residents around the area which they seem to target themselves at.


4⭐ We didn't intend to eat ice cream. WB comment that their ice cream cone looks good when we passed by the ice cream shop so we decided to give it a try. I asked for the most popular flavour which is salted caramel. This is surprisingly good with small chunks of caramel. WB finds the shop name too difficult to remember. I ponder if they can come up with a better name bcos A spoonful of Sugar is not = a scoop of ice cream. 🤣
#ASpoonfulOfSugar #SaltedCaramel

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Finally make a long trip all the way to this place for the prawn noodle. For those who taking public transport, you can reach here by taking bus no. 6 from Pasir Ris Bus Interchange.

I ordered the $5 portion which still a sufficient portion to me. Comes with 5 pieces of sliced prawn with lots of fried shallots. and the prawn broth was delicious that I finish the whole bowl.

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While the mazesoba was nothing to shout about, the mentaiko salmon was cooked perfectly. Comes with fried chicken skin/ mushrooms/ onset egg. At $10nett including a free drink (pepsi/ root beer/ iced lemon tea), the lunch deal here is pretty worth it. G had the mazesoba with steak which was pretty decent too. Other than mazesoba (in collaboration with Kofuku Ramen), there’s other mains and burgers to choose from.


Despite the multiple good reviews about this place, we found it so-so only or even below average army stew for its price point :-( Ordered mussel ($13.90/portion) + beef bugolgi ($13.90/portion) + ramen ($3) + fried rice ($5). Mussel wasn’t big nor the freshest and the beef ‘bulgogi’ was such a disappointment. We did not taste any marinated bulgogi flavour and was just normal sliced beef.... (felt q cheated). Portion wasn’t that big as well. Taste-wise, the soup was on the sweeter side and wasn’t very soup-like but felt more like gravy unlike the usual army stews.

Sadly, we could definitely getting an army stew tastier and cheaper with a bigger portion. Only plus point is that fried rice was not bad (but slightly too watery for our liking) and it is halal.

⭐️ 2/5 (pls improve on ur ‘bulgogi’ beef....)

Would only come back for this dish! Didn’t particularly enjoy the others