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With several stalls housed in the same premise, competition for the hungry diner’s money is fierce but the one stall that constantly sees a long queue is Chan Kwong Kee (S’pore) Roast Shop. Is this the best char siew and roasted pork in Singapore? Most definitely not, but this is a very good option for some roast meats. However, the only thing that will put people off is the location as there are no MRT stations near the vicinity. Nonetheless, what truly stands out is the usage of the pork loin, which has a lean layer of meat with a thin layer of fats, for the char siew. The juiciness of the meat with the outer charred bits and the sweet honey marinate are the winning factors for me. As for the roasted pork, the crispy skin is good but the overall was not mindblowing. The only things that confuses me are the salty chilli sauce and cold blanched cabbage, which I can totally do without.
Chan Kwong Kee (S’pore) Roast Shop
Address: 4A, Loyang Lane, 64+4 Food Court, Unit 01-06, Singapore 508923
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On my “vegan” diaries, I was happy to reconnect with Duke Bakery- a daily breakfast pitstop during my university days when the city link outlet was right in front of City Hall MRT.
Not all but a significant number of the bread here are vegan (i.e all vegetarian options without egg and butter).
Duke bakeries soft European loaves are truly in a comfortable league of its own; catering to both a Western and Eastern palate. For me the French walnut is an excellent sandwich bread while the savoury options of tuna cheese/ smoked chicken pizza makes a great, ready to eat meal. Then there is a wide selection of sweet options, truly a bread for all occasions 🤪

Located at an unsuspecting end of pasir ris central hawker centre, lies wild olives where you’ll see snaking queues at any time of the day. Looking at the queue of about 8 people, I quickly joined the queue thinking that it would move quite quickly, however, I was wrong. The stall has a system of taking an order and making that order individually before moving on to take the next person’s order and this inefficient system is why the queue was moving at snail’s pace. Nonetheless, that didn’t faze me, and it took 30 min before I could finally place my order. The preparation of food was pretty fast and we only had to wait around 3 min.

Their grilled chicken was moist and tender unlike the conventional grilled chicken we get from other places that tend to be dryer. I love the signature mushroom rice which was super fragrant and appetising especially with the generous amount of onions that they added. The herb roasted potato wedges were also pretty well seasoned however, it did get a little too ‘jelak’ for my liking after a few wedges. You also get a bowl of pumpkin soup for just additional $1, which is super worth btw!

Overall, I can see why this inconspicuous stall is extremely popular with the crowds. They take conventional western foods and added their own flare to it, which turned out surprisingly well! It’s also super value for money considering the generous portions and quality of food. I would be back again if not for the long queues I have to conquer first!

Taste: 7/10
Presentation: 7.5/10

The soup is robust and bursting with oomph, the ingredients were fresh, the bowl was plated with care by the three young men manning the stall.
They are opened 7am to 3pm Monday to Saturday, but by 1pm, the big prawns were already out, so go early!

Even though it’s located at industrial side, I still need to queue 45 mins Saturday morning for this bowl.
Feature Big Prawn Noodle.
Mix noodle with beehoon served with flavours prawn broth, prawn and top up egg and pork skin.
The soup really tasty , the downside from this bowl is the prawn not fresh, some of the prawn mushy.
💰$9 ( plus top up $2 for egg and pork skin).
📍Loyang Way 4 Big Prawn Noodle.
64 Loyang way.

Fried Chicken ($5.90):
Fried chicken was marinaded with salted and pepper. Quite well balanced and well fried.

3 Cups Chicken Rice ($7.90):
Dish was average and nothing really special about it. Goes quite well with rice

Lychee & Aloe Vera ($3.90): Not too sweet and they are generous with the aloe vera. 1-for-1 Burpple (main + snack + drink)

👍🏻 my favourite flavour is the fiery chicken 🔥 and lemon lime 🍋
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From traditional offerings to hipster fare, Pasir Ris Central Hawker Centre houses many popular stalls, such as @prawnaholic which was awarded ⭐️⭐️⭐️ by @foodkingnoc. Offering prawn noodles with a modern twist, you can get to see torched Kurobuta pork belly instead of the usual pork ribs, and also Onsen egg too!

Featured is the dry version that’s recommended. After giving it a good mix, I must say I’m really impressed by how tasty the noodles were. Every bite packed a punch in flavour and the mouthfeel was satisfying, thanks to the crunch from the pork lard, fried shallots & spicy shrimp sambal. The 3 king prawns were fresh too and the slices of pork belly were nicely charred to my liking.

P.S. Not too sure but am I supposed to get a small bowl of soup too 😂? I paid $15 leh HAHA
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️