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Not sure what about this banana bread makes it distinctively Australian, but I must say it was a pretty good slice of banana bread in general. The bread itself was quite dense, making it feel slightly cake-like. However, it’s definitely not as sweet as banana cake, although it does not lose out in terms of the banana flavour and aroma.

The best part is... they serve it warm. Good for the tummy and good for your soul.

Texture-wise, this was on the smoother and runnier side - probably the result of the acai being blended with rice milk. However, it went really well with the crunchy granola, nuts, and seeds. The fruits were fresh and all pretty sweet too. The generous amount of acai and toppings meant that this could actually be shared between two small eaters... although I would still prefer to finish it on my own without having to share.

Overall, a really refreshing bowl of acai.

Chui. I guess I expected too much from them. It's soya bean and chocolate, yes, but it's almost repugnant.

Although I like kolo mee and Jia Xiang, I might not eat this if not for a one-for-one deal. The dilemma with Jia Xiang is that they're good yet not satisfying, which means they're never a first option.

we weren’t allowed to use burpple at all because we didn’t “notify them that we were using burpple before ordering”. they could have been more flexible with the burpple usage. we came all the way down to Tai Seng in hopes to use our burpple vouchers. and not only that, the staffs were rlly VERY RUDE and not accommodating at all. Will never come again


Went there around lunch timing and just nice it had a lunch promo going on so we ordered mains with it! I really really liked the carbonara, the cream is flavourful and makes me want to have second serving haha. The fish was ok only, slightly dry but the seasoning on the fries is good.

For the pizza, i think the truffles pizza really stands out. Truffles is quite strong and the crust is crispy. Pepporoni pizza was quite nice as well as there was a thick layer of cheese and sauce. Only downside is there's jalapenos on it :(

Good experience, pizza was served fast but mains took very long to come.

Had the burpple beyond deal with 2 drinks, 2 mains and 2 muffins for $25. If your main is >$10 you will have to top up. I got a masala chicken baked rice and it was like a mountain, much larger than expected! No carb options are available too like cauliflower rice. Muffins were tasty and staff was very friendly and helpful. A good deal if you are in the taiseng area.

I came here twice because it was convenient and we weren’t really hungry. 1st round (not in photo): ebi/shrimp don, katsu/friend pork cutlet don, spicy chicken ramen, kitsune udon. 2nd round: sliced pork belly don, char siew ramen, sliced beef Japanese curry. The dons and Japanese curry were good, decent portion, sufficient ingredients and good taste. I especially enjoyed the ebi tamago don, maybe the fried egg gave more flavor. The sliced pork belly don was not bad, although I felt the pork was on the drier side. All the ramen and udon weren’t great, broth is quite plain and the portion and ingredients were little in general. The kistune udon (u.p. $13++) is just udon noodles and fried tofu. The char siew slices were not bad though, very soft and tender. Overall, without 1 for 1, I wouldn’t come back here as it’s too pricey for the amount and quality you’re getting.

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soya sauce chicken noodles ($6), soya sauce chicken hor fun ($6) and fried salt and pepper tofu ($3.80)

food came in fairly large portions and did not taste oily despite the exorbitant amount of oil on the plate... the chicken was smooth and tender, the saucy noodles had a good bite and the tofu was crispy and well-seasoned!

Yum. One of China's greatest contributions. So big yet so cheap.

Their tempura is very good. Crispy, not oily and the prawns are really fresh. A la carte tempura is not available 1-1 tho.,