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food was tbh, simply alright but ambience and decorations were nice

Waffles were slightly burnt but the maple butter was v good, loved that it had a great balance of salty-sweet richness! Pour it into the crevices of the waffle n eat it tgt w the fried chicken! Salted egg yolk sauce was alright :-) Fried chicken was crunchy

I rly rly loved the hearty bowls wow Super worth it w Beyond n they r rly generous w the portions n the ingredients r real fresh, wholesome, flavourful n filling :-) The açai bowl was amazing on a hot day plus it came w lotsa fruits n seeds - Super healthy n refreshing!!

Price: $5.90
Description: Chicken is tender & the soft boil egg well cook.

Korean vegetarian restaurant at Tai Seng Exit A.

Army stew tasted normal with mock luncheon meat and sausage. But we were happy to see army stew in individual portions so we could have tummy space for the other dishes!

Steamed egg was well done with no burnt edges. Love it!

Overall, would come back to try the other dishes as its hard to find good korean vegetarian options.

The portions feel just nice for 2 girls and price was reasonable at 30+. The place was crowded on a PH night so do make a reservation before going down!

Kudos to the servers as well as they are very meticulous! :)

Why was there ice?? Why does it have to be served cold?? Why did I even order this?! Well, at least I got to fulfil my curiosity. Basically it’s just cold. Sweet and sour pork. Yep.
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It’s on the slightly more lemak side, if you like your curry creamy.
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Ordered steamed egg,army stew and kimbap. Love the steam egg most.Place is cosy and staff is very attentive. Would come back again :)

Tempura wafu pasta was flavourful and came with a generous serving of yummy bonito flakes. Waited over 40 mins for this to be served.

Ordered different mains for team lunch today. Tempura don ($11.80; pictured) was nicely battered and rather balanced in terms of textures, colours, and flavours. Oyakodon ($9.80) was spicier than expected. The beauty boost smoothie ($6) comprising of avocado, milk, and honey was average. The wait for the food was disappointingly long, with the first two mains arriving after 40 mins and the smoothie after 30 mins.

Mentaiko Pasta - the spaghetti coated in the mildly creamy mentaiko sauce was al dente, and the poached egg was perfectly runny. The fish roe enhanced the flavour of the savoury smoky salmon so every mouthful was intense in flavour.

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These were the last two filled buns that were left when we visited Jie Bakery at 9.30pm so we had to snatch them up.

If you’ve tried the traditional bakery at Whampoa, this bun isn’t as soft and fluffy. Unlike the filled breads there, the top is glazed and soft instead of crusty. The bread to filling ratio is very good, there was lots of hae bee hiam spilling out of the bun and even better - the hae bee hiam was actually spicy and super aromatic. I’d buy this again if I see it for sure!