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Took Lae Dee is a chain restaurant in Thailand since 1985 and has been popular with Thais and expats. They are also open 24 hours a day. When translated, their business name literally means "Cheap & Good".

The Boat Noodle with Pork, better known as Kway Tiaw Reua in Thai, is one of my favourite soup noodles. There is a choice of noodles with either Kway Teow or Glass Noodle. The bowl was filled with lean meat and meatballs. It was a comforting bowl of food but I will prefer the broth to be more flavourful.

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Big portion of good cuts! Muslim owned and very worth it! Please come over!

-2 beef noodles (one soup, one dry)
-2 sides (Fried Chicken wing, Prawn roll)
-2 drinks (Honey Lemon, Sour Plum)
($22 nett after Burpple 1-for-1)

4.5⭐️/5 Beef noodles(Dry)
3⭐️/5 Beef noodles(Soup)
Beef noodles can be ordered with a choice of soup or dry and rice or thick bee hoon or kway teow. I am a little biased towards the dry one and I feel it is much better. For the dry one, the beef coated with the gravy with a little squeeze of lime is like perfection and it comes with a soup which tasted richer without the noodles cooked in it. The soup version is still nice but the noodles turn soggy easily.

4⭐️/5 Chicken Wing
This side contains 2 chicken wings. The prawn paste marination is well coated and seasoned which gives every bite a flavourful juicy chicken meat. The only complain I have is that it is quite oily otherwise, it is superb.

3.5⭐️/5 Prawn Roll
This is side is like a Ngo Hiang which contains mince meat and prawn. There were some bits of water chestnut too if I am not wrong which give it a little crunchy texture. Like the chicken wing, it is quite oily as well. Otherwise, still a good side.

?⭐️/5 Honey Lemon
Just a good cup of honey lemon

?⭐️/5 Sour Plum
Too sweet


Assortment of matcha, lotus biscoff, peanut butter chocolate, sea salt chocolate, red velvet and nutella all in a box at $22. These cookies are so chunky! I personally find them a little too sweet though. Being a matcha lover, I was disappointed that the matcha flavour was not detected, not too sure if the sweetnees of the white chocolate overpowered the matcha flavour. My daughter enjoyed the Red Velvet one. I prefer their taro burnt cheesecake, which I re-ordered within a month.


Super salty and since it’s part of the Burpple deal to choose a side dish, I chose this as it’s one of their signature dishes.

They might have marinated it for far too long or maybe since it’s frozen chicken so they might have marinated it longer to mask the taste but it’s really too salty.

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Quite salty and since it’s part of the Burpple deal to choose a side dish, I chose this.

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Decent portion of the sliced beef kway teow soup and soup did not have the herbal taste which I enjoyed.
Would be better if it’s slightly less salty.

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As part of 3 for $10 sides, There were also Prawn Roll ($3.90) and Gyoza ($3.90/ 4 pcs) which came crispy, and were nice pairing snacks!

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Sides ($3 for $10)
You can pick from a variety of sides and get them at 3 for $10, or just order them ala Carte.

Cheesy Fish Stick ($3.90/ 3 pcs)
Its taste is similar to fish fingers/ fish fillet you'll get from nasi lemak stalls. I liked that it's lightly crisp on the outside, altho the cheese here isn't the molten kind, and you can't really taste the cheese here.

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There's a strong sesame oil flavour, and you can pick your spice level! We picked less spicy, which ended up being not really spicy at all. Doesn't remind of mala, but more of noodles with chilli oil/ sesame oil flavour.

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Tried the soup version, and it doesn't have that gamey beef taste here. It's slightly lighter compared to the usual beef soup you'll get.

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Comes with 5 different types of beef, including tendon, tribe, shank, sliced beef and beef ball. We picked dry for this, and the gravy was pretty thick, similar to that in lor mee.

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