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It's been like a good 5 years I last visited Fat boys, still up keep their standard of their burgers... Good view, nice food and awesome service... Pricing starts from $16 onwards... Below $20/pax

Hands down one of the best Braised Pork Belly I’ve had. A must order when you’re here.

I can’t rmbr the price for this. But this is a good appetiser to share!

Yes, this dish is good and is spicy. The presentation is great as well - but if you want to eat “la zhi ji”, head to chinatown and get it at $10 a plate.

This dish takes awhile to prepare - so be sure to ask for ALL food to be served if not you will have nothing to pair it with.

The beef is tender but the sauce is more on the sweet side.

I would say skip this dish if you are debating between others.

Nice but not mind blowing at all. Not authentic chongqing kind of spicy. Truffle wagyu was pretty nice. Please skip the cheeseburger egg roll (?)

The Huevos Carbreados was made up of fries with an onsen egg, chilli garlic mayo and chicken. There was a familiar flavour in this but the ingredients didn't seem to complement each other.

The truffle somen sounded promising but it lacked the truffle fragrance and any form of flavour in general. It was served with salmon and crab meat.

This wasn't what we expected and our meal here was quite disappointing especially after hearing of good reviews here. The prata was soggy after being wrapped in the seaweed and did not go well with the salmon sashimi and mentaiko sauce too.