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My 1st time at Tong Xin Ru Yi Traditional Hot Pot for lunch yesterday after reading good reviews online. Environment is homely and gives a Taiwanese vibe. The sliced pork that we ordered are fresh and good quality and the same can be said for the vegetables as well. We had both the Mala and Golden chicken soup bases and both were wonderfully tasty, I prefer the Chicken soup over the Mala as I liked the wholesomeness of the chicken broth. Service is friendly and efficient but thier dipping sauce could be better. Definitely worth a return visit.

So… this is how your Burpple lunch set will look like! 2 bowls of noodles (featured here’s the braised pork noodles), 2 servings of dumplings and 2 drinks! As awesome as I remembered it to be - with generous food portions and creative concoctions of tea. We finally got to try the smoked duck dumpling this time and my, it was yumms! Also, we had to order the pierogi once more because it left an impression the previous round 😂 Ohhh, they also provide a complimentary side of Korean sprouts!!

the weekday lunch set comes w a bowl of noodles, dumplings and a drink. super worth it! plus free flow refillable bean sprouts

My favourite Gelato place @dopadopa.sg in Singapore has launched a NEW Christmas Flavour! Gelato Milk base gelato with housemade blueberry jam, chocolate ganache and salted cookie crumble, cool this Christmas with the Blueberry Pie Gelato treats.

The first trying some Turkish food locally at Sahara Bar & Restaurant. Quite a pleasant first experience especially their appetizers!

We had their Cacik. It’s like served chilled, yoghurt mixed with cucumber, garlic and herb. It’s kind of light and refreshing, and makes you wanting to have more.

Their lamb is well seasoned with herbs and spices and done pretty well. It compliments very well with the spicy and tangy salsa salad. Their Kofte lamb on the other hand is a little on the tougher end. Neither of them has a strong gamy smell.

Their dessert homemade kunefe is interesting too. It’s shredded filo pastry filled with cheese and baked. On itself there’s not much flavor to it, it’s plain and chewy but once you add the cream and syrup, it’s a whole new level.

A good substitute for a trip to turkey 😅.

can never go wrong w dumpling darlings esp w the burpple discount. very good egg noodles at economic prices + unique dumpling flavours & super cute menu and illustrations. quite a cozy place too but a bit cramped

Finally got to try the smoked duck dumplings! Had missed this in the last visit and was glad to be able to try it this time! It’s a pretty uncommon flavour - usually it’s pork/chicken/veggie. This came as part of the lunch set, the duck dumplings were plump & generously filled! Duck meat was moist and flavourful, pretty sure it’s not unwanted duck parts or fats that went into the dumplings 😂 I love how the dumplings are crispy on the sides, with perfect thickness (or rather thinness) to the skin. Served with onions and some greens as garnish which I thought were necessary but definitely adds on to the aesthetic of the dish 😂

Went to Ramen Matsuri and got their Taiwan Mazesoba ($12.80+), Spicy Mazesoba ($13.80+) as well as their handmade dumplings ($7+)😇 Would say that the texture of the noodles is different from what ive normally tasted in other ramen stores but its a good experience to try new food!!😋

Overall ratings were 7.5/10 because of the ambience and pretty affordable food with filling portions (but maybe ill grow to like the noodles a bit more overtime HAHA)🤣

Miss this store fir a while, always busy at lunch, tea time is best. Deep fried items r crispy & freshly made, the chili seasoning is excellent.

Had a very lovely beef tataki from Yakizen (lovely sear and very tender meat), we were told by the owner that they used the skirt steak (harami) portion from Japan. Great service too (friendly and attentive)!:)

Bun cha was pretty satisfying! Rice noodles were the standard sort. The dipping sauce came piping hot in a ceramic bowl, it looked small but it was packed with grilled pork slices (~10 I think? that’s a lot) and 2 meatballs, plus the usual thin slices of carrot and green papaya. The sauce was very umami, sweet and sour and slightly spicy. Grilled pork slices were grilled very nicely, the caramelised flavour was pretty enjoyable. But the lean parts could have been more tender, it’s not dry/tough yet but on its way. Meatballs were not bad, rather hearty and slightly peppery. This came with raw beansprouts, basil, lettuce, and spring onions. I liked the dish and I would come back for this!

Banh xeo was okay - there’s a mix of crisp and tender parts, but the pancake mix had a very strong margarine taste that I’m not a fan of :/ In the filling there’s prawns (nicely prepped!), pork belly (it’s just blanched not grilled, so it’s a little meh and very fatty so I didn’t eat much), sliced onions (briefly cooked so it’s not very soft, has a crunch but not raw), and the most interesting - mung beans. I don’t rmb other banh xeos that I try having mung beans, which gave it a different flavour and texture (a mash of sorts). Serving size is pretty huge, comes with lots of veg, basil, and pickled carrot / radish.

We enjoyed our dinner with their donburis - aesthetically presented in wooden boxes. The Salmon Avocado don ($20.80) comes with fresh chunky salmon with a welcomed tinge of wasabi, and the Salmon Mentai Aburi Don for ($18.80) comes with a heap of ikura and fragrant aburi slices too.

We also ordered the lobster sushi rolls as a side- crisp and captures the lobster salad

Ps. Along Boat Quay area, this is a cosy place with 5g wifi, and extremely friendly owners 👍