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Ambience was all right. We sat by the road and slowly ate while watching the cars go past. Food was pretty good - in particular we enjoyed the naan and butter chicken! The mutton wasn’t the best we’ve ever had. Probably went with really high expectations because of all the reviews ‘bout this place so maybe that’s why I left feeling a wee bit disappointed.

Would come back for the naan and chicken though.

Used Entertainer for this!

[email protected] is 100% Muslim-owned and served Refined and Delicate Halal Italian Dishes, located at 49 Circular Road.
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Squid Ink Seafood Spaghetti ($23.95) Spaghetti tossed in homemade squid ink sauce and chilli, topped with prawns, scallop, mussels, and squids.
Location: @positanoristo 49 Circular Road, Singapore 049404.
#positanorp #burpple #burpplesg #circularroad #halalitalianfood #sghalalfood

Wild mushroom truffle and carbonara. Good pasta texture, rich flavours. So satisfying!

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THIS. Is gonna be where I'm ordering my crabs next time. $30 for 3 absolutely fresh crabs, free delivery even on national day PH eve. Chili crab isn't like our usual taste, but totally delicious. With mantou, I can die happy and fat now.

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Visited Positano's new outlet at Circular Road and I was madly impressed. The pizzas we ordered were one of best I've had so far. The Truffle Mushroom Pizza and 6 Cheese Pizza ($22.50 1 for 1 with #burpplebeyond) both boasted really fresh ingredients and the cheese were in their right amounts. What differentiates the pizzas here from the rest is the dough. The thin crusted dough stayed chewy and never soggy throughout, and the crust is so darn crispy even when it's cold.

Service here is excellent as well. Loved the smiles from the waiters and how they approached us asking if we wanted more pamersan on our pizza. Will definitely be back again!


Both the rojak and duck wings are my top favourites from the special items as the former is an innovative twist from the familiar rojak which replaces the youtiao with charred brussels sprouts and the latter is packed with umami goodness from the braising liquid that you can eat it clean. Also included in this set menu are the mainstays of The Salted Plum such as the lu rou 2.0, burnt chilli chicken and cold tofu. Fingers crossing that they will put the National Day specials into the main menu after this!
✨ The Salted Plum
📍 10 Circular Road, Singapore 049366
🛵 https://order.saltedplum.co/#/
🍴 [Media Tasting]


Usually not avail for dinner, but it's the special today(is it lucky or did they not manage to sell the lunch portions lol)

Probably the best oyako don I've had, though I haven't had too many. It's v creamy from the raw egg yolk and the barely set scrambled eggs, perhaps abit too creamy. Not v greasy obv but abit jelak. Perfect for those who love creamy raw eggs.

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Not recommended at all, the eryngii mushroom doesn't pair well w pork. Go for the classic combo of pork+enoki

Burst of herbal aroma with the pork, it's v strong but the herbal aroma wasn't jarring at all. Must try!!

Unbelievably unctuous. It's so creamy inside, MUST ORDER for liver enthusiasts. It's served medium rare by default, do let them know otherwise if you want it to be cooked more

Tender and succulent, but doesn't have skin :'(

Stunning. Quintessential yakitori char on the wings, juicy and tender meat. A MUST ORDER!!!