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Great for those with a lighter palate, Dopa Dopa Creamery’s Avocado and Home Roasted Pistachio were perfectly gooey [Double scoop $7.60, +$0.70 for premium flavours]. Both were also very natural tasting; none of the cloying, artificial, thirst-inducing effect that you sometimes get with other ice creams. For a more substantial treat, the Butter Croissant ($4.50) was a good vessel to soak up all the nutty goodness from the Pistachio. Made with their home-made nut paste, the subtle lingering fragrance of their signature flavour was enjoyable. And in comparison, the Avocado had a refreshing quality and a pleasant bit of sweet earthiness.

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Note the deal ends on 31st dec so hurry

Almost a robbery at basically 4nett per bowl, that's filling for one and in an air con environment. And clearly the ingredients were really generous. You'll feel bad for redeeming this deal as u wonder how much loss they incur from u haha

Noodles were slightly soft but the mushrooms had a nice slight chew to them. Sambal had a rather strong ikan bilis taste, but not overwhelming to the point of unpleasantness at all. There's a slight citrusy brightness to the sambal as well.

The highlight is definitely the soup which was incredibly flavourful and chock full of ingredients. The numerous slices of pork liver were all cooked to a perfect softness somehow, despite being a lot more well done than usual stalls. Maybe because of that, the porky stench is almost nonexistent. Fishballs were soft, springy and ginormous. Prawn was fresh and not the crystal kind as well. And finally the meatball was utterly delicious with a soft texture yet retaining some bite.

What an absolute gem. My friend declared on the spot that he's definitely returning

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The best part about this restaurant is the outside seating area, great for unwinding and relaxing (my favourite spot literally, always choose the same seat if available). They are known for their burgers and they are pretty good, comes in generous portions and taste good too (not to compare with American Burgers). I ordered for Birkenwald that comes stuffed with a Juicy Beef Patty and Mushrooms topped with cream-scallion sauce (Mama Mia). It’s really good, as you bite into juices drip out, can be a bit messy but worth it.

I will keep coming 😊. (18 SGD)

Everyone love a bbq stingray but stingray is generally flat and not a lot of meat. This seabass has the right texture for the chilli and is full of meat. So in love with this

The Mayo, the fish roe, with some chilli on top and crab meat make a simple omelette dish step up the flavours that burst in your mouth. Went back twice for this so u know how good this is!

This fish was pretty good if you are crusty lover. It fried till like tempura kind and little light soya sauce that soak it to improve the taste.

The fish was a little small that cover by the cripsy flour. You won't know you already eating the fish.. But I still like the crispy crust

This dish was normal for a portion of 4 pax is very little.. The spice wasn't too bad but the chicken portion was really bad.

This pork chop is very good in the taste, with the thousand Island sauce on it goes very well and not very over power. However the pork chop comes with big bone with very little meat which is the downside.

This is ridiculous salty, you don't even taste the Tom yum at all... It has mushroom, fish slice and half a prawn. The food is nice but the soup is really not drinkable

We ordered the burnt chilli chicken - charred chicken thigh with Chinese chives and kaffir with Szechuan. This was a little spicy but was packed with a smoky wok hei flavour that was so addictive. We also got the crispy fried pork chop with haus chilli mayonnaise. Another highlight was their sweet potato congee bursting with umami flavours, made with a dashi stock, along with tobiko and purple sweet potatoes. A must try cafe for an interesting take on Taiwanese food!
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Lunch time crave, it just hits the spot every time

this was miiiindblowingly good!!! I expected myself to prefer the burnt chili chicken as it was highly raved about on food king after all. but this plate of pork took my entire heart the whole dinner 😋 the combination of light crisp skin surrounding the perimeters of soft flavourful meat that had a good ratio of fats worked sooo well. I could finish a whole plate on my own HAHAHA just come and try it for yourselves!

after using burpple beyond it came up to $5.50/pax for 2 of us who ordered 2 bowls of rice, burnt chili chicken 2.0 and this plate of goodness. for the flavours and portion, that’s extremely worth it!