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Came for a birthday dinner with a party of 7. The host pre-ordered dishes. All dishes were great and so were the wines.

We had calamari, meatballs with sourdough and stuffed pita bread for starters. Exceptionally love their pizza; the pizza base were nicely cooked, fluffy with a slight chewy texture. Toppings were great too!

Desserts were great too! Special mention was the pecan tart; nutty, fragrant and addictive!

We had 3 wines and 1 unpasteurized sake. I’m a sake lover and the sake made my eyes sparkle! Lovely complex flavours and love the natural effervescent (probably due continual fermentation process), which the server accidentally had a sake shower when opening the first bottle (poor server probably had a shock himself, we all had a good laugh (not at him of course)).

Definitely worth revisiting.

Pictured above is the Kueh Salat ($16) with Butterfly Tonic ($24), and Exotique ($18) with Pilcrow’s Sweet Gin ($24).
The Kueh Salat had a nice mouthfeel with its smooth custard that was delicate in the combination of pandan and coconut flavours. I enjoyed everything about the cake, but not so much the very sweet Gula Melaka ice cream scoop on the side. Exotique, Pilcrow’s signature dessert packs a sour punch with its yuzu curd within a beautifully executed coconut mousse. Refreshing, but there was a slight disjoint between the yuzu and coconut flavours for me.
Both drinks were decent, and went great with the respective desserts. On a whole, I loved the progressive concept of the desserts here — how Pilcrow reimagines the flavours and pairs it with beautifully crafted drinks at the same time.


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Flat noodles wok fried served in a bowl with short rib and a poached egg was brought to the table, before the staff poured piping hot truffle gravy into it and mixed everything up for me before my eyes. Upon serving I was already wowed by the aroma, and with everything mixed up together as it should be, the flavours all worked out very well. Loved how the truffle gave that extra kick, and how the shortrib was decently tender. But what I really enjoyed was the deep fried hor fun strips which was a fun addition to the dish, with a nice crunch that blended with all the savouriness.


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Deep fried chicken chunks though the batter was made softer with the lemon sauce that was on the sweeter side. The crushed milk crackers wasn’t very milky in taste, but the crunch it gave with the chicken chunks was delightful. The broccoli was somehow very well executed!? Pretty decent dish but something I’d skip to try something else.


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The Torn Burrata & Cornbread Salad ($19) was made with chunks of cornbread, cherries tomatoes and burrata and drizzled with extra virgin olive oil. The salad felt a little heavy and could do with some romaine lettuce.

To a heavier mains, the Canard du Ciel ($29) combines braised duck leg, duck breast and a small piece of seared foie gras with pommes yum and coriander port wine sauce. The duck was braised to fork-tender that the meat pulled apart effortlessly. Sadly it was disappointing overall in terms of taste, the dish lacked flavour, texture and aromatics.

The most umami pasta I ever tasted. Its sort of a soy and shallot oil dry style pasta with stir fried mushrooms, and a half boiled egg to bring it all together. I wish the portion was larger though. It costs $14+10% service at lunchtime and $16+10% service at dinner. It used to be $11 for lunch😢

Visited Jidai recently for their 1-for-1 9 course omakase. Staff were very kind and seated us even though we were late and came close to closing. Food was good, fresh with exciting flavours, we left super full and satiated. Topped up for their duck and foie gras main - highly recommended. Would definitely be back to try their other offerings!

Open for lunch on Thursdays and Fridays, it’s a posh yet cosy spot for executive lunch or meetings. Other than ala carte, there’s a 3-course set ($45) and a 4-course set ($55).

Wagyu Tartare, Cold Angel Pasta and Pork Jowl can be found on the dinner menu, but they do have a lunch-only items such as Sandos and Koji Confit Duck Leg.

Sichuan Cuisine at @tongfujusichuan !

They have recently launched a new GRILLED FISH + SI CHUAN FOOD buffet menu! For the price of $39.80+/pax ($16.80+/child), you get to order the grilled fish + many different sichuan food cuisine!

Featured here are the following items:
-Grilled Fish in Pickled Cabbage flavours, with add-on sides of tofu skin, potato, black fungus, cabbage and king oyster mushroom. The fish was super fresh and very tender meat! Love the refreshing suancai soup too! Good choice of soup flavour if your dining party does not take super duper spicy food! Add on the vegetables, mushrooms and tofu to make it a very comforting filling meal!
-Shredded pork with chilli and garlic sauce: This was super fragrant! Super nice to eat with just plain white rice!

Huge grilled scallops that had a pretty decent flavour. Was hoping that the scallops gave more of that fresh sweetness.


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An attempt at okonomiyaki but seemingly without the right pan. The okonomiyaki was thick and out of shape, and unfortunately starchy and floury inside, almost like it wasn’t fully cooked. The flavours were decently there, but the mixed seafood ingredients were measly in portion.


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The Niku tofu was way too salty, and unfortunately felt like a normal shabu shabu-broth-with-beef-slices bowl of soup. Not anything mind blowing, though portion of ingredients like the beef and tofu was a good amount.