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Banana brulee served with Homemade Gelato, drizzled with Butterscotch Sauce. Not only was the plating great, I liked the sauce that was drizzled on top, and the caramelized sugar. It's like experiencing different types of sweetness on one plate.

Tucked cosily in the newly renovated sime darby centre, kong cafe serves korean inspired delights in a minimalistic decorated space. We ordered a spicy ramyeon and soy garlic fried chicken which are homely and belly comforting. The soy garlic wings are sticky sweet goodness that would be enjoyed by kids and non spicy.

I am not really a fan of macarons because I find them sugar overloading and too sweet for my preference. When I visited M plot, their cake sized macaron look compelling and I took a leap of faith by ordering one of them. The bittersweet dark chocolate balanced the sugar that was used in making the macaron shell fortunately and it was not as sugary as expected.

Camaca is a hidden gem at King Albert Park specialising in sugar-free desserts. Gelatos here are encapsulated in giant macaronesque shells and required a special machine to process for serving. The Royal Earl Grey gelato was light yet creamy with a lingering floral aftertaste, and the Hot Mocha smooth with a slight bitter undertone. The flavours were well-balanced and an innovative spin on decadent food.

got the 40% off deal with this purchase (mi so sexy, a miso-sesame based pasta with shimeiji mushrooms, angel hair pasta & an onsen egg + tomayto-tomato, a tomato based linguine pasta with your choice of smoked beef sausage or chorizos) using burpple beyond but tried the green eyed monster (thai green curry penne with zucchini and chicken breast) with burpple 1-for-1 before.
The miso pasta was satisfying as usual!! found the taste really interesting because i’m so used to seeing olive oil/cream/tomato/pesto based pastas. Not to mention the slight awkwardness when you make your order... bold claim!! tomayto-tomato was a little underwhelming as i felt that the sausage slices, though generous, were thin, but you can’t win at everything in life la..

pasta was not bad!! nice place to chill and grab dessert after (the charcoal waffles are yum!!), and the pasta flavours are really interesting. I’ll definitely come back to try more :—) i do find the portion a little small though,, but when it comes to pasta i consume 1.5 portions by default...

As you can see...the structural integrity of the ice cream was a bit lacking as it toppled over upon being served. I wasn't a big fan of the charcoal waffles as it had a bit of an artificial taste. The ice-cream was a bit too sweet as well.

Had this for the first time in 2014 and present-day me still loves it! SUPER soft and fluffy, with a pleasant matcha taste, and it’s a rather hydrated bread I feel! The white choc bits aren’t too sweet and provides a textural variation (it’s melty) which is delicious. Would have this all the time if not for the fact that it’s really pricey.

Tried the mango-peach sorbet. Extremely refreshing! For those who just had heavy meals, this is perfect. The texture is very light so you wouldn’t feel so full after eating. Moreover, you are guilt-free as all the ice cream here is SUGAR-FREE, yet still taste super great.

The place is quite small (only 3 tables) but definitely worth a visit. You can try the take-home tubs as well to have your sugar-free gelato at home. Psstt... The mango peach sorbet quite sour so if you don’t fancy sour so much, try the strawberry milkshake or lychee vanilla. Or have the signature mushan king durian.

[$7.25 in total using Burpple beyond]

Ice cream was nice - ordered the cereal milk and roasted rice tea (premium) flavours which were both very nice! Would recommend the tea flavour - unique and not too sweet. Waffles had an unexpected salty taste to it. Texture was fine though. Overall, worth it with 40% off on Burpple beyond.

This local cafe serves gelato that comes in the form of macaron capsules. Desserts here are slightly pricey, but healthier as they are sugar free.

Interior is gorgeous and ambience is really good - suitable if you are looking for a quiet place to have meetings or just to spend some alone time.

A staple in many cafes, Kindred Folk does a decent rendition - a tangy sauce with onions & garlic over linguine, with some prawns. Spice It Up ($15) could do with a stronger spicy sauce!

Mi-so Sexy ($15) features thin pasta in a miso-sesame sauce, with sautéed shimeji mushrooms and an onsen egg. Am hardly a fan of fusion food, but the flavours work surprisingly well: sweet nuttiness and savoury mushrooms. The egg was also perfectly cooked and runny all the way through!

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