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Welcome to King Albert Park.

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Cozy atmosphere with chill pop hits! Great for a relaxing lunch or tea.

Recommend getting the waffle with loaded cookies and cream! It was creamy and really loaded with Oreo, extremely satisfying.

We also ordered the fried mantou with nutty nutella which was pretty good but the Nutty Nutella is a bit more milky.

Mac and cheese sticks are fried with truffle! :-)

Moving into the newly-revamped 896 Dunearn Road (previously known as Sime Darby Centre), Kong Cafe is a new Korean-inspiree cafe that had recently opened its doors.

Offering a soft-launch menu up to October, the soft launch menu features some selection of toasties as well as egg-based dishes for those who are looking for something more substantial. Featuring Korean-style beef stuffed and cheese stuffed in between two slices of bread, the Korean Style Beef and Cheese Toastie works pretty for those who prefers a more filling sandwich. Stuffed with quite a good portion of beef, the beef comes all savoury but not particularly gamey; coming also with melted cheese in the middle, it's a pretty decent treat with the crusty bread that is pressed via a panini press before serving, though could have come with some garden greens or chips on the side to make it seem a little more wholesome overall.


This place truly under radar that even on weekend afternoon that’s just a few eaters here.

But I have to say I like their char siew rice a lot. It comes with a sweet sauce topped with lots of “lor”. Will come back again to try their signature duck rice. $3



got d stylO milO & banana crumble (but they didn’t had enough so they allowed us to top it up w cookies & crem)

stylo milo had bits of speculoos biscuit inside which gives it the extra mmhm was p swit tho not gna lie !! friend thoT banana crumble was meh and cookies & creAm was way nicer !! there wasn’t 1for1 here , more of 40% off total price which was okkkk not super worth it as d ice cream was still p priCeyyyy but a discaount still a disacount right !!!!

Service was piss poor. The Tomayto Tomato pasta dish was homely, comforting and tasty, which is in stark contrast of literally everything else. Staff were not welcoming, observant, or helpful (at all). It was all quite appalling from the point of view of a food server at HV myself. They were cold even though I was consistently polite and courteous. They even served me a knife for my spaghetti. I had to go in and get a spoon myself. No offer of serviettes or my receipt (save the environment, yes, but at least ask?) Tables on the second level were fully taken so I took a seat outside and had to battle a housefly from getting into my food the entire time. I couldn’t concentrate on how good the dish was, and it was lovely. I’m really sad and regret the ~$10 I spent here. I didn’t even leave on a full stomach even though I finished my plate.

The macarons here are of unique flavours and aren’t too sweet too. They’re always good to have when needing a sweet treat after a long day 😌 I got salted egg with curry, Thai tea, dark chocolate, pistachio, white chocolate lychee and salted caramel.

The green curry penne which was pretty good in terms of flavour but the chicken was so dry!

We got the miso pasta and they broke the egg 😠 this has the sesame sauce inside so it was oddly sweet

We had a roasted rice milk tea and a cereal milk ice cream. The roasted rice milk tea just tasted like milk tea ice cream and it was overly sweet. The cereal milk ice cream was too sweet too but at least the cereal was fragrant!

I didn't know what to expect from a $9.90 fish dish but I was very happy with what I got!! This dish comes with two pieces of crispy halibut, two scoops of creamy mashed potatoes and a simple salad of lettuce, carrot and cucumber in a roasted sesame dressing. There was also a hollandaise-esque sauce for the fish.

The fish was really delicious!! It wasn't the freshest (the fishy taste was quite strong but honestly I don't mind that as I love fish) but it was cooked well, with firm flesh that flaked easily under the fork. It went quite well with the rich, creamy, buttery sauce (I was probably supposed to squeeze the lemon wedge over it to bump up the flavor but forgot oops). And the sides were simple and just filling enough to make it a satisfying meal. :)

I really appreciated that there was a wide variety of different cuisines, desserts and drinks to cater to every craving and appetites. And at really affordable prices too 👍


#BurppleBeyond 1-1

Set : 2 Macaroons + 1 Tea

Flavours : Salted Egg Yolk x Curry, Rose Petals, Zesty Lemon, Thai Tea

Back to my favourite hang out spot in KAP. As always staff was friendly and their macaroons were so good. The salted egg was quite a unique flavour to try. Just like last time, we had a pleasant time chilling our weekend afternoon away in this cozy little cafe. Will be back even without Beyond.

Wild strawberry, refreshing!

(Premium Single Scoop -S$4.80)