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4.5⭐️/5 BBQ Baby Pork Ribs
($26 before GST) Eligible for Burpple 1-for-1

Baby Pork Ribs has 6 ribs in total and side of fries and coleslaw. Baby pork ribs is quite a gem, it is juicy and tender with the well coated bbq sauce. The fries is well seasoned and even when it turns cold, the fries is still very crispy. Lastly for the coleslaw, it complements the dish well to balance out the heaty meal. A very good proportion of sides and meat. Very enjoyable meal.

4⭐️/5 Fried Chicken Wings
($12 before GST) NOT Eligible for Burpple voucher

Ordered this side as $12 for 6 wings/drums. The batter is stated to be lightly seasoned in the menu but it turns out to be heavily flavoured. Delicious and crispy wings which could be shared around.

($28 before GST) Eligible for Burpple 1-for-1

Tomato base risotto served with seafood like prawns, clams, baby scallops and mussels. The risotto has a thick consistency with a rich tomato based. Around half of the plate is seafood and the portion of this dish is big. Quite the value for money.

($24 before GST) Eligible for Burpple 1-for-1

Pasta is served with tomato sauce and home made chicken sausage. For the chicken sausage it is the mince kind like a patty. Pasta has a choice of linguine, penne or spaghetti. Sauce was okay and not too sour.

($25 before GST) Eligible for Burpple 1-for-1

The pesto sauce blends in the linguine and prawn very well. Sauce has a strong pesto taste but not like overpowering of basil. Pasta choice can be chosen as Spaghetti, Linguine or Penne. The portion is quite huge and the only minus point for the dish is that it gets a little oily when finishing the last few mouthful.

Had a Peranakan feast at Ivins Peranakan Restaurant at 19/21 Binjai Park and we ordered:
▪️Garam Assam Fish Head ($27 - 3 to 4 pax)
▪️Ayam Buah Keluak ($8.20)
▪️Babi Pongteh ($7.50)
▪️Nyonya Chap Chye ($6.20)
▪️Fried Ngo Hiang ($6)
▪️Sotong Hitam ($7.20)
▪️Egg Fuyong ($5.70)
▪️Terong Goreng Chilli ($5.50)
▪️Chendol ($1.50)

One of my favourite dishes of the night is the Garam Assam Fish Head which is 1/2 fish head served in spicy tamarind gravy. The gravy has just the right balance of spicy, tangy and sweet notes, and it goes s ppl o well with rice.

Ayam Buah Keluak is my all-time-favourite in any Peranakan restaurant and I love digging out and savouring the flavourful flesh of the buah keluak.

The sauce of the Babi Pongteh is a tad sweet for me, but the braised pork belly literally melts in your mouth. The Chap Chye is decent as well.

Two of the dishes were unexpectedly good. Sotong Hitam features stir fried squid with black ink sauce and cut chilli and this is actually full of flavour with a hint of smokiness. The squid is tender as well. The Terong Goreng Chilli looks like a simple eggplant topped with chilli but the chilli is actually very aromatic and it is not too spicy.

Overall, I enjoyed the food and it was pretty satisfying. Do note that each item is quite small, so if the group is large, you might have to order double portions of each item.

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Had crabmeat pasta, squid ink risotto, truffle tarte flambé - all were good 💯💯💯


Food was delicious and the seafoods were very fresh! Decent amount of portion too. Ambiance of the restaurant was great and fairly quiet.

Bill came back to around $125 for 6 pax (around $21 per pax).


Yakiniku restaurants have been pretty much sprouting up across the entire island of the late ever since the opening of Yakiniku Like’s very first outpost on the island at PLQ Mall — that brand has pretty much expanded its operations with multiple outlets around, while there are also other Yakiniku restaurants such as that of Yakiniku-GO, Yakiniku Shokudo and Hey! Yakiniku that have since opened in various shopping malls serving up the same fare. Located at Basement 2 in Bukit Timah Plaza, Grill by CUT is yet another establishment that brings the Yakiniku experience to the residents around the area; opened by the very same folks behind CUT Butchery at myVillage @ Serangoon Gardens, Grill by CUT is situated just right beside CUT Butchery’s newest outlet at Bukit Timah Plaza as well — Grill by CUT being an establishment that emphasises on “Butcher’s selection Charcoal BBQ”. As one would have expected, the menu here would feature Wagyu Platters and Yakiniku Sets featuring different cuts of beef from cows of different origins, as well as also other types of meat (i.e. chicken, pork) for those who are looking to have the Charcoal BBQ here; Grill by CUT does however have other items for those whom are not so much into Charcoal BBQ — the menu has sections dedicated to Dons & Noodles (including beef bowls and non-beef options for Donburi — think Sashimi Don Bowls, Unagi Kabayaki Don, Teriyaki Chicken Don) and Sukiyaki as well, whilst they also do serve a small variety of appetisers and sides on the menu here. Those who wish to pick and choose the meats that they desire would also be able to do so from the ala-carte section of the menu.

Having decided to go for one of the Casual Wagyu Platter and one of the Dons and Noodles here, our choice from the Dons and Noodles section of the menu was the Spicy Mentai Wagyu Beef Bowl — essentially their Signature Wagyu Beef Bowl which features Australian grain-fed MB4 Wagyu, Onsen egg, Housemade beef shoyu glaze and Niigata rice with the addition of Spicy Mentaiko mayonnaise over the Wagyu beef. Going straight for the Wagyu beef here, we were really impressed with how well-executed the beef here was; very tender and juicy, and did not require any effort to chew — the Wagyu beef was also savoury sweet from the Housemade beef shoyu glaze that made it especially flavourful, and the beef was in no way gamey. We also liked how the Spicy Mentaiko mayonnaise was being done here; it does carry quite a good kick of spiciness — something that would tingle the taste buds for those who are tolerable to moderate levels of spiciness whilst being still umami. With a slight sear from the blow-torch, there was a hint of smokiness that came with the Wagyu beef as well. We also liked how the bed of Niigata Rice beneath was sufficiently moist and sticky — lightly drenched with a bit of Teriyaki sauce for a sweet-savoury flavour; mixing the onsen egg that came with a runny yolk provided the entire bowl with a silkier touch and gels all of the components altogether. The addition of Shibazuke (i.e. Japanese pickles) provided a good tangy crunch that resets the taste buds from all that meat and rice going on in here.

No doubt the items at Grill by CUT does seem to be priced higher than other casual Yakiniku establishments that have been sprouting up in shopping malls of the late; that beng said, one could easily argue that the offerings at Grill by CUT are certainly more premium than that of the same establishments mentioned above as well. Being a butchery, one can also say that Grill by CUT is probably a way to showcase the variety of meats that they are retailing at CUT Butchery — a great way for consumers to have a try on the various cuts of beef as well as the beef of various origins before making their purchase. For those who are budget conscious, it would be worthy note that the lowest priced Yakiniku item to go for at Grill by CUT would be the Best Value Set in the Casual Yakiniku Set section of the menu that is priced at $18.80++ featuring 200g of Karubi Shortplate that also comes with Kimchi, Japanese Yuzu Salad, refillable lettuce and Niigata Rice. We were also pretty impressed with their cooked items — the Spicy Mentaiko Wagyu Beef Bowl was one that we found to be really well-executed and a fuss-free option to go for those who just want to have something without the need for grilling. Would say that Grill by CUT is certainly a destination for beef lovers to check out — especially for those who are into the Yakiniku experience; a spot that is worth checking out, whilst also somewhere which residents around the area would be glad to have in their neighbourhood.

At Canadian 2 For 1 Pizza, there’s always a slice for everyone! Catering to local tastebuds, they’ve come up with flavours that best resonate with the folk here; the Butter Chicken ($30.70 for regular, $39.50 for medium, $46.10 for XL) is a good example of that! This particular pizza is loaded with butter chicken gravy, chicken chunks, onions, mushrooms, red chilli, coriander leaves, and mozzarella + Edam cheese.
Be sure to use Burpple Beyond to redeem our 1-for-1 deal for their Medium Standard Pizza! And, while you’re at it, why not get the exclusive Burpple Snack Box ($15.70) which comes with 6 pcs Chicken Nuggets, 1 Mash & Gravy Cup, 1 Garlic Bun, and 1 Coca-Cola can.

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Redeemed this risotto with the 1 for 1 mains deal and paid $18.73! The amount of seafood in this was really generous, and the tomato sauce was very flavourful 🍅 🦑


Attention all fans of South Union Park and Eleven Strands: a new concept restaurant has arrived! If you’ve been digging the grub from either of these restaurants then you’d be pleased to know that the same folks have a new restaurant called Mia. Much like its counterparts, Mia serves delicious mains such as the Seafood Risotto ($28) that comes loaded with a plethora of fresh seafood ingredients—we’re talking prawns, clams, squid, baby scallops, and green shelled mussels, all doused in tomato sauce with a sprinkle of parmesan and a dash of parsley.


The pasta was very tasty and the portions were generous. Especially liked the pairing with white wine sauce. Makes for a nice hearty dinner. Coupled with Burpple Beyond makes for good value as well.