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came here after a hike and we decided to order the Captains Carbonara Pasta ($16) +$3 if you would like to add pasta

1. Spaghetti: The texture of the spaghetti is 10/10, very well cooked !!
2. Sauce: Well marinated and goes well with the bacon and spaghetti so I’ll give it a 10/10 too !
3. Bacon: it’s really salty for someone like me with a strong taste buds so I’ll give it a 6/10 .

Well served in a aesthetic pasta plate-bowl but TBH, I believe they can do so much better for a cafe as you can see on the plate there’s some water droplets(?) but we’re cool and happy with the food !


Had 1-for-1 mains; the fiancée had the pesto prawn linguine, and I had the BBQ pork ribs. Pork ribs serving portion was huge! Ribs were tender and soft. Perhaps I would have liked it to have been roasted a bit longer. It did feel like I was eating into semi-boiled pork ribs instead of BBQ pork ribs.

Pesto prawn pasta was fantastic though. Pasta nicely coated with the sauce. Would definitely order again. It was also the first time we were trying a kombucha… if you have never tried one before, it has the texture of root beer… but tea.

Visited the establishment close to 1.10pm on a Sunday afternoon after a hike along the Rail Corridor, and it wasn’t too crowded. The two mains, one kombucha and the tiramisu (not in picture) cost a total of $59 (after Burpple discount).

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From the same folks that brought us South Union Park and Eleven Strands.

Really delicious as always and supper affordable with Burpple Beyond!

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The yung yang actually translates as nutrition, not yin yang or yuan yang. This was a random order but it turned out very good. The beef was so-so but there's a lot of ingredients and the soup was nice. The problem though was the stew had lots of fibre or something, which made it difficult to drink.

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Kimchi, omelette, anchovies, seaweed. Omelette is quite rare as banchan and it's delicious. The seaweed was akin to China's and it sucked.

Their legendary dish, which isn't even very Korean (I think?). The cutlet is not only huge, it dominates the other components. It's fried well and the meat's decent. It's topped with a tomato-like sauce. But please eat while hot, because it became quite off-putting for us.

This place is popular. But I don't eat chirashi don so settled on their ramen. It's not on the level of ramen restaurants but it's competitive. It helps that it has chashu and shabu but not overly pricey.

Tried this Thai eatery in Bukit Timah Plaza that replace the Taiwanese outlet. It menu is quite extensive, offering from Thai street food to Thai cuisine.

I ordered the Thai Beef Noodles ($12) and Khanom Pang Na Goong (Prawn Toast 4 pieces for $5). Noodles was very large in portion and very generous with the beef tendon, brisket and beef balls. A taste of the broth and you will be convinced this is legit Thai. Special mention for the accompanying chilli sauce. It was spicy and very salty with a hint of prawn paste. But it was damn good with the noodles.

The prawn toast is actually one licences of toast cut into four triangles. You can taste bits of prawn coated on the toast before deep frying. It came with a sour dip which cut away the greasiness from the deep frying.

Total damage was $21.45 including a cup of lemon grass drink. Not the cheapest but well worth every cent.

Pro-top: Give the noodles a good toss and mix well with the soup. It arrived submerged in the broths but clumped together, most likely due to the time taken by the chef to piece together the meat and garnishing into a picture perfect bowl of noodles. Add a dollop of their chilli and dig in. Thank me later.

Get your bubble tea fix at No.17 Tea’s Bukit Timah outlet! Their Honey Milk Tea ($3.90 for medium, $4.90 for large) with their Signature Golden Pearls ($0.80 for medium, $1 for large) is most definitely one of their bestsellers.

To satisfy our craving of dulgae kalguksu, we travelled all the way to Bukit Timah and probably attracted quite a few stares for the loud and heavy slurping of knife cut noodles in a warm steamy bowl of rich, creamy, nutty and flavourful broth.

We were probably the only ones who ordered this dish and to be honest, the rest of you are really missing out!

Can't decide between seafood or meats? Why not check out ossam bulgogi, a harmonious stir fried marriage of pork belly and squid.

I have tried several versions of this dish at various restaurants, and it tends to be rather hit and miss because its kinda hard to get the timing right for two different sorts of proteins when you are rushing an order out.

Myung Ga though nails theirs perfectly. Both the pork belly and squid are chewy, soft and tender. The hot spicy sauce can be a tad too spicy for some but I absolutely love it! Portions are generous as always!