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Top 10 in King Albert Park

Top 10 places in King Albert Park, Singapore.

Latest Reviews in King Albert Park

Latest reviews of food and restaurants in King Albert Park, Singapore.

Dinner at Kindred Folk because trying to use my entertainer vouchers before the end of Dec. This place is at the new King Albert Park shopping mall, and they specialise in handmade ice cream. But they do have mains like pastas, though I must say the Miso capellini I had was a tad too salty.

The Star here is really the fluffy egg and the tasty white bee hoon more so than the braised pork.

Sometimes you’d just like breakfast for dinner. And a moist plate of homestyle white bee hoon is probably a best choice when you need something light but satisfying.

Black gold

In a sleepy corner of the basement 2 of Bukit Timah plaza is a dessert shop that is my to- go place for a reliable hot Hk style dessert.

They do pretty good walnut paste , almond paste , black sesame paste , some local desserts (black glutinous rice , Tau suan, ginger/ peanut soup with dumplings ) and cold desserts like flavoured ice shavings / chendol etc .

I love their black sesame paste especially because it is so smooth and rich in genuine sesame taste. The desserts here are also not too sweet and never starchy which is a big plus plus point :)

I love how they do everything so well - try their glutinous rice , chee cheong fun , fried bee hoon , rice dumplings ( Bak Zhang).

It’s the to- go place for a light lunch / dinner and for a good variety of hot/ cold desserts .

A really decent find at the Poolside canteen in Ngee Ann Polytechnic. This was at the stall called King Kong Curry.

A couple of gripes though – the deep-fried breaded salmon was a little too flat for my liking, and the cheese omelette wasn’t that stimulating. However, the demiglace sauce was where all the savoury flavour was hiding; every spoonful of this dish should definitely have a bit of it or you’re likely to find it bland and unexciting. 😬🤫

Also, don’t be fooled by the nondescript-looking drizzle of orange sauce – that thing packed a spicy zing, and was like a torpedo of heat! I’m not exactly complaining - it actually did help to spice up the dish! 🔥 (7.2/10)

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Ft. strawberry + watermelon sorbet . Sweetie ! ❤️🍧
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This ice cream joint in King Albert Park churns out ultra creamy and fragrant ice cream, and the consistent crowds attest to it. We recommend pairing the crisp and fluffy Charcoal Waffles ($6 with a scoop) with any ice cream flavour of your choice — they're all delicious. On savouries, they offer pasta mains such as the flavourful Tom Yum Aglio Olio ($15).
Photo by Burppler Jarin Tan

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Checked out The Wild’s newest location at King Albert Park; looking past the black buns, the burger was decent — coming with prawn paste chicken, the slab of fried chicken was tender and reasonably crisp with a lingering hint of umami prawn paste aroma. Otherwise, the burger offers no surprises; usual suspects such as the lettuce while patrons can opt for the set which comes with fries or corn — fries were well-salted and crisp on the exterior. Not too bad an option if in the area.


Food was not bad but had weird lights flickering and the awful smell of paint thinners and lots of babies crying around

Braised pork belly rice and oyster meesua were awesome, flavourful!! Their boiled dumplings are recommended .
Overall 7/10 , would re-visit again.

I love the unconventional shape and unique texture of the noodles used for this dish. It looks seemingly thin and yet the texture was very chewy. The pork broth is rich and thick with meatballs, pork slices and lard. You can order the regular ($6.90) or the small ($3.90)

Homemade Italian cream pudding topped with strawberry sauce