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Let’s Assam our the virus

Beautifully executed Assam fish head.

Good homemade rempah , deep flavours , extremely fresh and meaty fish head , good variety of assorted vegetables .

The best part is that the Assam fish was more than drenched in the Assam sauce - it was cooked together until the flavours harmonised and became 1!

Best paired with rice - lots and lots ....

Of bacon, Shiitake mushrooms and a runny egg wobbling in the middle, this Shipwreck pizza (S$22.00) turned out to be a delightful comfort food to go with their beer. What I liked about this was its simplicity coupled with those familiar flavours, coming together with the crispy thin crust.

Best enjoyed with their EagleWings Craft Beer from S$5.00 per half pint onwards!


Typically, oysters are served raw and despite being a luxury food item, it is somewhat still an acquired taste! Over here @eaglewingsloft , the chef makes sure everyone gets to enjoy their fresh Canadian oyster as it is baked with a layer of cheese and accompanied with a lemon! The cheese really adds another dimension to the oyster making it a more friendly item to savor but yet still complimenting the freshness of the oyster! Well done!👍🏽
Other items in the menu includes
▫️Wild Mushroom Soup
▫️Surf and Turf (A4 Wagyu and Lobster)
▫️Valrhona Brownie with Vanilla
Get the whole course now at offer price of $88! You won’t regret! More reviews coming up!
Thks to @eaglewingsloft @kenpgl for having me.

Shiok! 😱😂👌

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I’m not gonna lie: I was abit skeptical walking in cause it looked so neighbourhood kinda tiny and messy and I’m sorry stereotypes ok. But man their ice creams. I wouldn’t even call them ice cream tbh, it’s creamier than even some gelato I’ve tried, boasting a correspondingly lower melting point as well (ie. melts in your hands not your mouth lolol). I settled for the Cereal Milk and Sea Salt Gula-Coconut (or something along those lines), and I can assure you both flavours are amazeballs. The former was mildly malty, had a good dose of sugar and a mega creamy texture; the latter had lovely bits of desiccated coconut (I believe) folded into a smooth, lightly sweetened but discernibly salted base. I loved them both so much I was drinking the melted remnants off the cup 🙃 I also had a little taste of their Apple Pie and I’d definitely call that a winner too!

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Enter Our Secret Garden, a true hidden gem in Bukit Timah Plaza.

They have a good menu and beverage selection, and the iced cappuccino I ordered was pretty good! They have a soy milk option for an additional $1 too.

The cafe also provides free wifi (password at the cashier counter), so we settled ourselves there for almost 3 hours to do work. They were really nice not to chase us out, hurry us to leave, or ask us to order more even after we finished our food and drinks. In my opinion, it’s a good place to “work from home” or for a change in environment considering the current situation.

Taking over from Rise and Grind, the place looks almost identical, but with a completely different menu. I very much appreciate the new menu, but things that still have to be improved would be the ventilation and exhaust system. When there’s frying some in the open kitchen, the smell of oil and frying tends to linger a fair bit. Also, it was really warm at some points, but the air conditioning did kick in to cool things down. These issues have been around ever since the previous cafe occupant, but hasn’t seemed to be solved yet. However, with delicious and reasonably priced food, Our Secret Garden is still a great choice if you’re looking for a quiet place to spend your day, meet up with a gal pal, or do work!

Visited the new cafe Our Secret Garden Cafe in Bukit Timah Plaza and realised it had actually taken over the previous cafe unit Rise and Grind. The unit is located outside the mall, with a short distance that’s unsheltered so it may be troublesome to walk over if it’s raining. Overall the layout of Our Secret Garden, and even the decor, is almost identical to the previous cafe, so I’m not sure if it’s a change in ownership or just a rebranded eatery.

That said, they have quite an extensive breakfast and brunch menu, which is available till 3pm. Thereafter, the mains and dessert selection take centre stage. Even if it’s just a change in name from Rise and Grind, the whole menu has been revamped and looks way better in my opinion. I was really torn on what to order especially because the pancakes and French toasts looked so delicious, but I ended up ordering the Morning Glory for a healthier brunch. Haha!

The Morning Glory is grilled chicken with bbq sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and fries, but I requested for a side salad instead of fries and they readily obliged. Really enjoyed how tender and juicy the chicken meat was, plus it was very flavourful even without the bbq or cheese sauce. Those grill lines are super on point. Salad veggies are fresh, crisp and green, and they allowed me to change sides without batting a lid, so plus points for that! The cheese sauce was probably meant for fries, but I liked dipping my chicken inside anyway because who doesn’t like cheese? I think this is actually the lighter breakfast option or low-carb version of the Morning Glory Burger available in the mains menu. Would be happy to order this again, or try the other brunch items on the menu.

Of note, Our Secret Garden is currently running a ‘Buy 2 get 1 free main’ promotion at lunch and dinner times, so it’s very much worth dropping by during those times! To add on, they also provided us with a pack of two face masks. Very thoughtful initiative during this period :)

A popular ice cream shop that drew the attention of all the passers-by, I was lucky enough to get a table for four outdoors at Level 1.

The Rum & Raisin ice cream was a premium flavour that appeared quite tempting (alcoholics alert!), but I wished it could still go a bit more generous with the alcohol for that absolute kick.

Their Brownie, on the other hand, left an impression that it was slightly on the dry side, and that could have made the brownie a tad crumbly. However, if taken with the melting ice cream, the satisfaction seemed to be just right. I guessed the photo would speak for itself in this case.

This had a generous serving of chocolate and the sponge was moist, complemented by the rich chocolate around it and in the middle.

Clockwise from top left:
- seafood phad thai
- basil minced chicken
- stir fried kailan
- steamed seabass with lime and garlic
All the dishes were good. I loved the phad thai the most. The kailan was crunchy, and the seabass was fresh and generously portioned for $28. All in all a happy dinner at reasonable prices.