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Welcome to King Albert Park.

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Made using gourmet French chocolate and butter. Reduced sugar.

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I thought that those colourful assortment in display were macarons but they turned out to be softserve ice cream capsules. A machine was used to extract the softserve out and the two glasses of ice cream in the picture was a result of processing from the machine.

We tried the blueberry yogurt and royal earl grey. They were dense and did not melt fast which is unconventional for a softserve. My favourite is the earl grey for its rich aromatic bergamot tea profile.

Located at King Albert Park, the wild restaurant is a double storey burger joint. The kitchen and payment is on the first storey while the seats and tables are accessible via a flight of steps. We ordered 2 burgers with additional sides: their highly recommended wild burger and one of their best sellers the garlic chicken burger. Nothing spectacular about them and the portion was quite small. For price being paid, I could easily go for carls jr which has mostrously big burgers.

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Not to be mistaken for giant macarons! These capsules contain sugar free gelatos/sorbets to be squeezed out and then twirled onto a cup like a soft serve! Enjoyed the icy fine sorbet texture, very refreshing options! Will be back to try something from the gelato and the yogurt range!

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Unlike what I heard about the crowd on weekdays, this place was utterly quiet slightly before meal time on a Saturday evening. What they serve here is Korean cuisine with a homely feeling.

There’s a bento set where you could choose a meat dish and 2 vegetables at $6.50, there’s bibimbap, cold buckwheat noodles, seafood pancake, spicy tofu soup etc. I chose this non-spicy tofu stew set which comes with a choice of vegetable. A simple comforting stew of silky tofu blocks, enoki mushrooms, lots of cabbage, egg, some tiny pieces of squid tentacles and best of all, Sakura shrimps that contributed to the umami and sweetness of the soup. Nothing too complex, but I wish the vegetables were heated instead of serving cold.


Chicken cutlet drenched in chilli crab sauce is certainly an interesting & potentially yummy combination, but unfortunately this was one of those that looked better than it tasted.

They have other chicken items like Salted Egg Chicken ($18.90), Goma Chicken ($17.90) & Truffle Chicken ($16.90) on their menu as well. Plus, they are also on Burpple Beyond, so if you’re looking for a western meal in the area and wanna save some money, this place can be an option.

Thanks Burpple for inviting and The Grumpy Bear for the food.

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I usually prefer mango sticky rice to red ruby for my Thai dessert but I am glad I tried the red ruby here. Sitting on top in a packed bowl of crushed ice, the red rubies were made of crunchy water chestnut bits, coated with a chewy layer of red-colored tapioca flour. The dessert was slightly lactonic with the drizzled coconut milk, but the amount was just right. Complemented with jackfruit slices.

Displayed like a huge macaron (Swipe 👈 to see), serves Singapore’s first ever capsule pod Gelato! Hand-made and individually stored in custom made capsules, these gelato are churned out upon order, making every bite a fresh lively sensation.

Overall, the gelato we had were pretty on point. For the durian lovers out there, go ahead and try their Mustang King Durian Gelato (slightly more expensive). And if you are looking for something more interesting, consider getting the Lychee Rose Gelato or Pomelo Tea Gelato.

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Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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Although their “ah balling” (also known as “tang yuan”) are not made in-house, we found them lovely too. Smooth and not too sticky, the round rice balls come in two choices of filling: peanut or black sesame. The latter was our pick. Each serving has four of the balls in a bowl of clear, lightly sweetened ginger soup.


In our quest for dessert tonight, we stumbled upon “Le Tian Tian”, a little shop in the basement of Bukit Timah Plaza that serves very good black sesame paste.
Created from scratch in-house, the thick, smooth liquid has a delicate fragrance and isn’t too sweet.


Order their Wagyu Beef Burger with Foie Gras ($24). It is rare to see a restaurant in a casual area to serve Foie Gras. The patty is the right doneness of Medium Rare and the bun is toasted nicely. The Foie Gras which I was anticipating the most is great too.

Will come back to try other dishes.

#BurppleBeyond 1-1

Royal Earl Grey Gelato + Flat white
Tiramisu Gelato + Cappuccino

Total: $13.70

Thanks to Burpple another gem is found in KAP! Cafe interior is gorgeous and classy but yet feels cozy. Both flavours of Gelatos were very refreshing, taste natural without any artificial flavourings. However I feel that it melts a bit too quickly and portion is small for price without Beyond. Set came with a drink making it perfect to chill and chitchat with your loved ones over a lazy afternoon. Will definitely be back for the Gelatos and chillax as it’s quite a good deal 😎

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