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very ex but i guess if ur rich $$$ . the pizza was pretty good and more worth than the pasta which was also good but tiny portion for like $30++

Beside serving their signature boat noodles here, they also offer a wide range of Thai cuisine.

Their green curry was super creamy as it added milk, with pieces of chicken meat (or add $1 for beef); mixed with other ingredients.

The rice also comes with a piece of fried egg to complete your meal.

actually pretty good. the chicken is so well marinated and roasted and juicy but slightly oily. salad base also has melscun which is pretty good

waffles are a lil inconsistent, sometimes good sometimes bad but somehow their basic vanilla ice cream which is just some generic mass bought one is pretty good! love the vanilla flavour.

they don’t sell pastas anymore unfortunately but when they did, it slapped and it slapped hard

way too overpriced ($18 ish) but taste wise the bagel was pretty well buttered and toasted and the bulgogi was very well marinated. lettuce super crisp and fresh too. overall would def rather spend on two men bagel house but if u happen to be here, this is worth trying

if you have a choice between pizza and pasta defo choose the pizza. way more worth it for the price per portion. this burrata was really good. creamy burrata paired with the tart and tangy tomato base on a super thin crust with super good chewy airy side crusts

was pretty good! the base sauce was so rich and beefy but the beef portion could be wayyyy more generous considering this dish is $30++ the pasta portion was too small too. no complains on the taste just the price and the portion

acai & yogurt were very compatible yumyum
the SUPERBOWL - SMALL ACAI-GURU was just too tiny for the price

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In addition to their nourishing soups, Lao Jiang has a variety of local delights that you could choose to complete your meal with. The meat was pretty well marinated with spices here, although a tad too salty. Might be a little overpriced as well considering the portion.

Thank you Burpple and Lao Jiang Superior Soup for the Eatup invitation!

You can enjoy 2 local delights at the price of 1, thanks to Burpple Beyond’s

If you still have belly-space, you have to get their Local Delights. Sliced thinly, the Fried Spice Pork Belly ($8) comes highly recommended, and rightfully so as it was pretty well-executed. The taste of nan ru (fermented beancurd) wasn’t too strong and there was a wonderful crisp. I like that the cut wasn’t too fatty or lean. Overall, each piece was succulent and relatively tender.

Thank you Lao Jiang Superior Soup for having us & Burpple for the kind invite!