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Enchanted Cafe by Mosanco shouldn’t be a name that is unfamiliar for those who have been following the cafe scene for a while — the cafe is perhaps better known for their bottled brews which have been making the rounds on social media during the nation’s Circuit Breaker, and had recently opened its doors at Bukit Timah Plaza replacing now-defunct Our Secret Garden Cafe.

Went for the Oreo Crepe Cake to go with the Cold Brew (White), considering we made our visit here after dinner having passed by the place whilst walking around the area. The Oreo Crepe Cake does remind me a lot of the one from First Love Patisserie in the past — thin crepe layers smothered with light pastry cream that comes with a slight hint of buttercream notes whilst also coming with layers of soft chocolate cookies within; almost akin to that of a aptly sweet cookies and cream flavour with the textures of the various elements being pretty consistent to the pastry cream and very easy-to-eat. A great companion to the Cold Brew (White) — a slightly sweetened, milky concoction that comes with nutty notes that is pretty decent; something I wouldn’t mind having again, which I am pretty glad that they are now located somewhere closer and easier for me to have a convenient cold brew fix at Beauty World!

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We ordered the 1 for 1 “Yuzu Tsu Tori Don” ($16). Only takeaway was allowed. When we finally opened our boxes, we were mildly surprised. We double checked that our order was not swapped with a Zi Char customer’s. The supposed don looked exactly like a zichar-style sweet and sour chicken.

Then we had a ‘See what you did there’ moment. Since it was a chicken dish paired with rice, and had a somewhat tangy flavour, it qualified as ‘Yuzu tsu tori don’ (tori ~ bird). We give them 11/10 for linguistic sophistry. However, unless the restaurant is toying with a zichar fusion concept by night (which did not seem so from all the other menu items), we give this dish 1.1/10.

As sweet and sour chicken, it might score higher although there are probably better and cheaper zichar stalls in the beauty world vicinity.

Tok Panjang’s large box of kueh gets you a mix of 12 of what’s available, but our favourites were the super wobbly and soft kueh koswee and kueh pandan!

Slurp up on a piping hot bowl of flavourful soup from this casual eatery near King Albert Park! Load up on fresh seafood simmered in rich broth, and your choice of noodles (we highly recommend the hor fun!) in their Signature Superior Soup ($9.50). Don't miss out on their store exclusive Signature Dry Mee Sua ($12), crowd favourite Vinegar Pork with Rice ($9.50) and Chicken Stewed with Double Boiled Soup + Essence of Chicken with Rice ($14).


Hmm... what is this mystery salt? It gives the meat such a nice buttery taste!!! 👍🏻🤤

Residents around Binjai Park will be no stranger to Ivins, the spacious restaurant decorated in the style of a bygone era. Burppler Gwen Cheng was wary of the long queue, but "when we visited, we finally understood why! The dishes are just so affordably priced and pretty good too." Burppler Cherie Heng says the "Honey Pork dish is a must order and it's just exploding with flavours, coated in the rich secret IVINS black sauce. We had to order two servings because there's simply not enough to go around."

Photo by Burppler MichelleLIN T

Coffee was pretty okay, macarons were decent too! Very worth w burpple 1 for 1. Very small shops with limited seating!

I LOVE KUEH!! if i recall correctly the green is pandan and the brown is gula melaka. super affordable and yummy w coconut flakes 😍😍

Ivins Perankan has been around for donkey years. The outlet at binjai is always jam packed with people. Did a takeaway and food as usual is great. Their prices are reasonable and the portions of right size. Would be nice to have more non-spicy options to accommodate the kids

The gelato @camaca is sugarless so it's not so sinful to indulge. Hazelnut flavour was refreshing and nice. Overall quite pricey but worthwhile with 1 for 1.