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Charcoal waffles were crispy and drizzled with maple syrup. We chose the ice cream flavours of: Black sesame - not overpoweringly sweet but I felt was lacking in black sesame taste; Watermelon Calamansi sorbet - refreshing, icy treat for the summer and a bear seller on their list

The side dishes are nice while the kimchi soup tastes average and there are only a few slices of pork meat. It costs $11.50, a bit pricey for this 😅

It is all set in blue hues and décor, and I was instantly skeptical about the fare they serve. .

I ended up being pleasantly surprised with the quality of food at this Italian-Asian eatery and realised that the owners of this cafe own the Eagle Wings Yacht Charters at Sentosa Cove hence the ⛴ interior here. .

The Ondeh Cafe Latte was very smooth and sweet. Yes, even for a sugar-addict like me, I can tell it’s sweet. I could even taste a hint of coconut in the coffee. Very impressive!

If I didn’t already have the Double Cheeseburger with Bacon the day before, I would have ordered the Bacon & Egg Wagyu Burger here but I don’t regret having this Foie Gras Wagyu Burger ($24) at all!
The patty was extremely juicy and you could tell they really used quality meat in this one. I love how they used Curly Fries instead of normal shoestrings (oh, how i miss A&W’s) and when I asked for some mayonnaise for dips, they brought out mayo that was thick, creamy and eggy and damn addictive! .

A couple of pastas on the menu looked tempting and this wouldn’t have been the first choice if it didn’t say Salmon De Vodka ($20). VODKA LEH Unfortunately, I couldn’t taste any vodka at all (it said “a splash of vodka”, so there should at least be a teeeenny tiny bit of a taste?) .

Perhaps the fishy-ness of the Smoked Salmon was overpowering. They probably should have grilled some salmon fillet instead of using smoked salmon cos even though the the tomato-based sauce was good, the taste (and after-taste) of the fish was just too much.

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Very crispy on the outside, and generous with the seafood! Other dishes we ordered (ginseng chicken soup and beef n mushroom hotpot) were good too!


It had a crispy crust while retaining tender and moist inside. There was a strong sweet honey taste without much lemongrass/ginger and more sauce would have been good. The #pulledporkburger had quite a generous amount of meat and purple cabbage. While cooked well with a soft bun, it’s nothing spectacular. 📍@riseandgrindco, Bukit Timah Plaza #L1-CA1, S588996

Opted for this more unique option over the typical waffle/ cone and was pleasantly surprised by how the crispy slightly salty bread went with the ice cream to give a savory taste. It suits richer ice cream like our #cookiesandcream or perhaps chocolate, and didn’t go quite as well with our sorbet. While the cookies & cream 🍪 was average, we highly enjoyed the #watermeloncalamansisorbet 🍉 which was unique and refreshing with a nice balance of sweet watermelon and slight sourness.
📍@kindredfolksg, #01-09 KAP mall, 9 King Albert Park

A little out of the way, but love the nautical theme here. It’s a eatery-cafe serving the likes from Asian favourites to western pastas and pizzas. The Indonesian Fried Rice Paradise ($15), was enjoyable. Crabmeat fried rice served with a sunny side up, crispy fish skin on the side, two sticks of really flavourful chicken satay and a simple fried chicken wing done well with a crispy exterior and moist inside. Reminded of Nasi Lemak with the sambal chilli.
All pretty decent, if not more Service was a tad slow on the Sunday night, but they were trying their best, and sincerely apologetic about it. Which always makes it better. (: #herpenandfork #sgblogger #sgfoodie #8dayseat #burpple #vscofood #openricesg #cafehoppingsg #instafood #instafood_sg #onthetable #stfoodtrending #eaglewingsloft

Always been satisfied with Karu’s fish head curry when I’ve had the pleasure of trying it and today was the first time I actually dined in. I think they used a red snapper head and the meat was soft, tender and perfectly cooked. I could do with a bit more of a punch from the curry, but it’s good enough for the price you pay!

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Trust me, regardless of what you order here, chicken 65 can fit right in perfectly:

Fish head curry? Add Chicken 65...
Chicken Briyani? Add Chicken 65...
Teh Halia only? ADD CHICKEN 65!!!

It’s the perfect popcorn chicken that KFC never thought about. Love the fried curry leaves that gives it that extra fragrance... you can’t go wrong with Chicken 65!

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The heyday of instant Mac & cheese has come and gone - no longer do we have to begrudgingly settle for mushy elbow pasta drenched in plasticky cheese. @thefrenchgarconsg has made piping hot and indulgently rich mac & cheese accessible to the young folk, especially those of Singapore and Ngee Ann poly! Just pick your carb, sauce base, toppings, watch them mix it all up in their frying pan, and you’re good to go. Their take-away boxes even come complete with a handle! 😂

We especially liked how the cheese base paid homage to its predecessor with its strong nacho cheese flavor - a nostalgic taste that is oh-so comforting!! Add some crunch to your lil’ treasure box with the umami spam bits, and finish garnishing it with their special seasoning (comprising cajun, curry powder, and top secret ingredients)!!! It’s a pity we didn’t get to try their Doritos and salted egg mac & cheese😭 But as an unashamed junk food lover, I’ll definitely be back to satisfy my curiosity!!




Not exactly authentic but scrumptious nonetheless, the meat sauce had strong hints of spices and was very savoury. From the previous pics I didn't expect the egg to be marinated but it was so that's a nice surprise. The cucumber disks were also strongly marinated, cutting thru the richness of the sauce perfectly.

Mac and Cheese is definitely one of my favourite guilty pleasures. The Mac and Cheese served by French Garçon at the food court at Block 22 of Ngee Ann Poly is served fresh to you in a cute little takeout box and is everything a Mac n Cheese needs, thick, gooey and full of melted cheese. You get to choose your own toppings and flavours, and the pasta is nice and chewy. Definitely will come again to try some of their more unique flavours next time!

Price - ~$5.20 a box

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