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Pint & Dine, a cafe previously located at Kensington Square, has relocated to Springside Walk (few bus stops away from Springleaf MRT Station). The food served here is mainly Korean-Western Fusion, and we recently tried some items during a recent visit:

~Drunken Seafood Soup (This was so good! It’s a seafood soup with a good amount of prawns, clams, mussels and squid cooked in rose wine. The broth, which was was the star of the show, was light but really aromatic and flavourful! This is served together with a bowl of rice. Highly recommended!)

~Bulgogi Carbonara (While we felt that the components were done well separately, we weren’t sure if the sweet bulgogi paired perfectly with the creamy pasta. Good choice though if you’re craving both!)

~Korean Fried Chicken - Yangnyeom & Soy Garlic (These KFC were pretty good, and we preferred the Yangnyeom flavour, which was sweet and mildly spicy!)

~Gimmari (These deep fried seaweed rolls stuffed with japchae were easily our favourite appetiser! So crispy and addictive! Goes really well with the sauce on the side too!)

~Cotton Candy Latte & Yuzu Soda (IG-worthy drinks to have with your meal! The refreshing drinks weren’t too sweet either!)

If you travel to the North, Kampung Admiralty is a good place to grab some meals.

Ah Choon is a popular noodle stall selling hokkien mee and lor mee.

Gotten the lor mee with lots of ingredients.

Big Breakfast Set (S$15)
Which consisted of 4 slices of toast (chocolate, matcha, sourdough) with 4 house made spread (avocado, berries jam, unsweetened peanut butter, old-school kaya), 2 servings of 2 soft boiled eggs ( only 1 serving in picture), 2 hot beverages

Iceh Teh O (S$1.90)

Available at @slow.bakes in @tzuchisg.hyc

Slow Bakes
Address 🏡 : 30A Yishun Central 1, # 01-08/09 Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Centre, Singapore 🇸🇬 768 796
Note 📝 : no dark soya sauce, only light soya sauce for eggs

RE&S offers six varieties of YuSheng from six concepts (Ichiban Boshi, Ichiban Sushi, Sushi-GO, Shimbashi Soba, Kuriya Dining and Kuriya Japanese Market), with highlights include the crowd-favourite sashimi, vegetarian-friendly fruits, soba-based, petite-size and luxe gold-flaked YuSheng.

Feature :
💕Japanese Treasure Pot (Pen Cai).
spread of premium ingredients, from Whole abalone, sashimi-grade scallops from Hokkaido, snow crab leg meat, prawn, homemade Japanese chashu, homemade chicken roulade with cabbage and spinach, kamaboko fish cake and shiitake mushroom are braised in a superior stock for hours
The superior stock is not je lak, it’s comforting with a soupier consistency.
💰$199 for 4-5 pax, takeaway

💕 New, Sashimi YuSheng featuring Tai (Japanese Sea Bream).
Tai is the symbol of Good Luck and is used by Japanese to welcome the new year.
The yusheng comes with 12pcs Salmon, 8pcs Maguro (Tuna), 8pcs Tai (Japanese Sea Bream) and signature refreshing and not too sweet Yuzu sauce made with ingredients from Japan
💰$60.80 /6-8 pax
Available for in-store ordering (takeaway only) from 5 Jan – 15 Feb 2022. Collection starts from 18 Jan – 15 Feb 2022

Customer will Receive free limited-edition red packets (6pcs/packet – 3 designs) with every YuSheng purchased. While stocks last.

For place order online, can visit this via festive.kuriyajapanesemarket.com.sg

Feature :
💕New flavour of “Fried Chicken” ice cream, not only one but two new flavour, sticker Chewy Chocolate and Cookies N Cream.
The handmade “Fried Chicken” coated in feuilletine and cornflakes, definitely a yummy treat for hot weather.
💰$12.8 (2 pcs /pint).
💕NEW , Double Fortune Mandarin Oranges Ice Cream.
Available for limited times only, Dark Chocolate with Orange Peel ice cream.
💰$28.8 (175 gr each , comes in a pair ).

Available for dine-in, takeaway and delivery from any Swensen’s or Earle Swensen’s Outlets or online at www.swensens.com.sg.

Crispy stack with parmesan truffle fries
(Current promotion 2 burgers with fries for $20.22)

It says crispy stack but can't really see where the crispiness is until you open up the top bun and see some fried garlic and shallots underneath. No crunch nor crisp at all when bite into it.

Some crumbs of parmesan on the fries, not much truffle taste.

We also got the truffle shuffle burger, but can't actually taste much difference between the two.

Aburi buta and unagi combo jyu @ $19.50++
Top up salad @ $1.50++

Meat is tender and flavourful for both the pork and the unagi. Portion is not bad for the price, and glad that it comes with the miso soup (with 1 clam in it) and the pickles. Nice to alternate between the meat and the sides as the taste can become quite monotonous.

!! the address says yishun, but it’s in AMK! !!

this was a really good bowl of authentic hong kong wanton noodles! the noodles aren’t the same as mee kia, it’s the distinct thin noodles you can get when you eat at a restaurant/eatery in HK. its very qq and al dente, just the way it should be! the broth is clear yet super flavourful, the wantons are quite huge (much bigger than singapore’s wantons, but still smaller than those in HK), and the chili was 💯 for a moment i felt like i was transported back to HK heheh definitely recommend trying this if you’re missing HK noodles! i personally find that its nicer than mak’s noodles 🌝 the coffee shop it’s located in is just opp mayflower MRT and its very clean :)

✨ ratings: 8/10 ✨

Phoenix Pineapple Cheese Tart (S$5.60)
Wang Lai Emerald Tea (S$3.80)
Available at @xingfutangsg in @northpointsg

Thank @xingfutangsg for the giveaway

Paus was $2.90 each with red bean and chocolate. Cappuccino was $6.90. The paus were cold and even had broken lines on it. Taste was ok. Cappuccino tasted abit diluted, have to wait and collect later.

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A popular place for dinner/supper that dishes out a wide selection to feed the young and old. Food is always freshly cooked in batches and replenishes fast. The rice was loose (not clumpy) and light on the coconut. The chicken wing is crispy on the outside and succulent inside but there wasn't much taste to it and their sambal chilli leans more on rather sweet than spicy.

We got some boat noodles in herbs and Tom yam soup. Got their fried tofu and fish cake. It's better to taste the side dishes with their chilli. And for their boat noodles, it's the Tom yam one is better. Of course it's my personal preference too.