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Bought for my family using burpple 1-1. Their review- not too sweet for both but mango and basil seed after taste will be sweet.

Decided to give what they named the store after a try, and we weren’t disappointed 😋😋 Loved that they do their claypot rice here the traditional way, which also meant waiting 30 min so you might want to call ahead. Served to us smoking and piping hot, the claypot rice came chocked full of ingredients (chicken, Taiwanese sausage, pakchoy) and edges of rice were beautifully charred without the overly-carcinogenic chaoda bits 👍🏻👍🏻 Also, loved the extra touch of salted fish, which really gave an additional surprise with every bite and the amount of sauce was customizable as well 👍🏻👍🏻 Chicken had quite a lot of bones and Taiwanese sausage was sliced very thinly, but they were pretty generous with the portions and the L size feeds 2 big eaters/3 small eaters comfortably. Not the best claypot rice around, but definitely a reliable and affordable one for a quick claypot fix 😌😌

Probably one of the least popular pasta on the menu.

The clams were definitely fresh and the linguine was done close to al dente perfection. However, I feel that the creamy miso sauce can get quite jelak for some.

Ordered this and the mentaiko pasta. This was bland, not much crab meat even though they said it was crab meat pasta. Mentaiko pasta sauce tasted like water, bland and tasteless. Will not go back again.

Check out this huge breaded fried steak from @fatpapas 😆 on top with cheesy béchamel sauce and serve with salad and mashed potato 😋 ⠀⠀

Price: $10/pax & below (student meal)
The student meal is really affordable and the main dish comes with a wide range of choice for students!

Dessert doesn’t come along with the student meal.The portion is quite small but it’s very delicious !

Price : Very affordable and below $10 !

• Had a wonderful experience here. The atmosphere was greats

• The waffle and ice cream tasted really good!

• Staff are very welcoming and polite !

Must try!!

Saw some posts floating around my FB newsfeed on #WhiteBeehoonRestaurant’s Mala White Beehoon 麻辣白米粉 ($8.80) and I knew I have to try it ‘cos #malaislyfe!

And boy, it definitely didn’t disappoint! Smooth and slippery vermicelli, soaking up the piquant broth that comprises the restaurant’s proprietary broth and house-made Mala sauce. Loving the slight numbing, tingling sensation after each mouthful!

In fact, I prefer this to the original White Beehoon. A pity it’s a seasonal dish and will be available till end of Sept only. Make it a permanent dish on the menu, @whitebeehoonrestaurant?

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Able to taste the mango but not so much of the lychee. But overall I love this combination of flavors.

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Quite a nice place for Malaysian-type herbal BKT but 2 little issues. Firstly, location is really really ulu and prolly closer to Malaysia than most of SG. Secondly, the herbal taste was a little light and not as flavourful and wholesome as I expected. (And one thing missing was the garlic bits in the soup!!! But it did come with some button mushrooms) Preserved veg was not as sour as I would have liked, but is good for people who find normal ones too strong. Price is very reasonable for the portion and quality, and the ribs are a little tough but not as hard as some other famous BKTs. Not really foodking-good but definitely a nice place to satisfy any herbal BKT craving in SG! 😋😋

@citrusbythepool is a Halal Certified cafe that serves Western and Asian Fusion cuisine. Come check out their seasonal menu available till the end of October. 🎉
Swipe left to check out some of these seasonal dishes:
▪️Beef Rendang Baked Rice
▪️Laksa Pasta
▪️Chilli Crab Sliders
▪️Pandan Panna Cotta
Besides their seasonal menu, they also serve delicious Chocolate lava Cakes, Big Boss Burgers, Lamb Racks and Milkshakes. If you’re around Woodlands Swimming Complex, do come by after your swim :)
📍3 Woodlands Street 13, 3-3A Woodlands Swimming Complex Singapore.
Thank you @dawnchansg @lovefoodlove3 for the invite and @citrusbythepool for hosting❤️
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Top: NZ Angus Ribeye 200g
Bottom: NZ Angus Striploin 250g

Food tastes decent and restaurant has a cosy environment. Felt that the striploin tasted better than the ribeye. A little out of the way but worth it for burpple’s 1-for-1 deal!