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Absolutely enjoyed the crispy burnt rice (Guo Ba) on the sides of the pot for that bite and umami.
Their signature fried Garlic chicken was as delicious, punchy flavour in the plate full of deep fried garlic. Their dry version of the familiar Trio egg spinach had a starchy gravy, more enjoyable IMO to hold the eggs together.

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Now, who loves fried beancurd skin dipped in tomato broth? -
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Have concluded that my favourite prata at Springleaf is the plain prata!! It’s incredibly crispy on the outside yet a bit doughy inside so it tastes really substantial. Their prata texture is my favourite of everywhere so far, although my dad thinks it’s not “traditional” and prefers a less doughy texture.

It’s a bit of a pity that I don’t like their curry that much though, particularly their daal curry - I prefer it a bit more thicker and beany, but the mutton curry is not bad.

As for their other pratas, I’ve tried their ultimate murtabak (mozzarella cheese, tandoori chicken, etc) and normal beef medium murtabak, but it wasn’t as enjoyable because the prata wasn’t crispy due to all the ingredients inside. I did prefer the normal murtabak with a generous amount of onions and meat though, because the cheese in the ultimate murtabak was too overpowering for me and I couldn’t taste much apart from the cheese.

Also didn’t enjoy their thosai that much as it wasn’t as fluffy inside as I would have liked. But their mutton briyani was good! The meat was really tender. Perhaps should try more of their innovative creations, but I think what’s most important to me is a good crispy prata.

•The source mix very well together with the chicken and mushroom, I love it! Delicious and satisfy for brunch
•I like the environment with beautiful songs played

•$14.90 •The source mix very well together with the chicken and mushroom. I love it! Delicious and satisfy for brunch •I like the environment with beautiful songs played

Not everything in Yishun is crazy or bad, this laksa is one of the best I have had! Have been coming here for the past 6, 7 years ever since I first had it during my army days. .
The gravy is light and not too oily or cloying and one can definitely drink every sip of it! For the price that you pay, it’s definitely value for money as there are tons of ingredients swimming in it. Come try it for yourself! .
And if you find it too spicy or heat inducing, head next door for some refreshing desserts ◡̈

Pure Eden (S$8.50/ original)
green grapes 🍇, banana 🍌, pineapple 🍍, apple 🍏, lemon 🍋, cucumber 🥒, spinach, mint, kale, coconut 🥥 water & ice + wheatgrass booster.
Available at @boostjuice_sg in @northpointsg
The citrus taste was more distinct. Couldn’t really taste the kale, spinach or mint in it. Wish that the texture could be more smoother. Texture kind of rough.
Boost Smoothies & Juices
Address 🏠 : 930 Yishun Avenue 2, # 01-01 Northpoint City North Wing, Singapore 🇸🇬 769 098
Open ⏰ : 9.30am - 10pm
Website 🌐 :
MRT 🚇 : Yishun (NS13)

$12. I didn’t eat this so can’t comment. My hub and Daughter did. I’m not that adventurous.

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$15. With whole wheat penne in tomato sauce. Quite nice! My 3-year-old son loved it. Ate 3/4 of it.


It’s renowned to warrant long queues during meal times and even packed to the brim too on odd hours. Inarguably they established themselves as the Original White Bee Hoon, claimed to be the very best and superior than other rendition. .
The hype and positive reviews meant that I went with a rather high expectation for the dish and restaurant (I even went to the OG outlet). Like a roller coaster going up, building the anticipation, however once you reach the peak, it’s not a fun and thrilling downhill, it’s a flat railway. .
There’s not much flavour to begin with, there isn’t even any wok hei (the essence of the wok) it was flat and boring. Any hawker, Kopitiam or home cooked edition will be so much better. Maybe the standards dropped after opening other outlets and it’s still riding on the heritage and their name but that is all.
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