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Top 10 in North, Singapore

Top 10 places in North, Singapore, Singapore.

Latest Reviews in North, Singapore

Latest reviews of food and restaurants in North, Singapore, Singapore.

$7.90 for each brown rice bento 🍱

+$1 for rendang mushroom (my fav here!)

Honestly this is one of the worst steamboat I’ve eaten. Even those at bugis liang seah street are way better. I’m not sure why there are so many positive review for them.
Firstly, the utensils and cutlery were basically dirty. You can still see the stain on the bowls. After we wiped, we could see the red water stain marks on the tissue. Freaking disgusting. The whole shop was manned by China Chinese (no offense but you can gauge the hygiene standard). But we already sat inside and ordered, so bo bian lor.
Food selection was very limited. XLB was not available unlike what they advertised. The quality of food was also bad, pig intestine tested weird (definitely didn’t clean properly), pork liver tasted weird (like not fresh). Tomato soup is simply thick ketchup soup, not worth the additional $3 paid.
The staff was not attentive either. Ice cream out of the 6 tubs placed, 3 tubs were empty. Will never return even if there is promotion.

Great to have for breakfast! Porridge was smooth and flavourful. Century egg was not over powering. Youtiao was crispy but a tad bit too oily. Well worth the $3 paid!

Feature : .
🍣Salmon Avocado Sushi Donut Large.
🍣 One Sushi Classic Sushi Pizza.
🍣 One Sushi Sushi Donut Large.

Available until 31st Dec 2018.

Beside that, also have promo for $1++ Conveyor belt yellow plate sushis between 2:30pm - 5:30pm daily (U.P. $1.50)..
📍One Sushi.
3 Northpoint Drive, Yishun Town Square #01-04.

Mala stingray? Durian chicken? 🤤🤤🤤 I’m already missing the food here!

Located at Kampung Admiralty @yassinkampung 😉 Halal Zhi Char place!

Tilapia ($8.70), Seabass ($11.80), Mashed Potato ($2.90), 2pc Cheese stick ($4.90)

Tilapia was really nice! It was juicier and sweeter than the Seabass, which was fishy-er. Free-flow tartar, cheese, salted egg, curry sauce to choose from. They provide gloves too! Way too much crisps and wish we could have the option to choose the sides.

Mashed potato was creamy and tasty! Cheese sticks were simply deep-fried mozzarella.

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Long heard of the legendary salted baked crabs. Today we made our way to the original outlet in sembawang. After eating this signature dish which takes a much longer amount of time to arrive than the rest of the other dishes, we are fully convinced why THIS IS their signature and why THIS IS legendary. Wok hei and saltiness were fully immersed into the meats of the crabs - fantastic marriage of smoky and savoury flavours. Flower crabs are not the most meaty of crabs, but the great taste compensates for the lack in crab flesh. We regretted ordering only two after the meal. So you know what to do when you are there :)


Had lunch with the kids today. Have never been to Seoul Yummy before - so we decided to give their Lunch Special a try before it ended today.
Had their Beef Bibimbap and I was disappointed. Tasted rather blend even after mixing extra gochujang to the rice. The service was poor too - my kids were almost done with their food before I was served mine. I was jokingly telling my kids maybe it’s time that they changed their name from “Seoul Yummy” to “Seoul Seoul” (so-so). Unimpressed...!!

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Extremely decadent dish with lots of 锅巴饭 at the bottom which we loved!
Wished they could do with a little bit more salted fish though 😊

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