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quite sad a n0 0f dishes were unavailable including chicken wings 😫
but é nuggets (crispy) n t0fu (als0 crispy but must eat while H0t) n0t bad, just that é thai chilli sauce kinda diluted 😜
Nuggets ($3.40 nett)
Fried T0fu ($3.00 nett)

So guess what I had for my lunch today? 百年酿豆腐 at Chong pang Market which i heard very recommended through my colleagues.
Which include prawn, pork, white, black, bitter Gourd, Meat Tenders, Beancurd.
Which cost of $4.90 or $5.90.
1. Additional charge of $0.30 for extra sauce.
2. No Charge for extra bee hoon.
3. Per order Hotline: 62193633 for 5 packs & above
4. Operation hours: 7am to 9pm
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🤑 Promotion is ongoing between 11am-6pm. Black sesame one has a deep black colour with a hint of bitterness, shall try their salted caramel flavour soon!
Ordered the following:
▪️Black Sesame Soft Serve ($1.20)
▪️kpop chicken ($4.50)
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Part of their more premium range, but nothing too impressive - tiramisu still best works soaked in liquor and coffee with thick mascarpone cheese, of which this cake was lacking. But can’t ask for much at this price point (plus they were having a random 40% off), and definitely do try their other more interesting (and better done) flavours (like lychee martini) 😋😋

Somehow deals seem to be attracted to me, cause there was a random one-day-only 40% off this already really cheap cake?? Good place to get cheap cakes that don’t compromise on the taste, the lychee cream layered between layers of soft sponge cake was perfect! Martini taste may not be too strong, but definitely an exotic flavour done nicely and made available at a very competitive price 👍🏻👍🏻

Such a nice homely bowl of goodness! Though the broth may not be as thick as the famous Katong laksa opposite, it had a good tamed flavour that really complemented the whole Yong Tau Foo Taste. The variety of ingredients is decent (nothing too impressive), but love their noodles options (which ranges from meesua to meekia). Definitely a nice place to have a nice quick lunch, though it can get very hot but thankfully there’s cheap dessert right opposite! 👍🏻👍🏻

Thigh area as I don't like to eat the breast area.
Smooth tender natural flavour chicken drizzled with soya sesame sauce sitting on top of bean sprout. Fragrance tasty rice & of course my usual spam of ginger.😂
Help yourself by getting a bowl of comforting soup. That day was delightful chicken feet corn soup.😁
🚩Wee Kim Hainanese Chicken Rice, 51 Yishun Ave 11, Yishun Park Hawker Centre, 01-32, Singapore 768867
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Boasting of strong coconut milk’s fragrance in the broth, it is certainly a bowl that can satisfy your most immense laksa cravings! 😝 Albeit it tasting above average in terms of how robust the broth was, it wasn’t mind-blowing for me personally 🙊 PS I think fans of cockles would certainly not be too pleased with the few ‘hum’ that they would get 😂

🧐 Have you tried this legendary Laksa that makes Yishun great again? What is your take on this? 🤔

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Signature fruit tea (left) was very refreshing and we loved the fact that the watermelon could be crushed to add flavor and sweetness to the citrus drink. The pears were very hard though some might like the crunch in their drink- probably have to uncap and eat with a spoon.

The lychee berry (right) was a little too sweet for our liking but we loved the lychee fruit bits that we could chew on! Feels a little like you’re drinking lychee syrup from the can directly though, would be good if the berry tea flavor could stand out more.

This dish is a must-order especially for family dinners! The sauce is similar to that of chilli crab - without that egg mixed in &less spicy. The sweet &spicy sauce goes so well with white rice. The tofu is tender (but nothing out of the world). Prawns are crunchy and again, a good pairing with that sauce!

Pictured above is the small sized one, at $16. Price is alittle steep considering that there's only 5 prawns &that this is a tze char stall at coffee shop.

Oh, skip their 家乡炒饭. It's their signature but has small clumps of rice that aren't coated with the seasoning. Also, mostly just egg. The amount of chicken cubes in it makes this dish worth skipping.

to0 lil' crushed specul00s biscuits! 0therwise n0t t00 sweet cake with strawberry sp0nge & jam!
they have s00 many new l0vely 🍰 & s00 near me
👉 ab0ut$7.50(can't remember exact price)