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Apparently different outlet might have different standard of bkt. Luckily the soup here is good! The set was unfortunately too much for me to finish. Came with a huge basket of fried youtiao and the tau huay was not bad too.

A new range of croissants! I had to choose this, my fav peanut butter. Indeed, the peanut butter was thick and satisfying, with a generous amt slathered inside as well. On the oily side, since the Croissant was buttery also.

A new range of croissants! This one was especially sesame, with the thick black paste both on top and inside. Just a little bit sweet.

They no longer have the 50% off at night but it was still a decent 30% off.

Enjoyed the two mains - curry chicken & sesame chicken. They were served fresh, filling, and rich in taste. The imperial coffee was also strong and smooth, not acidic. It was still too sweet despite being "siew dai" (less sugar) though. The service crew were friendly too!

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Came in a bread basket of 5 pieces. Be sure to eat it as soon as it arrives because it's only nice when it's hot and just toasted!

Price: $2.80

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Cuppa Lava Cake:
Cake served hot with molten chocolate 🍫 which tastes rich and creamy! However, I’m not a fan of the vanilla ice cream that comes with it as it tastes too milky and doesn’t complement the lava cake.

Dark chocolate gelato that tastes slightly bitter but overall a decent ice cream 🍨

Will not come back for the lava cake as I have tasted better elsewhere, may come back to try their signature chocolate cake instead!