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Both of us unanimously chose imperial chicken. The drink cost almost half of the chicken which is considered quite expensive. Food was served very slow. The Soup Restaurant samsui chicken taste better. Oh well, I just realised this is opened by Mark Lee so this does not mean that food are guaranteed nice if open by celebrities. 🙄
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Wonderfully delicious when immersed into the Laksa gravy. Esp the fried tofu.

Actually came for the Lor Mee, which impressed me when I first ate it in their new branch at Royal Sq (connected to Courtyard Marriott). But it was sold out. Settled for Laksa no cockles. Would have been tastier if gravy was hot. Liked the fried wonton which absorbed the gravy. Also got my fav fried tofu skin with fish cake. Overall nice.

Curry was flavorful and delicious, not very spicy. One of their signature dishes. Despite the few thin slices of roti prata, it was quite a filling dish.

The soup was light and very very tasty. One of the best chicken(?) soup I’ve tasted. Chicken was tender and the honey sauce was just sweet enough not overpowering. Nice to go with rice.

Deep fried and so good. Filled with bouncy sweet prawn paste. Very nice with the Thai sweet chili sauce.

Located in their Onsen & Spa space, this paradise of chillness offers services such as massages, baths, sauna and hot steam. Topping the experience off with delicious food definitely makes it wholesome getaway😌

⌯ Kakigori
⌯ Tom Yum Kung
⌯ Pad Thai Kung
⌯ Buta Kakuni
⌯ Salmon Avocado Salad
⌯ Ginger Pork Bento
⌯ Lemongrass Special
⌯ Grape Yogurt Smoothie

Kallang Wave Mall
1 Stadium Pl
Singapore 397628

Thanks @KallangWaveMall, @Yunomori_SG and @Kenpgl for having me!

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The chicken tacos were very average and it rly didn’t do anything for me. The chicken was reminiscent of the diced chicken that u find in mediocre Korean bibimbaps.

The fajitas however, was surprisingly good! The grilled chicken & veg (yellow zucchini, capsicums, onions) was served sizzling hot and had a nice smoky flavour. I slathered on some sauce onto the flour tortilla, put on some chicken&veg, then rolled it up and ate it! It was satisfying :)

Pictured above is my order which cost $6.60. It’s from one of the rare old-school “kway chap” stalls that offers pig’s tongue, pig’s stomach along with the usual suspects of intestines, pork belly and egg. Their “zhup” (gravy) is fragrant and “gao” (thick) to the point of opaque blackness.
It is easy to locate them as it is only stall selling “kway chap” in the small, rather “ulu” hawker centre. You must be prepared to wait when you order though because the elderly couple who run the business, move quite slowly and therefore, need more time to prepare each order.


In an obscure, small hawker centre tucked along a stretch of old buildings on a road that most of you have probably never heard of is a stall selling really tasty Nasi Lemak.
“Muslim Food Stall No. 9” is its name and I found it purely by accident because the stall I’d planned to patronise was closed.
The rice of their Nasi Lemak is very fragrant and since they use basmati, it means their rendition is comparatively healthier due to the low glycemic index of the grain. Their sambal, the dark, sweetish type, makes for a formidably delicious pairing with the rice. The selection of toppings on offer isn’t massive but I loved what I chose: a crunchy-fried, chunky chicken fillet, sambal egg, sambal fishcake, sayur lodeh and crispiest ikan bilis. They had unfortunately, run out of sliced cucumber by the time I arrived that afternoon. Note to self: Got to get there earlier next time. Where is there, you ask? Here are the details:

Muslim Food Stall No. 9
Nasi Lemak at
56 Jalan Benaan Kapal
Singapore 399644

Opens 9am to 3pm,
closed on Sundays.


with eatigo’s 50% off, my hotpot buffet lunch only cost me $12 😱!!! suuuper worth it and they also recently introduced two cuts of beef - short plate and cube roll; which made the shabu shabu experience feel more atas hahah! i definitely love the beef short plate the most as it had a good ratio of lean meat to fat; it basically tasted like pork belly but beef version 😍 we also ordered the tonyu miso soup base which is my personal favourite as it has a rich milky taste that does not overpower the meat flavour at the same time, yet is not too salty or heavy on the tongue.

rating: 8/10 (w eatigo!!)

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This is one of my childhood ytfs, and I always liked their taukee most, out of everything in the bowl! My standard order is beehoon soup here, even though I have come to prefer dry ytf at other establishments. (I’m a creature of habit.) A good, satisfying bowl of ytf!