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This is from their breakfast menu. Will remind you of the room service breakfast in Indian hotels :)
One of the value meals on the menu!
Great authentic taste of indian version of a scrambled eggs + indian bread.

Tibetan style soup with lots of vegetables and noodles and spruced up with indian spices.

Just for one day they created a special set for the meal that's customary and seasonal in the North India. Free flow of everything!
1. Assorted pakoras (fritters)
2. Makki ki roti with legit white butter (maize flour bread)
3. Sarson la saag (mustard greens curry)
With gur (jaggery) to balance the bitterness
4. Hot and crispy jalebi
5. Chhas (buttermilk)

An absolutely delightful meal with great service. Total value for money as well!

Best Indian dessert served hot. Well cooked and super sweet taste, just how it should be.

Rabri that comes along with it was too thin and watery. Taste was still good though.

Must try

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The modern version of a very classic Indian dessert. Boondi ke ladoo dunked in firy vodka! The dessert is served with such flair that it's a total blast for instagram! There are 4 tasty & drunk ladoos so value for money as well.


They have a forever young section in the menu for the classics and this butter chicken is one of the best we've had in Singapore. Paired with methi lachcha prantha it reminded me of Delhi!

This was our safe bet on burrple 1-1 :)


We went for the most unique on the menu and were not disappointed at all. A unique curry with a combination of turnip pieces and shredded soft lamb melts in the mouth. The flavors are very authentic Indian and great alfresco dining which turns into a festival every evening.

Only downside was shredded lamb also meant too few a pieces. The dish was dominated by turnip pieces. Though it was still good value as we used burrple 1-1.


Yummy appetiser with 6 pieces of charred prawns wrapped up in great indian flavors. Served with spiced Indian slaw (shredded radish, beet, onion etc)


4 slices char siu, soft boiled egg with seaweed and ramen

The open-air food court at Jalan Benaan Kapal was somewhere that I have been wanting to visit for years; a spot that is located away in the Stadium/Tanjong Rhu neighbourhood that seems to be a little bit in the middle of nowhere, and carries a vibe that is more Malaysia than in Singapore.

Most people are in here seemingly for the cheap coffee which we had also tried — our bill at Kang Siang Coffee Stall for a Kaya Butter Toast and 2 cups of Kopi and 1 Teh Siew Dai came up to only $2.90; a price that is pretty much unheard of elsewhere. But considering how we had made a special trip into this spot (because a friend drove), we thought it would be good to give another stall a go.

Reading up some reviews, we went for the Nasi Lemak from Warong Mak Esah (Stall No. 9); the Nasi Lemak came with basmati rice, while we opted for a fried egg and chicken cutlet instead of the chicken wing because it was easier to share. The Basmati Rice comes perfuming of a coconut-y fragrance; liked how the grains were not too moist — fluffy, yet fragrant without being heavily “creamy” in terms of the flavour, which we found to be really alluring and not particularly jelak, and all paired well with the sambal which was balance of sweetness and spiciness that is rather manageable for those tolerable to moderate levels of spiciness — carries a rather distinct note of the fragrance of fresh chili that runs at the back of the tongue as well. We were also impressed with the sunny-side-up; nothing of that “plastic egg” (as some may call it) nonsense here, but a proper fried egg with a molten egg yolk that oozes as one pokes through with a fork — pretty much attention-to-detail here that even some economic bee hoon stalls tend to miss. The chicken cutlet may be a little generic; using the garlicky breading that may seem a tad commercial to some, but comes with that satisfying flavour and crunch whilst not being too dry within, while the Ikan Bilis still retains its crunch whilst being just so ever slightly saltish, and without feeling as though it was absorbed in grease.

The Nasi Lemak from Warong Mak Esah is not the best, but it delivers at its price point at $3.50 — each of the elements seemingly being well taken care of, and certainly beats quite a number of other variants offered at other stalls at this price range. The place may take quite a bit of effort to get too if one does not drive — but I do really enjoy that idyllic vibe of the open-air food court; does really bring one back to those simpler times.


Just like I remembered - soft fluffy steamed bread buns, crisply breaded fish fillets, tartar sauce, and American cheese. Yummy.

Serving time was fast and my food was hot. You can dine-in but I chose to takeout and sit at the seats outside Decathlon (located right beside the restaurant), where you can watch people play basketball or do sports around the area while enjoying your burger.

Launch your McDonald’s app everyday to get a go at the Christmas lucky draw, where you can get food coupons like this. $2 for this burger is great although you’d have to purchase something else for this deal to be valid. They don’t let you stack coupons either.

Can't remember the name of this item but it comes with red rice and karrage. The rice was fluffy and sticky but find the karrage too tough. Probably fried for too long?