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As usual, I asked more spicy to enhance the flavour of the sauce, and pair it with plain Porridge, shiok 😋.
💰$25 (for 3+2).

Can place order by WhatsApp 8666 0234, free delivery islandwide for order above $50.

📍G7 Live Seafood and Frog Porridge.
163 Geylang Rd.

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Got hazelnut and normal latte from the espresso selection and they were so yummy! Good strong coffee there in a cup.

Mediocre. Worse than MOS(not that MOS's is bad at all, just that it's priced so affordably)

PSA got some set discount -7nett

Like ramly but a proper burger. Sinful and really not my proudest enjoyment, but really pretty addictive. Imagine a decent burger but coated w egg and sloppily sauced, in a most debaucherously delicious way

PS this is from hillview grab kitchen branch

Ribs are grossly underwhelming and might be the worst I’ve ever had. Lacking in both quality and quantity. Ordered this because I read a decent review online and there was some flash promotion. Disappointed to receive 3 pieces with fries and salad for $49 (before discount), and a good portion of it was dry. Definitely not worth it even with the 50% discount on deliveroo. Only the massive box was impressive (though arguably led to greater disappointment upon opening).

The pork belly laksa was much better in comparison, though pricing wise still a tad expensive relative to other cafes.

Although I didn’t manage to get my favourite Pulut Hitam Tartlet from Bloomsbury Bakers (sold out in 30min😭), thankfully the other items did not disappoint:

🍓Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble Tartlet ($3.20)
The strawberry rhubarb filling literally lava-ed out of the tart once you cut into it. The tartness of the rhubarb balances the sweetness of the strawberry and the freshness of the fruits really comes through. The tart pastry is crisp and buttery - delightful!

🍵Matcha Tartlet ($3.20)
The first thing that came to mind is that this matcha is INTENSE. The matcha ganache is rich and creamy and the bitterness of the Uji matcha powder complements the chocolate tart. Hard to resist for Matcha lovers out there!

🍫Plain Brownie ($5)
To be honest, I chose brownie over cake simply because I wanted something that is easy to transport, so I didn’t really have much expectations for this. However, the brownie turned out good! It is rich but not cloying, with just the right amount of chewiness. Although I am not a big fan of chocolate, I found myself enjoying the aroma and texture of the brownie.

Glad to have new items joining Pulut Hitam Tartlet on my list of favourites from Bloomsbury Bakers:)!

@simple.dailyfood2 opened a branch bakery @simple_donutbakery !!!🤩 their main store have my personal favorite blue pea nasi lemak in sg hehe 🥰 located at #cthub (hidden gem street of local foodie ventures) ✨
They recently launched @simple_donutbakery selling nyonya inspired flavors of bombolinis 🌈😋definitely a first! The flavors are:
1️⃣ Nyonya Rendang chicken ⭐️⭐️⭐️
2️⃣ butterfly pea cream cheese ⭐️⭐️
3️⃣ lychee rose ⭐️⭐️⭐️
4️⃣ nyonya Gula Melaka ⭐️⭐️
5️⃣ Thai green Milk tea ⭐️⭐️⭐️
6️⃣ cinnamon sugar ⭐️⭐️
I was lucky to get the box during their Mother’s Day special hence an extra cinnamon donut hehe🍀 hopefully they would be selling individually one day haha✨ I love that they are not overly sweet and oily with the right amount of airy and fluffiness in both the cream and donut 👍 personally would love to see more savory additions! But either way, absolutely love their nasi lemak haha😂 (took away 2 boxes while getting these hehs)

Located in a coffeeshop along Upper Boon Keng Road (just a few minutes walk from Kallang Mrt) is Pratunam 水門, a food stall that serves a range of Thai street food like Pig’s Trotters Rice, Thai Style Kway Chap and more!

We tried a few of their dishes and my favourite was the Pig’s Trotters Rice! The pig’s trotters was braised really well, and the meat was tender and full of collagen too! The portion was also really generous, which made this a really value for money dish!


Croissants are one of my favourite pastry. The inside was airy with smooth notes of warm butter, filled with orange cream cheese filling, raspberry jam and raspberry fruit plate perfect for a weekend brekkie brunch or dessert treat 》$5

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Freshly fried tonkatsu paired with Japanese curry with some potatoes and carrots. Nothing fanciful but a comforting food that will not go wrong.

The gyudon rice was soaked with quite a bit of sauce and a little salty. Vegetables were also dressed with Japanese sesame sauce (which is also salty).

Gyoza was in okonomiyaki style and sauce. An average dish, maybe you can just order the original Gyoza.

A place with a variety of Japanese food to fill your tummy after soaking in the onsen, but otherwise would not travel down just to have their food.

Matcha Almond Twice-baked ($6)
Matcha Frangipane, Mochi, Almond Flakes.
The croissant itself was pretty flaky and crispy, and the crust with the almond flakes were enjoyable, but sadly the mochi was not chewy at all - it did not value-add to the texture. Would have wished for the matcha to be stronger too, as it came across to me as green tea than matcha.