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Top 10 places in Kallang, Singapore.
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Latest reviews of food and restaurants in Kallang, Singapore.

Great quality meat! Meat are sliced only upon order. All ingredients are really fresh. All these at a great value.

Sit down and relax to enjoy the best of both worlds.
Typical boiled stuffed tofu, stuffed red chilli with fish paste in a bowl of clear broth.
Handmade stuffed tofu, stuffed bittergourd and fried minced ball, consistently daily, definitely satisfying.
Self help boiled soya bean scooped into bowl of yellow noodle and added some sweet dark sauce.
Yummy indeed!

From 玲记 Handmade YTF, minimum of 5 pieces, or each piece at 50cents, closed on Sunday, opens 0830am 730pm.


Chanced upon this one for one deal. On very Monday since Jan till today 18 Feb. Valid all day. I got this latte since I’ve been drinking lots of their flat white. It was strong and hot. For a moment, I thot it tasted really like a flat white, cos the coffee was on the bitter side. Then as I continued drinking, I realized it had a more milky taste. Very subtle.

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I was very dubious abt this cos of the bright yellow color, but it was essentially Lassi in Bread form! Really yummy.

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Oooh this was amazingly sour, spicy and garlicky. It did its job as an appetizer to whet my appetite and made my stomach growl for more.

The noodles possessed a quiet, firm confidence, whilst elsewhere the hairline sweat-inducing and unforgettably vengeful chilli played it all rectum-scorching Firaja spell-casting. 4/5


New place near working area, very nice atmosphere & staff! Serves customizable salads, sandwiches, soups & drinks :) below $10 so quite affordable!

Riding on the Mala craze which taken over Singapore, @threegoodguys at Golden Mile Food Centre decides to jump into the salted egg bandwagon, offering a lip-smacking alternative of Mala Xiang Guo. So which side are you on? The Mala Party or Salted Egg Party

Different from the many salted egg yolk dishes these days that use powder seasoning, the one here is the real deal, with visible chunks of salted egg yolk. Topped with some complimentary fish skin, every ingredient in the bowl complemented the deep flavours of the salted egg sauce. Be sure to add Maggie noodles as this will definitely beat the Salted Egg Indomie 😂.
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


This small portion that you see came up to be more than $20. It is insanely expensive and overpriced, and not even that good. Each portion of meat and veggies is like less than half the amount of what you would usually get at other mala places. The instant noodles go for $2 a portion, the most expensive I've come across so far. The salted egg was very sickening and jelat, although I should have anticipated this before ordering. We also waited really long for this, about 30-45 mins. I would not recommend anyone to try this. Save your coins and get your mala fix somewhere else.

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and some nights you can just do with a piping hot bowl of 皮蛋粥 to soothe the senses after a long, long day. 📸: @michellechun_
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Made a reservation for this grilled lamb 烤羊腿 $68(not too sure). Simply look at this massive portion. Was more than sufficient for group of 5 pax! The meat was super flavorful enough without the extra seasonings provided. Some parts were chewy and tough but overall we enjoyed this dish a lot!!!

Order 2 plates for Vegetables too, but they were a little salty. Would suggest to ask for less salt, less old, less MSG.