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Second visit! The mains - dang gui & assam chicken - were tender, juicy and flavourful; the imperial coffee was strong and "gao" enough. Overall, 'twas a comforting meal!

Although Dadong Prawn Noodles in Joo Chiat remains the number one in my heart, I have to admit the one from this stall is very tasty. Theirs is the “kill-you-with-strong-prawn-flavour” style. So even though the soup isn’t the opaque sort and may seem a bit thin even, there is no denying its intensity. The prawns, served halved lengthwise with shell on, are fresh and sweet while the smallish pieces of pork ribs are tender and tasty.
If I had to choose, I would pick the dry version over the soup because I really enjoyed the savoury and slightly tangy chilli sambal used to dress the noodles.

Jalan Sultan Prawn Mee
Address: 2 Jalan Ayer, Singapore 389141.
Closest MRT station: Kallang.
Opens 8am to 3.30pm.
Closed on Tuesdays.

P.S. In case you are wondering, I prefer this stall’s infinitely more than the popular one on East Coast Road.

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简单是一种美德, definitely describes the plate of butterfly blue pea rice nasi lemak that I recently had @simple.dailyfood2 . The store is definitely a hidden gem located at CT Hub 2.

Finally visited the store and we were impressed by the har cheong chicken. Freshly prepared upon order, the chicken chop marinated in homemade prawn paste was succulent, cripsy and tasty!

Definitely looking forward to visit the store again to try the other options such as the Special Simple’s Noodle (available on Tuesday & Thursday) and their clean series is also available for those who prefers something healthier! Whereas for the protein, the rendang chicken and the Japanese Kabayaki Unagi seems like something which I would enjoy.

Note: The store only operates on Mon - Fri (11am to 3pm). Be there early to avoid disappointment!

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Glad to report I enjoyed the kuay chap much more this time round. Is it because I ate too much Western food lately?
The kuay chap seems so much more flavourful this time round. Just egg, taukee and taupok is enough to satisfy me. Would have liked large intestines but they didn’t have. What u see here costs $10 in total.
#kuaychap #sghawkers #sghawkerfood

Some of you like your seabass nicely cooked skin-down, delicately plated with creamy sauces and quenelles of whatevs; some like it gently steamed with aromatics and soy sauce; but when I think of a good seabass, @camp_kilo’s beautifully grilled one is what comes to mind. Armed with the basic salt and pepper, wedges of lime, and an insane mastery over fire, Camp Kilo’s no-fuss take means you really get to taste that lovely sweet, fresh fish. There’re no fancy sauces to detract you from the fish (they do have a few fantastic housemade sauces on the side if you really want em), which means they’ve got no way to hide any mistakes like bad produce or overcooked fish. That I get perfectly succulent, moist and tender fish every time speaks tons.


Birthdays are truly a great excuse to buy whole cakes 😆 Got @brotherbird_bakehouse's chocolate mochi cake which has valrhona manjari chocolate mousse, vanilla bean mochi, dark chocolate ganache, hazelnut crispy praline and chocolate macaron biscuit. The multiple layers made sure there were many different types of flavours that you wouldn't feel there's "too much" chocolate. There was such a variety of flavours with the mousse, chewy mochi, ganache, crispy praline and macaron biscuit too. We enjoyed this cake a lot and I'll buy this a lot more often if they're sold in slices too 😅

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Really into these healthier option mix bowls these days🤜 ✨ @crowncoffeesg a cafe targetted at working crowds around #cthub area😎 serving Buscaglione coffee imported from Rome, along with handcrafted sandwiches and panini, also have build your own salad bowls starting from $9👍 best of all, their choice of ingredients are all freshly made with wide range of your favorite options (way better than the Fairprice and cheaper!) they are really generous with the servings as well which is very important😎✌️can never get sick of it too! Not just because of its simple good options but they do rotations of mains as well🥰✨love it💕
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Both of us unanimously chose imperial chicken. The drink cost almost half of the chicken which is considered quite expensive. Food was served very slow. The Soup Restaurant samsui chicken taste better. Oh well, I just realised this is opened by Mark Lee so this does not mean that food are guaranteed nice if open by celebrities. 🙄
#13Stages #ImperialGingerChicken #Burpple #BurppleBeyond

Though brother milk is famous for its renditions of some of the most popular dishes, I have to admit I was rather worries about this one. Because curry and crossiant isnt exactly the best combination since the gravy might be too dry or the crossing might get too soggy. Despite that, the Japanese curry was so well conceptualised as there were even carrots and potatoes which went well with the Michigan crossiant!

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Wonderfully delicious when immersed into the Laksa gravy. Esp the fried tofu.

Actually came for the Lor Mee, which impressed me when I first ate it in their new branch at Royal Sq (connected to Courtyard Marriott). But it was sold out. Settled for Laksa no cockles. Would have been tastier if gravy was hot. Liked the fried wonton which absorbed the gravy. Also got my fav fried tofu skin with fish cake. Overall nice.