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Nasi lemak $3 consist of fried egg, crispy fried chicken wing & ikan bilis, slightly sweet red chilli sauce and fluffy coconut infused rice from Ah Yong Cooked Food.
Kopi O 90 cents from Dong Shan, fresh brewed. ❤️ Better Health.


It's been years since I last came back here as it's not near me. Their range of sushi are not much and also not less. Their grape jelly are the yummy ones. Sashimi is nice and quite fresh too. Current promotion is every 10 plates eaten, get a free lobster as shown. 3 different flavour. Just nice we eaten 30 plates. 👍🏻 but their iPad ordering system is bad. Always hang on us and the back of the iPad is so dirty. Disappointing

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The place I was introduced to Chinese BBQ. I love Chinese BBQ but have moved on to better/cheaper joints.

Ordinary and very difficult to eat with chopsticks.

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As usual, it's like chicken but with minimal meat.

$3 a plate of soya sauce chicken with springy noodles, brisk queue, stall is at the corner of food centre.
For braised chicken feet lovers, $2 per addition for the tasty slow-cooked chicken feet. Total sum up $5 for the soya sauce chicken noodles with chicken feet, superb value!
$3 for the medium sized hand made savoury dumpling soup, approx 7 pieces inside.


I like this concept of able to try 3 different areas of kopi! But too expensive for 3 tiny cups of coffee 😅

The chicken meat is very smooth! I like the Indonesia style chicken the best! It’s pricey though!

Nasi Ambeng.

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I’m always a little wary whenever I go to places which talk about how healthy their food is before discussing how tasty it is. Luckily, The Bento People didn’t disappoint at all on flavour! So if you’re looking for food that is as tasty as it’s healthy, this is a good place.

I got three dishes (bulgogi + tofu, black fungus and red rice) for $9.80 and tea for $1.50, but do note that there’s a very high chance you’ll spend more than that. This is as more than half the menu and dishes cost like another $1 or $2 to add, so expect costs to go up.

Money aside, the food is really pretty decent. The black fungus in miso was wonderfully savoury, and the red rice had a nice, nutty texture. The portion sizes are decent, too, leaving you feeling quite happily satisfied. They can get a bit crowded at lunch, but service is usually quick, so no need to worry there.

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