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Bread, Breakfast & Brunch, Healthy Breakfast I love sleep because it’s like a time machine to breakfast
Steak, Outdoor Dining, Fine Dining Mains They are the tummy filling ones. Single servings are generally enough for one person. Must be chosen with care and precision such that they hit the correct taste buds.
Local Delights, Indian, Hawker Food Snacks Harmless light food, good for anytime during the day
Craft Beer, Dinner with Drinks, Cocktails Keep The Drinks 🍷 Coming To keep the night going on a good note, good drinks are a necessity. They keep the energy alive and provides that extra boost to the ambience.
Fast Food, Bread, Burgers Let The Burgers Do The Talking Always a favourite at anytime any day. If you hungry and can’t seem to sort out what to gorge on, burgers are always a saviour
Ice Cream & Yoghurt, Desserts, Cakes Sweet Afters Everyone craves for something sweet at one point or the other, it may be just a craving for sweet tooth or the means to end a great dinner with a happy and satisfactory note