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Tom Yum Soup - $5
It was not too great but most probably not made with herbs like lemongrass, galangal, and lime leaves because there was no taste of them. It was more sour than spicy.It tasted like it was made with Tom Yum cube stock.It would have been better if they had added more seafood in though.

Basil Pork with Rice - $6
The Basil Pork was a little too sweet for my liking but it was not too bad as there were dipping sauces to make up for it.

Blk 532
Bukit Batok street 52
Singapore 650532

This was really shiok with torched mentai-mayo over salmon on purple rice rolls! So satisfying good.

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Located within an industrial complex, this place may be a little out of the way but it’s definitely worth the drive! We ordered a range of dishes, from fried rice to Lala white bee hoon, fried pork to French beans, but my favorite dish would have to be the salted egg prawns. The prawns were large and juicy (and peeled!), and the salted egg yolk batter was not too thick or cloying. As one who isn’t the biggest fan of salted egg yolk, this was the perfect combination for me. The skin was crisp and not soggy even after being left out so it’s definitely worth ordering! Overall, the portions were big and the prices reasonable (and they have free ice cream for you to choose from after your meal!)

This place is so under rated. It is located within the bukit batok industrial estate. Love this bee hoon dish that includes a generous portion of all sorts of ingredients! The verdict: I am so impressed the tze char here. We thoroughly enjoyed most of the dishes ordered. Will definitely come back again for more!

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This is their famous white beehoon but I think the Sembawang version is better. The other dishes are ok. Usual ago char prices.

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(I asked our girl if she wants to eat ice cream). You want to eat one right? Your better half knows you so well. The Mrs said, take the “Topless 5” instead of Earthquake. You save calories (5 instead of 8 scoops) and is way way way much cheaper coz you are not paying for dry ice and toppings that we don’t want the little girl to eat. I didn’t know! Now I know! Did you?

Their big offerings are quite expensive usually but the small cakes and delights are affordable. That being said there's some problem with the location when you're using navigation because it's actually right beside the hawker centre.

Solid pulpy filling and it's quite significantly less sweet than most, to the point where my health conscious mother with a light palate complained that it wasn't sweet enough

Update: seems like that's an one off since second one was sweeter and closer to what you'd expect

Been a price increase lately but it's still very worth it to change to drumstick and also add chicken(the amount added is almost equivalent to buying another plate)

Never noticed this before but the soup is actually quite good even if they didn't add the fried garlic. Moreover you have a choice between the small and large bowl

The aunty might count wrongly though so be honest and own up if she gives you too much change :p