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Arriving at 香香面家, the uncle can be seen at work, making the wide strands of ban mian with his handy noodle machine. The bowl of noodles did not disappoint indeed, providing a good QQ bite. With a generous addition of mushrooms, minced meat and spinach, it makes one worth it lunch! Complete it with crisp anchovies and mix it all up with their fragrant braised sauce, sweet chilli duo. The combination - a tasty medley of flavours and textures that come together as one!

Phnom Penh Noodle - $5
A staple in southern Vietnam, this noodle soup is made with a pork bone broth, tapioca noodles rather than rice noodles and without the addition of fish sauce.This dish is accompanied by ground pork, pork liver, quail eggs and prawns which all give the broth a delightful sweet taste.

Vietnamese Spring Rolls- $4
Vietnamese spring roll or Summer roll is a dish that consists of pork, prawn, vegetables like basil leaves and lettuce, rice noodles and sometimes other ingredients and served fresh instead of fried, making it healthy.

Delicious food with good service.

109 Bukit Batok West Avenue 6 Stall 4, Singapore 650109

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Ordered T bone steak. Portion is sizable and the steak is nice. Love the service and ambience too.

The fact that it lacks the familiar yet overwhelming taste of liqueur is what I love most about iO Italian Osteria’s Pistachio Tiramisu ($14). Dusted with pistachio atop, the layer of mascarpone was surprisingly fluffy and light. The coffee soaked ladyfingers too, held the same textural experience with the added punch of bittersweetness in each delicious forkful. Though the nutty flavour of pistachio was not pronounced, it worked really well as a delicate “pick me up” - moist, not too sweet and simply melt-in-your-mouth.


Never did like pork knuckles... until now.
Tried pork knuckles in Germany and it was meh. But then all the reviews were praising this to the sky so I decided to give it a try. And....
It was AMAZING. So tender, melt in your mouth pork, with crispy skin on the outside.
10/10, coming from one who doesn’t even enjoy pork knuckles in general.

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AMAZING. Better than the ones in Italy. I picked the bread up and it was literally DRIPPING with truffle and cheese !!!! The bread itself? Omg...


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Noodles as you can see from the photo, were soggy. Not much taste to it either. 2/10. Totally not worth your 22 dollars.

Just stick to the starters.


To me it is just decent food and affordable ($4.60 with an added egg) #chyekee #tybinnovena #burpple #burpplesg

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You can pick random skewers or get their sets - we went for the $5.80 set that lets you choose 3 meat skewers, 3 vegetables and a choice of noodle or rice. It’s still best to double check with the stall owners since it’s not stated clearly, e.g. a packet of enoki mushrooms is equivalent to a meat stick. After that, pick spicy or normal and you’re done! It wasn’t too spicy actually, but they have chilli and peppercorn pastes on the side for you to add on. Was a pretty comforting bowl except the ingredients were a little undercooked, felt like something you can go for if you’re craving for ma la but also want to be healthy 😂

📍Wan Jia Gon Fu Tang 万家功夫烫
West Mall Koufu Food Court

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