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i would say their desserts and sides beats their mains hands down. love that this tiramisu has pistachio in it. the pistachio came in a form
of a paste that is layered above the lady’s fingers. when eaten together, i feel that the coffee overpowers the pistachio taste so i ate it separately. the cream was also pretty light

The Porchetta has a really crispy skin, and the meat was quite tender. But i guess it’s slightly too oily as oil was seen oozing out of the meat.

Really love the stuffed bread that had truffle and cheese in it. truffle taste wasn’t super pronounced and i think the cheese taste was stronger.

Chilli ban mee quite spicy, this is coming from someone who can tolerate a high amount of spiciness

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Operating this restaurant is a Korean family that do give very homely service, and I must say their food is really homely tasting too!

Don't be surprised to come in the restaurant without a menu, as the family decides on the menu for you. Their lunch set ($17.90 but varies) comes with about 9 side dishes with soup and rice and all of them were pretty delicious! Don't expect their food to be incredibly flavourful, as they were not oily nor too salty, making them taste like home cooked food.

Fruits and waffles were also served after the meal and I was so surprised to know that their waffles were mochi waffles! Really satisfying with the crispy exterior and chewy interior. Definitely recommended to those who are around the area!

From Waa Cow:
The beef did not have the signature “butteryness” of wagyu , it was only slight tender and juicy with a charred taste. I’m no beef expert but I’ve had better wagyu.

The rest of the ingredients were mehhh

Therefore, as an average food enthusiast, this is really not worth it for me.

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Seriously average, very cheap tasting, the almond bits are very fine so u mainly taste the caramel and only a very tiny crunch from the almonds

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Plump wontons with a satisfying bite, can definitely taste the prawn
The sauce was not spicy enough for me (next time can add chili)

But for the price, I don’t think I will be coming back to this dish often

It’s seasonal

It’s quite well done. It’s very tender and doesn’t feel too fatty/gelat

The bee hoon is the wet kind. Not my favorite

Not much wok hey. It paired well with the sambal provided.

Okay la the stingray flesh was firm and flakes off the “bones” quite easily

The chili sauce has hints of coconut, but quite disappointed that it was not grilled with the stingray so sauce wasn’t incorporated into the flesh

OMG $20 for vegetables + eggs

It’s pretty typical, at least egg portion was generous

But NOT worth, no veggies is worth $20
Cook your own vegetables and bring to eat Zichar