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Again it's alright, the baguette was crispy but way too much bite, pork was fried to finish

It's alright, it's fried to finish not grilled so that's abit annoying

Fun and lively place just a short walk away from Hillview MRT, we decided to celebrate a birthday here as the birthday girl was craving italian food and this had been getting lots of social media buzz lately.

Started off with the Porchetta ($9 for small) which was sooo delicious - luxuriously fatty with a decently crackling skin, with fennel rub inbetween for a mild sweetness. Dip it in the accompanying sharp mustard sauce to cut through the greasiness! Small portion was just nice for 3 pax surprisingly, and you wouldn't want to eat too much of this fattiness.

Next was the Traditional Stuffed Roman Schiacciata ($10 for small) which looked assuming on first glance but was sooo addictive and I couldn't taking bite after bite of it. Think a simple cheese sandwich but with a rich truffle layer inside. The crustiness of the bread paired with the earthy gooeyness of the truffle cheese was just heavenly.

Of course, Burrata has to be a staple whenever we visit an italian restaurant, and the simple Burrata ($19) with parma ham, rucola, and cherry tomatoes didn't fail to disappoint. My only gripe would be that the burrata portion could have been larger for its price.

Couldn't resist more carbs so we ordered the Bruschetta ($8) with Sicilian fresh tomatoes and italian basil. A simple italian classic, but done so well here. Tomatoes were especially sweet and tart, and were what made this dish so delicious. However, birthday girl didn't really enjoy the sharpness of the garlic cubes, but she made do by mashing them up and spreading it onto the bread. Improvise, adapt, overcome!

At this point, we realised we didn't have a vege dish so we settled on the Baked Eggplant Parmigiana ($14) which was layers of eggplant in a hearty tomato stew. Loved the sweet nuttiness of the eggplant, and the tomato stew was equally rich and packed with umami. Wished we had saved some of the Schiaciatta to dip in the sauce.

Loaded with the small bites and starters, onto our one pasta main - the Cacio e Pepe ($20). Pretty decent, creamy sauce that wasn't stringy, but I would've chosen a more exciting pasta on a return trip.

Finally, we've reached the end of our meal and what better way to finish with the italian classic desserts - Pistachio Tiramisu ($14) and Cannoli ($12). The tiramisu was a banger; can't think of any other words to describe it. Loved it, you got to try it for yourself. As for the Cannoli, it was my first time trying it and I liked the sweet ricotta filling with chocolate chips and pistachio crumbs to give it a pop of nuttiness and sweetness. I thought the pastry shells were going to be crisp but they were more flaky, but I also liked it.

Overall, loved the vibes of the restaurant but it was pretty packed on a Tuesday night and I thought the service staff could be a little bit more friendly and attentive. Would have been nice to be shown some welcoming gestures, and we were disappointed that there was no birthday surprise even though we specified it in our reservation (another table got a cake with a candle). Still, loved the food and prices are pretty value-for-money as well. Would return!

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Flesh is ok but the skin sucks, tastes really really cheap and messes up the overall texture

But this aunty here now is really an idiot. I asked her for special set without rice but she said you can't do that. Why?? How hard is it to NOT put rice on the plate?

Food quality is good as always

Very confusing stall, the seafood beehoon is to the right of the Viet place at a zichar like stand

Soup was good, it's kinda homely but not entirely. It has a bit of stench that's quite common to seafood beehoon idk why, but that's standard so not faulting them. Pls add eggs cos otherwise there's hardly enough eggs, and the eggs are stir fried first so it's not too soft. Prawns were decent, small squid was very crunchy.

Overall decent but surprisingly no lala so not v sure what's gg on. The china service staff is very curt and waiting time is quite long even without queue. Oh and the beehoon is scaldingly hot it's crazy. Not worth travelling for, for sure

Repeat customer. Always coming back for the blueberry crumble and speculoos ice cream.

Well balanced, not overly sweet. Thoughtful that the speculoos biscuits are added into the ice cream before scooping and topped on top of the ice cream for freshness and crunch.

Pricing reasonable considering rental and overheads nowadays. $4+ for a scoop of premium ice cream.

They have other items on their menu also, waffles and finger food which I have yet to try. There’s also coffee, tea and sodas.

Nice cosy place to hide from the scorching sun.

The best Wanton Mee I’ve ever had. Looks like the owner put in a lot of thought into each component of the dish.

Pizzas L @ $29++

Back here for more good food. Jio-ed more people so that can order more. Got this assorted pizzas (L) which comes with five flavours of pizza (total 15 pcs) and we love it. The pizza crust is more bread like and it's really good.

M size is four flavours and 12pcs @ $24++
Not sure how many slices for S, but it's @ $9++

Great dish for sweet tooth!
Taro “chips” are thick and fried to crisp, and then coated with sugar.
The sugar is flavoured - fried onion.

For me, it was a great dish to have tried and experimented with! Yes I would order it again.

Caution, takes awhile to prepare (10-15mins) so order this with a leadtime in mind.

Veggies weren't pickled in a strong enough brine

Salmon was crispy and the beef was passable

Overall it's alright

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