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Long waiting times, this stall is one of the few Bak Chor Mee where you still get Tee Por (Fried Sole Fish) in both the noodles and inside the dumplings.

Oddly, theirs taste very much like the famous Tai Wah Pork Noodles except this stall gives you loads of Tee Por.

For those who like their noodles extra spicy and sour, hold off on the order for extra vinegar. Their vinegar is extremely sour as it is. So take it easy on the vinegar in case it drowns the flavour in the noodles.

Because I da bao the noodles home, they were a bit soggy. This means I must return to the stall for a dine in tasting. I’ll be back.

Do not aspect any wow factor. It’s indeed the typical neighbourhood hokkien mee, with decent chilli sauce and pork lard. It makes a decent choice to satisfy any Hokkien mee craving but definitely not the top choice considering the rather poor order management. It was a terribly long wait despite having pre-ordered on grab food. As it turned out, the stall doesnt start working on your order until you’ve appeared in-person for collection. What’s the pre-ordering system for then? A total wait of 40mins, not because the queue was particularly long due to the exceptional food but because it’s a breakdown of 20mins prep time (per grab app) + 20mins actual prep time (when you show up in person for collection)

a chance find around the Bukit Batok neighbourhood! Cheap, good, and incredibly generous with portion size. Food items are generally good but here’s featuring the jaw-droppingly amazing fries! Laden with an incredibly huge serving of pulled pork fries, mayo sauce and nacho cheese sauce. It could well be a meal in itself, if not for the fact that it’s too fattening and sinful 🙊

I straight order their sesame chicken as I found this on their menu. Unlike the other types of chicken, they required to fried my sesame chicken upon order.

Coated with sesame skin, making the chicken so tasty and delicious, while the meat itself remain juicy and soft. $4

Can't comment on the crunch cos takeaway but PSA ask for the socarrat, it's normally not included for takeaway

Their sauce was good and very generous, u can barely see any white part. Salted fish came in chunks, do mash it up into small pieces if u don't want intense bursts of funk. The chili is v similar to ckn rice chili. Their success lies in the multilayered flavour, from the sauce to the herbs to the chili. Ofc ckn was pretty tender too

Grew up in the area and ate it a few times, but didn't like it back then. Now that I grew to appreciate claypot rice, I can confirm this is a damn good bowl and quite unique too. Call in early to book!

PSA satay only at night, min sticks of 5 PER TYPE(means u can't choose 3mutton,3ckn, 4pork to make 10 satay)

Good stuff, worth a try if you're in the neighborhood. The wait was 20+min? At around 1pm

Stock was umami, there was a little bit of wok hey and prawns were good. Pork lard was very crispy and toothsome too.
Chili was full of pure heat, goes well w the noods.

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Pulled pork was a tad dry on its own but this is a very sloppy burger that is well sauced so it's balanced out. Messy but quite delicious, value for money at this price.

Their coleslaw seems to be cabbage topped w a sauce tho. Maybe it's cos of takeaway and they don't want it to get soggy? The orange zest in the sauce was nice but the texture of the raw cabbage wasn't too

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Noodles were springy and complemented well with the sauce. Ingredients were generous in its thick cut braised mushrooms, handful of minced meat and noodles stand up with its fragrant fried sole fish.

Very simple stall with very few dishes. To be honest I wasn't keen but it was late and there weren't choices. I have nothing to say, it's around the standard of homecooked horfun.

I ordered the $5 portion, which comes with lots of noodles with equally balance of wok hey taste, especially eating together with the pork lard.

Super huge portion for the price, can have it for lunch + dinner. Tastes quite decent and would have it again or try other items on the menu.

I was regret as I never have the chance to visit their former outlet at Bukit Timah Fire Station. They since opened their new and nearby outlet at HillV2.

I got their lunch set which comes with a drink. The beef stew was soft and juicy, pair well with the mashed potato, tomato and broccoli. $20