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The beef was tender and soft! Overall a decent plate of hor fun around our neighbourhood

It was quite a difficult location to spot especially if you dont drive so using a gps would be the best option to locate this coffeeshop. I went at around 11am to beat the lunch crowd and there were plenty of seats so ordering was not an issue. You can pick and choose the items that you want and hand it over to the staff who will help fry your ingredients to make it piping hot and crispy. Sauce is a must to dip with the items as it enhances the flavour of the wu xiang. Food is also served to your table so you dont have to wait at the stall for your food. Definitely worth the visit!


Love the dry version of the prawn noodles! Tasty broth and juicy prawns!

Both are S$6, coming to a total of S$12.

Duck Rice set comes with herbal duck soup, yam rice, a smoky savoury chilli sauce, and an assortment of items including braised duck meat, fish cake, braised peanuts, tofu, half a braised egg and a few slices of cucumber.

Other Burpplers seem to have gotten salted vegetables, but I guess they removed that from the set.

Duck Kway Chap Set comes with Kway topped with fried shallots and Cilantro, a sour and slightly sweet chili, and the Chap assortment containing duck meat, fish cakes, braised pork belly, braised tau pok, tofu, some pork intestines and half a braised egg.

In general, everything is well cooked and there is a good assortment. Chili goes very well with the dishes, and is the highlight of the meal along with the fragrant yam rice. There is more to be desired, however, from the duck and egg in terms of both texture and flavour.

The stall also sells other non typical duck rice items like sesame chicken, Bak kut Teh, pig trotters. There are 2 negative reviews on hungrygowhere, but I do believe those are anomalies.

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$5/6/7. Ordered $5.

Can't even see the vermicelli noodles because the Satay sauce is just generously covering everything. A good plate of noodles.

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$6/8/10/15 dollar options available.

Ordered $6. Plate is pretty small, but there are ample oysters, enough for a good ratio of egg to oyster for each bite.

Majority of the plate doesn't feel greasy and have good texture. Bottom of the plate can be a bit oily, but the Cilantro takes off some of the grease as well as heat from the chili.

An above average oyster omelette.

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Xiao Long Bao – S$6.80

Xiao Long Bao came in these containers that capture the soup in the dumpling, rather than simply in the given basket. While perhaps the idea was to make the Xiao Long Bao easier to eat, ironically when trying to use my chopsticks to eat these I destroyed the skin of the Xiao Long Bao.

Packaging aside, while the Xiao Long Bao had plenty of delicious pork soup, I find the minced meat filling to be a bit lacking.

Also ate other items. Overall, the place is decent but not travel worthy. A good place to visit if you are living around the area and feel like dim sum, yet don’t feel like traveling more than a walking distance.

Full review and menu can be found here:

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Served in the traditional charcoal steamboat pot, there are hints of charcoal flavour as well. The fish isn’t the best around but it is fresh and a generous portion. Other recommended dishes here are the #sambalkangkong and #sweetandsourpork.
📍136 Hong Kong Street Fish Head Steamboat, 1 Upper Aljunied Lane

For those who don’t know this, the cafe employs youths with special needs and was started 10 years ago by Mr & Mrs Khong cos their daughter had a passion for cooking and it was a chance for her to learn to be independent, expand on her social skills and of course, it provided a space and livelihood for some who may not have otherwise gotten a job outside where they can feel like home and yet be able to unearth their potentials (everything you see in the pics are cooked by the youths). .

Once again overwhelmed by their hospitality (and the amount of food trying to wiggle their way through my intestines now), I am ever so grateful to have friends like Mr & Mrs Khong who not only cares for their own, but also have a big heart for others less fortunate than themselves. I have so much to learn from them ❤️
. .

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Another awesome plate to indulge here. Inch thick pork belly grilled to ultra tenderness. Almost similar to Dong Po Pork Belly. Side served Apple sauce to balance the rich taste of it, companies by half potato shell filled with mushrooms and sautéed tomato-asparagus-carrot. Indeed satisfying. $17 price on menu.