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The price is that of your usual single portion, half ckn, full ckn. Unfortunately the portion isn't anywhere as close. Take heed

Taste more of a cheese tart than cheesecake; cheese custard is thick, creamy & firm; base is moist & slight crunch; taste not bad..

Swiss roll with loads of minced pork Bakkwa bits; cake is very soft, moist & fluffy; surprisingly combine well with the Bakkwa taste..

Breaded bak kwa with mozzarella cheese in the centre; sweet & salty taste; felt the bak kwa taste overpower the cheese taste; a dish that bak kwa fans will love very much..

Smooth and thick pumpkin soup; natural sweetness that is quite appetising; tinge of spicy & not too creamy; good bowl of comforting & warm soup..

Stir-fry couscous with loads of chinese sausage & tri-color capsicum; flavorful with smoky wok-hei taste; love the addition of crispy rice that add crunch to the dish; came with 2 scallop & 1 big crunchy tiger prawn; seafood are fresh..

Bits of bak kwa stuffed in whole chicken leg; meat is very tender; bak kwa taste quite mild, so does not overpower the whole dish; with 2 piece of thin pork slice that is roasted to crispy; with baby spinach at the bottom; came with a separate bowl of mashed potatoes that is so airy similar to a souffle; well-combination dish..

The attitude of the staff sucks, nonchalant and snappy. Very curious whether the food lives up to the attitude and yes, it does

All their chili are homemade, and they have 2 main kinds apart from the ubiquitous soy sauce w cut chili. Their chili oil was quite flavourful with a slight tang. Rather different from normal. Their sambal was great, I tot the dried prawn taste was super prevalent but actually I suspect it's another kind of seafood. There's a veritable amount of heat too

Their mee hoon Kueh had a decent texture, should be much better if they didn't harden after dabao(aka dine in). The black sauce was very mild because the sambal carried all the flavour

Pork ribs were tender but not super seasoned. Again because their sambal is very good this works

卤肉饭 and they got one thing right, the fat to meat ratio is on point. The amount of fats thus made this more enjoyable than it should have been, but otherwise the sauce is quite lacklustre. Chili oil also needed more kick, complexity and savouriness. Nonetheless it's still passable (gf found the dish rather mild)

This was not bad, I think it's the ubiquitous one though, not homemade or anything

This wasn't good, even tho it flows the salted egg taste was severely lacking and the overall the filling tasted weird