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We headed down after hearing about this funky dish. They're quite a well-known zichar and I've been here for the claypot mee tai mak. It's basically using zichar curry as hor fun gravy. I like zichar curry and this is quite novel.

Almost all the dishes had their signature bak kwa or pork floss. My favourite was the chicken roulade as it was tender with balanced seasoning. The paper bak kwa on it was the highlight! So thin and crispy! Good food and great service! Highly recommended :)

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Nice quiet place on a weekday dinner.

The food here is tasty.

Phad thai here is quite good. Looks delicious, its not very spicy.

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The Poiz Centre seems to house quite a number of interesting tenants under its roof, including Ho Jia Ga which serves up the Taiwanese classic Sausage with Sticky Rice 大肠包小肠, and Ms. Durian which specialises in durian desserts and pastries.

Juparo Coffee is one of the newest tenants to have moved into the mall, situated along the perimeters of the building without having to enter the mall to gain access to the cafe. Whilst serving up quite a variety of all day brunch dishes, pasta and mains alongside a small selection of cakes and desserts, Juparo Coffee seems to offer quite an extensive menu for its coffee selection that includes the Kogeta Cappuccino (similar to a Creme Brûlée Latte), siphon and pour-overs, as well as Long Neck (i.e. Cold Brew with an Espresso punch). One of the all-day brunch items that caught our eye was The Crab — Sourdough, Tomato Relish, Deep-Fried Soft Shell Crab, Poached Eggs and Homemade Thai Sweet Chili Sauce. It offers no surprises, being what it essentially is in its description — the sourdough being a little tough and difficult to chew as one has to wrestle through the slightly limp crust. But otherwise, the entire affair was pretty decent — runny poached eggs with a molten yolk that eagerly bursts as one pokes through the egg with a fork, while the soft shell crabs were crisp and reasonably fresh without carrying a heavy, muddy flavour. Felt that the dish could come with more character if the tomato relish and the Thai sweet chili sauce could be mixed together instead of occupying different parts of the bread to give a sweetish tang. Coming with garden salad on the side, the garden salad comes dressed with lime(?) dressing that carried a visual aesthetic close to mayonnaise; pretty refreshing whilst providing the dish a wholesome feel.

Given their special concoctions of specialty coffee here, Juparo Coffee seems to be a spot that would serve the residents around Potong Pasir pretty well with decent food offerings and interesting beverages; the friendly neighbourhood hangout that residents will grow to appreciate having here.

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Pork ribs was pretty good, q unique, meaty, and tender

Pigtail was delicious as well, it's got the texture of pork ribs(meaty as well) surprisingly, with a tad more gelatin. One of the most unique pigtail I've had in terms of texture, honestly if you close your eyes you won't be able to tell that it isn't pork ribs or sth

Prawns were not v impressive, esp since they were small prawns despite this bowl costing so much instead of the large prawns

Pig small intestines were not v impressive either. There's some stench

Lastly, the worst were the pork slices(switched for baby abalone, definitely stick w that). It's tough like cardboard, and tasteless too. One of the worst decisions I've made wrt food. Can't emphasise this enough, don't get the pork slices here

Soup was good, gotta give credit where credit is due. But only good, not great, not even significantly better than most

Noodles were disappointing too, it's a wet and sad sauce, no umami and yet contains heat. Sigh.

If you get the pork ribs, pigtail in soup, that's probably a good meal. But this was just sad otherwise, no idea why they command a queue. Apart from those items I probably won't even come if I'm staying in the area, much less travel an hour for this bowl

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Honeycomb ice cream was pretty good, honey and milk just works wonders. Idk if there's actl honeycomb inside but there were definitely blobs of honey

Cereal milk was your familiar taste at first, v well executed too. However the more you eat the more a savouriness emerges, not for everyone. The taste also grows fainter for this as u keep eating

The waffle was good, not ridiculously crispy as raved but the butteriness and the fluffy texture shined

I advise going for 2 scoops because there's more than enough ice cream for the waffle, meaning you can eat the ice cream on its own as well

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Pretty decent rendition, gooey sauce but milder than you would expect. Tendon was soft, braised beef and beef slices were both v tender, but that doesn't apply to all slices. The stomach has a slight smell. Stock was q unique, it was v sweet and rather intense despite the look. Great chili, garlicky and sour to go with the thick sauce

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Got a double scoop ($6.70, + $1 per premium flavour) on my first visit! Tried the cinnamon brown bread, which surprisingly tastes exactly as you’d imagine with a hint of ginger. The white chrysanthemum with cacao nibs is a clear mimic, but it does well enough on its own - I enjoyed the light floral sweetness balanced by bitter cacao. It’s not the most accessible place and lacks a distinct draw, so I’ll only be back if I’m in the area.

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It was okay but I will have preferred to have the ice cream topped with crispy cereal, instead of have the cereal soggy inside.

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Thinking of having a mini party this festive season? How about a Durian Party?

I recently tried the Durian Party Cake from Ms Durian, and I certainly would highly recommend this to all durian lovers!

The Party Cake (good for 6 to 8 pax) consisted of 1/2 Mao Shan Wang Durian Cake, 1/2 Whisky Mao Shan Wang Durian Cake and 18 pieces of mini D24 Durian Craquelins. The moment the Mao Shan Wang Durian Cake entered my mouth, I was wowed by how rich and shiok the durian filling was! The Whisky Mao Shan Wang Durian Cake, on the other hand was more intense in taste, and whisky lovers will probably like this version. The mini D24 Durian Craquelins were pretty shiok too, couldn’t stop popping them into my mouth!

By the way, I was informed that the cracks on the meringue (on the Whisky Durian Cake) were due to its fragile nature, and this did not affect the quality of the cake in any way!

You can place your orders at order.msdurian.com.

Tuck away at a corner near the famous River south Hoe Nam prawn noodles and lao zhong zhong eating house. Glad to find this on burpple beyond. Nice choice of ice cream flavors but do note that ice cream is not part of the 1 for 1 deal, only the waffles are. Coffee is bad unfortunately.

Not gonna lie, one of the best bowls of beef noodles I've had.

Saw some mixed reviews but damn this place blew me away. Hope the consistency is there too

Beef slices were well cooked, but the meat itself wasn't of high quality so there's still some chewines. The rest of the toppings were absolutely flawless though, from the meaty tripe to the melt-in-your-mouth tendon. Beef balls were really flavourful, abit suspiciously so ><

Kway teow was thin and texture on point. Sauce was hearty, and while the chili was sharp, it melded w the sauce well

Just when you tot the surprises end, the beef broth throws an uppercut. Made w beef bones, it's intense and an absolute joy to slurp down

Keep up the good work

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