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(These were scones) I like the mix of interesting bites Kizuna serves. Friendly owners, the decor a labour of love, good coffee, interesting collabs, and a convenient location (for those living along the north-east MRT line). Check them out!

Honestly they taste great! The Swiss roll is delectable (taste wise is similar to bacon cupcake) and the ice-cream is so creamy!! The ice-cream is very fine, no, you can’t taste the bacon bits. It’s more of a mix of sweet and savory that gets one addicted to it.

Definitely a hidden gem on a quiet road. The fusion food might sound intimidating to try but you won’t regret it! The pizza has crispy thin crust. Chawanmushi is great, as well as their burgers!

We found this abit disappointing as it had quite a strong artificial taste (esp the cream cheese). Yuzu was more sweet than sour as well. It was interesting to try, but we would prefer to stick to our apple & banana pies!

A dessert turned dinner
1-for-1 waffles + beer on Burrple doesnt include the scoops of gelato BUT still a good deal!

😍 Dark chocolate
Rich and not overly sweet. Really decadent.
🙂Ricotta + pistachio bits
Bits were not a lot, quite a mild taste but still pleasant. Would love it more if there’s more pistachio in there.
😃Chrysanthemum + cocoa bits
Ohhh this was surprising good and refreshing.
🧇 them are light and crisp! Yummy. One of the better waffles i had with ice cream.

💸 depends on how many scoops of ice cream u want. We had 3 scoops, 2 waffles & 2 beers for ~$24
So it was definitely good value.

I loved the Bak Kwa Aglio Olio! The fusion of Singaporean and Western tastes was very interesting - probably because Bak Kwa is sweet and it goes well with salty.
We also got the chicken roulade, which had bak kwa bits inside, accompanied with a super fluffy mashed potato.
Food was all good, pricey without 1-for-1 though. But it felt kind of nice supporting a local brand. I also bought a pint of Bak Kwa gelato for takeaway - can’t wait to try that when I’m home!

Ambience was nice. Service was great. I appreciated the staff spending time explaining each dish to us when he served it - how they were cooked and what ingredients went into it. He also regularly filled up our cups of water, I don’t think I ever saw the bottom of my cup!

Experience was overall very good. Would visit again with the Burpple deal.

Best for a pick me up during a hot humid afternoon.

The moment I stepped in, I fell in love with this place. Very comfortable vibes where the coffee, pastries are great too!

Ps: you GOTTA try the scones and ask for BUTTER 😍

One stall, endless varieties. You can have yours with lean sliced pork, pork ribs, pork inerts, even prawns whole or sliced.
Pair those ingredients with your favourite type of noodles, and finally, choice of having your bowl of noodles soup or dry. Their broth has a frontal sweetness of roasted prawn shells, depth of pork bones, no doubt long hours of brewing, but mostly definitely also plenty of MSG. Dry versions come tossed in a saucy sweet chilli mixture that almost has a tomato sambal feel to it.
Need more heat? Feel free to dump in the gunpowder chilli powder (usually available on the tables within the coffee shop).
Famous Lao Zhong Zhong Ngoh Hiang is also available for takeaway from the coffee shop just across the street!

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took some time out of our busy schedules to get a quick dinner together in the neighbourhood - enjoyed some cheesy goodness here with the chicken au gratin from iron supper club :) generous serving and a flavourful way to end the day together.

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last part one the bee cheng hiang grillery - wrapped bakkwa with cheese in the middle :) I prefer my cheese just A LITTLE melty but this was still good, quite an interesting twist on what looks like a katsu-style dish. great add on to the mains we ordered!