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As far as prawn noodles go here in Singapore, very few come close to how full-bodied and flavorful their soup is but what a shame they now charge for additional soup top-ups.

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Used Burpple Beyond for this but at $8 each, it’s really quite pricey and wouldn’t be worth it without the 1-for-1. Garlic pork was too dry and could barely glimpse onions in the egg omelette.

Can’t rmb the price, around $8? Small portion compared to Nakhon, salty, and cost extra $0.50 for takeaway in a paper box. Not worth it imo

I expected more from brisket, which wasn't tender. The soup in this original form was much better.

We removed the beef slices before it cooked further, but not much difference since it's not good beef. Soup was a bit flat and we suspected kway teow might have diluted it. We appreciate the presence of beef balls though.

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Here the locally inspired ‘chili crab’ soft shell pasta steals the limelight for me as I’m a personal fan of local fusion food and this rendition really hits the mark with its perfect chili crab sauce that feels ‘atas’ that blended so well with the al dente pasta.
The Omu Rice Beef Stroganoff is a perfect gift for fans of eggs and beef! And the catch here is it is filled with not ordinary rice but a healthier choice of ‘black berry 4 grain rice’ 🔻
The Iberico Spare Rib once again proves that chef Herman Tan is an expert when dealing with the pork meat as this too hits the right note on all levels! 🔻
@ironsupperclub is one of the few restaurants that employs people with special needs. As someone who is dyslexic, chef Herman gives opportunities for pple like him to work in the industry and as a ambassador for iron man competitions and events, he continues to inspire pple with his dedication to cooking and reinventing new dishes plus at the same time, keeping fit!
Thks to @chuepachups for the invite and @quandoo_sg and @ironsupperclub for hosting.

Moving into The Poiz Centre above Potong Pasir MRT Station recently, Ms Durian serves is a new cafe that serves up durian-centric desserts (think ice-cream, puffs and cakes), though does not serve the fruit itself.

Despite being the lighter tasting cake of the two that is available on the menu here, the Durian Mousse Cake is well-balanced in flavour. Featuring durian mousse, vanilla sponge, salted macadamia nuts and Gula Melaka, the durian mousse is light and smooth, carrying a hint of the pungent fruit that is pretty evident without overwhelming, all surrounded by a vanilla sponge that is fluffy and light, providing a cake with a contrast of flavour. On the top, the Gula Melaka and lightly salted macadamia nuts replicates flavours of salted caramel, while giving the cake a crunch. Really liked how the desserts here carry a clean aesthetic, whilst being well-executed and more refined in terms of flavour compared to other places that often have cheesy-looking aesthetics which can be a little pretentious. Would certainly be back to try the Durian Craquelin another time!


Beef was tender. Overall quite decent but not outstanding.

Throwback to yesterday’s evening house party where this potluck takeaway is without surprise, one of the most popular dishes on the table. Which colour/part is your favourite? Mine is the orange!

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