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We ordered a bowl of fish soup beehoon and another bowl of fish head soup. Both were $7 each. The soup was rich and the meat was really tender, especially the fish head. We had to wait very long for the food to be ready but the wait was worth it.

Garlic Pork Neck Rice Set 😋
Basil Pork Neck Rice Set 😊
Green curry with Chicken 😋
Vermicelli salad with prawns 😕

Pretty solid Thai food tucked in the corner of potong pasir. Affordable rice sets as well! ($8) Unfortunately burpple beyond can't be used for the rice sets but it is applicable on the starters/ mains etc.

Will order the above dishes again apart from the vermicelli cause it tasted mediocre.

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No, it ain’t Shady, but Thai Jing Jing is back just like the Backstreet Boys. So my favorite Thai food joint has finally resurfaced after abruptly pulling a David Copperfield years ago, and it’s about damn time.

The deep fried garlic pork tastes exactly the way I remembered it, which is a truly wonderful thing. The fabulous flavors are still present and accounted for, and it might just even be even more gloriously garlicky than before.

But now that it pimp slaps my wallet for $8 instead of $5 for the exact same portion, it’s not really worth it anymore unfortunately.


Priced at $4 with 5 sticks on top of a mini salad bowl. Tasty and satisfied!

Priced at $9, the portion is good and tasty though it could be less oily.

My favourite fruit. Sweet and refreshing with light sweet scent. It is a small rounded fruit with sweet white scented flesh and a thin rough skin. It is a tropical tree native to the Guangdong and Fujian provinces of China. The sweet flesh is used in many dessert dishes. These days people also start to include it in savoury dishes.
Featuring the 荔枝金目鲈 Lychee Deep Fried Grouper from Gu Ma Jia. Love how they use lychee in the dish. It gives a great flavour with hints of lychee scent. Gu Ma Jia is definitely a great place for family, friends and company gatherings.
Gu Ma Jia (姑妈家)
📍45 Tai Thong Crescent
📍Sennett Estate
📍Singapore 347866
📞+65 6285 2023
🕛Mon to Fri:
🕛11am to 2.30pm, 5.30pm to 9.30pm
🕛Sat, Sun and PH:
🕛11am to 10pm
Thank you @gumajia and @agnesatmc for the wonderful hosting.
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《肉干生》只出售与美珍香的总店位于在 1359 实龙岗路!
只要 $18.80 你就能和你的家人分享一道,噴香噗鼻,口齒留香的 🥓Bak Kwa LOHEI 噢😋😋

Went for the popular deep fried garlic pork (ala carte, $12). My favourite main dish but portion size tends towards the smaller side. There's a rice set with garlic pork which might be more worthwhile. Green curry (chicken, $10) was ok but not a stand out. The lady helped to reduce the spiciness from 2 to 1 chilli for the som tam ($8) but it was still mouth numbingly spicy. Crispy omelette (chicken, $10) was a pleasant surprise and is worth trying if you've never had this iteration before.

Not pictured is the mango sticky rice which is bizarrely canapé style (x6 mini cups, $10) but the rice was a bit too tough.

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A kind of fungus. Many years ago. It was already held in high esteem in many cuisine. It has an unique fragrance and flavour. I wasn't able to appreciate it initially. These days I totally love it. Especially with Truffles. The aroma is amazing and addictive.
Bee Cheng Hiang’s chef consultant
Zor Tan has specially designed the marriage of 2 delicious ingredients - Truffle and Bakkwa in the exquisite Truffle Bakkwa Tart. In a slightly sweet tart shell, sits a savoury layer of bakkwa with an aromatic layer of truffle
mushroom. The tart is topped with light and thin bakkwa shavings and a trace of house-made
mayonnaise. Love how the sweetness from the bakkwa complement the aroma and flavour from the Truffle Mushroom.
Truffle Bakkwa Tart is retailing for $4.50 per piece. So delish! =============================
The Bee Cheng Hiang Bakkwa Flagship store at 1359 Serangoon Road has evolved to a shop that sells traditional food with modern touch. It is now the Bee Cheng Hiang Grillery! The grillery has a dine-in Bistro area where you can enjoy their delish modern dishes using traditional Bakkwa and Flosses as ingredients! You can come up close to watch how the BBQ CHEF barbecue or to do it yourself! It is also the only store where they use Charcoal to grill the bakkwa!
Bee Cheng Hiang (The Grillery) @beechenghiangsg
📍1359 Serangoon Road
📍Singapore 328241
📞(+65) 6291 5753
🕛Retail operating hours:
🕛9.30am – 10.30pm
🕛Bistro operating hours:
🕛11am first order, 9pm last order
Thank you @beechenghiangsg, Jessica and Lynn for hosting!
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